*NEW* Fortnite WTF Moments you CAN'T PREDICT!

30-Sen, 2020
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Fortnite WTF Moments - Funny wins, fails and epic moments!
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Today we'll be watching the BEST 200 IQ plays in Fortnite! These 200 IQ plays will include best plays and moments that are the BEST in Fortnite! The 200 IQ plays in Fortnite are from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 - So the BEST 200 IQ plays from ALL of Fortnite!
► Original "Fortnite WTF Moments" videos:
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Thanks to @Faiz for letting me react to their video!
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  • Why doesn’t anyone put Typical Gamer clips in their videos? TG IS SUCH AN AMAZING guy and he’s way better than Benjy fishy or CLIX or Bugha Andre us without a doubt the best fortnite player there is!

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  • 13:41 That’s not skill or luck, it’s the Jellie gods blessing you for spending ten dollars to appraise them.

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  • Who uses code Ali a

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