NEVER SEEN NOTHING LIKE THIS HOOPIEST!! Whit3 Iverson & D'Vontay Friga Takeover Park!

28-Sen, 2020
252 770 Ko‘rishlar soni

White Iverson Video:
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  • new mic set up volume will be fixed after today!

    CashNastyPlaysCashNastyPlays21 kun oldin
    • Cash ask Iversen to get his 5 and Tristan jass get his 5 so we can see who is the best comp here bro I know you can do that if you do that man you made my life man

      I’m just A regular playerI’m just A regular player19 kun oldin
    • They did a 1v1 on frigas channel

      Kai JohnsonKai Johnson20 kun oldin
    • Cool beans my man yeet

      Alex KnightAlex Knight20 kun oldin
    • @warsan yussuf spoiled it for him

      CXZCXZ20 kun oldin
    • pimpDEA he already did

      B WB W20 kun oldin
  • Lmaoo they kissed dude off earlier cause they was showing off against bums. He came out n did wat Iversons was doing with eezz

    Matthew NewtonMatthew Newton3 kun oldin
  • This guy is just like me.... Other than that guy can actually hoop!! 😂 😃 😄

  • If they had defense they wouldn’t be doin all dat dunking

    Jessemannn 19Jessemannn 199 kun oldin
  • Too much dribbling

    AjaniAjani9 kun oldin
  • So how can Iverson upload a video with clips of music in it, but you can't? You literally shut the video down? I find it funny too that you're joking about some of the dudes out there but you will never be invited to play with them lol ever

    Blair WalkerBlair Walker9 kun oldin
  • The crowd makes it worst lol

    SayNasty66 MillerSayNasty66 Miller13 kun oldin
  • "Im 5'10", but im a 6' on a good day" -Cash 2020

    fozz__17fozz__1714 kun oldin
  • Dude you skipped the best play of the video? Poor reaction video dude

    Jared ClarkJared Clark14 kun oldin
  • You're not even a HOOPER if you don't recognize Chris Staples the dunker

    Jiggy Fy 1 TVJiggy Fy 1 TV15 kun oldin
  • W

    I AM:DJWANI AM:DJWAN16 kun oldin
  • Omfg at 14:50 the oop off the baseline mixed with the behind the back side dribble ..beautiful 😢 i mean do y’all understand how elite that was?

    Keepfaith YayKeepfaith Yay16 kun oldin
  • Just found his channel recently lol

    BC GlockBC Glock16 kun oldin
  • If cash could jump properly he would actually be consistent with dunking cash is not a hooper

    Jackson BrownJackson Brown16 kun oldin
  • Cash mouth stay going off wishing corna On ppl yo UZworldrs really scared of this guy I would’ve deff squared up long time ago niggah needs to learn his place 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Rowdy RebelRowdy Rebel16 kun oldin
  • How you missed the fact that that was Chris Staples dunking like crazy🤔🤔

    Murse Montez TVMurse Montez TV16 kun oldin
  • cash doesn’t care about quality content it’s all about the money lol

    Hayden WhittHayden Whitt16 kun oldin
  • Bball Drake 😂

    marvin tretowmarvin tretow16 kun oldin
  • They have to freaking black guys hahahaha 😂. U eyes so times hahah to good. They smash the rim out they hahaha Melted 😂

    marvin tretowmarvin tretow16 kun oldin
  • Need to check out Chris Staples page out Cash, he's nasty and a humble guy

    TetsuTetsu17 kun oldin
  • LEG CASKET!!!!‼️‼️‼️🧢🧢🧢🧢

    Quentin GarciaQuentin Garcia17 kun oldin
  • The guy that brought negative energy hopping hopping😂

    Marco FigueroaMarco Figueroa17 kun oldin
  • Showing off against non hoopers 😂😂

    Shakeem NickensShakeem Nickens17 kun oldin
  • I know it's everywhere in the comments, but the disrespect, that's the one and only Chris Staples

    Tian LouwTian Louw17 kun oldin
  • Caah never mentioned chris

    Nnamdi EkwegbaluNnamdi Ekwegbalu18 kun oldin
  • Im guessing cash dont like staples

    Lumkile MhlangaLumkile Mhlanga18 kun oldin
  • T jass vs Him Who u got

    Agon PlaysYTAgon PlaysYT18 kun oldin
  • He didn’t realize chris staples was in the video too🤦🏽‍♂️

    Candela RomanCandela Roman18 kun oldin
  • Hoopist*

    Hunter SmithHunter Smith18 kun oldin
  • Cash really asked “why are you wearing a mask” YALL ALL SHOULD BE WEARING ONE

    La ChonaLa Chona18 kun oldin
  • I like how cash didn’t say anything about Chris staples

    Kaedyn StewartKaedyn Stewart18 kun oldin
  • lmao you know there was smoke at 2:09 on the call lmao ifykyk

    FlameBullet 21FlameBullet 2118 kun oldin
  • Wtf is a leg casket

    Caleb RiveraCaleb Rivera18 kun oldin
  • They did 1v1

  • You should react to Professor live

    Julian SaenzJulian Saenz18 kun oldin
  • Was that Chris staples catchin them alles

    Ja’Zavion BrownJa’Zavion Brown18 kun oldin
  • Leg casket thou cuh😂😂😂😂

    Ricky ChurchRicky Church18 kun oldin
  • Dat was Chris staples cash

    YouTooSlow -YouTooSlow -19 kun oldin
  • Damn how Cash got more views than White Iverson already lol

    Jay IJay I19 kun oldin
  • nba live 19 in real life no cap😂

    gabegotfanzgabegotfanz19 kun oldin
  • 2:10 cash was having house nigga flashbacks

    WrdWrd19 kun oldin
  • He was the 1st at the court n made the 3 ta pick teams.

    Madden King87Madden King8719 kun oldin
  • 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚣𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚢 𝚐𝚞𝚢. 𝚄 𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚘𝚞𝚝

    SimpleIQSimpleIQ19 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha that's how u finish haha. Skillz

    marvin tretowmarvin tretow19 kun oldin
  • Chris staples is 5+ X dunk Champion Cash he different search Dunkleague

    Visual Mastermind Jc VevoVisual Mastermind Jc Vevo19 kun oldin
  • White iverson vs tjass who would win tho? I rlly hope they do this 1v1 bcs it would be fire🔥

    Joseph RiveraJoseph Rivera19 kun oldin
  • Cash be talkin the all of a sudden pull out a gallon of water

    Andrew RasaAndrew Rasa19 kun oldin
  • 10:25 when the teacher tell the class to take out your assignments

    MaldeviousMaldevious19 kun oldin
  • My money on T Jass any day

  • out here lookin like Lob City

    Just4commentchannelJust4commentchannel19 kun oldin
  • Anyone else Got Stephen A. Smith's vibe from Cash? at some point during the vid?

    Rickey SylvainceRickey Sylvaince19 kun oldin
  • No hate on tjass but if you think tjass will gonna whin against white iversion then you need a break from that zoom classes

    Huzaifa AdnanHuzaifa Adnan19 kun oldin
  • they should do a 2v2 tournament with White Iverson & Bree/R2 & Stephania/Tjass & Jenna

    Drippy Arts OfficialDrippy Arts Official19 kun oldin
  • so Cash not gon mention Chris Staples too? cos he took over the park just as well

    Francisco DomingoFrancisco Domingo19 kun oldin
  • like this video guys, cash got bills bills

    Saadiq McKenzieSaadiq McKenzie19 kun oldin
  • Cash I was waiting for you to watch this. This video was nasty asf can’t lie

    I’m just A regular playerI’m just A regular player19 kun oldin
  • The big guy with the red shirt says he plays over seas😬😬

    Issac SandovalIssac Sandoval19 kun oldin
  • How you goin ask why you have a mask on it’s corona and it was a lot of people there

    CTB vGlitchCTB vGlitch20 kun oldin
  • Once red shirt got in it just became kuroko no basket

    Godlike.SteezeGodlike.Steeze20 kun oldin
  • Dude there is no hoopest rank he’s just a hooper hooper

    Tril RaeTril Rae20 kun oldin
  • WI > Tjass

    Alejandro LopezAlejandro Lopez20 kun oldin
  • Bro cash "I can't afford copyright stikes mannnn" *makes 40k a vid tf

    Sidney WeaverSidney Weaver20 kun oldin
  • Cash why are you criticizing people for wearing masks? Just because the man decided to start wearing one now and not sooner? Why should that matter. Sure never later is better.. but better late than never.

    george jetsongeorge jetson20 kun oldin
  • 🤦🏾‍♂️

    DQNFCHIDORI The SageDQNFCHIDORI The Sage20 kun oldin
  • So cash don’t know who Chris staples was ? , that’s crazy dawg .

    Christian LongsChristian Longs20 kun oldin
  • Cash didn’t even know that , that was Chris Staple out there going crazy with them dunks

    Jristhegoat 21Jristhegoat 2120 kun oldin
  • These are the runs im trying to see you in cash

    Soul brotha 1Soul brotha 120 kun oldin
  • I get it, you want to get paid but it’s corny to just shut shit down and change your energy.

    icewater3001icewater300120 kun oldin
  • yeo what is good with this man complaining bout paying bills but like bruhh ...idk man classic 40 yr life full of regret attitude

    Joel KurianJoel Kurian20 kun oldin
  • Whit3 iverson is like john wall , dude gets his shot with a quick release (2k)

  • Cash how u feel that im 16 5'11 and i can dunk

    JahxFinesseJahxFinesse20 kun oldin
  • 9:50 is it just me or did I hear cash say that and then I look at his shirt and that’s what I see😭😭😭

    Legend WilliamsLegend Williams20 kun oldin
  • Who is that bald dude he a bucket

    Andrew BarberAndrew Barber20 kun oldin
  • Yo I know I ain’t the only one that think that was Chris staples

    Ali ShahidAli Shahid20 kun oldin
  • i got bills to pay😂😂😂

    350zKing 7350zKing 720 kun oldin
  • You can’t dunk big dawg

    brady matthewsbrady matthews20 kun oldin
  • Notice how cash didn’t say anything when bond collector showed up in the video🤫

    Theodore _whiteTheodore _white20 kun oldin
  • Massive disrespect towards Chris man

    Roasting CampRoasting Camp20 kun oldin
  • Yo bro didn't even put Chris Staples in the title

    Roasting CampRoasting Camp20 kun oldin
  • Can’t dunk shit

    Mark BraddockmuseMark Braddockmuse20 kun oldin
  • This man bug hating on Chris like not even hiding it literally his dunks were the highlights and the main things to react to instead was impressed by the shooting of a 40 year old dad with the red shirt 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Edson Ariaz-BravoEdson Ariaz-Bravo20 kun oldin
    • You mad

      Tbfit TbfitTbfit Tbfit18 kun oldin
    • To be fair tho he was reacting to them. He just didn't mention Chris.

      Ty CrawfordTy Crawford18 kun oldin
  • White Iverson won’t beat anybody nice. He can’t guard nobody

    Marcus HeflinMarcus Heflin20 kun oldin
  • Cash didn’t notice it was Chris staples or that he had a 2hype mask on

    Jonathan IrvinJonathan Irvin20 kun oldin
  • He should’ve reacted to friga’s pov

    SwerzieClipzzSwerzieClipzz20 kun oldin
  • Thats Chris staples there

    Bezo 9ozBezo 9oz20 kun oldin
  • Tjass vs white Iverson

    Fazequis03 WaitesFazequis03 Waites20 kun oldin
  • Cash if this is this crazy- you need to watch some dyckeman or rucker park videos

    LiahLiah20 kun oldin
  • that aint negative vibe he jus speaking facts bruh he heard

    BobbyBobby20 kun oldin
  • White Iverson always been a bucket people just realizing that that's crazy

    Everton ThomasEverton Thomas20 kun oldin
  • Yo mention Chris staples he was in the video

    Thomas MusialThomas Musial20 kun oldin
  • Love the vid 😁

    Ryan LinkousRyan Linkous20 kun oldin
  • Cash stop playing and play 1v1 vs Chris Staples!!

    TwoQuietTwoQuiet20 kun oldin
  • Cash stop playing and play 1v1 vs Chris Staples!!

    TwoQuietTwoQuiet20 kun oldin
  • Cash stop playing and play 1v1 vs Chris Staples!!

    TwoQuietTwoQuiet20 kun oldin
  • Cash stop playing and play 1v1 vs Chris Staples!!

    TwoQuietTwoQuiet20 kun oldin
  • Cash stop playing and play 1v1 vs Chris Staples!!

    TwoQuietTwoQuiet20 kun oldin
  • Cash stop playing and play 1v1 vs Chris Staples!!

    TwoQuietTwoQuiet20 kun oldin
  • Cash stop playing and play 1v1 vs Chris Staples!!

    TwoQuietTwoQuiet20 kun oldin
  • Cash: “I got bills to pay”😂

    LaZeRZeYeS25 ArielLaZeRZeYeS25 Ariel20 kun oldin

    Elijah EvansElijah Evans20 kun oldin