NeNe Leakes Calls Out Wendy Williams & Andy Cohen For Using Her To Boost Ratings: 'She On Cocaine'

28-Sen, 2020
203 314 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Nene .....girl bye too obnoxious for words

    Michelle RanbyMichelle Ranby8 kun oldin
  • What is Nene Leakes talking about black women on reality TV? Bye girl. Did you forget the Real World with Heather B.? I am glad she is gone. She was so toxic and petty. As the older woman of the group she didn't lead by example. She wanted to control all her relationships with Porsha and Cynthia. She is not what I would consider a good friend.

    Masengo LeslieMasengo Leslie15 kun oldin
  • Actually method man had a sexy scene on Rebel🥰

    Beautiful BestBeautiful Best17 kun oldin
  • Who gives a shit about Nene i mean honestly the only person on that show that was worth even paying attention to was Kandi

    Quincy BrightQuincy Bright17 kun oldin
  • They need a mud fight all of them with their bathing suits on... since they all want to drag each other in the mud

    elizabeth williamselizabeth williams17 kun oldin
  • Some BW are misguided as well as Dr. Dre's!

    Engaging BlackEngaging Black18 kun oldin
  • Nene thinks she's more famous than she is! Wendy was far before her and they are both jerks!

    Ronnie LaRonnie La18 kun oldin
  • I wish reality shows would go away it’s not real black women are not running around arguing all day we are real people with education, responsibilities and careers

    GIGIGIGI18 kun oldin
  • Nene is one of the most toxic personalities I have ever come across. She needs to have a seat and shut her mouth.

    Nineteen81Nineteen8119 kun oldin
  • ◄ 1 John @ ► Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.

    Gods presence is perfectGods presence is perfect19 kun oldin
  • Why ppl always say, "keep it up and I'm going to...." Go ahead and do it. Tf

    msparkamsparkamsparkamsparka19 kun oldin
  • Nene needs to get over herself! Nobody needs her to boost their ratings!

    Linda MasseyLinda Massey20 kun oldin
    • You Will Have A Chance To Watch & See

      Kim RheaKim Rhea20 kun oldin
  • Its amazing how mf's want to air out ppl dirty laundry when their services are no longer needed...nene use dope also...why not say all this shit earlier/b4 u got used up...everybody has a story to tell... and nene's story is just around the corner...hollywood has dirt on all of its employees...

    Annie MossAnnie Moss20 kun oldin
  • NeNe does not need the HWOA to promote her she's already famous in television and Hollywood. But thanks to the show she's already famous.

    JinnylinnJinnylinn21 kun oldin
  • And she cleaned 50cents up well! Because him calling someones mother is a no, no to anyone's mother, sister, niece etc.

    JinnylinnJinnylinn21 kun oldin
  • What r they gaining besides embarrassment? But y would NeNe call Wendy a crackhead if she didn’t see it?🤔 With a medical condition y would a person use drugs or anything that could make them worse??? I don’t care about stress but what is tha REAL reason y her x husband turned 2 another woman???🤔

    Lathisa's DunstonLathisa's Dunston21 kun oldin
    • The DRUGS

      Kim RheaKim Rhea20 kun oldin
  • I dropped fifty for years before Power. Guess I'll be doing it again.

    sullivancountydayssullivancountydays21 kun oldin
  • She ate Curtis up!!!!

    Camille BrownCamille Brown21 kun oldin
  • I see Wendy doing the same thing that NeNe has done to her cast mates. How many times has NeNe gone on Andy's show and say that a cast mate is boring and should be fired. Now she knows how it feels. Lol

    Kera JulionnaaKera Julionnaa22 kun oldin
  • I see Wendy doing the same thing that NeNe has done to her cast mates. How many times has NeNe gone on Andy's show and say that a cast mate is boring and should be fired. Now she knows how it feels. Lol

    Kera JulionnaaKera Julionnaa22 kun oldin
  • That was a poor recap.

    Theresa HollinsTheresa Hollins22 kun oldin
  • Hmmm 50 cent got way more money then her and will have more then she ever will her whole life lmaoo

    Rico_BandoRico_Bando22 kun oldin
  • NeNe is trash. She's too country to be on anyone's show. Loud, ugly, and wrong. She's an embarrassment to black women.

    Big CBig C22 kun oldin
  • 50 cent ain’t worth half a dollar! Lol! Shout out to daughter for putting 50 in his place!

    SparksSparks22 kun oldin
  • Nene is Crazy if she Thinks she Opened up the Door! Flavor Flav open up that door for her, and Everyone else for Reality TV. Not not Nene. Nene is Delusional to think that she Open up Any Doors for Anyone in Hollywood. LOL! Nene U/R A Reality Star, Not A Movie Star. There is A Big Difference!

    7n1 Sun7n1 Sun22 kun oldin
  • Wendy can't fight she passes out too many times.🤪😵

    Brenda E. BrownBrenda E. Brown22 kun oldin
  • I heard Walmart is hiring🤣

    Brenda E. BrownBrenda E. Brown22 kun oldin
  • Nene got kicked out because she wanted more money and her behaviour was toxic and wild. Too dark, no one wants to see it. Just look at her response to Andy and Wendy, crazy.

    compendious succientcompendious succient22 kun oldin
  • Well damn😌 she read him! Have 50 seats 50 lolz 🤭😆

    MiA ℝ☮ḉḰϟMiA ℝ☮ḉḰϟ22 kun oldin
  • Nene always seemed like the "friend" that would out your dark secrets. We know Wendy has her battles with sobriety.

    DaLaMc1DaLaMc122 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or nene played out, time to go, all she does is fall out with people and play bully2 much. BORING... 💯

    Cynthia Y.Cynthia Y.22 kun oldin
  • Why are they trying to Black ball NeNe tho? EyE dolly do reality tv, however EyE love her. Wendy is one helluva miserable oversized man that needs to grow the hell up.

    Buttahfly'n N2MiButtahfly'n N2Mi22 kun oldin
  • Meth had a sex scene in Rebel. He's sexy and a great actor. However, EyE RAspect the sanctity of marriage. His wife appears to be a happy and blessed woman. It's only acting, so no need for anyone to act a fool.

    Buttahfly'n N2MiButtahfly'n N2Mi22 kun oldin
  • Nene is a Narcissist pure delusion 💯

    Sas ThymeSas Thyme22 kun oldin

    StarrStarr22 kun oldin
  • Truly young👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 more people need to put 50 in his place!! He is unatractivly immature!!!!! He is disgusting and disrespectful!!

    queen zelaqueen zela22 kun oldin
  • They both bleaches their skin, nose jobs and wearing blonde wigs to appear more white but yet using the race card. They both can just go away.

    Cupid1 Cupid2Cupid1 Cupid222 kun oldin
  • I CANT WAIT TILL 50 GO DOWN ..HE A BULLY...and ain't Nobody gone save him🤣🤣🤣

    MayFlower MayflowerMayFlower Mayflower22 kun oldin
  • Well "Making the Band" was an all black reality show before RHOA.

    Katina FrancisKatina Francis22 kun oldin
  • strong ass face

    Grizzlyx9Grizzlyx922 kun oldin
  • You know how it is....when a black person don't get their way, the first thing they do is play the race card. In some cases, it's validated but I just don't see this that way. She difficult to work with and her storylines are boring. She want to be on TV, produce your own show. Black Chyna did it. It didn't last long at all, but at least she can say she did.

    Kevin DukesKevin Dukes22 kun oldin
  • Funny nene feels the show is racist an puts women against each other after she was cool with it since 2008 ✌🏾🧐 girl bye

    Louie CaineLouie Caine22 kun oldin
  • Not Nene "Trump Check" Leakes!

    n. nnewhousen. nnewhouse22 kun oldin
  • Lmao they dont need nene to boost ratings she tripping

    julia manzanerojulia manzanero22 kun oldin
  • Being quiet . Say nothing is power. Let them talk. The fire will go out if you don't add fuel. Let them be. Dre wife shouldn't say anything during the divorce

    Malcom JonesMalcom Jones22 kun oldin
  • Dr dre needs start putting some type power on top his shiney head I could see the lights shining off top his head , Nene is speaking nothing but facts ,

    Orla LoloOrla Lolo22 kun oldin
  • #trending #dahomeybu©®™️💯 #tiktokGODD🎶 #lmrtv📺👀📺👀

    • Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers• Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers22 kun oldin
  • Nene just shut up and go, she’s dragging sh*t out 🙄 BYE

    LukyLuky23 kun oldin
  • Angela yee is so irrelevant worst radio host by far 🤦🤷

    Luis Cruz-GuzmanLuis Cruz-Guzman23 kun oldin
  • Method man in ZADDY!!

    Dirrty dannDirrty dann23 kun oldin

    dave lightSaberdave lightSaber23 kun oldin
  • Wendell is nobody friend not even herself

    Taetae DreambruhTaetae Dreambruh23 kun oldin
  • Chile Nene has been leaving the show for years now. I wish her the best in her next move.

    Signature KaySignature Kay23 kun oldin
  • Nene has a bad attitude and is not sisterly with the other cast members. I've enjoyed the seasons she sat out and I'm looking forward to season 13 without her.

    Quiana HillQuiana Hill23 kun oldin
    • @Kim Rhea you're not aware of what I see or don't see. My comment was my opinion.

      Quiana HillQuiana Hill18 kun oldin
    • You Fail To See Where The Other Thirsty Women On The Show All Ganged Up On Her Because None Of Them Could Deal With Her One On One Not Even Kenya

      Kim RheaKim Rhea20 kun oldin
  • Nene allowed those white people to use her for ratings all the time. She was toxic and her family is/was boring. Hope she saved that money

    MomsWithThoughtsMomsWithThoughts23 kun oldin
  • NeNe & Wendy is TRASH. Nothing else to say.

    Jr BLACKJr BLACK23 kun oldin
  • But it’s true what Wendy said. Every housewife has used the show to promote their business ventures. Look at Bethany and her skinny girl brand.

    crstl89crstl8923 kun oldin
  • Nee. New ain’t coming back to that show. It’s #war .she was getting a coin from at one point from these demons.All sell out.ALL. Until they are the outcasts

    Pamela G MusicPamela G Music23 kun oldin
  • Yay tru young she went hard in the comments

    Pamela G MusicPamela G Music23 kun oldin
  • He told Nene Wendy is not her friend years ago.

    T WT W23 kun oldin
  • Who even cares if there is so much we don’t know!? It’s a trash franchise regardless of the cast. It’s toxic all the way around.

    Margarita ShakhnazaryanMargarita Shakhnazaryan23 kun oldin
  • Ya ok Nene, you weren’t alone. There were other black women there. You shouldn’t take full credit for giving black women a platform! Calling Andy a racist is so stupid! You know damn well Andy is not racist. She’s so dumb!!! Andy asks messy questions regardless of being black or white. That’s his job remember.

    Margarita ShakhnazaryanMargarita Shakhnazaryan23 kun oldin

    I Be That I AmI Be That I Am23 kun oldin
  • The only reason 50 Cent won’t go at her is because Dr. Dre started all of it. Without Dr. Dre there probably would be no Eminem, without Eminem there would be no 50 Cent. Eminem already has sent 50 Cent a message saying shut the hell up. Eminem will not let 50 Cent disrespect Dre or Dre family lol

  • For the black people saying Andy wasn't racist when Nene was getting checks.....why is it ok for racist white people to accept money from black people because they will work for you and not like black people. Why is it ok for racist white people to make money off 9f black talent but not want to pay them what they are worth??? Sometimes I think other black people hate to see black peop,emake money. Why are regular people comparing their regular 40,000 job to a million dollar job in entertainment? Envy and jealousy are two irrational things.

    woodswalwoodswal23 kun oldin
  • I can't believe this shit is news bye felicia

    California GirlCalifornia Girl23 kun oldin
  • #awready

    All Money MAFIAAll Money MAFIA23 kun oldin
  • Your mom asking for 2 million a month. I feel you defending your mom but wow.....

    Jay HJay H23 kun oldin
  • I'm glad Hene is gone. She was a DRAIN on everyone, including most of the audience. Funny, how she's calling Andy a "racist" now (and I believe her). But what does that say about her KNOWING he's "racist" yet rocking with him until things went awry between them? Hene has shown she doesn't like Black people. NEVER forget what she said about the people protesting and rioting in Atlanta! When "Black" people befriend racist non-Black people, understand that "friendship" could not exist if the person was PROUD to be Black!

    Hotel Reviews WorldwideHotel Reviews Worldwide23 kun oldin
  • Nene can’t go back now ... she burnt those bridges

    MrJosCHEWaMrJosCHEWa23 kun oldin
  • got let go. Deal with it. 🤷‍♂️

    Mr. GeminiMr. Gemini23 kun oldin
  • Idk when NeNe will learn that Wendy isn’t her friend 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Cindy NdlangamandlaCindy Ndlangamandla23 kun oldin
  • That photo of Wendy Williams 🤦‍♀️. The more I see Wendy the more I see Wendy morphing into a white blonde woman and I'm a Wendy watcher. Sooo 🤷. Wendy need to pay more attention to her TV show's views, I noticed the views are not the same anymore and putting aside what she went through with Kelvin, Wendy doesn't seem as passionate, full of zest as she use to. She seems more timid and out of place since the show has returned.

    lexanelilexaneli23 kun oldin
  • Wendy is a white woman in a black body. She's so hypocritical.

    TishaTisha23 kun oldin
    • Totally Agree That & More Reasons Is Why Her Husband Left Her

      Kim RheaKim Rhea20 kun oldin
    • She really is 🙄

      Writer’s DreamWriter’s Dream21 kun oldin
  • Dr Dre daughter is too damn rude. She need to stay in a child's place. Stay out of grown folks business. Her mom is a grown ass woman who can defend herself on social media.

    TishaTisha23 kun oldin
  • If the Bravo was so racist WHY DID YOU STAY FOR 12 YEARS??? People seem to cry racism, discrimination & unfairness AFTER they get their money!!

    Leone MilanLeone Milan23 kun oldin
  • WE all don't LOVE black women ensemble reality shows

    Leone MilanLeone Milan23 kun oldin
  • Okay NeNe... tell 'em how you really feel

    ShannanShannan23 kun oldin
  • I wasn't mad at Method Man for that scene

    ShannanShannan23 kun oldin
  • Nene is a toxic individual and calling Andy a racist, when if it wasn't for him, no one would know her name. She is biting the hand that literally feed her and her family. And, don't brag cause you're famous for making a gigantic AZZ out of yourself for years, Hunny! Wendy has always been another toxic, fake friend, with a lot of issues. 50 Cent hates women because his own momma abandoned him. He's a lost little boy. Angela, keep your mouth closed, you know what happened with Gucci Mane.

    N AN A23 kun oldin
  • Yeah 50 can't say shit on this yo 😅

    GueSSonifyGueSSonify23 kun oldin
  • Their daughter is gorgeous 😍

    Rachel SarbengRachel Sarbeng23 kun oldin
  • -____-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik23 kun oldin
  • Seek God’s will daily, Nene final keeping it real wowwwwww. Proverbs 16:3 Proverbs 3:5-6 Romans 10:9

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries23 kun oldin
  • 50 cent is the epitome of "money can't buy happiness." 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Tomika KellyTomika Kelly23 kun oldin
  • 2 million a month though? Must be to keep some secret:)

    Janice Trmaforosh Im No Chef Get Me Out Of HereJanice Trmaforosh Im No Chef Get Me Out Of Here23 kun oldin
  • Nene and the blonde wigs annoy me

    Still PretttyStill Prettty23 kun oldin
  • 50 is disgusting. I blocked him on social media. I don’t want any of his toxicity on my screen. He needs therapy and learn to love himself.

    Morena BonitaMorena Bonita23 kun oldin
    • Who Goes up to a innocent Autistic guy minding his business & harasses him in an Airport.. Something wrong with 50

      Precious Peach42Precious Peach4222 kun oldin
  • It's laughable that she's complaining that they only use her for ratings. DUH. No one forced you to do/say all of the "things of the things" while you had several cameras in your face. NeNe is only famous for being a mean girl. The only time she's national news outside of the franchise is for more mean girl antics. What would they show if she had a show on her own? Her being mean to Greg and the household help?? No one wants to watch that.

    Tam75TamTam75Tam23 kun oldin
  • I still don’t understand why she needs 2 mil a month 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

  • NeNe Leakes GOOD BYE ✌🏾 you as well as other BLACK women blame these shows for y’all acting disgusting and fighting and cursing it’s shows out there with black folks who don’t act nasty like YOU! I watch T.I. and Tiny and they do not fight pull hair back bite or none of that ignorant shit! Now they racist but basically you sold yourself and your family for a check please get your life because you sound CRAZY! They didn’t just turn racist last season you laughed and ke ke’d up in Andy face for years

    Mina’s WorldMina’s World23 kun oldin
  • Agree

    Donovan KellyDonovan Kelly23 kun oldin
  • Why black woman with the nose and boob jobs and blonde hair quick to throw the race card when they lose their jobs?

    Brandon LinBrandon Lin23 kun oldin
  • Nene you are still Queen to us you always be who is Wendy Wendy who lol

    kevin mccraekevin mccrae23 kun oldin
  • she went in on his ass

    Stephanie DrummondStephanie Drummond23 kun oldin
  • Celebs be mad but they put their lives out for the world to see. 2mil a month is outrageous by any standard.

    3Deez33Deez323 kun oldin
  • Nene is a nobody celebrity. She got no talent. Why do people watch her? For drama? To see a train wreck? Y’all made her rich for being nothing and so many females follow suit and aren’t worth a damn anymore, but think they are queens.

    3Deez33Deez323 kun oldin
  • Nene should respect coz Andy and Bravo is her paycheck since day 1

    kingnoel93kingnoel9323 kun oldin
  • But she can call him ugly and on steroids ppl are insane

    Myopinion thanksMyopinion thanks23 kun oldin