Naya Rivera's Sister Responds To Rumors After Moving In With Ryan Dorsey

29-Sen, 2020
126 794 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Finally!! At least the breakfast club feels the same I do about the ryan Dorsey situation! People need to leave them alone I say bless them either way no matter what

    Nicole WhiteNicole White16 kun oldin
  • Naya Rivera, was already dead, "BEFORE THEY", threw her body in the river, therefore, she was a "BLOOD SACRIFICE"!!!

    elioteliot18 kun oldin
  • There was a story similar to this but the husband's sister killed his wife. His wife's sister moved in with him to help him with the kids and they ended up falling in love and having a child!

    Ari GreeneAri Greene18 kun oldin
  • Sorry but that Naya sister is a f*** Bird. Holding her ex brother in-law’s hands and there’s probably more going on. I could never betray my sibling like that. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Some ppl are sickening.

    N AN A22 kun oldin
  • A sister or brother marrying a dead siblings spouse/partner isn’t unusual. I hope y’all know this.

    James BallJames Ball22 kun oldin
  • He should get her pregnant too

    Daveed da sickDaveed da sick22 kun oldin
  • Ryan wining

    Daveed da sickDaveed da sick22 kun oldin
  • Angela Yee, I'm riding for you but, you're guilty!

    Seattle Solar SupplySeattle Solar Supply23 kun oldin
  • people bond over tragedy this isn't new

    danger zonedanger zone23 kun oldin
  • People can love after death. Perhaps the loss has just drawn them closer together? Why can't the sister step up in her nephews life, don't mean they fucking. Or maybe just people aint shit? Let them live, aint yo mutha fuckin problem.

    Lucho AmorLucho Amor23 kun oldin
  • So the breakfast club is cool with the fact that she may be dating her dead sisters EX? Weird AF

    LL24 kun oldin

  • The will Smith kids are so stupid.

    MusiclehighMusiclehigh24 kun oldin
  • Ummm.....yee said thats dope....she can assist with raising him and nit move in. Stop it. Really Charlemagne how the hell dies that look to the child when he is exactly capable of comprehending his aunt and dad fucking after his mom died. Stop with this neutral approach ya'll seem to be taking. So dame fake. Thats dope smh disgusting

    Tee AndersonTee Anderson24 kun oldin
  • Trust NOBODY.

    KiproKipro24 kun oldin
  • Wait. She bathes only twice a week

    Kaykay MKaykay M25 kun oldin
  • Why y’all assuming they’re together. That’s weird af. The kid just lost his mom damn

    De’Andre BrownDe’Andre Brown25 kun oldin
    • Ryan?

      theoryofeverythingtheoryofeverything24 kun oldin
  • Ryan Dorsey not fooling nobody!!!! 🙄😏

    Bobby BriscoBobby Brisco25 kun oldin
  • I watched Ryan's video on Instagram. He is doing the best for his son! To keep things as normal as possible for him, to keep family close. Some of the comments are disgusting, seems no one thinks anymore or has empathy or sympathy. Zero understanding! I wish Josey, Ryan & family all the best. Rest in Paradise, Naya ♥️

    Boe PeepBoe Peep25 kun oldin
    • No.. no one has any morals anymore. You continue to promote covetous actions though.

      theoryofeverythingtheoryofeverything24 kun oldin
  • They can raise that child without living in the same house. I am not buying their story.

    J WJ W25 kun oldin
  • I mean at least nayas sister and her husband aren’t related, now that would be weird. We all know people sleep with there family members and if they start dating so what who cares it’s there life. We’re not raising the kid, they are raising that kid

    Bobby TrevinoBobby Trevino25 kun oldin
  • So glad Charla and Yee are back in their comfort zone! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    J OctJ Oct25 kun oldin
  • Hmmmm hrmmm....

    Jay AliJay Ali25 kun oldin
  • Why didn't sienna Miller say anything about chadwick when he was alive?

    Tabs TTabs T25 kun oldin
  • They banging

    Tabs TTabs T25 kun oldin
  • Ummm she can't date her NEPHEW'S father! Who wants sib-cousins?

    TurnerTurner25 kun oldin
  • Something is not right here, maybe this is one of the reason why she got divorce in the first place, maybe she found out that her sister and the back then husband was having a thing for each other. Now that Naya is no longer here her sister took over Naya ex husband and her kid. I guess the real truth will come out one day, unfortunately thing like that happened between family.

    H SH S25 kun oldin
  • They were spotted holding hands in public!

    NotthefatherNotthefather25 kun oldin
  • So glad uncle char and aunty yee are on better terms

    Romagne BurtonRomagne Burton25 kun oldin
  • The husband and wife been hooking up on the down low.....its a matter of time before it comes out.....Whatever is in the dark ALWAYS comes to light

    Smooth GroovesSmooth Grooves25 kun oldin
  • Damn I respect the hell out of all 3 of y’all reactions❤️Gives me hope❤️

    lizzy lovelizzy love26 kun oldin
  • Omg you people are so disgusting. If you look closely, they were not even holding hands. Ya’ll see what y’all want to see. Ya’ll want to see them holding hands just so you can let off your nasty projections & shine that negative light onto anything to keep it off of yourselves; so others don’t see your internal disgusting, so you don’t see it. Everyone being nasty in the comments don’t even realize they are telling on themselves!🤣 Y’all are projecting who y’all are onto the situation!🤣 In a situation like such, loved ones will do anything to feel better. If together makes him feel better & heal- so be it. Romantically or not. Why I feel like Naya would be comforted by this! Ya’ll want her to be rOlLiNg iN hEr GrAvE. Get a life! Get a grip! Get some compassion! Get some help! Self development is a must! Work on yourselves! Evolve to a point where you no longer feel the other compulsion to project your disgusting and disturbing way of life! Love yourselves enough to attain validation through loving yourselves as opposed to being so nasty, evil, derogatory & heartless to strangers on the Internet! Don’t bother replying either!🤣Not coming back. This is the first and last time I will be on this topic😘

    lizzy lovelizzy love26 kun oldin
  • Y'all say anything. Let's just stay out they business but standards guys. This world is sad.

    Eb MonaeEb Monae26 kun oldin
  • Hollyweird! Wtf smh. It hasn’t even been a dear since her death. That’s sick. You don’t need to move in with someone to raise kids together. I was raised with cousins but we never lived together.

    Stacie LuvvStacie Luvv26 kun oldin
  • I hate when you describe your experience and someone is like "but my experience wasn't like that"

    Tim TomTim Tom26 kun oldin
  • Willow! Child sit down.

    Anthony ServiceAnthony Service26 kun oldin
  • So if they moved in together to raise the son...then where is he in any of the pictures?

    Tamara WilliamsTamara Williams26 kun oldin
  • Angela yee bussin a jokes about the black love of will smith and Jada big ready to to crucify Tory lanez over the Meg situation. I don’t know for this world anymore isit too hard for some consistency

    madme gaidenmadme gaiden26 kun oldin
  • Look like a young Chris Jericho in the thumbnail.

    GoodFilms28GoodFilms2826 kun oldin
  • When does Red Table Talks come on ?

    Marcus MartinMarcus Martin26 kun oldin
  • Man you can really tell the folks who haven’t lost anyone from covid...

    CMO1061CMO106126 kun oldin
  • It’s nothing she can say or try to defend your actions have shown us that you holding hands with your sister men then moving in with him yeah they both sick and twisted

    Dra JacksonDra Jackson26 kun oldin
  • =____=

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik26 kun oldin
  • I think envy and charlemagne need to just get a room together fucking punks

    Javon WomackJavon Womack26 kun oldin
  • Don't know why Willlow brought it up We'd all forgotten about it.

    LaSexyPetiteLaSexyPetite26 kun oldin
  • I think people ought to mind their business.

    shida206shida20626 kun oldin
  • Ya trippin that women hasn’t even been dead a whole year how real can it be??? Smfh can’t believe ya condoning this fuckery

    J BJ B26 kun oldin
  • Yee, read betwen the lines. Naya Rivera's sister and her ex are together... they've been seen holding hands, they're together. Compassion absolutely, but Naya hasn't been in her grave but a year.... it's disrespectful

    Very Hush HushVery Hush Hush26 kun oldin
  • You can help to raise your nephew WITHOUT moving in with your dead sister EX-HUSBAND 🙄🤨

    maya 0100maya 010026 kun oldin
  • I think they were lowkey together before this.

    Drew ChaseDrew Chase26 kun oldin
  • Chrissy teigen has some issues. You can tell. It’s something off about her energy/ spirit Chile

    Lè CartersLè Carters26 kun oldin
  • If I passed on, I would want my sister to watch over my son.

    Alina RaineAlina Raine26 kun oldin
  • Wait WTF?? THIS IS WEIRD. Why would sister do that? She obviously Screwing him

    El Comedy RogueEl Comedy Rogue26 kun oldin
  • Ryan murdered Naya

    Big TexasBig Texas26 kun oldin
  • Ryan has a weird caveman like jawline

    Lindsay BluntLindsay Blunt26 kun oldin
  • Nobody ask Chrissy about that. Why is she like this?

  • They couldn't care and the raise the boy from 2 different homes?? Maybe get 2 different places close to eachother.. instead of moving in together. That's not how you do you deceased sister. Something fishy.

    Cindy WongsunaCindy Wongsuna26 kun oldin
  • Angela be Fckn up the vibe bro I was laughing then she come in like somebody mama

    Xeno PainXeno Pain26 kun oldin
  • The boy asked if he could live with his aunt. That’s the reason why... Naya would cry if she read all the hate about her sister

    FeeFee26 kun oldin
  • Angela Yee you're the worst you need husband it said you was a sister trying to cause so much confusion in their marriage of black merge said you're the worst

    Edgar McneillEdgar Mcneill26 kun oldin
  • Naya's sister taking the Hunter Biden route I see 🤔

    B Bacc SoonB Bacc Soon26 kun oldin
  • Wait until they have a child together then in a few years they'll have to explain to the siblings how they're related. Make it right and have the child in Kentucky

    5150 OU8125150 OU81226 kun oldin
  • Why did they say anything about moving in together anyways out here people are dirty thinkers . So keep your private life private.

    Ajoh WongAjoh Wong26 kun oldin
  • So Angela Yee, you are okay with your sister bringing your ex to Thanksgiving and your son calling your sister step mom and Aunty. Lets just take the death out of the equation.

    The Black CongregationThe Black Congregation26 kun oldin
  • If you think Naya ex not smashing her sister your crazy , no where ever does the ex boyfriend move in with the sister lol RIP Naya though

    David MartinezDavid Martinez26 kun oldin
  • They just found Naya's body two months ago. Disgusting

    The Black CongregationThe Black Congregation26 kun oldin
  • you all not smart you can't see that nayas sister is a golddigger and definitely using nayas death and Ryan dorsey for clout and fame and money I know the truth wake up everyone

  • The way these hospital treat women, especially women of color, is CRIMINAL!!! Serena Williams nearly died because they thought she was being a cry baby when she told them she was in pain after giving birth. Why is Chrissy continual bleeding? Like a faucet she said. This is why the mortality rate is so high...women are not being taken seriously and mistreated within the medical profession. If even high profile celebrities like Serena and Chrissy are being dismissed...what chance do the rest of us stand?

    ballsoutballisticballsoutballistic26 kun oldin
  • Just seeing Chadwick's face makes me melancholy and weepy...He was an amazing human being.

    ballsoutballisticballsoutballistic26 kun oldin
  • Its crazy how us regular folks can only get rapid tests at hospitals in case of emergency yet if u have the money and access u can get like its nothing.

    Journi09Journi0926 kun oldin
  • Has anyone thought to ask what can a childless 25 year old (a baby) teach a 37 year old single father about raising a child? I'll wait.......... Exactly, they are in a relationship. Lets stop the BS. Let's use our common sense people. Please. SMH

    Bdragonlover123Bdragonlover12326 kun oldin
  • My husband passed away in a tragic freak accident when our daughter was 3. He has a brother who is very much like him, he was incredibly close too and who was absolutely devastated. Not one time in my brain or broken heart would I ever think that was appropriate in any way shape or form. I've been through that kind of pain and still think them dating is incredibly selfish to there loved ones memory. I'll never know for sure, but I feel my husband would roll over in his grave if his brother or I would cross that line. What happens to the child if they were to get together this way and then they had a messy break up for any reason down the line..he would lose his Mother twice in a sence because Ryan could stop the sister from being in his life if he had too/wanted too. Everyone deserves grace in this situation, but this makes my stomach hurt for all involved.

    SendMeLocationSendMeLocation26 kun oldin
    • @Omphile Moerane someone commented "I would haunt the F out of my sister if she did this." I needed that laugh.. because it is true..I would find a way🤣

      SendMeLocationSendMeLocation26 kun oldin
    • @SendMeLocationyou're not being biased at all. I haven't been through what you've been through and even I along with the many other commenters can see how wrong and inappropriate this relationship is. Not to mention, weird, gross and not in the best interests of the child.

      Omphile MoeraneOmphile Moerane26 kun oldin
    • @Omphile Moerane yes, in reality it is this poor boy who has already been traumatized and who's heart will be on the line. Why after all you have been through, would you risk that? As a Dad and Aunt, the future and feelings of the child should now come before any pain we experience. I get how lonely and dark it is. This is absolutely not the way. You have to find the strength for your child to withstand it all, they are counting on you. Let her be an incredible close and involved Aunt to her Nephew, let him have that stability, give him at least that. I think I'm triggered and biased a bit because of my own personal experience, but the more I think about this the more it bothers me. I do wish them the best, i don't wish this on anyone.

      SendMeLocationSendMeLocation26 kun oldin
    • You are so right. These type of inappropriate relationships never last. I've seen it before. And yes, it will be Naya's son who suffers in the end WHEN his aunt and dad break up.

      Omphile MoeraneOmphile Moerane26 kun oldin
  • Doesn't he have a family like mother , father , sister or brother. I think Niara has a mother right? Can the mother move in🙄🙄🙄🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

    beryl maleyberyl maley26 kun oldin
  • Prayers up for them ....I know how it looks 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Terry finesse andersonTerry finesse anderson26 kun oldin
  • love love the breakfast club

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead26 kun oldin
  • I hope they didnt have her drowned

    nivek mnivek m26 kun oldin
  • She was killed then

    nivek mnivek m26 kun oldin

    Kredible1Kredible126 kun oldin
  • Ya love being messy

    aprildaonlyqueen123aprildaonlyqueen12326 kun oldin
  • 😐 umm I will never be okay with my sibling such as and not excluding ; brother, sister, cousin, mom ... they had a child together 😔 have some respect ✊ no morals whatsoever .. she should be ashamed .. not even a year she died 😒😒 hypocrite talking about compassion 😂.. something ain’t right .. she could have been passed the wrong pills and maybe the boy was supposed to drown too but a miracle happened

    Sunny Over the mountainSunny Over the mountain26 kun oldin
  • This Naya Rivera story will be on True Crime Daily in a few years.

    Anna OwusuAnna Owusu26 kun oldin
  • That’s not normal to date your sisters ex husband. Point blank period. I could care less what the breakfast club has to say.

    Tamar FranklinTamar Franklin26 kun oldin
  • Why are y’all all sitting here condoning the behavior of these two adults using a child as a mask for them possibly getting together and “falling in love”. First of all “we’re doing to raise the kid” wtf!? That’s his father, he is perfectly capable of RAISING his son. Or is there some problems that he has that we don’t know about? And she doesn’t have to MOVE IN with her dead sisters ex husband just to assist with raising her nephew, people co-parent separately all the damn time. Her sister was CO-parenting and not even living with her ex so thats bullshit I think. And you don’t get with your dead siblings husband wtf? Naya hasn’t even been gone 6 months and already y’all condoning them to just help themselves. Like that was not her damn blood Sister. And we need a new female voice of opinion because Angela is NOT IT. She stay ass kissing and pussy popping around the men’s opinions. Like can we get another woman on this show PLEASE!

    Complexx NikkiComplexx Nikki26 kun oldin
  • Mmmmm I don’t know about Naya’s husband having the sister move in. That seems a little sketch. She can help out w/out having to move in 🤔 in my opinion lol ..

    Beatriz GonzalezBeatriz Gonzalez26 kun oldin
  • It ain't real love when u cheat

    Ahmad SuttonAhmad Sutton26 kun oldin
  • Epidurals often cause low heart rates for the babies which allow the doctors to suggest a c-section to the already worried mother. The c section is classified as surgery allowing the doctors to charge more.

    TATman ShawtyTATman Shawty26 kun oldin
  • I am disgusted at Naya sister. I always didn’t like dorsey Naya got a abortion since she didn’t want another kid with him and he probably is sleeping with her (he can’t move in with his mom dad no my ex sister in law ) plus niklaih has a big house I doubt she would move in “just for josey “ you can love a child and still not living together it’s practically insest let’s hope they don’t say “Naya would be happy for us “ GURL her death shouldn’t be a opportunity for you! I am totally mad at both of them! They now just start to move in ? It’s been 3 months. Naya liked every single one of her post and was a great mom and sister. A real sister would of denied the claims Niklaih you are never going to replace Naya she had something you don’t respect and honesty!

    Selena QSelena Q26 kun oldin
  • Im gonna puke!!!!!!!!

    musicbuzz9musicbuzz926 kun oldin
  • They were wearing matching outfits. Not a child in sight. Follow the money.

    N CN C26 kun oldin
    • The fact that she didn't even deny it tells us all we need to know. They're sick for using that poor kid as a cover up. No way Naya is resting in peace of these are the kind of people taking care of her child.

      Omphile MoeraneOmphile Moerane26 kun oldin
  • Hunchin like Rabbits

    Lo LaLo La26 kun oldin
  • TBC needs new perspective. I bet neither Envy nor Charlemagne would co-sign their wives moving in with their brothers or male best friend to live together and raise their children if they were dead. How fucked up do you have to be to think something like this is ok???

    Sunshine WoodSunshine Wood26 kun oldin
  • .....If they grow to love one another in that way that would be disgusting. You don’t start fucking your dead sisters ex-husband. Someone explain to me what Chrissy Teigen’s situation has to do with Charlemagne and his wife’s decision not to have anymore children. Chrissy Teigen is speaking on her high risk Pregnancy journey. Completely different topic.

    Epiphanny TaylorEpiphanny Taylor26 kun oldin
  • The Honorable Chadwick Boseman. Rest in power Peace to the god!

    MrCleanPapiMrCleanPapi26 kun oldin
  • Ask them that same question!

    Natiii RastaNatiii Rasta26 kun oldin
  • They were holding hands...

    KnR SmithKnR Smith26 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne at the end though. Facts. All facts.

    Jyabriel WJyabriel W26 kun oldin
  • Ewww!! That’s nasty 🤢 sleeping with your dead sister ex 😷 girl u nasty and using the child as an excuse is low down.. the breakfast club approving this made me sick 🤒 ✌️

    Samantha19807🛍Samantha19807🛍26 kun oldin
  • The sister doesn't have her own life? No boyfriend? He could have his parents move in temporarily to help, but he prefers the hot young model sister in law

    AndreaAndrea26 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Omphile MoeraneOmphile Moerane26 kun oldin
  • C Tha God bringing to light the issues black woman face in labor and delivery with these hospitals. How you run out of epidurals in the maternity ward???

    Virtuous ShonVirtuous Shon26 kun oldin
  • I guess willow is following her fathers lead, loving her mother unconditionally!

    Kathy WigginsKathy Wiggins26 kun oldin