Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243

27-Sen, 2020
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Bill Shepherd
Chris Cassidy
Jonny Kim Bio
Learn More about the Navy Seals
Learn about the US Navy
I visited the Navy Seal - UDT Museum in Ft. Pierce Florida
(Not Officially Affiliated with the US Navy)
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  • Chris Cassidy is currently ALONE on the US section of the International Space Station. How crazy is that? I really enjoyed speaking with him and Jonny. I started this process thinking the Seals probably focus on the ability to overpower the enemy and smash things, but it turns out humility and the ability to work on a team is by far the most important attribute. You can follow Chris and Jonny on twitter and Instagram (I'll put the links in the description). Thank you to those who are supporting Smarter Every Day on Patreon! ( ) Did you get your baseballs?

    SmarterEveryDaySmarterEveryDay29 kun oldin
    • I guess we are too busy executing the mission to entertain re-naming orbital mechanics so as to not offend folks. Love the video! Go Navy, Ad Astra! The Earth is round, we checked - yours truly, NASA.

      Aerospace Electronics HistoryAerospace Electronics History4 kun oldin
    • this is such a hard working youtuber, nice work my guy

      The Variety PineappleThe Variety Pineapple6 kun oldin
    • I wonder what he thinks about Eddie Gallagher is he a brother too?

      The MDMThe MDM11 kun oldin
    • @MK4VLI S They don't use wire harnesses they use tethers that regulate the temperature inside the spacesuit because space is cold, really cold and they also use them so that if they start to float away from the station they are not left stranded in space. There are no "bubble's" during space walk and I would like to see your sources of them appearing. You can't detect the curvature of the Earth on the ground because it is extremely gradual, the Earth is big. You can see it from the ISS because it is orbiting around the Earth and has a much larger view of its surface.

      CarbonCarbon13 kun oldin
    • Really awesome Thankyou!!

      The ArchitectThe Architect13 kun oldin
  • Those Russians won't mess with him! 😆

    Timothy ConoverTimothy ConoverKun oldin
  • Hey Destin, do a show on how a pressurized soft shelled suit is still malleable when put in a vacuum. IMPOSSIBLE

    Patrick `Patrick `Kun oldin
    • Why's that? Its only holding back around 14 psi

      HoboGrifterHoboGrifter3 soat oldin
  • Destin stop quoting the Bible if you are going to publicly endorse lies like space travel.

    Patrick `Patrick `Kun oldin
  • The corona scam is more obvious than the lie of space travel.

    Patrick `Patrick `Kun oldin
  • All astronauts are liars. They are a disgrace to their country and are failing as human beings. Sea level is level, disproving gravity, meaning density and buoyancy negate the farce of space travel.

    Patrick `Patrick `Kun oldin
    • Why does it disprove gravity?

      HoboGrifterHoboGrifter3 soat oldin
  • Legit thought for a second that that was Destin shaking hands at 36:30.

    bernier42bernier42Kun oldin
  • 12:40 "Oh yeah... by the way..." Gotta love that and his expression when he said it.

    G TG T2 kun oldin
  • 2:59 You hear that Robert O’Neill?

    TXnine7nineTXnine7nine2 kun oldin
  • What determines if Cassidy will go up again? is there an age they usually retire at?

    Daniel AydDaniel Ayd2 kun oldin
  • How long can they stay outside in a space walk in one of those space suits?

    Phillip BrewsterPhillip Brewster2 kun oldin
  • Is that a regular Maglite flashlight in the ISS over his left shoulder? @34:50

    Jonathan MJonathan M2 kun oldin
  • great video, very interesting, thanks Destin!

    moore moritzmoore moritz2 kun oldin
  • Wonder if they have fritos chips and bean dip up there

    Red SixRed Six2 kun oldin
  • Thank you and have subscribed 👍⚓

    Mark2025Mark20253 kun oldin
  • 0:53 I wonder why they have that upside down like they dont know or it's supposed to be that way

    Nick JonathanNick Jonathan3 kun oldin
  • Just watched Chris return to Earth. Such a great vid, this one. Thanks so much!

    Brian CoBrian Co3 kun oldin
  • Welcome back to earth, Chris Cassidy!

    Teng CajiTeng Caji3 kun oldin
  • Proud of you, shipmates. You make all Kims proud who served. Hon Cou Com

    Justin Kimberlake tvJustin Kimberlake tv3 kun oldin
  • Chrissssssss yayayayayayayayayayayayayay

    G4l4xɛɛG4l4xɛɛ3 kun oldin
  • Go Navy! Ad Astra!

    Aerospace Electronics HistoryAerospace Electronics History4 kun oldin
  • The ISS is one of the best examples of what this world can do when we all come together

    Pat HurleyPat Hurley4 kun oldin
  • Lol you can see in his space helmet...the camera is just floating. People who thing the earth is flat make me sad...why would you want to ignore all the amazing people that make all these amazing things happen. I’m getting smarter everyday fortunately- we all need to so we can keep being amazing.

    Pat HurleyPat Hurley4 kun oldin
  • Has anyone else noticed all of the tiny "specks" or holes all over the screen when Chris Cassidy was answering Destin's questions?? It's because of radiation punching holes in some component in the lens of the camera, right?

    Tristan EnsorTristan Ensor4 kun oldin
  • I see Chris Cassidy as the next president of United States in the near future

    Taylor CTaylor C4 kun oldin
  • Welcome home Commander Cassidy, Ivan Vagner and Anatoly Ivanishin. I'm glad you all made it safe.

    MethodsMethods4 kun oldin
  • I always thought 'Flat Earthers were wack' based on what everyone said about some research and at the very least it will make you question if you believe in a globe earth or flat earth. I think it is simply healthy to question at least once 'why you believe what you believe' and see where it takes you. Have an open mind....its at least interesting to explore.

    TaylorTaylor4 kun oldin
  • Astronauts are a bunch of clowns

    Michael SmythMichael Smyth4 kun oldin
    • Didn't make the cut? It's fine, everyone makes mistakes.

      HoboGrifterHoboGrifter3 soat oldin
  • That dude scares me. He can probably kill me with his index finger.

    Jeremy2Jeremy25 kun oldin
  • I like a line in epilogue. Why hasnt the ISS won a Nobel Peace Prize?

    IronheadedIronheaded5 kun oldin
  • Click bait every day.

    Sun TzuSun Tzu5 kun oldin
  • Navy Seals in space, disable enemy satellites!

    Someone NearyouSomeone Nearyou5 kun oldin
  • I know he was lying when his lips moved actornots to the moon ha ha ha ha . Apollo 11 a Stanley Kubrick production.

    Philip BacaPhilip Baca6 kun oldin
  • I honestly can’t for the life of me figure out how anybody can “dislike” that video...

    Joseph AllenJoseph Allen6 kun oldin
  • Great video and the message at end was truly inspirational.

    kreativeasylum jhkreativeasylum jh6 kun oldin
  • Chris Cassidy is a fraud as is NASA !! PURE B.S.

    servo6620servo66206 kun oldin
    • I’m guessing u believe earth is flat

      LmaoLmao6 kun oldin
  • To see a couple guys hug ,like when Chris Cassidy meeting up with a Russian astronaut,gives me a feeling of hope. In such a divided country. I think every U S citizen at 18 years old should have to do at least 2 years in a branch of the military. If nothing else,it would teach these kids today some respect for others as well as self respect. Looking at these young kids rioting and causing problems for people they don't even know. I guarantee none of those fools destroying someone else's property were not in the military,or at least it's a very small percentage. Good video. Thank you,it was very interesting

    John SellersJohn Sellers6 kun oldin
  • Space it seems like people who believe in space have a too much extra empty space in their skulls not enough brain matter so that's why they believe in space because their skulls have nothing but space in them their airheads LMAO

    Sasha ParkerSasha Parker6 kun oldin
  • He looks just like J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys.

    Zin QuipsZin Quips6 kun oldin
  • So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. -

    mujakumujaku6 kun oldin
  • Nice work Destin, thank you. the phrase "Service to others is a sustainable way of living." rang true to me since I am a father and husband. Still I wrote it down. It could stand to be a stronger and more frequent consideration, at least for this person.

    Mike PettengillMike Pettengill6 kun oldin
  • When i saw the space walk scene I said "oh no here comes the flat earthers"

    Andorei BotobaraAndorei Botobara6 kun oldin
  • Its so sad that we have to spend so much money to defend ourselves. Imagine if all of that money was spent on space travel. At present humanity has all its eggs in one basket called planet Earth. We need to colonise other planets to ensure the survival of the human race.

    Malcolm JonesMalcolm Jones6 kun oldin
  • They've got the Isis Flag upside down 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:53

    AYM34 YTAYM34 YT7 kun oldin
  • Amazing Men and Women that excel at anything to service others .

    The ShoopThe Shoop7 kun oldin
  • I will go to space. I will work For years to float with no gravity

    My YouTube ChannelMy YouTube Channel7 kun oldin
  • Anyone else get nervous when it looked like he cut through the grass? Lol

    Nick StegallNick Stegall7 kun oldin
  • He stepped on the grass 😱

    OmarOmar7 kun oldin
  • Seals are cool. But Marines: Born to fight, trained to kill, ready to die, but never will..

    Kyle BettsKyle Betts7 kun oldin
  • Laugh out loud... Smarter every day? This is the dumbest thing i've heard all month and for late 2020, i've heard some stupid $hi+! Congratulations! We have a winner because we all know how much water likes to form to the inverse shape of it's container. I already told you that the Navy's "nuclear" subs are powered by electrolysis and run on hydrogen and you still kept publishing your lies. Now this? Wow dude, you are getting smarter every day aren't you?

    Restoring RealityRestoring Reality7 kun oldin
  • i got to take a tour of NBL and JSC and the VR training stuff and the mock ups it was LITTTT

    Mad MonkMad Monk7 kun oldin
  • It surprised me to hear that people got used to floating around in microgravity on the ISS. Puts it into perspective just how adaptable our species is. "Oh, down stopped working. Must be Tuesday."

    TacetTacet7 kun oldin
  • The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Psalms 19:1 KJV

    Cara Bom DemaisCara Bom Demais8 kun oldin
  • Anyone who believes in space is a moron we have never been to space mainly because of the firmament the closest they get to outer space is low earth orbit now that is a fact...

    Danny CasinoDanny Casino8 kun oldin
  • Nice he took off on my birthday

    bloodoath sbloodoath s8 kun oldin
  • Great video; SEALs are awesome. International cooperation is a great goal; but you have to be aware of the internal goals of the individual nations. Regarding China, their goal is to crush free speech and dominate the world with communism...China should not be allowed to participate in the International Space Station.

    J HJ H8 kun oldin
    • J H China has never been part of the iss project. See how dumb you sound? That's me on wikipedia, getting smarter every day. Maybe just google your dumb opinions before dumping them on other people.

      AlexAlex7 kun oldin
  • A very professional video done in a very open and candid style. Remarkable interviews and an excellent summation. I highly recommend this video for viewership !

    Peter KinbergerPeter Kinberger8 kun oldin
  • good fit for someone as talented as him.

    yasio boloyasio bolo8 kun oldin
  • Thanks so much for what you do to bring these amazing people to light, this was truly an incredible and enlightning video. Thanks for all you do in life, may you have a long and blessed one mate.

    James BlantonJames Blanton9 kun oldin
    • "And soon women".. Please do NOT TELL ME the standards WILL BE LOWERED to allow them to pass....ever...and then let them command from the rear while the real men

      yasio boloyasio bolo8 kun oldin
  • A little bit of competition and a little bit of collaboration are some of the ingredients of inovation

    Eliezer StefanelloEliezer Stefanello10 kun oldin
  • Chris Cassidy is my new Idol as a human being, what a great person.

    Joe ClarkJoe Clark10 kun oldin
    • Thank you. Best ever Smarter Every Day episode ever!

      dcoog anmldcoog anml9 kun oldin
  • 2:52 Wanna bet that's not the reason for the lowered eagle head? (since this one's is flying and seems in attack-mode). Then why does the text say it's to symbolize _humility_ ? No idea.

    Boris BBoris B10 kun oldin
    • I don't know why I think Destin is cute. He looks like Moral Orel.

      dcoog anmldcoog anml9 kun oldin
  • Imagine ISS dinner. US SF guys and Russian SF guys coordinating when their training was to kill each other

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon10 kun oldin
  • The eyes on these guys are so intimidating/respect inducing and you can really see how smart and controlled their wearers are.

    Simon PerssonSimon Persson10 kun oldin
    • true, like the eyes that have seen all extremes with a sigh of boredom

      ImadImad8 kun oldin
  • That was really cool thank you

    • One thing I learned back as I came out of high school and deny the Navy contract cuz of their lies Navy Seals aren't grunts or so soldiers only they are smart thinking analytical

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon10 kun oldin
  • Intro should be what the title says its about, not an overview of what seals do.

    Steve DaySteve Day10 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or does the Navy SEAL, Chris Cassidy, look just like Michael Scott?

    James GJames G10 kun oldin
  • Does a navy seal has to be a freemason, like an astronaut? Or they are legit?

    Jorge ChiuJorge Chiu10 kun oldin
  • Is the ISS hiring any Kitchen Staff?

    Johnny 5Johnny 510 kun oldin
  • Awed that you do these things and present them to us. But I realised a few months back; I miss the 'old'' SED things. There is so much in the world to get smarter about, and make stuff to share. You are undeniably in a unique position to do many amazing things. I've not even watched your latest few uploads all the way through; they are surely amazing but I don't relate to them an never will. I'd love you to return to themes that we can all relate to. I may be in the minority, but being on the ISS is a minority thing too. Film some amazing insects, or something? 😍

    Vark SterVark Ster10 kun oldin
  • Was Trump in the special forces?

    Thunder BirdThunder Bird10 kun oldin
  • Anyone else feel like a fat potato head that hasn't done anything for society after watching this? I know I do...pfft I suppose there is a reason to why they say the BEST & BRIGHTEST.

    88cameras88cameras10 kun oldin
  • If there ever was a stargate program Johnny Kim would be a part of it

    cody lesliecody leslie11 kun oldin
  • I've worked in the pool building. Got a private tour of the facility. One part of that looked like Ellington Field to me.

    Gary RebeGary Rebe11 kun oldin
  • Jonny Kim is incredible, not just for what he's achieved but what he had to go through to get there. Dude's an inspiration.

    dcoog anmldcoog anml11 kun oldin
  • "And soon women".. Please do NOT TELL ME the standards WILL BE LOWERED to allow them to pass....ever...and then let them command from the rear while the real men go forward to fight and die for the country. Suppose to present the strongest more powerful team of fighters for God and Country NOT try to score points with SJW diversity losers too weak to join but hide behind their computer screen.

    Sam TanSam Tan11 kun oldin
    • Wow mind blowing !!

      dcoog anmldcoog anml11 kun oldin
  • I don't know why I think Destin is cute. He looks like Moral Orel.

    WaffleStaffelWaffleStaffel11 kun oldin
  • Thank you. Best ever Smarter Every Day episode ever!

    Naga VisionsNaga Visions11 kun oldin
  • who better to train you than seal

    Eric HinkleEric Hinkle11 kun oldin
  • Might be handy to deal with space pirates

    Ben Tv HowmanBen Tv Howman11 kun oldin
  • SEAL= Sleep, Eat And Lift. lol old Army joke.

    Justin KrezelakJustin Krezelak11 kun oldin
  • One thing I learned back as I came out of high school and deny the Navy contract cuz of their lies Navy Seals aren't grunts or so soldiers only they are smart thinking analytical human beings capable of making decisions in a Flash on the field of battle being able to collaborate on the ISS in a issue Etc God bless USA in our seals Trump 20/20 four more years

    jonathan gierjonathan gier12 kun oldin
  • Makes me regret my decision not to join the Navy After High School when they lied to me on the contract but I was supposed to be a seal according to them what a Brotherhood

    jonathan gierjonathan gier12 kun oldin
  • Chris is such a humble guy

    PoseidonPoseidon12 kun oldin
  • From what I have gleaned from Navy seals is they are extremely intelligent people.

    Carbon Fiber Creations ArizonaCarbon Fiber Creations Arizona12 kun oldin
  • It's interesting how the tool at 32:46 is highly reflective. Is that so it doesn't absorb radiation during and EVA?

    Justin ParkerJustin Parker12 kun oldin
  • Johnny Kim Dr. Kim is a living Hero💚thank you sir🇺🇸💪🇺🇸

    Hillbilly HikerHillbilly Hiker12 kun oldin
  • “This man is a Navy seal, a medical doctor, and a NASA Astronaut.” Him: “I am a young tadpole with big shoes to fill.”

    Seth BowersSeth Bowers12 kun oldin
    • Lose the tail, soon legs will pop out, and you will be a frogman on your way to space.

      Justin Kimberlake tvJustin Kimberlake tv3 kun oldin
    • And mathematician

      WonderTVWonderTV9 kun oldin
  • WOW....I'm 72 ex-Army (4Yrs. only) and this gives me "Cold Chills"...I'm an Old Wanna Be I guess!!

    Jeffrey BennettJeffrey Bennett12 kun oldin
  • Chris should head the Space Force and or ,be President of the United States ,He is the finest example of what true leadership and sound thinking IS.

    IcemanJim63IcemanJim6312 kun oldin
  • Episode 221 of the Jocko Podcast is a must watch/listen to hear how incredible Johnny Kim really is.

    Kansas OilKansas Oil12 kun oldin
  • Wow mind blowing !!

    Adam CoronadoAdam Coronado12 kun oldin
  • He cover knowledge of a medic, soldier and space. Govt should give this man the highest U.S.A honor and highest payment

    VireVire12 kun oldin
    • need help recovering from that sickness.

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni12 kun oldin
  • Because an underwater specialist is required to fake space

    Awakened IntoFreedomAwakened IntoFreedom12 kun oldin
    • @Ailsa Ni cool

      Awakened IntoFreedomAwakened IntoFreedom12 kun oldin
    • i spent 3 years in the seal but i left to go on submarines

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni12 kun oldin
  • Space farce the galactic empire these masons never stop. What are those storm troopers is order 66 coming ??

    Awakened IntoFreedomAwakened IntoFreedom12 kun oldin
  • The irony is there was never huge wars like now because Europeans had never stolen land before nothing worse than anything though only from other European and the only knowledge they gathered was how to make better weapons to kill more to take more when does that end good video though

    slayer 1slayer 112 kun oldin
  • This was so awesome ,thank you for what you do? I was running out of intellectual sources" Thanks for a new one.

    Butch CassidyButch Cassidy12 kun oldin
  • The up and down are stick controlled in the delivery vehicle as well.

    Chance NeelChance Neel13 kun oldin
  • At my boy visits my home town dam

    tyrin edenfieldtyrin edenfield13 kun oldin
  • You getting an interview with Cassidy while he was on the ISS is seriously the coolest thing ever! Thank you for bringing these stories to us. Absolutely amazing.

    pantheispantheis13 kun oldin