MY GIRLFRIEND RACED my Ex GIRLFRIEND! (Lamborghini Huracan vs Mercedes GT63s AMG)

25-Sen, 2020
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MY GIRLFRIEND RACED my Ex GIRLFRIEND! (Lamborghini Huracan vs Mercedes GT63s AMG)

  • The Lamborghini is the same one he bought for Ivan when he “broke up” with her to surprise her.

    Montai ClarksonMontai Clarkson2 soat oldin
  • by a dog breed that is doberman and name it dobre man

    Brandon Louie BajoBrandon Louie Bajo12 soat oldin
  • I don’t get it tho almost every vid they win lol bruh and I guess it’s her first time racing? Why everyone hating tho everyone losses

    enderz . Unitenderz . Unit21 soat oldin
  • Go ivanita you won

    Arturo FedericoArturo Federico22 soat oldin
  • Dude,The Merc GT63s AMG Dominated the Lamborghini Huracan

    Yaash_YTYaash_YTKun oldin
  • When his ex said well i think im better ivan making her look like 😅

    Nle David oneNle David one2 kun oldin
  • ..........then there's that... :)

    Gohot229Gohot2292 kun oldin
  • Nice vid

    Audrey BryantAudrey Bryant2 kun oldin
  • im talking 277mph 1500hp

    Noah GNoah G3 kun oldin
  • or 5,000,000 idk

    Noah GNoah G3 kun oldin
  • i have a 4,000,000 doller car its a bugatti Chion

    Noah GNoah G3 kun oldin
  • To pull up and loses

    Carlos TCarlos T3 kun oldin
  • she is a good racer

    #sisterskeeper Tshabalala#sisterskeeper Tshabalala3 kun oldin
  • Ivanita got that one

    #sisterskeeper Tshabalala#sisterskeeper Tshabalala3 kun oldin
  • Stay Safe Everyone I hope None here dies Love you all also wait u will you guys subscribe you dont have to but yea please

    Stephanie Solis Moreno - FHE StudentStephanie Solis Moreno - FHE Student4 kun oldin
  • What happen if your girlfriend you and your ex girlfriend raised

    Andres VillarrealAndres Villarreal4 kun oldin
  • Who won💁🏼

    Melanie BolanosMelanie Bolanos4 kun oldin
  • yo I take the amg

    mohammad wadiwalamohammad wadiwala4 kun oldin
  • the ex girlfriend is a litlle bit more confident

    Christian Gabrielle JabayChristian Gabrielle Jabay4 kun oldin
  • Go Evana

    Justine JassieJustine Jassie5 kun oldin
  • Love u guys

    Justine JassieJustine Jassie5 kun oldin
  • I don't like Lucas's girlfriend she's not even in a relationship

    Janet Yellow WolfJanet Yellow Wolf5 kun oldin
  • lucus ex girlfriend is hotter than ivan

    Midnight KingdomMidnight Kingdom5 kun oldin
  • Oh gosh

    Elraldo SpringerElraldo Springer6 kun oldin
  • what a bunch of clown jesus! this is americas future? what a joke hahaha

    Pawel PietaPawel Pieta6 kun oldin
  • The ex had too much confidence

    Allanya X AmaraAllanya X Amara6 kun oldin
  • Niceee good race i love it

    Rhoszienie 0206Rhoszienie 02066 kun oldin
  • But even she was like I want to go again cuz she was like I want to win this

    Domonique WellsDomonique Wells6 kun oldin
  • Freon she did it I think she did a good job on it she did that race

    Domonique WellsDomonique Wells6 kun oldin
  • I like the ex Better

    Destiny BaldwinDestiny Baldwin6 kun oldin
  • Your ex-girlfriend is very beautiful and so are you ivanita

    Nevaeh KnoxNevaeh Knox6 kun oldin
  • Hello 👋

    Lping DengLping Deng6 kun oldin
    • Oh good

      Lping DengLping Deng6 kun oldin
  • Put the lambo in track mode and the story would been different!

    Sam WhiteSam White7 kun oldin
  • Omg!!!

    Mama GivenMama Given7 kun oldin
  • Cyrus should race Christina

    Katlego GoitseKatlego Goitse7 kun oldin
  • His ex savage

    Matilda the Crazy Person!!!Matilda the Crazy Person!!!8 kun oldin

    Francesca offeFrancesca offe8 kun oldin
  • Good

    Francesca offeFrancesca offe8 kun oldin
  • I love the amg

    Nathan LoofNathan Loof8 kun oldin
  • Good job ivanita lomeli 👍

    Rayne WaferRayne Wafer8 kun oldin
  • His ex girlfriend is not using corsa mode

    IceFox GamingIceFox Gaming8 kun oldin
  • Lucases ex didnt win any but ivan took all of them i love u guys stay positive stay safe stay healthy ❤️

    stãrfvlly :3stãrfvlly :38 kun oldin
  • His ex girlfriend was fye so I pick her😍😍😍

    Love, Peace,joyLove, Peace,joy8 kun oldin
  • I have a Lamborghini a

    Jack RezendesJack Rezendes9 kun oldin
  • I'm up for a race are you I just like it I want to meet you o

    Jack RezendesJack Rezendes9 kun oldin
  • You peeps RICH

    Tati PlaysTati Plays9 kun oldin
  • NVM ur real girl is so pretty this was a dare I'm so sorryyyyyyyyyyy

    Daisy CastilloDaisy Castillo9 kun oldin

    Daisy CastilloDaisy Castillo9 kun oldin
    • Nvm

      Daisy CastilloDaisy Castillo9 kun oldin
  • 😑😑😑😑😑😐😐😐😐😡

    Adeasa PayneAdeasa Payne9 kun oldin
  • Bad Day to you

    Adeasa PayneAdeasa Payne9 kun oldin
  • Love you dobre

    Yesenia LopezYesenia Lopez10 kun oldin
  • The girlfriend is better than the ex bc the girlfriend has a faster car the ex well.. not so good

    Jasmine HammonJasmine Hammon10 kun oldin
  • Who win is it Marcus ex girlfriend or his girlfriend

    Aleizeah AtuaiaAleizeah Atuaia10 kun oldin
  • SO COOL 😎

    Kaylee SimeKaylee Sime10 kun oldin
  • I hope that his ex-girlfriend wins instead of Yvonne

    Makaylee KelleyMakaylee Kelley10 kun oldin
  • Well, you now no why ex’s are called ex’s.

    Ava VititoeAva Vititoe10 kun oldin
  • Do I do the best job I wanna was a good job and

    Gabriela SerbanGabriela Serban11 kun oldin
  • yeah lucas ex got smoked realybad

    Treyson CrosbyTreyson Crosby11 kun oldin
  • hi love you form ariyanarose love you

    Ariyana RoseAriyana Rose11 kun oldin
  • My dream is to buy a car

    bachir seddikibachir seddiki11 kun oldin
  • I love how ivanita say that she is very pretty she is so kind

    Sarah SahraeiSarah Sahraei11 kun oldin
  • Berly nee that had this yt chaanl

    La guera PinonezLa guera Pinonez11 kun oldin
  • God bless you all

    Keiry RivasKeiry Rivas11 kun oldin
  • subsscribed

    marsthinamarsthina11 kun oldin
  • Am watching you giz from kenya

    Betty kinBetty kin11 kun oldin
  • He has 2 ex girlfriend

    Isabella Cruz MartinezIsabella Cruz Martinez11 kun oldin
  • Ivan perfect launch nd everything👑

    Gamer BOYZZGamer BOYZZ11 kun oldin
  • 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️‼️

    Dezzys worldDezzys world11 kun oldin
  • Why did she race your girlfriend to get you back?

    Amanda LennonAmanda Lennon11 kun oldin
  • Who else had youtube recommend this to them?

    Nøt Misaa!Nøt Misaa!11 kun oldin
  • I am confuse

    S LeoS Leo11 kun oldin
  • Ivanita:Here *Hands blue* Lucas: *Takes blue* Blue: *blues mind* You got this mommy if you win you can give me so mush love

    Joy Myrna Emily and Yami RodriguezJoy Myrna Emily and Yami Rodriguez12 kun oldin
  • the lamborghini fast win she just was drive fast because my brother had race real race a mercedes it no fast like a lamborghini

    Zoey JeffersonZoey Jefferson12 kun oldin
  • Wow😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 mean

    kylie rosaskylie rosas12 kun oldin
  • ivanita is going to win I am voting for ivanita car is fast than lambohgini ivanita car is a mercedes good luck ivanita you are the best racer I love you good luck 😻❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍

    Marissa RoopnarineMarissa Roopnarine12 kun oldin
  • its bugging me for Darius is saying rican instead of huracan

    Wakhile NdlelaWakhile Ndlela12 kun oldin
  • Go ivanita

    Marcia HammondMarcia Hammond12 kun oldin
  • I like to watch dobre car

    Noog Txhaj PaubNoog Txhaj Paub12 kun oldin
  • This video is going to be cool the one when Lucas girlfriend race Lucas ex.

    Kitara DavenportKitara Davenport12 kun oldin
  • I'm proud of AMG nd also lucus's girlfriend❤❤😻👌🔥🔥well done i love u guys

    Caleb SegoeCaleb Segoe12 kun oldin
  • after the video they both square up

    Kiara underhilxxxKiara underhilxxx12 kun oldin
  • hay

    Patsy SheltonPatsy Shelton13 kun oldin
  • Cyrus and cristina once went in my city on a video I was so shocked really wow

    Alexis cool let's dance heven my name is weirdAlexis cool let's dance heven my name is weird13 kun oldin
  • This was good

    Chelsee GarciaChelsee Garcia13 kun oldin

    Beth GlazeBeth Glaze13 kun oldin
  • Your doing good

    Alma KavariAlma Kavari13 kun oldin
  • That looks like one of Collins key friends

    Supr3me twitchSupr3me twitch13 kun oldin
  • I’m a good fan I keep liking your video’s

    Zae & AricZae & Aric13 kun oldin
  • Hiii

    Zae & AricZae & Aric13 kun oldin
  • 😺

    Auphélie MarynAuphélie Maryn13 kun oldin
  • The first one seat in the Lamborghini who win because the cat woman first the draft for fuss

    Shannicia DanielShannicia Daniel13 kun oldin
  • ivan is just so sweet

    mae mimingmae miming13 kun oldin
  • blue in the jacket looking at the camera like help me

    goatarazzi Tea spilledgoatarazzi Tea spilled13 kun oldin
  • His real girlfriend is going to win

    JJ kingJJ king13 kun oldin
  • Can your ex lucus be my girlfriend can you please ask her and also she pretty

    Rashid GreenRashid Green13 kun oldin
  • Ahaha the girl though she would win with her Lambo but just bc she got a Lambo does not mean you’re faster but no hate just saying I’m sorry if I’m being mean

    Erika FloresErika Flores14 kun oldin
  • Ivanti

    Stacy MelStacy Mel14 kun oldin
  • 0⁰

    Jalia NesmithJalia Nesmith14 kun oldin
  • R CD h

    I’m cravingjm YTI’m cravingjm YT14 kun oldin
  • Both cars are very nice but I like Ivan lights in her car! But I was cheering for Ivan because I knew she was going to win! Love all you guys. You guys are awesome

    Elizabeth SniderElizabeth Snider14 kun oldin