My Friend is a Mermaid! Funny Mermaid Situations by La La Life musical

26-Sen, 2020
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Would you like to have mermaid is a friend or roommate?
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00:00 What if a mermaid was my friend?
00:20 The rescue
01:20 The mermaid in the car
01:56 The mermaid at my house
03:52 No more sushi!
04:46 The mermaid's make up
05:05 Tik tok with the mermaid
05:30 The mermaid's magic voice
06:56 The mermaid tries to sleep
08:55 The mermaid's ex boyfriend
#mermaid #fun #musical
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  • Would you like to have a mermaid as your friend?

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    • Of course oh yeah

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    • @Cera Maloney you’re so cute

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  • the mermaid dont know what makeup is but shes wearng makeup

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  • my favorite character is norra . and i am a girl . and i wanna know how to start a UZworld channel . and my favorite channel is your , you have fun challenges and fun songs i love your videos

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  • This is like, Disney channel levels of cheesy

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  • She has no belly button

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  • I believe in magic because I believe in mermaids

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