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  • Maybe get a good pain job? It's a car not a black ops 3 weapon skin.

    Franz LisztFranz Liszt2 kun oldin
  • HAd a 1994 Ford F-150 5.0 probably one of the cleanest ones. Not to long before your accident like a week before a kid was high and tried passing someone around a corner and hit it totaled it frame damage. I worked so hard to build the truck and for him to just destroy it till this day don’t forgive him.never will. Instagram is Zander_5.0 to see the truck.

    Zander AraosZander Araos20 kun oldin
  • "It's just a car" Bruh it's a $90,000 car, plus it was also the 1st one ordered.

    YourBoiKrbyyYourBoiKrbyy29 kun oldin
  • Just got my 2019 challenger RT I can only imagine how much worse it feels when you have a demon and someone’s stupid decision messes it all up

    Marcos LechugaMarcos Lechuga29 kun oldin
  • That sucks....I feel your pain....that would be cool if dodge stepped up and cloned your car....I wouldn't be mad....I just bought my dream car ..hellcat redeye wide body and I only have a carport to protect I would be devastated if something happened to it even though I have full coverage....

    expect no loveexpect no loveOy oldin
  • i hate dodge i’m a ford guy but i get it!! it’s not just a car .. it’s your car it’s your baby!

    Brennon RobackerBrennon RobackerOy oldin
  • Who wants a frame damaged 1000hp car it will never drive the same in your mind its like driving a wrecked bike

    Restoration workRestoration workOy oldin
  • We are here for u man

    Tommy SandersTommy SandersOy oldin
  • Hey man, I know the feeling. Wrecked my 89 Toyota Mr2, Silver and grey 2 tone, pretty rare little car. It fucking sucks, its like your dog getting hit by a car because you didnt tell it not to go in the road as much as you feel like you couldave, but its not the end. What you can do if you can find a specialized bodyshop to repair it for any price the other guys insurance has to pay, is find yourself a same year challenger, and swap the heart of your old one into it. I know itll never be the same, and you'll always remember and know that, but at least youll be able to carry it on.

    Seven7eenSeven7eenOy oldin
  • Try water 💦😂

    Spencer CrossSpencer CrossOy oldin
  • thank you for welcoming me to you're channel im sorry about you're car :)

    BatmanTheGamer67BatmanTheGamer67Oy oldin
  • I need to get on your hustle bro. Found your page from the demon wreak sorry about that

    NovaBXNY NovaNovaBXNY NovaOy oldin
  • Jesus man Diet Coke and monster energy drink.. what do your teeth look like lmaoo

    Yo DiigYo DiigOy oldin
  • I feel ya man, I still have my first car from high school. But ive fully accepted a long time ago that one day something might happen to it and its in Gods hands.

    username 1username 1Oy oldin
  • Kevin, I’ve been in the insurance, body shop business for 25 years. I’ve worked on both sides of the fence. I don’t know who you have for insurance or how you have it insured but they are going to write an estimate for what they can see and project on supplemental damages, then they will access the value on what they have sold for. I would advise you to get some information on some of the Demons and what they have sold for lately. I can only go off what I can see from your video and judging by the value of the car I would say that it’s fixable. I worked for a Dodge dealer and we have fixed a Hellcat that was worse than your car. I don’t know if the guy has insurance but if he does you are most certainly able to get deminished value. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you.

    Mayo SturgellMayo SturgellOy oldin
  • Sorry about your Taurus bruh

    G SullyG SullyOy oldin
  • bro people just understand its the work you put in to it all the time and tears

    Danarco StephensDanarco StephensOy oldin
  • I had a brand new 2017 lancer and the other person t boned me and it was a total lost . They don't make them anymore and now I can't afford to get another brand new car so I'm screwed .so I have to work extra hard and try to get another brand new car that can take me years to get to my goal

    Shamaul CruzShamaul CruzOy oldin
  • I hope that the can fix it and make it good as new again

    Shamaul CruzShamaul CruzOy oldin
  • I kind of figured there would be multiple frame damage from the original video. It's easy to spot where the lateral force was exerted onto the side rail.

    DrewismDrewismOy oldin
  • well you have another demon in jeep form so...

    Denis KanosDenis KanosOy oldin
  • Watched the crash video and it pained me. Poor thing is just in the driveway not even being driven, not saying it be better on the road but still. I felt the part about if it being any car, if you love cars you’d care. Got t-boned in my 04 impala coming back from college for my grandmas funeral, asshole lady tried lying saying there was a “gap”, and of course I barely got any money for the car cuz yeah it was an 04. Needless to say, bought another impala that’s the same year because they’re built amazing and is the reason I came away with only cuts and scrapes. Hoping for you that this whole situation can be resolved and things workout for you, your wife, and such a meaningful car to the both of you!

    Dennis OleDennis OleOy oldin
  • Im watching this at 199,999 views thats pretty cool

    XanzXanzOy oldin
  • 3:30 i have an s2000 which is no demon but if someone hit it we have to fight on the spot

    OtherGuyOtherGuyOy oldin
  • So sorry this happened to ya man. No one deserves this. R.i.p to that gorgeous demon

    Cody ZentCody ZentOy oldin
  • Well something similar happened to me, though not as bad as your case... I bought an Audi A7 and got some RS7 parts for it, I had the car for 10 days when I got T-boned I literally got the car with all the parts gave it a wash and was heading straight home. I was one street away from my garage when some guy in his mid 20s T-boned my car... luckily the speed was low he gave me a sign with his hand to go, so I did but his car rolled into me from the side (has was standing on a decline). He said his "breaks wouldn't work" or something stupid like that... That shit really hurt... but it hurt me more after the fact, I was just shocked at that moment and thought to myself: Did this really just happen? He just let me go! I only got this car back and owned it for 10 days, this is a joke. Well later on I was quite upset because I wanted the car to get wrapped and had waited for that for a while too... so I had to cancel that, got 2 new doors and some other stuff, got it painted and because of the paint had to wait at least 2 weeks to be safe for wrapping... so this pushed everything back, just very unlucky, I could not have done anything else, he literally gave me a sign to go. I own this car to this day and I'm glad I still have it, like you said: I wouldn't wish this upon anyone,. A car getting totaled is bad enough, but if you're a car guy it's really something else...

    Azoron _Azoron _Oy oldin
  • It's not just a car. My grandfather had a beat up Omni when I was little and loved Dodge ever since. He's not here anymore but those memories stayed with me and because of that, my dream car is a Charger. Finally got one in July and it's a 2020 gt; Hellraisin purple and love it as much as my daughter. Hope it all works out for you bro. 👍👍👍

    ChrisYoungGunnChrisYoungGunnOy oldin
  • I just tweeted dodge to make you a another copy of No. 1506

    Usagi TsukinoUsagi TsukinoOy oldin
  • Get a Super Stock and STFU

    PeterFitsntytePeterFitsntyteOy oldin
  • Looks like he milked the crash

    OsirisOsirisOy oldin
  • I have a 98' Buick (got into a front end collision that totaled the car) and my friend wouldn't let me even think about putting her down they know how much she means to me, so I had the front end sectioned and she been back on the road for two years now.

    Mel MelMel MelOy oldin
  • What do you do for work?

    Cody BaetzCody BaetzOy oldin
  • I understand this completely not to the extent but I hit a deer with my truck A ford ranger and my insurance would of tolteled it but I fixed it my self because its my first truck and I've had alot of fun in it

    Jacob WatermanJacob WatermanOy oldin
  • I get it dude, I would lose my mind if my car got creamed like that. You put your time, your emotions your memories into a car. In that sense it becomes you. It’s never ‘just a car’ unless you aren’t a car person.

    Seth AllisonSeth AllisonOy oldin
  • I know how you feel. Years ago I got T-boned from some dumb ass that ran the light and I was super mad because I’ve wanted that car for so long and he just took it away from me in a blink of an eye. So when the insurance cashed me out I went and bought the same car but in the color I was initially looking for. So in the end I got my car and in the color I wanted and the guy got a warrant out for his arrest for not going to court lol

    beanX21beanX21Oy oldin
  • I had my truck totaled from my friend swerving into the median after a black bear walked out on I-95. I loved that truck and im never gonna be the same without her. I understand the pain you feel, as memories are irreplaceable. May she be fixed and driveable again. Sadly mine cannot. RIP Lil Susie...

    Renault_ WOTBRenault_ WOTBOy oldin
  • To none car enthusiasts this will never ever resonate with them. I remember when I lost my first car, a Honda Crv and I kept telling myself I’ll always want another one even though there are far better cars on the market, to me that car was everything and then some. Drove that baby across the border and cross country. It had travelled everywhere with me, it had been through everything with me. Thats mainly because that was my baby and it was all I knew, it was mine and I loved it no matter what. It was a true heartbreak so I feel you regardless buddy. A car isnt just a car to some. Also when you have a car that you love to death, to get another with near identical features and gimmicks just isnt even all that easy no matter the make or model so to imagine his position I cant even fathom. Sorry again Kevin.

    AmnaAmnaOy oldin
  • The people who are say "it's just a car" are the kind of people who'd be like "Well, be grateful, because you have a roof over your head, and you have access to food and clean water and electricity and stuff." Well, if I cut off your arm, I guess you should be grateful because it wasn't your head? Just because some people have it worse doesn't mean others don't have it bad.

    MultiPurposeReviewerMultiPurposeReviewerOy oldin
  • Hope everything thing gets better for the big ass brick boi.

    Bedrock thedogBedrock thedogOy oldin
  • I flipped my truck that I put so many hours into and built the motor. I understand it sucks. That's the only special car that has been wrecked. That one was my fault atleast. The rest where people hitting me or my wife and they where daily cars so I was mad cause I didn't want my wife hurt but didn't care for the car. Non car people don't understand.

    eichler721eichler721Oy oldin
  • I had a 2011 Toyota Tacoma that got t-boned I had the same reaction you had even though my truck was easily replaceable.

    Raptor MXRaptor MXOy oldin
  • What's the intro song Supercharged Automatic i wanna bump it when I'm driving

    Lowkey Savage GamerLowkey Savage GamerOy oldin
  • If it's totaled, you can still fix it and park it as a sovereign

    Javaine JonesJavaine JonesOy oldin
  • A none car lover will never under stand

    Javaine JonesJavaine JonesOy oldin
  • I mean... the easiest way to replace the car is to find a clean donor (maybe even a V6 car?) and swap all the mechanicals and find the special body panels. VIN might not match, but that only matters if you try to sell it. lol I won't even suggest that you swap the VINs too. It'd still be a lot of work

    originalpunkSxEoriginalpunkSxEOy oldin
  • Yeah it's not a good situation... I feel for him, it's not just a car...

    umbrella corporationumbrella corporationOy oldin
  • flex tape?

    XivayyXivayyOy oldin
  • This video means nothing to me!!

    Mike OiizMike OiizOy oldin
  • Rest in peace Dodge Demon 😪

    t st sOy oldin
  • This is my first time watching this channel, IDK who you are nor am I a car guy but I know you can't replace memories and the time you've had with something even if it is replaceable which goes for anything. I'm a tech guy and the first computer I built isn't replaceable. It's not to the magnitude of a car but still. I'm sorry this happened to you because I couldn't imagine my dream car being totaled.

    Tyler BentonTyler BentonOy oldin
  • I feel bad for you man! Those cars are insanely rare. My first purchased car was wrecked before I had it 3 months and was totaled. If it ever happened to my Mustang I would have a very similar reaction to both you and David.

    Alex ChadbourneAlex ChadbourneOy oldin
  • Watermelon monster is too good

    sweatynutsacksweatynutsackOy oldin
  • I feel sick just thinking about the damage to the demon

    Loganfuller420Loganfuller420Oy oldin
  • I will wait in copart to buy it

    aqeel lolaqeel lolOy oldin
  • I hear ya, and a Picasso is just a picture if you don't care about art

    J LemJ LemOy oldin
  • My dad had a nice 66 mustang and an idiot without insurance t-boned him and he went spinning into a ditch never got a cent from him...that was a sad day

    minor makes mocsminor makes mocsOy oldin
  • Sorry for your massive Loss Kevin, I believe when a car has frame damage it gets totaled by the insurance company, and they never give you the value

    Alex SalviaAlex SalviaOy oldin
  • Can dodge make a replacement just for you even though there not making any more or no??

    Michael O’DonnellMichael O’DonnellOy oldin
    • nevermind you answered my question @ 11:35 . That really sucks I wish they could you had no control over what could happen. Things do happen for a reason maybe something far worse could've happened while you were driving the car.

      Michael O’DonnellMichael O’DonnellOy oldin
  • I don't think what you said was corny your idea of driving around when your old and theres electric cars everywhere sounds badass

    Michael O’DonnellMichael O’DonnellOy oldin
  • Alot of people say its only a car. Because it materialistic and you still have your health. I never get attracted to cars.

    AH Live 215AH Live 215Oy oldin
  • dude its so funny that you say you have so many memories in that car and you was going to go on a drive with it when your old with the wife but then you mention about the car being worth so much money and yoy would never get what the car is worth like your not making any since if your gonna drive it later when your old shut up and fix it and its still your car if you are worried about selling it yes be angry dont sit the fence

  • send it to the goonzsquad!

    RustyRustyOy oldin
  • A car is replaceable. All the money, blood, sweat, and countless hours of wrenching isn’t. A car is never truly replaced after that because the momentum of forever crushed

    Chris LamancusaChris LamancusaOy oldin
  • Congratulations on the wedding anniversary...many more years to come and be bless u and ur wife and family

    Lilman TwinsLilman TwinsOy oldin
  • Sorry to hear about the demon but that trackhawk 😍 I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee with a V8 hemi

    Corey DrumheiserCorey DrumheiserOy oldin
  • Im not deep into cars but that car was beautiful and i feel for you so anyone who says "its just a car" dont understand how much money he put into that car

    Kelvin StreeterKelvin StreeterOy oldin
  • First the viper now the demon 😢

    Ralph SmallblockRalph SmallblockOy oldin
  • I get that it's never going to be worth what it was because of 1 idiot but something only has a value at its point of sale your talking about not selling it so technically it has no value ie its price less. If it gets totalled buy it back and get it fixed and sue him for the damage even if that means finding another dammed demond and using that one as parts

    Robda SnoorRobda SnoorOy oldin
  • It’s not just a car, my RX8 was my baby when I had it so I understand. I wonder about your insurance situation, usually insurance doesn’t cover aftermarket anything unless you pay extra monthly. But if that’s not the case cheer up it’s a very common car and it’s new. It’s not a classic where you won’t be able to find parts anywhere. Hopefully they give you the amount of the car, so you can start all over brand new everything

    Francis La TorreFrancis La TorreOy oldin
  • Same thing happened to my BMW back in February.. the drunk driver who hit it only had a 10,000 limit of damage expense which didn’t cover my car.. I didn’t even decide to call the police on HER I just wanted my shit fixed. Her insurance was being so stupid because it took like 6 months for that check to come in. When it came in I took it immediately to the shop and they worked on it and it took about another month for it to be ready. I’m not gonna lie to you when they called me saying it was ready I was so happy and went straight to the shop dropped what I was doing. I finally got her then when I was driving it home my hood opens In the middle of the road and hits my windshield and I wasn’t able to see the road! I was scared for my life and someone else’s. When I finally pulled over I saw that the shop didn’t put on the freakin latch!!!!!

    Andy MartinezAndy MartinezOy oldin
  • I hate trying to explain limited production vehicles to people. I had a 2010 Ram with the R/T package, one of less than 400 made that year, and I think less than 1000? with the 5 speed auto and 4.10 diff gears, and one of very few made in Deep Water pearl blue, but everybody wanted to blow smoke up my ass and get me to take regular Ram money for it. A collector ended up buying it at full price. 🤣

    Z fixationZ fixationOy oldin
    • Ah what, you think a 2010 Ram RT pick up is a collector truck? Ok so my 2012 GT/CS, which is #1 of all 2,573 built in 2012, yes #1 not just 1 of 2,573 should be a collector. No one.cares about these cars until 30 years from now. The Demon was one year 100k car, totally different. The Dodge Viper pickups aren't even getting collector money.

      The EndThe EndOy oldin
  • If the car is that special to you, I'd buy it back, and look for a blown up donor car.

    Z fixationZ fixationOy oldin
  • I am sorry about your car and congrats on your 2 year anniversary. I had a 2004 Chevy Avalanche that someone ran into the backend and broke the bumper on and I didn't know if it had damage till later and I loved that truck.

    Nathaniel SpeasNathaniel SpeasOy oldin
  • Lol Its just a car

    boomer, okboomer, okOy oldin
  • Having a 2017 Chevy SS, knowing it's the last of it's kind, let's me understand where you're coming from, the memories I'm compiling with that vehicle just can't be replaced, It saddens me to know If your Demon can't be repaired your dreams and future plans are destroyed concerning the car,I'm still troubled having my 67'SS 427 Chevelle custom being stolen in 1973!!! My heart goes out to you Bro.

    dennis davisdennis davisOy oldin
  • Brother if it gets totaled buy it back F-it. It's more than a car. Your never going to sell it. Fix it keep it till you get old.

    realangrythrottlerealangrythrottleOy oldin
  • Sorry about the insurance comment I made in the other video... My bad... Sounds like you have the ball rolling with your insurance company... 🙏🏁

    Brian EBrian EOy oldin
  • 🍻💯🚦🏁🙏😎

    Brian EBrian EOy oldin
  • I totally understand, I have a yellow jacket yellow charger. Yeah its only a v6 but I got that car all on my own. If something were to happen to it I would be completely heart broken.

    T7L3R24T7L3R24Oy oldin
  • My Instagram @hemi_boy_06

    jane brookejane brookeOy oldin
  • Hey bro im sorry about what happened to your demon also there is a place in murrieta California that has two demons for sale and aldo my wifes name is Rachel and we own challengers also

    jane brookejane brookeOy oldin
  • Wtf did he really just use the gas nozzle to select the fuel grade so the person that uses it next can get gas all over their hand

    Retro MuffanRetro MuffanOy oldin
    • Such a Karen comment lmao

      Blake SkingBlake SkingOy oldin
  • I’m glad that video brought me here tho I enjoy the content

    Davion VisualsDavion VisualsOy oldin
  • To those who said "Its just a car" you just dont understand, imagine you had a car gem like that you worked your ass off for you saved every check and you dream of it, you build memories in that car only for some idiot to destroy it and take it all of away. I hope everything goes positive for you sir and I hope the Demon can rise again. #newsubcriber.

    Zodian BarreraZodian BarreraOy oldin
  • It looks like you’re well off my guy you will be ok! Trackhawk rams and demon keep the hard work up!

    Carlos ReeferCarlos ReeferOy oldin
  • show more of the car and less yapping

    Josiah CruiseJosiah CruiseOy oldin
  • Oh yea if the frame is bent its probably just gonna get totaled cause u cant exactly just fix a frame like you can fix ur windshield or brakes or anything that makes it better rather than more fragile since if u fix a frame its gonna be fragile

    chris Last namechris Last nameOy oldin
  • I def feel this about cars, my first car ever just recently got scrapped due to the sheer amount of issues it had, nothing as big as this, but was I sad to see it go? Damn right I was, it was originally my dads car, I grew up with that car, tons of memories, those are what made the car special.

    MorriganMorriganOy oldin
  • I subscribe because demon got damaged I was crying inside when your demon got hit

    Ultra Instinct GokuUltra Instinct GokuOy oldin
  • Rip car but my man looked clean in the wedding picture

    HeyyouloseHeyyouloseOy oldin
  • its not just a hell cat look at the wrap, im sure you put tons more into it too but the fact that you wrapped it shows how much you put into it

    Cave LionCave LionOy oldin
  • Dude if u had one of those Monsters when u got there that guy would most likely be dead

    Julio GJulio GOy oldin
  • I would still keep it and rebody it later on.

    Michael CuffMichael CuffOy oldin
  • I’m building a ‘68 GTX out of a Satellite. I like the late 60’s Mopars. The new ones are Kool too! 😎🇺🇸👍

    drippinglassdrippinglassOy oldin
  • wait and you cant fix car frame ??? if the frame is damaged and its gone ???

    BenYouCrazyBenYouCrazyOy oldin
  • I would buy it back if it was cheap enough and use it as lawn art for you in the future and have memories just park it so the bad side is out toward the street so people could see what happened and then you can look at the good side and have all your memories for a lifetime.

    Joe FurrerJoe FurrerOy oldin
  • Even if it’s fixable, it will never be 100%. When my car got messed up and got it repaired, it was ALWAYS having maintenance issues after the fact and just ended up getting rid of it.

    Justin GuarinoJustin GuarinoOy oldin
  • I would of hit ur demon too if I saw u drinking monster and coke at the same time u tryna explode?

    Paid FendiPaid FendiOy oldin
  • 6:12 that’s facts my buddy had an old EG hatch that he spent so much time making it look new and one day it was parked in front of his house and it got totaled by a drunk driver, to us car people it don’t matter how much someone values your car at. The only thing that matter is what that car meant to you. Rip Demon. Hopefully it’s salvageable but if not, I hope you find your next love.

    Victor ChavezVictor ChavezOy oldin
  • Lol

    Oliver ElizaldeOliver ElizaldeOy oldin