My Daddy Didn’t Hit Me, But He Did || Original Meme || Ft. Past William Afton and Michael Afton

10-Yan, 2021
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FNAF and DSAF, for now...
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Cassidy/Golden Freddy
William Afton

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A little bit of Spanish ig-

❥Questions About The Video❥
Inspired by: No One
Original by: Me qwq
Fandoms Used:
Characters Used:
William Afton
Michael Afton
Elizabeth Afton?
Henry Emily?
Song(s) Used:
Audio Edit:
Program/app(s) Used:
Gacha Club
Ibis Paint X
Back when Mike was young, William was looking at his phone (wHiCh WaS nOt InVeNtEd At ThAt TiMe) and then shouted at Lizzy cause she was messing with something she shouldn’t mess with. William leaves his phone and runs to Lizzy to shout at her. And then, the phone somehow rings and Mikey picks it up. It turns out to be Henry and then Henry asks Mikey questions and he answers them...
Time Taken:
2 Hours
Is this an AU?
Which AU?
My main one
The phone wasn’t invented by that time-?
Ahahaha, ignore that fact-
Why’s William shouting at Lizzy? She’s so young-
Well, she’s young, so she doesn’t know most things, so she was messing with William’s robotic parts

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  • That Baby is so cute!

    Kushina AisyahKushina AisyahSoat oldin
  • Willam-he lied for me Me-Respect the Drip Karen UvU

    Mad DogMad DogSoat oldin
  • 🎶I want it all~🎶 why is that song stuck in my head -0-

    Ayano aishiAyano aishi2 soat oldin
  • Aww baby mike is so sweet even tho William hurts him he lies for him🥺

    Selene BranninSelene Brannin3 soat oldin
  • I was not excepting that to happen 😤

    Copi_MichiCopi_Michi3 soat oldin
  • William: *drops phone* Me: *triggered* BOI- you know those iphone screens crack wen you drop em a inch

    TinTan UvUTinTan UvU3 soat oldin
  • Uumm ok cool

    Alicia’s Gacha world BananaAlicia’s Gacha world Banana4 soat oldin
  • can u pls pls plssss make the aftons react to this pretty pls

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  • I want the aftons to react to it

    Zelda PhamZelda Pham5 soat oldin
  • Aww mike is honest but when he has to he would lie to anyone for someone he’s so adorable and great kid

    William AftonWilliam Afton7 soat oldin
  • Me when my mom tells me not to tell the supervisor no that she doesn't hit me:

    pant_less_partys :ppant_less_partys :p7 soat oldin
  • Child abuse is not a joke there are real kids who actully get hit. please stop just using it as a way to get more views im not hating, i really like how you made the charcters and i can tell you spent a lot of time making this . Im just reminding you that real kids get hit snd yelled at in real life. thanks for listening :)

    Tziporah KassTziporah Kass7 soat oldin
  • 0:25 spongebob was in the tv and as I was reading uhh Patrick said uhhhh also new sub

    WolfyWolfy7 soat oldin
  • Congratulations because you have a 1.2 Million views 😅

    moon snow달 눈moon snow달 눈7 soat oldin
  • I wanted do same things to my dad but nope he were trying to kill my MOM so *No ty (UnU)*

    Kitty CatKitty Cat9 soat oldin
  • Title:my daddy didn't hit me Thumbnail:my daddy hit me Me:visible confusion

    Omnipotent goku NjieOmnipotent goku Njie10 soat oldin
  • This is kinda sad...I feel bad for Micheal. I have a question for you : Can you please make me in your next video. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Please !

    Omir MeçoOmir Meço10 soat oldin
  • *Get big time desire meme vibes..* Yes it’s desire meme UwU here’s one made by Gacha Rose

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  • I feel like this is so cute BUT, mike looks like Chris so I think she should fix the character design

    GabichuiGabichui15 soat oldin
  • This is so amazing future aftons should react to this

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  • Clean the rivers and oceans and creeks! Please wait , if you continue to throw trash into creeks it will find its way into rivers and soon oceans! And poison the animals and the whole earth will Be Poisoned!!!!! #saveearth #mothernature

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  • hey YOU YEAH YOU I SEE YOU WITH THEM DIRTY ASS LIPS HEHEHHEHE DONT LICK THEM NOW DRY LIP HAVING ASS. edit:this is me doing a reference to the video called goku calls you out

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  • William ignore's you but you said he don't ignore you

    Ms Kitten CatMs Kitten CatKun oldin
  • Lira

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  • Helooooww

    Luzviminda DollosaLuzviminda DollosaKun oldin
  • I know this isn't related and your meme is beautiful and lit but how did you make the hair away or move while micheal moved his head? Its cool!

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  • Little mikie u didnt need to do it for ur dad but its okay if he ignore u or he hits u.. 〖𝔸𝕒〗Fonts for iPhone & Android -

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  • hi

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  • Mike is so sweet I wish I was clara like. No cap

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  • I hate when ppl make micheal abused in original hes not like bro I hate dis

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  • He used cute cut and posted on kinemaster and cut the cute cute part out

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  • Poor Michael he daddy ingore him and hit him but he don't say the realy

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  • Mike is so nice he lied to his father best freind so he won't get in trouble 🥰

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  • i would do the same if my dad wasen't a liar or a cheater or a bich

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  • Question, why they have mobile phones? XD

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  • The first few times I thought that was Chris- Am I just not smart or- ;-;

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  • I read description THATS A LOT OF LANGUAGES GURL

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  • Mike has such a warm heart ❤️

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  • Yeah I love it

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  • The smooth bean lied for his dad :)

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  • What Effects and Combo did you use in capcut

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  • Ima do this and credit you ✨

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  • Awwww Michaellll you little bean 🥺

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  • Poor mike :(

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  • Now imagine that Henry and William planed it to see What Mike will say to Henry

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  • Son : My dad didnt hit me Mom : ok thats great. Son : but he did Mom ...

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  • let me guess chris wasn't born yet at this point in time

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  • Omlll he lied like bruuhhh im shook-

  • Is this ur AU? Becuz im pretty sure eli is older than chris :D no hate btw love ur vids

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  • others talking about stuff in the video Me: YOU SPEAK CHINESE AND MALAYSIAN!?

    • QwQ Yes, I do 🙌

      Gl!txh OfficialGl!txh OfficialKun oldin
  • Oh poor innocent idiotic micheal Abusers only get worse when you lie for them

    chickenchicken2 kun oldin
  • i’m confused- i thought mike is ennard not goldie and nightmare ( kinda forgot the names hehe ) and how would elizabeth know what her father is saying bc mike is so young and elizabeth would be even younger lol

    hi i’m a potatohi i’m a potato2 kun oldin
  • Drama 💀💀💀😎😎😎🆒👑👑😂🙏👁️👃👁️

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  • uh- This- this is so sad Poor Michael Dont Worry He will Love you soon Enough Just Wait 💖😔

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  • Me: thinking that that’s chirst Me again: *looks at comments* WHATT darn I guess I’m wrong

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  • Ok kiddos if you’re being abused tell someone no matter what

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  • i didn't understand this Ladies and gentlemen, i think my brain committed suicide! Edit: oh i get it now

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  • I just don’t like these type of sad afton kids videos but you did great honestly

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  • If a man says you're ugly: He's rude If a woman says you're ugly: Shes jealous. If a child says you're ugly: You're ugly. CHILDREN DONT LIE YO. This was deep

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    • But I lieddd

      Lina VinokurovaiteLina Vinokurovaite19 soat oldin
    • But im a child

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    • Your ugly

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  • Mike is so kind he lied to William friend even tho he abusive Michael 🥺🥺

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