My Crush Gave Me A Boat!!

13-Yan, 2021
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In episode 71 of Carter's Life, My crush Lizzy Capri surprises carter sharer with a boat. Just like in the video SURPRISING MY CRUSH WITH HIS DREAM BOAT!!. Lizzy Capri and Carter Sharer (Carzy) go to the lake and drive around the Lamboatghini. If you enjoyed carters life ep 71 comment #Carzy #DreamBoat
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    Tree&TwigTree&TwigKun oldin
  • Carter you do not have to say crush any more because we all know she is your girlfriend because the build bord lol

    Bec DuncanBec DuncanKun oldin
  • Do a last to leave video in the boat

  • Hey Carter do u remeber jaylove.1 well thats me i know yall were dating i just Knew it 😆😆😆😆😆😆 i hope u like my comment i am a huge fan becuse i was with u and liz when u were together when u broke up and now when u are together bye i hope u live happily ever after i was here since i was 6 now i am 10

    jaylah McFadzeanjaylah McFadzean2 kun oldin
  • Who loves carter give my comment a like

  • it should be called lamboatgreenie

    Hidro bill27Hidro bill273 kun oldin
  • I have the same Lincoln Navigator on gta

    Kyle ThompsonKyle Thompson3 kun oldin
  • Kl

    Kohen WattsKohen Watts3 kun oldin
  • Crush more like girlfriend

    Kayla's channel !Kayla's channel !4 kun oldin
  • Wait a minute did Milly have a shock collars on her neck.Please do not put a shock collars on her neck because it is a big and bad thing for dog.

    Y EnaneY Enane4 kun oldin
  • Nice Carter It’s sooooo coool in want to ride in it

    Wildycat 1 Alexander HWildycat 1 Alexander H4 kun oldin
  • I swear I am not a hatter but I think with all these cars and houses and limo and the bout I think it is a flex on the hatters

    Messi NourMessi Nour5 kun oldin
  • That is not a jet boat

    Kiersten WilliamsKiersten Williams5 kun oldin
  • Xضضبز

    chener qadrchener qadr5 kun oldin
  • You should do last to leave the ocean and you can bring the boat

    Wolf MarsterWolf Marster5 kun oldin
  • I have crocs to

    Big Black glizzyBig Black glizzy5 kun oldin
  • 39 secs in someone in black ran in your house

    lynsey hodgsonlynsey hodgson6 kun oldin
  • Carter needs to get a Alexa system so you can just tell her to turn off the lights and Set it to a temperature

    chloe wamsleychloe wamsley6 kun oldin
  • A

    Delany GongoraDelany Gongora6 kun oldin
  • Next video: we went on a date

    Joselande ExantusJoselande Exantus6 kun oldin
  • Here's a crazy idea put the boat in the pool

    Anna BurnetteAnna Burnette6 kun oldin
  • I ship CARZY y’all should get back together boy and girl friend y’all are cute 😊

    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo7 kun oldin
  • Darsh Juggoo 🤑🎉🤴⛄🏔️🌥️😷⛵

    Darsh juggooDarsh juggoo7 kun oldin
  • You should do last to leave the boat wins 10,000$

    Jas GoliyaJas Goliya7 kun oldin
  • jet boats came from new zealand

    Bryn FindlaterBryn Findlater7 kun oldin
  • U are the best UZworldr and lizzy

    JoannaJoanna7 kun oldin
  • Carter and Lizzy y'all need to get back together y'all been making out off camera

    Mason ButlerMason Butler7 kun oldin
  • Where is Liz

    Karen HudsonKaren Hudson8 kun oldin
  • I have a video idea last to leave boat

    Jay jay is AwesomeJay jay is Awesome8 kun oldin
  • Breh did you copy the ocean city ,NJ screamer. you can't tell me the face on the mouth does not look the same

    JordanPlayzJordanPlayz8 kun oldin
  • do last to leave the boat

    mick magnosmick magnos8 kun oldin
  • It say's "my crush

    Nevaeh BrunsonNevaeh Brunson8 kun oldin
  • Carter: these are the guys that are behind it Me: THEN WHERE ARE THEY IF THERE BEHIND IT BOI

    Lucinda SandersLucinda Sanders8 kun oldin
  • Name the boat lambote

    Abeer 31Abeer 318 kun oldin
  • You should do last to leave the boat wins 10k

    Umet GamingUmet Gaming8 kun oldin
  • noooooo hol up hol up it should lime boats greene or.............................. lime boats greeny orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......................... lime boats greeni what ever you want to call it Carter it is your boat but it name is CARZY OOOO YAA

    Farhiya MahatFarhiya Mahat8 kun oldin
  • I no

    Stavros KikidisStavros Kikidis8 kun oldin
  • What happened to the sheriff Ram

    Travis HermanTravis Herman8 kun oldin
  • my dad used to own a boat

    Nguyen IsaacNguyen Isaac8 kun oldin
  • i saw lizzy's vid

    Nguyen IsaacNguyen Isaac8 kun oldin
  • ;-;

    Nguyen IsaacNguyen Isaac8 kun oldin
  • There is a RV boat and you can put it on land and in water and the osean

    Tatiana PhosyTatiana Phosy8 kun oldin
  • The guy on the side is from among us

    Lucky LightningLucky Lightning8 kun oldin
  • They are boyfriend and girlfriend

    Vishal RamdawarVishal Ramdawar8 kun oldin
  • everybody in the boat:wahhhhhhhhhh faster faster wooohooo waaaaa ahhhh

    Carl Jude AbayaCarl Jude Abaya8 kun oldin
  • I feel like crazy is from icarly

    Yadhav MaharajYadhav Maharaj8 kun oldin
  • If you guys see a rainbow you are legends

    Lavanya YerramLavanya Yerram8 kun oldin
  • Team Rar needs to sell there own crocs they where them so much

    JayjayplaysJayjayplays8 kun oldin
  • I was laughing so hardly😃

    Estefany BermudezEstefany Bermudez9 kun oldin
  • Awww the couple under the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈

    Ariyanna’s LifeAriyanna’s Life9 kun oldin
  • 8:24 anyone else notice the rainbow

    a chaira chair9 kun oldin
  • Stop bragging on how much money u got

    Edward VictorEdward Victor9 kun oldin
  • #Carzy

    AJ SchianAJ Schian9 kun oldin
  • I think yu messed up it’s not crush it is girlfriend

    Lil ProLil Pro9 kun oldin
  • You should have the railings at the front of the boat in the shape of the RaR monstar and painted green!

    Nathan CrookNathan Crook9 kun oldin
  • They have to get back together there such a cute couple #carzy

    Aubreys LifeAubreys Life9 kun oldin
  • you should buy or rent 4 jet skis and put them on a 4 jetski trailor

    Matthew FowlerMatthew Fowler9 kun oldin
  • Like last to leave

    Mohammad OmarMohammad Omar9 kun oldin
  • Can you do a challenge with that boat

    Mohammad OmarMohammad Omar9 kun oldin
  • I’m already thinking last to leave the boat

    James OsheaJames Oshea9 kun oldin
  • Surprising lizzy with a new car

    Diganth DDiganth D9 kun oldin
  • U and liz should do couple videos

    parajb78parajb789 kun oldin
  • A UZworldr got boating perm before spongebob

    Eughan DriscollEughan Driscoll9 kun oldin
  • I hate daniesssssss

    Rachell MageeRachell Magee9 kun oldin
  • yo that bot nice

    Daniella OrtezDaniella Ortez9 kun oldin
  • Who thinks that dineisse should make a UZworld account for herself

    Kendra BakerKendra Baker9 kun oldin
  • Get back together you and lizzy

    Yannet FernandezYannet Fernandez9 kun oldin
  • I've seen the billboard but still noticed both tittle said *crush*

    Anlix AmnAnlix Amn9 kun oldin
  • Crush?!?! I'm sorry let me fix that for you. GIRLFRIEND

    Elizabeth RegaladoElizabeth Regalado9 kun oldin
  • So cool I whish I was there

    Sour king. And LeviSour king. And Levi9 kun oldin
  • They both love each other so cutie hope so with them 2 together love them again sp happy x

    lyndsey sherrattlyndsey sherratt9 kun oldin
  • At first i saw Carzy on the back on the boat and I was like oh really now.But then he was showing it so yeah.

    The Seale SistersThe Seale Sisters9 kun oldin
  • Lizzy is your crush

    Eduardo PulidoEduardo Pulido9 kun oldin
  • My dad has a such bigger boat

    PirfictPirfict9 kun oldin
    • That thing is so slow

      PirfictPirfict9 kun oldin
    • And faster

      PirfictPirfict9 kun oldin
  • you should do last to leave the boat wins $10,000 with stove ryan lizzy and jojo that would be really cool like if you want carter to do it

    allison sweetallison sweet9 kun oldin

    Montages Of DeathMontages Of Death9 kun oldin
  • Im going to be buying the merch

    Braydon RossBraydon Ross9 kun oldin
  • Someone ran behind him in the beginning of the video

    123 123123 1239 kun oldin
  • #carzy

    Mason playsMason plays9 kun oldin
  • carter put that boat in the pool

    Michael GalvezMichael Galvez9 kun oldin
  • I got to be HONEST, THAT BOAT IS THE SICKIEST BOAT I HAVE EVER SEEN, every single detail is awesome (Carzy the lamboat)

    JackAttack GamingJackAttack Gaming9 kun oldin
  • U mean Gf. The boat says crazy on da back

    Emma-Joelle RiveraEmma-Joelle Rivera9 kun oldin
  • In the summer you should have the boat 🚣‍♀️ on a lake and tube and wakeboard

    kyankyan9 kun oldin
  • Can I have a PS5 or Xbox one s or a iPhone 12 plus please

    kyankyan9 kun oldin
  • who saw that when liz was driving and like we saw the back there was a rainbow

    Soon JungSoon Jung10 kun oldin
  • do a last to leave the boat

    Linette KinsleyLinette Kinsley10 kun oldin
  • Next video: WE’RE BACK TOGETHER!!!! No but really can that be the next video, every single exclamation point and everything...😭

    Jay KayyJay Kayy10 kun oldin
  • Lizz was like 🛩

    Avery GalindoAvery Galindo10 kun oldin
  • Are you and liz together again

    F RoF Ro10 kun oldin
  • The title of this video should be my girlfriend got me a boat

    iona Douglasiona Douglas10 kun oldin
  • drive the boat in the pool

    Jaylen pyattJaylen pyatt10 kun oldin
  • #carzy

    dhadowdpark morenodhadowdpark moreno10 kun oldin
  • they were the crocs that the culprit wore who stole the PS5

    jack Roffejack Roffe10 kun oldin
  • They kiss look in Lizzy vido

    lili pelchatlili pelchat10 kun oldin
  • The boat says crazy

    Corbin CollinsCorbin Collins10 kun oldin
  • Do ha last to lave

    Ilan ChuIlan Chu10 kun oldin
  • I love the logo of team rar on the boat

    Soubhi BakkarSoubhi Bakkar10 kun oldin
  • you buy a

    Ryan DavidRyan David10 kun oldin
  • carter do a last to leave the boat challenge

    Halo_FireHalo_Fire10 kun oldin
  • Now we know cater car plate

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