My Clients Left Without Paying Me After We Shot an 8 Man Limit.. I'm Pissed

10-Yan, 2021
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    BobbyGuyFilmsBobbyGuyFilms15 kun oldin
    • Hey Bobby! You gor a PayPal? Trying to get everyone who commented to throw in a buck to help you recomp what those fools screwed you out of

      Billy ClarkBilly Clark10 kun oldin
    • Pay upfront, all of it. Don't be uncomfortable with money it is just a tool like a shovel. Most all guided hunts I have been on we pay up front, not a problem. The guide is putting a lot of money and time to scout, get things ready, buy equipment food, staff. It is a huge process and out lay, as you know. To make it easier let people know up front that all final payments will be made upon arrival with the waiver signing. Some people are just sorry humans.

      Matt MitchellMatt Mitchell12 kun oldin
    • What is your guide service name i am interested in a hunt!

      6pack1026pack10212 kun oldin
    • Bobby you need to draft up a binding contract and have an attorney friend if you happen to have one give it a look for its validity and make sure it covers you from any liabilities for injuries and it sees to it that you receive half upon saving any date on your books that is non refundable without a 45 day cancellation and payment IN FULL prior to cracking off the 1st safety IN the blind. No guarantees 0f limits but no refunds, ect.....Good luck buddy. Always enjoy the videos. Smack em and stack em! Rob-Illinois

      Rob BerolaRob Berola13 kun oldin
    • If you don’t want to get stiffed you could always ask for half up front and then half when your done so you at least can weed out the people who won’t pay💰

      Spencer CookSpencer Cook14 kun oldin
  • always charge upfront for everything period!!!!

    J D BrandtJ D Brandt17 daqiqa oldin
  • If they're going to pay you it shouldn't matter to them when you get paid before or after the hunt

    Bryan PlottBryan Plott20 daqiqa oldin
  • Do i get a discount for being a n oregon duck?? University of oregon duck that is lol. Jokin love your shows brotha. Even being from eugene i still sure do love knockin'em outta the sky!

    island bikerisland biker6 soat oldin
  • What’s your outfitter name I might wanna book next yr

    Joseph stewartJoseph stewart16 soat oldin
  • They didn't piss the bed? you're lucky.

    wade stantonwade stantonKun oldin
  • Sorry fella. But you are a jackass for not getting paid up front. But how did they leave when you have a shotgun in your hands?

    J HJ HKun oldin
  • That is a really shitty thing to do........ how many times have you made a discount because of a no shoot day

    Pol MarinePol MarineKun oldin
  • Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! I think thats the phrase u were lookin for.

    603NHHUNTNH306603NHHUNTNH306Kun oldin
  • That sucks ass

    Ben DoverBen DoverKun oldin
  • Am I the only one who read the title and mistakenly assumed it was about a porn shoot that was being filmed?

    RenoMotlexRenoMotlexKun oldin
  • Name them! You don't want them tarnishing the name of good hunters or perhaps even repeating this behavior with another outfitter! Shame them publicly!!!!

    Paul ChisholmPaul ChisholmKun oldin
  • Ran motorcycle tours in Mexico for many years. Number one rule is cash up front before you show up. The rules are all laid out and plain simple English the chances they take or laid out plain simple English don't like the rules don't like the terms don't go on the hunt. Only open issue I leave is tipping the guys can't tell you how many tours we did never once had a guy skip out on tipping the guides.

    Chris GilbertChris Gilbert2 kun oldin
  • Tell the world who the prick was that robbed you. I'll bet he pays up to save face.

    Dave BentleyDave Bentley2 kun oldin
  • Chin up bob. Shitty people suck. It’s hunting and if they can’t handle that then they shouldn’t be paying for guide services

    Bill ButtholeBill Butthole2 kun oldin
  • Fool me one time shame on you, full me twice can't put the blame on you, full me three times, F the Peace sign load the choppa let it rain on you... J Cole

    RomanRoman2 kun oldin
  • Better Clients

    Todd BogeartTodd Bogeart2 kun oldin
  • Release their names. PERIOD.

  • Hey Bobby, keep your head up brother. You can only do so much for people. You can provide the best amenities for people but you can't control mother nature. I've been on plenty of hunts and never pick my gun up for days but I still paid the guide. I look at it like this , I paid for a memory I wont forget, I got to meet new people and spend time with good friends. You keep your head up brother!

    Jonathon HorrellJonathon Horrell3 kun oldin
  • CASH up front !!!😨

    Patrick IrwinPatrick Irwin3 kun oldin
  • Make them sign contracts notarized and you can send them to collection agency in ruin their credit

    John MayJohn May3 kun oldin
  • Lots of new hunters think its shooting fish in a barrel. All it takes is a wind change overnight for the birds to switch fields the next morning and fly miles somewhere else. When you are a one man operation its tougher, no other spotter to adapt to changes. Karma will get them someday.

    ValcoBayrunnerValcoBayrunner3 kun oldin
  • Keep your head up brother what goes around comes around they will get theirs can not stand ppl like that sounds like to me they some democrats wanting something for free

    big countrybig country3 kun oldin
  • I ve had enough expirience guiding fishing trips. You offer and promise no more than a trip. No guide can guarantee limits of fish or geese. Surely over time a guide has to produce but everyone has slow days. Bob you should get their names out so they can t make a habit of this. I hope they see this. You got what this hard worker offered you and stole a hunt. You may think you got over and a deal of a free hunt. You only hurt yourselves. What goes around comes around.

    Samuel LacksSamuel Lacks3 kun oldin

    pdxace 1pdxace 13 kun oldin
  • Law suit

    Samuel PhillipsSamuel Phillips3 kun oldin
  • Do u pick up dead shells.

    Fifties kid Bob MckinstryFifties kid Bob Mckinstry3 kun oldin
  • Why don’t you post their names so we can shame them

    peterk814peterk8143 kun oldin
  • Sorry u got jacked.

    Fifties kid Bob MckinstryFifties kid Bob Mckinstry3 kun oldin
  • Same thing happened on fishing charter..I tell people its called fishing not catching. I show you hospitality and a good trip i can lead you to them but can't make you catching them suck when they pull this . Keep up the great work

    DFB OutdoorsDFB Outdoors3 kun oldin
  • That is terrible sportsmanship for someone to do. Once spoon-fed, always spoon-fed. I guess some people just don't appreciate the importance of the commradery anymore.

    Smoke JensnenSmoke Jensnen4 kun oldin
  • I hope you got their names out to other outfitters so they know not to book these guys

    ahastar1141ahastar11414 kun oldin
  • Nothing wrong with sharing names and home towns; let everyone know who the d-bags are.

    Brian BlomBrian Blom4 kun oldin
  • Some of those customers looked kinda skeevy...maybe they took off to DC for the Capitol Riot?

    Pogue MahonePogue Mahone4 kun oldin
  • Chin up mate, that is shitful behaviour by those scumbags. Just like it is called fishing, not catching. It is hunting, not killing. I enjoy your vids immensely, keep up the good work!

    Vincent MuscatVincent Muscat4 kun oldin
  • Some people you can never please. They consider themselves special and not responsible for their lawful debuts.

    james heathjames heath4 kun oldin
  • Do you wear kuiu??

    Beau OutdoorsBeau Outdoors4 kun oldin
  • When I was guiding (10 yr bird and big game) clients often asked about guarantees my outfitter always said “The only guarantee is you’re paid in full before you hunt”

    Albertaguide TwahlAlbertaguide Twahl4 kun oldin
  • Why you always make them pay up front!

    James FritzJames Fritz4 kun oldin
  • Pay 1st ! Play Afterwards..see,it's Simple...

    Baddest BeesBaddest Bees4 kun oldin
  • That sucks. Unfortunately when you pay for a guided hunt. Your paying for the lodging, food, and talking to the guide! Your not paying for the animal!!!! I had to pay upfront. I got skunked on a bear hunt 7 days in the rain.

    Pro 2APro 2A4 kun oldin
  • Bobby im sorry this happened to you, i watch your video's alot and we all know its called hunting not shooting i hope you have a good spring season and i hope the states opens so i can come down for a hunt

    Kyle LewisKyle Lewis4 kun oldin
  • yep get your money up front. That sucks. Sorry this happened.

    Asleep At The Reel - OutdoorsAsleep At The Reel - Outdoors4 kun oldin
  • The past 3 times I’ve been duck hunting, we have only kills 3 woodys. But I always have a good time

    Brett Parker98Brett Parker984 kun oldin
  • youre a great guy bobby, thats fucked up what they did to you.

    krombopulous michaelkrombopulous michael4 kun oldin
  • Ok a few things. I have hunted with numerous outfitters for various game. I had to be paid in full before I hunted. Also I have never had to help an outfitter work/set up decoys before a hunt or take down a spread after a hunt, especially a high dollar hunt. I have never had a “guide/outfitter” un case his gun and shoot at birds myself or other clients were paying to hunt. I’ve seen several of your guided hunts where you kill birds that in turn keep clients from killing. Your pawn shop video, you killed the only bird. Also your title of this video is false, the clients that stiffed you did so before you killed an 8 man limit. I hate to say it but given how you’ve been conducting your business, I probably would have bailed. If I had been paid in full I would have done my best to demand a refund.

    Brian MackeyBrian Mackey4 kun oldin
  • Probably already been said in the 1,000+ comments, but that is why they call it hunting, not shooting. If you want guaranteed, then go to a shooting preserve (put and take). If you are going with a guide/outfitter for wild game, you get what you get sometimes. I know it is frustrating to all of us because these trips and hunts are not cheap. Guides and outfitters can not control the birds, weather, tides, etc. You are paying the guide for their land, lease, or property they have rights to hunt. Judge them on that, lodging, hospitality, personality (are they good people), and knowledge. Believe me, most (Most, not all) guides/outfitters work their butt off to give you an incredible hunting experience. They are just as upset, even more when it does not work out. My 2 cents. You booked the hunt, PAY for the hunt. Tips are optional, the hunt isn't. Bob, that sucks, but keep up the good work!

    John KapralJohn Kapral4 kun oldin
  • Boy you call yourself a guide and holding that shotgun like a moron you won't last long with your business.

    Nick AllenNick Allen5 kun oldin
  • They should not be alowed to hunt ever again.

    denise starrdenise starr5 kun oldin
  • Do you have a link to that headlamp

    Cody StarlingCody Starling5 kun oldin
  • Clearly those guys don't know how or what hunting is, they give the rest of sportsman a bad name.

    duckaneer1duckaneer15 kun oldin
  • this is as much on you, as it is on them. I don’t know a single guide that doesn’t get payment up front. but then again, I don’t know anybody that’s gonna pay a grand to go hunt geese. goose hunting isn’t really anything too spectacular.

    Foreign BeggarForeign Beggar5 kun oldin
    • You sir obviously never been on a good goose hunt.

      James AckermannJames Ackermann4 kun oldin
  • Good business decision bob

    Shawn TateShawn Tate5 kun oldin
  • Why are you not taking those scumbags to small claims.

    Midnightroll TVMidnightroll TV5 kun oldin
  • Back in the day..1999 had an outfitter in canada do the opposite too me. I hunted with him for 4 years and he was never full. So I book my same hunt same time 1999 get there to saskatchewan. Well they end up sticking me with another guide who hunts another area. I was not happy to say the least but I went with it. Day one afternoon I shoot a booner. Guy client that was hunting with me shot a 194 next day and could have cared less. Well later before I left I tried to give the outfitter a 5 year deposit. He would not take it which I thought was odd. Anyway never hunted there again. Ended up in illinois which was even better and bought a farm in Iowa. Now I own a big place in ohio ready to buy another one in a great spot. All because of the path life leads us. It's hard to make hunters happy as I try to do it deer hunting. Styles are different and people are hunting for different reasons. I'm used to seeing big deer but some Are not which sets up for a hard hunt with many days of nothing for that deer of a lifetime. It's too much stress. Couple years ago I duck hunted sask and it was unreal. One morn over 80 birds before 9 am Hunt was great as I live field hunting and tipped the guides good. If I fished or hunted and got something every time out I would have quit way beck in 1968. I like the wind socks btw

    Doug WillardDoug Willard5 kun oldin
  • Always collect upfront brother. Karma is a real thing so it will come back around there way at some point.

    Trigger WarningTrigger Warning5 kun oldin
  • Maybe dont be a shitty guide??

    mark zassermark zasser5 kun oldin
  • Sure hunting is hunting no promises but if you cant put them on the birds thren maybe they shouldnt have to pay full price , this isnt like a deer hunt or elk hunt thays all or nothing .

    mark zassermark zasser5 kun oldin
  • Nice guys finish last Bobby ... always remember that. "Balances Due On Arrival" is the only way to run your business. I've been doing it for 22 years ... hunters only screwed me over once with and I've prevented it from ever happening again.

    Thunderstock OutfittersThunderstock Outfitters5 kun oldin
  • You did right homie. All except get your money upfront at least 50%. These punk ass dudes cry like little hoes when Mother Nature don’t give them Instagram “look what I dids” 15 minutes of fame punk asses.

    Gulf Marsh Bayou and BayGulf Marsh Bayou and Bay6 kun oldin
  • For Christmas 3 years in a row I have had my mom and grandmother get me dux hat pants and hoodie and this year I got a dux duck call. Love waching vids keep it up

    Ashtin HaubielAshtin Haubiel6 kun oldin
  • What brand windsocks are those?

    Greer GarnerGreer Garner6 kun oldin
  • Need to sell them hulls y’all picked up

    Rusty WisenbakerRusty Wisenbaker6 kun oldin
  • The level of "hahaha..YES!" this video takes on toward the end, is so satisfying. You know they'll watch, and see what they missed. And all for the great low price of just being put on blast, and a couple ruined reputations. I call "karma", the sovereign hand of The Almighty..the justice seems more personal ;-)

    Sven3xsSven3xs6 kun oldin
  • Eatin' their own. Hunters burnin' other hunters. No honor.

    Sven3xsSven3xs6 kun oldin
  • It's not your fault bud his mommy didn't powder his butt unuff or tuck him in at night . Glad to here money up front keeps everyone honest

    Todd LarsonTodd Larson7 kun oldin
  • I would dox the shit out of them, name address and phone number of the both of them. you also may want to file charges on them for theft of service, which in most places is a felony if over 1k

    Russ MontgomeryRuss Montgomery7 kun oldin
  • So you got screwed, that sucks. But then don’t waste most of your video bitching about it and explaining how much you spent on meals.

    Ron SwansonRon Swanson7 kun oldin
  • I'm self employed I trusted someone I got burnt for 2200 bucks I would run there name threw the mud

    ktm 500 6 daysktm 500 6 days7 kun oldin
  • Yeah you cannot book these hunts without getting paid in advance when you're out of pocket expenses like that.

    Peter Southern BoyPeter Southern Boy7 kun oldin
  • That’s just wrong you book you pay if you’re a real bird hunter you take the good with the bad good work guys

    Chad PitreChad Pitre7 kun oldin
  • It’s called hunting not killing for a reason those guys were just very immature for doing what they did

    erik peterserik peters7 kun oldin
  • This sucks man. I just stumbled onto this video, but you seem like a genuine dude who goes above and beyond for his clients. God bless brother, and all the best for your company and future.

    Anonymous StrangerAnonymous Stranger7 kun oldin
  • You snooze you lose you simp now they no your hunting spot

    Zach BlackZach Black7 kun oldin
  • paid in full in advance kimosabe.

    headdownharrisheaddownharris7 kun oldin
  • Some People don't have Morals or Ethics. Sorry that Happen to you. Sounds like you put a Good effort Forward to make up for the Hunts.

    WARKONGWARKONG7 kun oldin
  • Sucks for that to happen to anyone. But if you don’t want so many dislikes then don’t make a clickbait title on your videos. The clients that didn’t pay never shot an 8 man limit. Stuff gets old.

    J FowlJ Fowl7 kun oldin
    • Wow!

      HoveyishHoveyish4 kun oldin
  • Pure shitty... anytime I’ve ever hunted with a guide I have never had the thoughts of not meeting my end of the obligation to pay them for their time and equipment (boat, decoys, blind...etc). Got skunked about two years ago on one of my last guided hunts. The guy moved us several times and fed us well throughout the day to try and keep us satisfied... I was just happy to be out there. We went to pay the remainder of what we owed between the three of us and as we went to hand him the $175 he was handing us a $100 bill... as hard as we insisted he take his money he said absolutely not dropped the bill into a pair of waders and walked away... I was blown away by what he had done. We were going to slip the money into his truck but we never had the chance to sneak it in there before he drove off. I will never forget this and I will always be thankful.

    Benny BoyBenny Boy7 kun oldin
    • Sounds like I would be booking with this guide again. That’s the kind of gesture that builds a good reputation of a decent guide.

      OffroadChevy4x4 !OffroadChevy4x4 !4 kun oldin
  • this is why every outfitter takes money upfront! you can't control the birds, deer, or whatever you are hunting. It's called hunting not killing. Start making them pay up front my guy

    Seth ChamblissSeth Chambliss7 kun oldin
  • Sounds like you had two douche bags for customers.

    Michael CoffmanMichael Coffman7 kun oldin
  • Its kinda crazy people even pay to hunt. I understand maybe doing it once to get an idea how to hunt them properly. But that seems to take all the fun out of it. Idk. Maybe I'm wrong. Same with fishing. I see thease people pay big bucks to catch a few striper bass. I guess I'm lucky to have a dad that taught me everthing.

    Cody MarijuonkoCody Marijuonko7 kun oldin
    • @The Feathered frontiersman yea i dont get it. I'm sure it fun tho, but I couldn't afford to do that. I haven't even took a deer to a butcher in my entire life. Me being the youngest in the family was always stuck cutting the deer up. I don't mind tho. People don't realize when you take your deer to a processor, they weigh your deer and give you meat from other peoples deer most of the time. So if you take a nice healthy yearling in, you could get old buck meat.

      Cody MarijuonkoCody Marijuonko4 kun oldin
    • Apart from the dues for lisences, tags and stamps I fully agree with you. That's hunting, going to explore the land and learning prey behavior. You have to risk potentially coming back with nothing or your new favorite secret spot! You have to have the expatiation of give and take. Not pay way to much money expecting to limit out! That's what the local butcher is for ( much cheaper too)

      The Feathered frontiersmanThe Feathered frontiersman4 kun oldin
  • Wow is all I can say! Can’t control the birds or the weather, it is the experience people pay for. The fact you went above and beyond to make everyone happy is awesome!! Thinking of maybe booking a hunt next year. Keep at it and don’t let those individuals ruin who you are as a guide service.

    Jim PutnamJim Putnam7 kun oldin
  • Some states have a "Theft of Service" law. Maybe Kansas has a law. Someone has provided a service and then gets stiffed...Theft of service.

    opsman csiopsman csi7 kun oldin
  • Just goes to show these guys are not real hunters, show up with thousands worth of gear on and dont pay their guide while you have guys like me pinching pennies to go on a hunt like this just to hang out with these guys regardless of the actual hunt, if you killed something every time you hunted it wouldn't be called "Hunting".

    Austin AlfordAustin Alford8 kun oldin
  • Always take the money up front. I have never ever heard of this. I been on a few guided fishing and hunting trips always paid up front If I am unhappy with the hunt or fishing trip or the service then my tip will reflect that. I have had trips were there was just bad luck totally out of the guides control. But he worked his ass off tried new spots etc And I still tipped him and paid Other times the guide was late not prepared then he got no tip

    David ClendeningDavid Clendening8 kun oldin
  • Next time take a picture of them their cars and license plates and follow up with the authorities.

    Paul MorinPaul Morin8 kun oldin
  • On poor/slow hunts...WTF are YOU as the outfitter shooting ?? Id be pissed too. Hot hunts who cares but on slow hunts the guide shouldn't be shooting with the paid guns !

    Todd WilliamsTodd Williams8 kun oldin
  • The remedy to non paying client's would be payment up front!

    Daniel FetchakDaniel Fetchak8 kun oldin
  • I guess in the future must in full before the hunt starts

    Elbert MooreElbert Moore8 kun oldin
  • Well its called HUNTING.... NOT KILLING... Thats totally shitty!! PAY UP!!

    radiotyperadiotype8 kun oldin
  • Scumbags.... I’m surprised people even pay 1000$ to hunt geese

    Johnredcorn 1Johnredcorn 18 kun oldin
  • Post their dang names and home town. May help someone else from getting screwed..

    Roy McDavidRoy McDavid9 kun oldin
  • It's going to happen Bob, believe in the product and the service you are offering and good things will always find you. Stinks to get burned and there are crappy people in the world, that won't change, but the hunts you offer are top notch. I always tell my son it's about the experience, putting meat on the table is just a bonus.

    FlintHillFlywaysFlintHillFlyways9 kun oldin
  • Did they shoot their limit?

    James MorrisJames Morris9 kun oldin
  • I've guided for the past 19 years on a charter boat and have had similar things happen. Its even more prevalent in the 2020's. Get your money up front and trust no-one. I don't do last minute trips without payment anymore. Waterfowl are even more unpredictable than fish.

    Captain Jim SavaglioCaptain Jim Savaglio9 kun oldin
  • The last time I hunted geese was in the 80's when I was stationed in Idaho at Mtn. Home AFB. I wish I could remember the name of this reservoir. Lots of birds! We'd just dig holes in the snow and bring bed sheets. Really fun times for sure but turkeys are the only birds I've hunted since, maybe a few hot dove hunts. Ill hit subscribe for you brother, I feel your sincerity about feeling thankful for living your dream. Pretty cool, sorry your clients ditched you, not cool at all. Total disrespect to the outdoors hunting safe. God bless you definitely 🦆🦃

    Andy LyonAndy Lyon9 kun oldin
  • Who's fault is it really. You know sooner or later some a**hole is gonna stiff you if you don't get your money up front. Quit your crying. Your fault more than theirs.

    puppy mompuppy mom9 kun oldin
  • I hate that you worked so hard and trashy people did you wrong. dropping the names would serve them right in this case

    thomas dogthomas dog9 kun oldin
  • you got their info, what you crying about go get em!!

    Kevin AalbertsKevin Aalberts9 kun oldin
  • In god we trust....all others pay 50% up front and the rest upon services rendered.....

    chazz cloverchazz clover9 kun oldin