My Alien Girlfriend~||GLMM|| Gacha Life Mini Movie

7-Sen, 2020
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I came up with movie on my own, I just thought of it randomly and decided to make a movie out of it. I would call it an original, but sadly, I can not. Unfortunately, others have made this kind of title too. I think my story is “Original” because I made this whole thing up in my head. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this Mini movie because I will be making a part two!!
School opens tomorrow for me :(
So I will not be working as much anymore. The chances of part two coming out will most likely be next week. Or the week after.
Stay safe everyone!
✨Thanks so much for 80K+!!!!✨
Love you guys!!

  • Some of you are a LITTLE impatient for the second part of this. DONT WORRY ITS COMING!! I have school! And I’m sure you have school too. Part two will be coming out in 2, 3 or 4 days. Ily guys! Hope you enjoyed this first part💖💖💖

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    • 365 give me one and a five

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    • 👎✊

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    • You used siren head voice as low battery alarm Nice job

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    • I love the thumbnail

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    • No vídeo

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  • What app do you use to edit?

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  • Issac: now I am officially lost Me: hello lost,I am Issac

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  • Issac: is it glowing? I feel like I should follow it. Me: ARRGGGG

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  • Them: Talks about his mom Him: jumps on them Me: AYE BEAT THEIR ASH

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  • I’m dead when that ship flew threw the sky 😂

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  • I took a screen shot of the part where he said ‘’be mine’’ and put it as my wallpaper cause that is so cuteeeeeeeeeeei love this glmm it the best the creator made a good job 👍 i love it

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  • I wish I could do backflips that good in the beginning

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  • I heard if you say your favorite UZworldr three times you get pinned Imma try dat.... Lonely HeartClub Lonely HeartClub Lonely HeartClub Btw it’s ok if I don’t like the song that’s called Sunday best UwUz FEELING GOOD LIKE I SHOULD

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  • I'm sorry but at the start were Isaac jumps it's not realistic no offense sorry but I love it😊😊😊

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  • Nice vid but just imagine a real alien girl 👽 XD

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  • Me at the start: nice driving whoever you are

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  • #myaliengirlfriend

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  • At the start when it was crashing or at low battery It kinda sounded like SiReN hEaD if I’m being honest

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  • Omg 1 WEEK?!

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  • Its awesome lol

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  • Me when I saw the video:I feLl dOwN tO eARth fRom A HunDred MiLes AWay

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  • i love this glmm

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  • The ads are so annoying lmao

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  • Wait how come the alien has TWO ears?

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  • When it was on low battery the audio was the end of the world broadcast 😂

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  • Ur my species I'm an Alein too! Don't forget to sub to my YT! LY

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  • I clicked on this video because when i saw this the webtoon “Down To Earth” Popped into mah head and i was like Woah dis is cool 👁👄👁

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  • Me watching:wooow When they jump to space : me: what How I want to go

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  • I,m making a video

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  • Me:Aaaaaahhhhhh don’t come in the door aaaaahhhh Hazel:I will come

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  • I almost cry because her mom yell at him

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  • Why do you play that music I am gonna cry the music is a little bit sadness but sorry for being mean

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  • WhY iS ThIs So JuIcY

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  • 1:25 *insert crashing sounds*

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  • me: i wanna go to planet 69

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  • Hooman:Wat is ur fav somg? That Alien beeing blue:I am blue dabadee daba-Oh what?

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  • ReEeEeEEeeeeEeEEEeEeeEeeeEE

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  • Uwu

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  • i wont to same player play amog us but gacha life!!

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  • 0:38 me: sees her me again: AM BLUE DA BA DE DA BA DIE

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  • Ships can be fast,but ships (space ships)cant be fast while it not riding(my english is not good i am 9 and i am from Turkey

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  • :(

    CookieCookie9 kun oldin
  • The low battery sound is siren head

    lordan tambagolordan tambago9 kun oldin
  • Me vibing in the first part 😎

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  • That low battery sound is a avalanche sound peeeeep peeeep

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  • mE- oMl SHes GonNA dIE Ad has entered the server- oH So YoU WeRE iNterEsted In MY cOmmeNt ? :)

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  • The low battery Sound- me- oh god- that sound familiar- ^^ Also me- oH waiT thAs thE siREn HEad SouND!

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  • Her: my name is Evelyn Me:NO MY NAME IS EVELYN!!!

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  • I like the musics ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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  • I like this this is so cute is that kitty channels song one just I like your videos, ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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  • When je said REEEE!akuord..

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  • SHIP

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  • XD that noise from low battery was siren head 😂

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  • And when it starts I heard Gonna find where I belong by Zombies 2

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  • I heard siren head sound cool girl

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  • Evelyn is like Eleven/ Millie Bobby brown from stranger things

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  • This kinda reminds me of 3below on Netflix where Steve and Aja dated ;-;

  • Thats siren head 's sound

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  • Woah!

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  • 3!!!!

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  • My name is Evelyn! :O

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  • The alien ship at the start: 🔃🔃🔃🔃🔃

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  • I feel like this is the name of something on episode but i still love it!!!!

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  • I love this sooo much your a pro please give me a shoutout

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  • Isaac:gosh it's getting dark Me:phone bright on full😂

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  • Issac:Just about to attack one of the bullies. Farmers ad:*comes on*

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  • My name is to Evelyn im Alien???

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  • hello here and E dai ?, I'm from Brazil. Well, I was wondering if you can allow me to subtitle your gacha life film in Portuguese. because this film is totally incredible !! so it would be super cool if brazil knows your talent. thanks for listening. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE ANSWER ME HERE

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  • His parents: WHY DID YOU FIGHT SOMEONE AT SCHOOL?!?!?! My dad: (whispers) did u win?! me: yes dad yes i did UvU!

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  • Wait ya’ll- it’ him- it look like that boy from “the spy.” :o

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  • 𝑾𝒂𝒊𝒕 𝒊 𝒂𝒎 𝒂-

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  • Evelyn is soo cuuute!!!

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  • The sound of low battery it is of a monster

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  • STUPID LOVE!!!!!!@~@

  • me just becoming a fking moron 0:01

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  • Low battery is Siren Head but bad Copycat ~

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  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • The beginning be like FLIPING FLIPIN GHOO

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  • Mom from Icaac: Who knows what he's doing in theire! Me:I KNOW I KNOW NO WORRY

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  • This warmed my heart

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  • I love this I’m subscribing!! I watched it before but never commented! Uhhh just noticed that I was subbed ;-; nvmmm

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  • 0:03 UFO:weeeeeeeeee spin spin

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  • Ys

    Carlos MarceloCarlos Marcelo15 kun oldin
  • Magical woman

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  • Awwwwww

  • Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! So cute story ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! *boom*

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  • Aay the low battery sound is siren head wt|censored|

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  • When they kissed I was like EEEEKKKKKKKKKK AND MY MOM TOLD ME to shut up cuz its 3 am in the morning or she would take my phone away!!

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  • me; sees thumbnail ;0 also me goes straight comments

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  • That's sirin head sounds xD

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  • Rewatching my fav GLMM was the best idea

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  • I watch where the ship landed PROBALY in California-

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  • Why does he do her hair

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  • Yammy reacted to this she is a youtuber! A Famous one i think...Congrats!

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