My 700HP Twin Turbo C8 VS 600HP Twin Turbo C8 with NITROUS!

24-Okt, 2020
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We have @EmeliaHartford help us out with dialing in our Twin Turbo Corvette today and finally experience 10lbs of boost!
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Huge thanks to Peitz Performance for the parts!
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  • Go drive a Model X or S Performance Teej

    Jeremy BoulericeJeremy Boulerice6 soat oldin
  • You should try a reverse osmosis under your kitchen sink. Its better than bottled and way easier. The whole kit at Lowes or home depot is about 200 and super easy to hook up.

    Matt MosMatt Mos7 kun oldin
  • When your GF got jealous when BF got a girl in the passenger seat of his C8 😅

    Paulo BatallonesPaulo Batallones8 kun oldin
  • Man Emelia has come a crazy long way. Good on her.

    OgknavOgknav12 kun oldin
  • So everybodys gonna ignore the fact that Emelia basically messed up his c8 then her next video is “my c8 cought on fire” 😭I think everyone’s ignoring that fact 😂

    YNG TAY TVYNG TAY TV12 kun oldin
  • Shout to Emelia for the rice joke 😂😂😂😂

    mykoo93mykoo9315 kun oldin
  • why in the fuck does the PCV need a check valve????? the crank case ventilation system should not be plumbed to any place that sees positive pressure. it SHOULD be routed to the intake on the turbo so that it actually sees vacuum. since you need check valves i am going to assume that your ventilation system is routed to your intake manifold which NEVER sees any vacuum with a turbo setup which means that routing your PCV there does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

    AUSTINAUSTIN18 kun oldin
  • Emelia is so dope!

    RydnorthRydnorth23 kun oldin
    • ikr!

      Wanna Be Car GirlWanna Be Car Girl17 kun oldin
  • "You never had your car" That original Fast and Furious quote ahahaha

    Justin WhisnantJustin Whisnant27 kun oldin
  • The moment you said 12:03am in the vlog it was literally 12:03am for me....doing a mechanical design exam... illuminati confirmed...

    BicBoiBicBoi28 kun oldin
  • 11:15 Emilia wet wet. Take advantage

    Thomas CarotaThomas Carota29 kun oldin

    JoeHervey84JoeHervey8429 kun oldin
  • It’s never “just burn off”.

    jpeagle21jpeagle21Oy oldin
  • She said it was in her blow off valves pshhhhhh...

    Rasel AzizRasel AzizOy oldin
  • Watching and hit the "like" in a semi truck👀🤫

    Supreme Motion TVSupreme Motion TVOy oldin
  • I so would like to race agents u and her in my fd

    Danny RacineDanny RacineOy oldin
  • Hi from ecrew fam - for @ms.emelia.......

    Craig SimpsonCraig SimpsonOy oldin
  • lowkey tj and emelia would make a great couple lol

    steezysteezyOy oldin
  • What are u doing step bro

    Aleks VelkovAleks VelkovOy oldin
  • AF says, "See my C8 with LAMBO Doors on the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum - AF's Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic C8 - - With shots of the BORLA exhaust system: The ATAK!! AF

    Alex FordAlex FordOy oldin
  • Here's my take: "I feel a little sketch right now..." Your show was so funny in this episode. The MAFF covered in oil. This is the funniest two since Ricky and Lucy. I swear, that is I believe that if you guys open some sort of weekly show, you guys could potentially come out BIG! You heard it first, here. AF

    Alex FordAlex FordOy oldin
  • Now ima start going to sleep with your UZworld videos playing thank you

    FreeDa BLK500FreeDa BLK500Oy oldin
  • This video is sketchy as hell

    c eazyc eazyOy oldin
  • She look Very Sexy under the hood Ilv aMechanical women❣️

    bryan glezbryan glezOy oldin
  • Haha there's rice all over the shop🤣🤣🤣

    Victor VarelaVictor VarelaOy oldin
  • Wow I the clickbate😑

    Julio maganaJulio maganaOy oldin
  • Twin turbo V8 only making 700 hp? Yikes

    Anthony WellsAnthony WellsOy oldin
  • I’d simp for her

    Ramon RamirezRamon RamirezOy oldin
  • Would a catch can help to keep the MAFF clean? 600 horse. By the way, TJ, did you get the competition Axles? AF

    Alex FordAlex FordOy oldin
  • I forgot. You can find photos of my C8 with Lambo Doors on the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Forum. Also my BORLA exhaust tips and muffler showing through the rear screens. Scream! Loud1 Yell! Have fun. AF

    Alex FordAlex FordOy oldin
  • TJ Hunt - Emelia discusses the little plug from Pietz Performance; check valve. For this episode we can call her, "Check Valve-Emelia!" AF (I use the McGuires waterless cleaner spray. Works like a dream and it is easy to get. Good price at Walmart! Good stuff. Reminds me. What about the catch can? (Alex's C8 - 1063rd car off the line and created at Bowling Green Assembly Plant on 02/20/2020. Hmmm. I have the Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic, also known as light gray/Z51/front axle lift/magnetic ride control and almost all of the carbon/carbon dress up packages with High Wing Spoiler. Aftermarket wrap/BORLA ATAK exhaust (sounds totally sinister)/LAMBO Doors installed. Decided not to get the available radiator screens -- they just do not protect enough. AF By the way, what causes all of that oil to cover the module? AF

    Alex FordAlex FordOy oldin
  • Cool chick but that laugh tho😂😂

    Greg LafleurGreg LafleurOy oldin
  • Sabrina is like how long do you want to stay????

    medina619medina619Oy oldin
  • Not sleeping

    William MelvinWilliam MelvinOy oldin
  • Commenting for Teej

    Prodigy -_- PigProdigy -_- PigOy oldin
  • Hey bro ✌🏽 am not a pimp but if you want a real girl friend emilia is the one 💕 i hope to see both of you together all life 🤲🏼

    7moood Makki7moood MakkiOy oldin
  • Get urself coal and sqnd filter under kitchen sink, u shoudnt buy water from that plastic crap

    xAsmirxAsmirOy oldin
  • Sabrina wishing there was a back seat in that she can sit in the back to keep an eye on her mans! Lmao

  • Lol Tj I’m watching this and get to ending and you say 12:03 well it’s 12:07 close enough. You the man love your videos.

    Matt BeardMatt BeardOy oldin
  • They have no idea how a MAF works

    Roger SearsRoger SearsOy oldin
  • I always enjoy watching the videos, they always keep me motivated 🙏🏻

    ItsONiOItsONiOOy oldin
  • tj found love with a car girl

    Kuya EricKuya EricOy oldin
  • Or let me buy it

    JaytownTVJaytownTVOy oldin
  • Giveaway the dirt bike

    JaytownTVJaytownTVOy oldin
  • Bring back the blue and Kona captions lol

    Dylan KopczickDylan KopczickOy oldin
  • Take notes from Streetspeed717 as his girl is zero irritating in front of camera!! It is about video and nothing else as your girl I NEED ATTENTION! The truth hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IdahoaustnIdahoaustnOy oldin
  • Emelia is fine as fuck. Sabrinas face just kills the video

    02wrx42002wrx420Oy oldin
  • 12:15 ‘Sabrinas cleaned off the sensor’ 😂

    Jacob OsborneJacob OsborneOy oldin
  • what if TJ had a girl like Emelia?

    Caramaliz3dCaramaliz3dOy oldin
  • And ppl try to talk shit saying Emelia doesn’t actually know how to work in her cars or cars in general, yea... bullshit, she’s hella smart and does a majority of the work n mods on her own cars

    David Do Yo DanceDavid Do Yo DanceOy oldin
  • Did you guys see what streetspeed and LMR did with their build? I’m surprised you guys didn’t consult with them about the TT build

    Justice OduezeJustice OduezeOy oldin
  • Teej driving his cars 🙌

    Sammy WittenbergSammy WittenbergOy oldin
  • Stop holding the camera while driving !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wafer wwafer wOy oldin
  • Great job nice video

    Ricardo speedtype rRicardo speedtype rOy oldin
  • She’s damn pretty. Likes cars, knowledgeable with cars, tasteful cars...that’s a rare pokemon

    KennyKennyOy oldin
  • TJ actin a little nervous 😲😲

    TheICE1024TheICE1024Oy oldin
  • You should get the R8 Twin Turbocharged

    Darico BrownDarico BrownOy oldin
  • I don’t always comment on these videos, but I always watch till the end and hit the like button.

    Nicholas SmithNicholas SmithOy oldin
  • Damn Krispy lay off the coffee, or the methonal

    TetraHydroCannabinoL THCTetraHydroCannabinoL THCOy oldin
  • some people want a Calvin, I want an Emelia

    NicholasNicholasOy oldin
    • Calvin who? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Kali LanKali LanOy oldin
  • @tjhunt Longest boring video ever. TJ you talk to much just get straight to the race idiot1👎👎👎👎

    YessirYessirOy oldin
  • 10:46 Emilia makes girlfriend jealous

    Al #Al #Oy oldin
    • Emilia > gf

      Wolfgang PriklopilWolfgang PriklopilOy oldin
  • Love the collab and all the appearances by so many great car influencers in this vid! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Walter FJKWalter FJKOy oldin
    • 👏🏼

      Wanna Be Car GirlWanna Be Car GirlOy oldin
  • Bro i swear to you...its 12:03....and you just said 12:03 🤯

    Mr ExecutiveMr ExecutiveOy oldin
  • 12-hour shifts 5 days a week id gladly take your 11 around some sick cars if you're interested in trading for a day lmao.

    Brayden GoehringBrayden GoehringOy oldin
  • Mas español tj more spanish

    DanielDanielOy oldin
  • Oh my God u guys are making me king, Jim a ASR Master Tech, numerous one your computer is controlled by your Mass Airflow, it reads Air Volume , Air Intake temperature and flow if it is covered in oil just wiping it will not fix clean it with mass airflow cleaner.. if you are getting exercise oil .means your crank case pressure is to much . Could be a few things worst case blow by in the cylinder compression getting past rings goimgbinto crank case forcing oil out. Take oil cap of valve cover and hold your hand over the hole if you can feel aulse of pressure pushing out you have blow by. Usally caused by worn tunes or parts or excessive ring gap meaning worn compression rings. So with Twin turning the c8 i see it could be an issue..

    Gene GreenGene GreenOy oldin
  • Literally days before watching this video I was shopping for air fresheners for my car at Walmart, noticed the meguires wash and wax spray, bought the whole spray bottle for $8 and decided never to use anything else. It's absolutely incredible. I swear it's magic in a bottle.

    Stoneman 1999Stoneman 1999Oy oldin
    • 👏🏼

      Wanna Be Car GirlWanna Be Car GirlOy oldin
  • "Theres ride all over the shop"😂😂😂

    Amirreza MuhammadiAmirreza MuhammadiOy oldin
    • Rice*

      Amirreza MuhammadiAmirreza MuhammadiOy oldin
  • Noice

    Brad SpiteriBrad SpiteriOy oldin
  • Probably the inside of the MAF was coated in oil too and started to work again after all the oil was out of the system.. I've had some succes with coated MAF on my car just cleaning them with the cleaner for electronic componants...

    eaglebrinkeaglebrinkOy oldin
  • It prolly was the tps if oil gets on the sensor it will twitch out on you.

    scott moorescott mooreOy oldin
  • 12:05am... 🤪🤘

    Jay AllisonJay AllisonOy oldin
  • The Simpsons

    VuTangAkVuTangAkOy oldin
  • The turbo has to burn off the oil first for it to work properly

    Trey haleTrey haleOy oldin
  • Imagine having twin turbos only to have 600 hp 💀💀💀

    Lehan BLehan BOy oldin
  • I really want to love this car but i cant get last the exterior design. The interior is 10/10 for the money

    BTT TBTT TOy oldin
  • Dustin makes surprise visit & helps work on TJ's car, while Amelia is over... ironic, I think not!

    Aaron PreddyAaron PreddyOy oldin
  • "YOU NEVER HAD YOUR CAR!!" ....Im screaming!!🤣🤣🤣💀💀

    Purp DillingerPurp DillingerOy oldin
  • no rear bumper mod🥵

    ex6lityex6lityOy oldin
  • They make a really good couple

    Alex PAlex POy oldin
  • it is 1:15 am and I liked this video, I think you should cut the bottom of the c8 bumper to show more turbo, and you should also buy that BMW

    Ben ReichbartBen ReichbartOy oldin
  • RICE ALL OVER THE SHOP 😂😂😂 Also damn her C8 sounds mean! Hearing the exhaust from TJ's car was a killer tone!!!

    Josiah HeinJosiah HeinOy oldin
  • When emelia wearing hoodies the damage tho hahaha shes so pretty tho

    El LocoEl LocoOy oldin
  • Love the collab !!!!

    Jacob WeigandJacob WeigandOy oldin
  • Love vids, C8 and the “ God’s got this sign “

    Mati McKinneyMati McKinneyOy oldin
  • I just finished driving this car... On gta v

    Mr. F4DEZMr. F4DEZOy oldin
  • holy shit shake the camera a little more next time

    brandon ruizzobrandon ruizzoOy oldin
  • Dustin’s back!!

    Gabe HartnettGabe HartnettOy oldin
  • I saw a c8 for the first time And its stance it’s crazy it looks good

    Rudys MercedesRudys MercedesOy oldin
  • so who is the emelia of the supras? :)

    KyoungandnotmeKyoungandnotmeOy oldin
  • You mfers really tryna start drama between Amelia and Sabrina. SMH. None of you got faith in our boy teej

    WeLove2StepWeLove2StepOy oldin
  • sabrina jealous that emelia is w teej

    Blake AustinBlake AustinOy oldin
  • Seems like the turbos aren’t draining...

    MrDannyd9MrDannyd9Oy oldin
  • Why they low key flirting

    Hunter HoversHunter HoversOy oldin
  • He has a C8 corvette now? I thought he had the GT86, BRZ.

    BikoTheAnimatorBikoTheAnimatorOy oldin
  • UZworld ho

    . Scout. ScoutOy oldin
  • Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico! Subscribed and Liked!

    Javier SanchezJavier SanchezOy oldin
  • When you said “it could be 12:03 when your watching this” it actually was for me! Pretty crazy coincidence!!

    Olly RossOlly RossOy oldin
  • Because your map sensor is used to calculate afr. [It'll idle but.... throttle is different] Put a og GMC 3bar in place at a safer location like a charge pipe right before the throttle body or connect it to a line after the throttle body on the intake manny. That new unit is shit design if it's somewhere that it can be effected (drenched) in blow by (valvetrain oul)

    CHUTNEY 2020CHUTNEY 2020Oy oldin