28-Sen, 2020
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Hey, come hang with is a 5am morning. Click here to get a FREE hair treatment with your custom formula from Function of Beauty. Available in the US, GB, EU, CA, AUS, NZ and more!!! Function of Beauty makes unique personalized hair care that is vegan and cruelty-free. I haven't done this in what feels like a year...oof. When I was waking up early I felt like I was peaking. Seriously, it was the most confident and on my game I ever was. So I'm attempting to bring it back today. Come vibe w me today during my morning routine...I do my treadmill workout, make my coffee, alllll the things. My mornings now include puppy training which has been challenging but it's paying off, kk come hang and I'll be talking to you in the comments like I always do xo
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  • why is this inspiring me to get my shit together LOL

    Lauren WidnerLauren Widner21 kun oldin
    • Usually by the 5th day without a post from you I'm like hmmm I miss my bestie 😩🤣 lol. I legit feel like we are hanging out in real life when I watch your videos! I started a job I thought I would love but it is sooo mentally draining .. whenever you post it gives me a reason to take a bath and drink some wine and remember that this is just temporary in my life. I don't really ever comment on your videos bc im helllllla shy but I figured if you could message Paris Hilton then I could message you lmfao. Love you 🦋💜

      Vianca DinapoliVianca Dinapoli16 kun oldin
    • Me too!!

      ElenaElena16 kun oldin
    • She is an inspiring lady for many ❤️

      schoolwork diaryschoolwork diary17 kun oldin
    • Same. But not going to happen

      Reina García CastrillónReina García Castrillón19 kun oldin
    • Jade Munoz 💯 agree!!! I’m so much more me but better than ever! Let’s go get that bread, make our dreams reality ✨💕

      Maddie LucaMaddie Luca20 kun oldin
  • Rewatched this to find out what 3 month goal book you have😭😭

    sarah caldwellsarah caldwell24 daqiqa oldin
  • Yessss would get sad too on birth control! And at the exact same time. I tried getting on the smallest amount of hormone ones but just ended up getting off it altogether. Hopefully it works out for you!

    A AA ASoat oldin
  • you are so inspiring, you seem like an amazing person so thank you a lot for making videos

    Frog PipiFrog Pipi4 soat oldin
  • why are you my favorite person ever

    Julia CalcagnoJulia Calcagno4 soat oldin
  • Does anyone know her mediation she listens to?? I’ve looked on like every video haha

    Rachel DavisRachel Davis10 soat oldin
  • Hi:) does anyone know where these pjs are from?

    Odalys MurilloOdalys Murillo13 soat oldin
  • What’s y’all heart rate when you do this? Mine is 166

    kiara calderonkiara calderon19 soat oldin
  • My 5am morning routine: 5am - wake up to make sure my cat didn't step in his poop while pooping 5:04am - visualize and manifest my closed eyelids 11am - wake up and start my day

    Hector BorgesHector Borges21 soat oldin
  • Is the treadmill routine at 3mph or 3km/h?

    Amalie daleAmalie daleKun oldin
  • Birth control really fucked up my mood. Iv been off since quarantine and I know I'm not taking it again.

    Sleight OfAnnSleight OfAnnKun oldin
  • Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one that felt my birth control made me sad at night. It’s always when I wind down out night. You’re not alone sis ♥️

    Micayla BelMicayla BelKun oldin
  • What type of dog is yours? She’s so cute!😍

    Hannah PetersonHannah Peterson2 kun oldin
  • where the pj set from?

    Laura UribeLaura Uribe4 kun oldin
  • Only just found your Channel yesterday and I’m obsessed!! You’re literally amazing and so beautiful!! Your vibes are everything 💗

    Nicole cruickshankNicole cruickshank5 kun oldin
  • Yess I felt like that before it was actually getting worse for me and I found out it actually had moved and they had to take out because it was not healthy trust me it sucked so much.

    LifeStyle 95LifeStyle 955 kun oldin
  • How do these kids have this kind of money?! My goodness at your age I was eating ramen barely affording rent working more then full time!

    AllaCinderellaAllaCinderella5 kun oldin
  • I really wanna know what you said at the end 😩😩

    Danielle MelendezDanielle Melendez5 kun oldin
  • roomies are when your dog has an overboard of excitement and energy balled up, its so cute to watch

    Bianca RuttenBianca Rutten5 kun oldin
  • What birth control are you on?!

    Angela RosaAngela Rosa5 kun oldin
  • Forget about Mad Greens...get you some SALAD AND GO! $5.74! I'm obsessed :)

    StaceyGlowsStaceyGlows5 kun oldin
  • Lol I have the same alarm set on my phone.

    Cindy RamirezCindy Ramirez5 kun oldin
  • What does Henny do? Random question ik but WHY does he have to wake up so early lol

    Lorena GonzalezLorena Gonzalez6 kun oldin
  • Good job dog mommy!!! the discipline young will set her up for life! here come the dog parks and (hopefully) having a dog sister! proud of you, you responsible thing!

    GiaPaigeGiaPaige6 kun oldin
  • Hey girl do you use any apps or videos for your meditation? As I would love to start doing this every morning just don’t know which ones are good? ❤️

    Anastasia MihajlovicAnastasia Mihajlovic6 kun oldin
  • “It’s getting your personality from TikTok for me “💀💀💀💀

    KathleenKathleen7 kun oldin
  • Girl my birth control has me soooo emotional, I’m a mess!!!! Lol

    Kayla KnappKayla Knapp7 kun oldin
  • 5 ads and a sponsor/ad in a 24 minute vlog...I couldn't even skip 2. Thats a bit much honestly. Its just a vlog its not an informational video with hours of hard effort and research put into it o_0

    LaLaishLaLaish7 kun oldin
    • That's what youtube red subscription is for lol! I've had one so long I keep forgetting everyone else has to watch ads. NO ads with youtube red, you can download videos onto your phone or tablet (only while you have the subscription), listen to music while doing other things on your phone (don't have to stay on youtube screen. Now I sound like a youtube red ad lol. But I love it and less than $10/month.

      DancingWithDestinysTruth IDancingWithDestinysTruth I5 kun oldin
  • Okay, okay queen! Love how you just go for it!also gorgeous bathroom!

    Jaclyn NorrisJaclyn Norris7 kun oldin
  • i loove hanging out with u kween

    Justin EdwardJustin Edward8 kun oldin
  • What is your morning meditation!!!! I need to know lol

    Sydney KiddSydney Kidd8 kun oldin
  • The “obsession to hanging out on bars” killed meeee😂😂😂😂

    Jennifer LibanoJennifer Libano9 kun oldin
  • Maybe you already have... but would you be willing to talk more about the birth control you’re on, type etc.? Struggling with the side effects too and it sucks.... hearing someone else’s experience/methods really helps

    Julie ChristineJulie Christine9 kun oldin
  • Talk to your doctor about your mood swings! There’s lots of birth control options

    K WK W9 kun oldin
  • I pray influencers and you tubers will read the comments telling them to stop starting off videos with that “alarm” sound. I have a mini goddamn panic attack everytime I hear it.

    Alexis BurrisAlexis Burris10 kun oldin
  • I can´t believe how normalized it is in america to keep their dogs in cages for hours on end :(

    Lina MLina M10 kun oldin
    • She's a puppy. Its called crate training. She only posts minutes of her day. She may only film when her dog is quiet and not barking or whining. It is for the dog's well being as well.

      TT9 kun oldin
  • Love u Lauren but kick that dog trainer out, a dog should have rules but let her live a little remember u are her world. I hope u don't take this the wrong way.

    Laura SpeirsLaura Speirs10 kun oldin
  • so happy i just found ur channel, i love ur energy

    Bethania YohannesBethania Yohannes10 kun oldin
  • 13:32 Where are her sweatpants from??

    Ciera nCiera n10 kun oldin
  • Love you!

    SamiraSamira10 kun oldin
  • Omg, my birth control is also sooo fucked up. Gained 10kg, moodswings, headaches and much more. The second one is also bad, I had my period for like 3 month straight... I feel you

    BettyBetty10 kun oldin
  • Try the Paragard IUD for birth control! Non-hormonal bc and lasts 10 years. Highly recommend ☺️

    bethany millerbethany miller11 kun oldin
  • didnt quite understand the end but okay lol

    Nihale MGDNihale MGD11 kun oldin
  • 5am?!! Props to uuuu!! I have a 2 month old that sleeps through the night and I don’t even wake up that early😅😅😅

    Alondra GuerreroAlondra Guerrero11 kun oldin
  • Love your videos

    Baby yapah1Baby yapah111 kun oldin
  • Literally love you queen

    Hind AlSuwaidiHind AlSuwaidi11 kun oldin
  • that fit you had on after the shower is SO CUTE! where is it from?! xx

    mrstoddburtonmrstoddburton11 kun oldin
  • Lauren I love you. I've been so off my game and you have gotten me inspired to get up early tomorrow and head to the gym. Thank you for inspiring me throughout the years. you are my big sis

    Liberty RussellLiberty Russell11 kun oldin
  • Relatable, sweet and extremely interesting ❤️ Keep uploading

    Ma yaMa ya11 kun oldin
  • I’ve never heard of Lauren but I’m glad UZworld recommend her video me. People hardly make me laugh and smile in vlogs but I found myself giggling throughout the video.

    Shelly EstradaShelly Estrada11 kun oldin
  • do u have a link for the 20 min meditation you do!? 🤍✨

    Emily GiampietroEmily Giampietro11 kun oldin
  • i've been on birth control for 4 years! the first one i tried, i tried for 1 month and the mood swings were so intense that i went back to my doctor! she changed the prescription and they subsided and i've been on the same one ever since! totally normal

    Dharma Santos-SantiagoDharma Santos-Santiago12 kun oldin
  • Hey Lauren! Earlier in the year I was on the wrong BC (the company told me it was a generic form of the one I was previously on) and I experienced the same issues! I gained so much water weight and felt super emotional all the time. I’m back on my correct BC and my doctor told me this is the one that’s FOR ME and shouldn’t have side effects I’d talk to your doctor and try to switch it out. Best of luck-love your vlogs💕💕

    Savannah RobertsSavannah Roberts12 kun oldin
  • Where are her blue pjs from?! Need

    Samantha Rom.Samantha Rom.12 kun oldin
  • What treadmill did you get ? I want to buy one but I’m debating on so many.

    Lucienne DiazLucienne Diaz12 kun oldin
    • It’s totally normal for your to feel like that on birth control. I was on it for 4 years and I just got off it. Honestly, I’m so glad I’m off of it. I feel so much happier about myself

      Lucienne DiazLucienne Diaz12 kun oldin
  • You look like Rosalia

    Naturally NourNaturally Nour12 kun oldin
  • Please share some morning meditation videos you'd recommend:)

    KrissyKrissy12 kun oldin
  • Hi babes, 🥰 I just started my UZworld channel! please please could you subscribe to my youtube channel, a little push could really help please me 🙏🏼🙏it would mean the world to me ❤️❤️❤️

    Carolina AlfaroCarolina Alfaro12 kun oldin
  • Girl I am absolutely loving this video. I haven’t watched your videos before but I just subscribed and am going to take a look at the rest of your videos:))

    Cassidy BrownCassidy Brown12 kun oldin
  • You make me wanna get my life together😂

    Gabrielle DennettGabrielle Dennett12 kun oldin
  • My favorite part of this video was the coffee talk lol! I watched the Paris documentary as well and wow, cried!

    Sabryna GarzaSabryna Garza13 kun oldin
  • I literally just discovered you and I want you to know I love you!!

    samantha leesamantha lee13 kun oldin
  • birth control does horrible things to your body in the long run, look it up Lauren. Just want the best for you

    VanessaVanessa13 kun oldin
  • Yooo gurl my mood swings from birth control is out of this world 😫😫 you’re not alone

    JuliaJulia13 kun oldin
  • Its still dark at 5 in the morning in the uk and probably raining. Wish I lived somewhere beautiful

    plum peachplum peach13 kun oldin
  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Asma KamalAsma Kamal13 kun oldin
  • Birth control definitely made a huge impact on my mood. I started taking it when I was 18 and was prescribed antidepressants 3 months after. I was on bc for 10 years before deciding to go off it and struggled with mental health off and on. Within a month of going off the pill, I KID YOU NOT, my depression and mood swings went away. Definitely check out books like “Beyond the Pill” to read up on the hormonal impacts! Shit is cray.

    Kate HornerKate Horner13 kun oldin
  • Honestly girl, get off the birth control - it really change me mentally and physically and I feel much better without it :)

    chiara brinkmannchiara brinkmann13 kun oldin
  • Ahh you make your dog sleep all alone in the room? Poor baby. And she's been locked in a cage all night. She's probably jumping for joy to be free and move freely. And then where's your dog throughout the day? These people who get dogs to just lock them away. Piff. Not cool. 👎

    Rebecca SRebecca S13 kun oldin
  • Oh my God Lauren the mood swings bc of the birth control is so real. I’ve been on the pill for two years and I get so fucking sad somedays, it sucks so baaaad, but I’ve also learned that I should just allow my body to feel my feels and like u said take the guilt and shame that comes out of being sad. It also helped me to use the sadness for something productive (and yes self-care is being productive as well). I also feel like Paris is super nice to her fans and followers so I think u should talk to her. Anyways, I am glad to see you happy and giving what has previously worked for you another chance🥰🥰

    Bernardette EscárcegaBernardette Escárcega13 kun oldin
  • Where are your pajamas from??

    Tanya AnnTanya Ann13 kun oldin
  • hey babe birth control works differently for everyone, but for me personally, it severely affected my mental health and if I could go back I would never take it!! xx

    TennaTenna13 kun oldin
  • So happy I came across your channel a month ago, easily became my fave youtuber!

    Vanessa 510Vanessa 51013 kun oldin
  • Hi Lauren, i am on the implant (Nexplanon) and the mood swings i get are really bad but i also suffer from anxiety so i had to get put on medication to help alittle aswell as the implant and honestly i feel one hundred times better! Anyways i hope you have a fantastic day and i love your video content and you! Such a queen!! Lots of love from one of your fans in Glasgow, Scotland!!!!!!xxx

    Leah GillespieLeah Gillespie14 kun oldin
  • love love you girly 😘

    Henia GallegosHenia Gallegos14 kun oldin
  • You should definitely make a video about your goal thermometer/journaling/anything writing I'd be so interested

    Alyson TragerAlyson Trager14 kun oldin
  • Weird question but how do you keep your armpits so clear?

    Michelle DelgadoMichelle Delgado14 kun oldin
  • What starry night light do you have?

    Melissa DMelissa D14 kun oldin
  • Can we get the meditation link please lol?

    EleanorEleanor14 kun oldin
  • LOOOOVEEEE ♥️♥️🥰

    Lorraine SalasLorraine Salas14 kun oldin
  • 17:27 where’s the bottle from?

    Jenny MJenny M14 kun oldin
  • LOL I love hanging too I always feel weird doing it at the gym

    Janely RodJanely Rod14 kun oldin
  • The best xoxo 😘

    CelesteLoveHeartCelesteLoveHeart14 kun oldin
  • ur so cute i fucking love your vids so much, you don't have to try hard at all

    Shivani MHShivani MH14 kun oldin
  • How old is she ??

    Emma SkoglundEmma Skoglund14 kun oldin
  • Where did you get that robe 😍😫 I need it!

    shania ekshania ek14 kun oldin
  • Lol I hope Spencer didn't charge you to fix his mess!

    Daniela MiroDaniela Miro14 kun oldin
  • If you have an email address I can send closet organizing tips to I’ll send you an easy process to make your closet look great in like one evening.

    thatladylikethatladylike14 kun oldin
  • why not 6 or 7 am sis make it a little easier 😅

    Michelle MartinezMichelle Martinez14 kun oldin
  • These videos and your grwm are my fave videos of yours to watch 😍😍

    Jade SolandJade Soland14 kun oldin
  • Mood swings because of birth control are a bitch and the blues are soooo real🥺

    Medhavari SinghMedhavari Singh14 kun oldin
  • when henny fast forwards through lauren’s rants 😪

    Maddie PeckMaddie Peck15 kun oldin
  • birth control sucks for mood swings :(

    nataly rosasnataly rosas15 kun oldin
  • Try the Nuvaring! Never had any issues with it but I would get what you explained with the pill.

    Alaa BoutelaaAlaa Boutelaa15 kun oldin
  • Please link your outfits they’re so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Haley DunniganHaley Dunnigan15 kun oldin
  • Can you please tell us where the tie dye outfit is from 😍 ?

    Haley DunniganHaley Dunnigan15 kun oldin
  • Where are those pajamas from!!

    Savannah Rosevear-GoetschSavannah Rosevear-Goetsch15 kun oldin
  • I would advise you to try different kinds of birth control. It took me a couple of years to find the right one!

    Laura van LibergenLaura van Libergen15 kun oldin
  • I too feel way more productive when I wake up super early. I wake up at 6:30 and I feel like I get a lot done. Also, I loved the advice you shared from Henny about being sad, that’s a really good way to work on your mindset. When you mentioned the part about sadness being in the driver’s seat the only thing I could think of was sadness from the Disney movie inside out driving.

    AnnieAnnie15 kun oldin
  • the lil Paris Hilton manifestation made me happy lol hahah

    ItsTiannaGuysItsTiannaGuys15 kun oldin