[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Why Not?"

19-Okt, 2020
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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Why Not?"
LOOΠΔ [12:00]
A destiny discovered between coincidence and fate LOOΠΔ has created a wave of change beyond imagination through [#] and has come to realize their true roles; to be pioneers for all of the LOOΠΔs of the world.
To celebrate the New Moon, LOOΠΔ is expecting a new moon to rise. On this occasion, they will hold a Moonlight festival at [12:00], when the moon shines the brightest-a festival where no girl will feel silenced.
LOOΠΔ makes coincidence when destiny collides with fate, and finds her destiny within coincidence and fate to deliver a new message for the Midnight Festival.

‘With all LOOΠΔs around the world’, all of the LOOΠΔs across the globe will always be together, where all are dignified, equal and worthy of freedom.
The united voices of the girls around the world rings loud and clear ahead of the start of the new moon.

Intro for the album which is ’12:00’, it is promised time in the new space, capturing our story of getting into orbit.
The titled track ‘Why Not?’ is an uptempo electronic pop song, with a story of pursuing freedom and individualistic self. The funky and bubbly bass line reminiscent of the Midnight Festival is impressive. The key change in the song, which started with a charismatic introduction, from the chorus to the witty major, it resembles LOOΠΔ who is about to change.

‘Voice’ is an energetic retro song with a low, repetitive beat that evokes addiction. It is meant to enjoy the feelings of love and to venture together in an uncontrollable excitement.

‘Fall Again’ has a story about falling back in love with the one every time fall returns. It is a Pop R&B, a harmonious blend of sentimental vocals and rhythmic instruments by LOOΠΔ. It gives the feeling of the seasonality of autumn abundant.

‘Universe’ is a dreamy up-tempo electronic pop ballad with soft sweltering pads, ambient vocals and steady beat, adding warmth to the beat of love, attraction and temptation with the piano melody, allowing you to feel the song in its entirety.
‘Hide & Seek’ is a cool, bright, poptastic uptempo dance song, which it coolly reveals one’s mind that is not hidden. It is showing confidence to the opponent, like playing hide & seek.

‘OOPS!’ is a multi-groove pop song characterized by a cool, repetitive feeling and Latin undertones. It sends a message that the one will love oneself and live freely without caring about others anymore.

In addition, ‘Star’ which is an English version of Voice, it is aimed at global fans, will be released at the same time, allowing them to enjoy various music sources.
LOOΠΔs [12:00] album - where LOOΠΔ creates the inevitable through the merging of coincidence and fate.
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  • i convinced my little sister (a huge fan of the moon- literally goes out every night just to stare at it) that loona is the first group to ever film on the moon. she has never been more happy abt a group

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  • cb coming save up music show votes!

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  • if lipsoul say midnight dancing then we midnight dancing

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  • Not me listening to this song and waiting for that chinese rocket to hit my house😋

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  • good morning orbits!

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  • This was Haseul's era

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  • do they compose their songs? I want to stan them

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    • why do that even matter lololololol they recently told us that theyre learning how to compose songs

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    • They haven't been allowed to participate so far despite many members already writing and composing their own songs. But they said that they will release their own songs in the future so hope that will happen in their upcoming album

      AsterbitAsterbit2 soat oldin
    • I'm not sure about that,cause I'm a baby orbit but I know they are included in making choreographies. Some of the choreographies are even fully made by the girls. Edit: lol sorry this has nothing to do with your question

      SofijaSofija6 soat oldin
  • Congratulations to Kim for being Lip

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  • 0:45

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  • This had too muck of an impact on me i say why not do it in my head when im unsure of stuff

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  • LOONA's MVs never disappoint. so visually stunning

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  • When it's 2021 but you are still 𝒐𝒉 𝒍𝒂𝒍𝒂 𝒂𝒘𝒂𝒆 𝒂𝒘𝒂𝒆 𝒂𝒘𝒂𝒆

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  • Loona paved the way for NASA

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  • Orbit is so lame in streaming

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    • 28M views for a fandom that is not big. Other fandoms don't really help that much. 6 months, a lot of grupos in their same level can't reach that much views in 6 months, or in a year. So bye, also LOONA has more than 30 M/Vs to stream.

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  • Я тут один русский?

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  • loonatheworlddomination

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  • *AROUND YOU FULL THEORY* *EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HYUNJIN'S PRE-DEBUT STORY* 0. *LA, 1930, map of girls front, postcard, idk how to call this one* In 4k version you can read what it says in 2:57 in Around you. Anyway I searched it up and it turns out the thing she's holding is a vintage postcard of Springville motel in Utah from 1930 There's also an LA office address on the inside for the manufacturer of the postcard. A location that is nearby to some of the marked ones on the Girl Front map, which links Hyunjin to LA. That lead me to the fact that the map that OEC uses in girls front isn't actually new map but a vintage one from 1930... the same era as the postcard. Btw OEC uses map of LA for people that don't know it. I searched up locations of the girls on google map but I only found three and all of them are hotels/motels. On Hyunjin's location I found motel from 1930. It's called Motel Hollywood La Brea and facade of that motel is *peach and eden green* . Colours of Gowon and Chuu. Members that made her bracelet. I still don't understand the connection between Hyunjin and LA and what this all means but feel free to put your theories in replies. Why would OEC decide to look for Hyunjin with a map that's nearly century old? 1. *Hyunjin as the part of the Odd eye circle* Hyunjin was originally a part of the Odd eye circle, well cause that's the most logical thing. Red and blue are primary colours so why would purple be there and why not yellow? There is one more thing that is backing up that, in I'll be there she wore earrings that had two shapes attached to eachother, first was circle (OEC shape) and the second was square (earth shape) and they were purple which is colour of Choerry who replaced her in OEC. About the shapes we know it from the orbit logo. We see her odd eye in Star MV and it's a left one. With cat odd eye circle would have one animal that can swim, one that walks and one that can fly and they would be able to go anywhere. 2. *Around you happened on the Earth* Before I thought that happened in Odd eye circle realm and that that was her leaving OEC but I was wrong. This happened on the earth 100% cause every single pre-debut Loona MV that happened on the earth does not have borders and Around you doesn't have them. 3. *Who were the letters for?* One letter was for Gowon and she wanted to give her through the kitty mail. That's why she's giving letter to the cat. Second one was for Heejin. In around you Hyunjin is looking for Heejin. We know that cause first of all there is a sign in the house behind her that says pink in the colour pink. Also one letter is pink and she meets Heejin at the end. Third letter was for Kim Lip and Jinsoul. She was told by the staff to write a letter to someone she loves and guess who sings about the love letters? Kim Lip and Jinsoul. Captions for one of her teasers was love letter as well. So the whole song "Love letter" is about Lipsoul missing Hyunjin. 4. *Kimberly and Hyunjin* Kim Lip sings about waiting for someone at night but that person never comes, while Hyunjin sings about being way too scared to talk to someone and always leaving the last second. It makes sense why would Kim Lip wait for her at night cause both owls and cats are night animals 5. *Why was Hyunjin looking for Heejin/ Books on the table* On her table there were books. One of them is called The dodo, the Auk and The Oryx. It's about extinct animals and the animals that are about to be extinct. Note that Auk is quite similar to penguin. The other book is called our genes and our destiny and it's about a heart disease. So Chuu's solo is called heart attack and her animal is penguin. Maybe Hyunjin realized that Chuu is in danger so she went to talk to Heejin. Again on to the first book. It's about extinct animals right? Every single Loona girl is represented by the animal. My point is that their animals can get extinct as well. Maybe she saw that Loonaverse is collapsing and it's in danger (not only Chuu) and decided to look for Heejin It's a bit of a reach but still... 6. *Bracelet* Many people think she did not know who gave her bracelet but why would she smile then? She knew it was Gowon and Chuu. I think Gowon just wanted to give her hope, cause Gowon is actually hope. 7. *Hyunjin connecting the Loonaverse* Through the whole video we also see a lot of symbolism. She was on the Eden green bridge (Gowon's colour), but for now I just wanna focus on the fact that she was on bridge. Bridge represents conection. We also see connect the dot logo theme for the first time here and in the credit scene she is on the high up place. Loona girls are always on the roof when they are uniting. Odd eye circle was on the roof when they finally got together and in high hi they are also on the roof. All of that is cause Hyunjin is trying to connect all of them. Her mission is to connect members because she was a member of odd eye circle once and their mission is to unite all the girls. She knows Chuu and Gowon from that MV and she knows all the Odd eye circle and 1/3 members including Choerry. 8. *hairdresser* This one is long so pls have patience 🤗 First of all let's look at the surrounding of hairdresser's salon. There are some jars filled with colour The decor on the shelf is bitten apple. I heard a theory that men do not exist in the Loonaverse and that every single male person represents a member and I agree. So who is this hairdresser? First of all we know she sinned. In the New MV there is a shot of 7 apples representing loona 1/3 and odd eye circle. None of the apples of odd eye circle were bitten so we know they did not sin. So hairdresser isn't odd eye circle member. We also see Yeojin's apple but it isn't with other members cause she's lost. Anyway her apple isn't bitten. Only one apple is bitten and that's Vivi's apple but I don't think the hairdresser is Vivi. I think it's Yves and I'll explain why. 7.5 *Yves and hair colours* She went to get her hair done, right? Let's talk about meaning of hair colours in the Loonaverse. The lighter hair you have the more knowledgeable you are. We'll exclude Yves from this cause she doesn't have to have a light hair cause she already knows everything. You get knowledge by either eating a forbidden fruit or being picked by the Yves's claw machine. The 1/3 are least knowledgeable. Let's start with Vivi. She had blonde hair when she was with Yves but after she lost her memories and got converted into android her hair got darker. We also know she sinned and ate forbidden fruit cause of the apples in New I previously mentioned. Next is Gowon. She had black hair untill she got a crown by Yves. She was one of the two members that was fine with the loop. She even said in lyrics "maybe is better this way" and "That moment when the sun falls asleep, I get happy for no reason" (Note that the loop resets at midnight). When she said she doesn't need garden of Eden she means she doesn't need perfection cause she is hope. She is hope that everything will be better and she is grateful for what she has and not power hungry. She also did not eat fruit from rose family cause she trusted Yves but still kept her identity and still had some of her own beliefs. That's the reason her fruit is pineapple. Olivia has the darkest hair cause even if she's aware of the loop, knows who started it, knows how to stop it and ate her forbidden fruit yves didn't tell her any of that. Same like Gowon she has her own understanding of the Loonaverse. She begged Yves to tell her about it in love4eva (come on come on baby tell me your story) but Yves decided not to do that. Kim Lip got picked by the claw machine, Jinsoul ate cherries. For Chuu is hard to explain but she's more of a 1/3 member. Even her MV is filmed on the earth and we know that cause of borders. In opening logo of let me in there's dark red cause Yves is there in the MV. Haseul is trying to understand the Loonaverse but she always ends up getting scared and shooting her other blonde, knowledgeable self. Yves is showing Haseul what could she be like if she had knowledge. Also white feather outfit of other Haseul is kinda similar to Yves's swan outfit. Yeojin is fine with the loop as well, cause she doesn't mind saying kiss later to the frog every single day. 8. *Yves and Hyunjin* So what about Hyunjin? She was about to get her hair done by Yves but she looked uncomfortable and not so sure about that. We don't know what happened but she got out looking the same. She has the darkest hair like Olivia and I don't think she's least aware of the loop. I think she did the same thing as Olivia. She has her own understanding of the loop. Yves tried to contact her but Hyunjin refused. So now Hyunjin knows 10 out of 11 members. Also fun little detail she climbed up to see Yves. No matter if she's in OEC or on earth she has to go up to see Yves. 9. *Hyunjin with cat head* We know it's not just the metaphor cause of the way biker guy looked at Hyunjin. That's just BBC making conection between Bastet, goddess from Egypt with cat head and Hyunjin. I can't type anymore so feel free to check out myths about Bastet yourself. 10. *Mirror of Hyunjin is Choerry.* I can swear it's Choerry. Before I did not believe in it but after Love cherry motion and girls front I'm 100% sure. You saw that map in Girls front right? Well the place dots are placed in the position of mirrors in LCM. We know where is the dot/mirror of Hyunjin cause Choerry placed cat sticker. With that info look at the scene in Love cherry motion when Choerry is talking to her mirror self. There's high up shot of that and you can see the mirror she's talking to is Hyunjin's mirror and she's seeing herself. Btw look at the scene where grass is green not purple cause whit the purple grass one mirror under Hyunjin's is missing. Also that mirror is missing on the map. *I was talking about 10 minute version a lot so check it out*

    SofijaSofija17 soat oldin
    • @Yerimist Thank you! I wanted to add some more things but I'm way to lazy to type them now. I'll add them when I start writing about Heejin

      SofijaSofija9 soat oldin
    • This makes so much sense, you did such a good job on this♡

      YerimistYerimist10 soat oldin
    • @猫。 it's so sad that no one makes theories anymore :(

      SofijaSofija15 soat oldin
    • It’s really nice seeing someone discuss theories bc after jj left a lot of people just gave up, which is really disheartening because I believe that so what and why not both introduced a crazy amount of lore having to do with the loop

      猫。猫。16 soat oldin
    • I just wanna say that none of this is a reach and it all makes sense. I knew before that hyunjin had connections with oec but this is crazy, my head hurts 😮💥

      猫。猫。16 soat oldin
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  • LOONA =)

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  • Orbits save point in mubeat and idol champ:) 2nd win please

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  • That fact that I’m obsessed with this song is because of the progression at the end of the song, totally not because of Yves’ sexy parts with that black jacket, obviously not...

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  • let's get this to 30M before new moon!

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  • Orbits, please make sure to collect votes on the MUBEAT app for loona for their upcoming comeback!!

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  • Imma tell my future kids that loona created the moon

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  • ORBIT STREAM🌙 Why Not? 28M > 30M Heart Attack 19M > 20M Sweet Crazy Love 3,7M > 4M Love & Live > 2,7M > 3M ViViD 7,8M > 8M

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    • if you can please add my Sunday to the list! It’s pretty close to 1m

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  • I'm a new orbit can someone do timestamps with their names?

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    • @Katia Salazar The names of the timestamps are not correct, us orbits just like to trick/prank people😃. Anyways, here is the actual timestamps with the correct names 0:14 Heejin 0:21 Choerry 0:29 Kim lip 0:42 Jinsoul 0:48 Yves 1:01 Olivia hye 1:04 Vivi 1:12 Yeojin 1:53 Chuu 3:02 Gowon 3:27 Hyunjin And the leader Haseul was not in this or So what's mv because she was taking a break due to anxiety

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    • haseul the 3rd member of loona and leader did not pafrticipate in this comeback & so what comeback due to anxiety so she isnt here :( watch her solo mv (let me in)

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    • @Loonahater 9000 Hatepage you couldve said haseul is not in the mv ......... :(

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