Mullet El Camino Build Episode 1!! Taking Apart the Brand New Engine????

29-Noy, 2020
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Diving into the taking the brand new engine apart???? Hold on, what are we doing? Find out why we are going backwards to go forward in the first episode of the KSR build series for Cleetus McFarland's "Mullet" G-body El Camino.
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  • Very informative good stuff!

    Tom CrawfordTom Crawford4 kun oldin
  • So is anyone going to address the bump on his neck? (Mainly just worried about Kevin)❤️

    Reinholdt HeckReinholdt Heck6 kun oldin
  • u are a good mechanic

    thebrassmonkeythebrassmonkey8 kun oldin
  • 7:29 where the real ASMR starts

    jesseturbosssjesseturbosss10 kun oldin
  • I would’ve used some actually good heads like Frankenstein or tfs

    Brandon FosterBrandon Foster20 kun oldin
  • I totally thought that pop might have been an electrical short as well. LOL REALLY glad it wasn't (obviously, haha) There aren't too many everyday things that can be as distracting (if we're being honest, extremely unsettling) than having to worry about if there's an electrical short somewhere that you can't locate or have to worry about, lol I am really glad that this channel is gaining some traction because you do you like it very intelligent and cool dude! There is a lot I have learned/relearned from this channel. The way you put it together, it doesn't give away secrets of what you're doing that makes your business so successful but at the same time share lots of really good information and really good quality content! It makes me wish places like Keith Black, Sassy Racing engines, Banter Machine, etc. and places like that would be able to make a UZworld channel (or had a UZworld channel or similar back in the day) I guess Sassy Racing engines could. Anyway, love the channel man 🤘🏻

    DME EMDDME EMD21 kun oldin
  • Glow plug is a good name for the sharp edges.

    Kurt SumthinorotherKurt Sumthinorother21 kun oldin
  • Kevins brain just operates at such a high level. Awesome watching him work.

    Dan KowalchickDan Kowalchick23 kun oldin
  • Great stuff!

    John HubertyJohn Huberty24 kun oldin
  • Dude AWESOME job! Keep it up!

    Faith Fitness & Fast CarsFaith Fitness & Fast Cars27 kun oldin
  • Very intelligent and thoughtful engineering. Put the thought in at first so items do not have to be redone.

    Naught MeenaymNaught Meenaym29 kun oldin
  • Early January???!! Holy cow!! You are awesome!

    Scott FarrisScott Farris29 kun oldin
  • ur soda was in a supercooled state. Being in the freezer, it was at a temperature below its freezing point however it remained as a liquid as the can was too smooth to allow ice crystals to start to form (in technical terms, the phase transition requires a nucleation site). When you removed it from the freezer, you gave it the disturbance necessary to catalyse the transition from supercooled liquid into a block of ice.

    Scott FarrisScott Farris29 kun oldin
  • You’re killin it Kevin!!!

    James DupinJames DupinOy oldin
  • Shouldering those aluminum heads, didn’t seem to heavy. I had to move 6 sets of Chevy bigblock Iron heads up to the top shelf last week. Not fun at all!

    TrAvy_K_MallloTrAvy_K_MallloOy oldin
  • If he's not using a dingleberry honing tool from Amazon in the cylinders, I'm out. (Cleet has come a long way)

    Rob PitneyRob PitneyOy oldin
  • Good Stuff!

    Travis of the CosmosTravis of the CosmosOy oldin
  • Great watching your work.

    Jeff BinstadtJeff BinstadtOy oldin
  • Thanks for posting.

    James EastwoodJames EastwoodOy oldin
  • Very cool to watch the more technical details of a good build

    Scott AllisonScott AllisonOy oldin
  • Kevin what was that tool you were using to dull the combustion chamber edges?

    Paul MeowPaul MeowOy oldin
    • Debur tool from McMaster Carr

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • 125k subs. Congrats Kev. You deserve it brotha.

    JayrseyshoreGardnerJayrseyshoreGardnerOy oldin
  • Why does your vehicle sound like an old boat? 0:40

    Andrew HopkinsAndrew HopkinsOy oldin
  • 150mm stainless ruler works mint as well *for deburring*

    KadengineeringKadengineeringOy oldin
  • Cool

    Kenny ColemanKenny ColemanOy oldin
  • I just wanna say, I'm here at 125k subscribers, before you blow up to millions of subs.

    RzRshRp 709RzRshRp 709Oy oldin
  • Kevin Ross!!! Puff puff... Happy little valve springs... Puff puff... 1.810 grams... I mean inches...

    Atlas IntegrationsAtlas IntegrationsOy oldin
  • Gotta love XS.

    Jeremy DawsonJeremy DawsonOy oldin
  • Is the mullet project toast or is there another camaro?

    robert hardingrobert hardingOy oldin
  • Awesome connect

    KarrijarrahKarrijarrahOy oldin
  • Love your work are a perfectionist. Just the person to be building these awesome machines

    Craig WellacottCraig WellacottOy oldin
  • I love watching a true craftsman at work. Your videos show me what I want to be able to do to my cars.

    Pinks GaragePinks GarageOy oldin
  • Crazy you developed a part then a major part company develops the same part!

    rez runnerrez runnerOy oldin
  • Hey man I found your channel through garrets (aka cleetus) channel. I'm sure your video content will blow up pretty shortly here. You make the typ of content we want to watch, and you generally seem like a good dude. The production quality has risen in a short time, and gets better as time goes on. Thats all I want to say, keep up the great videos we appreciate them.

    Jason 0Jason 0Oy oldin
  • Keep killing it brother. Love learning technical stuff from you.

    Michael BowersMichael BowersOy oldin
  • Was wondering if he had his own shop

    Stephen MitchellStephen MitchellOy oldin
  • Why don't you guys go dry sump with drag motors? Seems like it would head off a lot of expensive problems.

    LarryLarryOy oldin
  • First time watching you on your channel, great content! The bit about cleaning up the sharp edges is a great nugget of information and just makes sense. Digging the chill time lapse music, it matches your laid back personality. 👍

    william joneswilliam jonesOy oldin
  • Gaaaahhh dang. What got the back of your neck? Pterodactyl??

    Brad BurksBrad BurksOy oldin
  • If the can has been frozen, you put it the refrigerator to defrost then it will not expand..:) But the bubbles are gone when it has been frozen.

    MatsSvensson62MatsSvensson62Oy oldin
  • Kevin: "Jeeps are fun" Whistlen Diesel enters chat.......

    Ian DurhamIan DurhamOy oldin
  • this car is going to be insane

    Philip RubinPhilip RubinOy oldin
  • Your an inspiration to me brother!

    Martin MercadoMartin MercadoOy oldin
  • Is that a train your driving Kev or something knocking

    Timmy ReevesTimmy ReevesOy oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication lol sounded like something more lol glad nothing bad thought love the video can't wait really enjoy watching how you work and the work you do outstanding really is

      Timmy ReevesTimmy ReevesOy oldin
    • Badly worn offroad tires, lol

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • I ain't gonna lie, i hit the like and sub button before starting this video because Kevins a legend. Looking forward to this content right here!

    Mike KraemerMike KraemerOy oldin
  • Greetings from Australia. good work , Kevin

    Nicholas SNicholas SOy oldin
  • Can't wait this is gonna be a sweet ride. I like that you get technical in the videos, it gives me ideas for my build.

    PhilPhilOy oldin
  • Hell yeah brother, nice work Kevin

    brian ehrsambrian ehrsamOy oldin
  • Great Video Sir, very educational and enjoyable

    GinjaGinjaOy oldin
  • Looking forward to the next video dude. 👍👌

    Steve CarelessSteve CarelessOy oldin
  • When I grow up I want to be as cool as Kevin

    Brandon LanczakBrandon LanczakOy oldin
  • Is that lump on the back of your neck supposed to be there? Hopefully its nothing serious.

    HazeHazeOy oldin
    • The aliens told me not to talk about it.......

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Kevin. Please keep doing this UZworld thing. Can’t wait to learn what you have to teach!

    Brandon ChevyBrandon ChevyOy oldin
  • you need to fix what ever is wrong with your vehicle in you were driving in the beginning of the video

    Danl AlfredDanl AlfredOy oldin
    • Just some poorly worn tires. Shes getting an upgrade early next year.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • What's the story on the pink room?

    John BoelteJohn BoelteOy oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication In the last couple minutes I thought I saw a room in the background where the walls and ceiling appeared to be painted pink. Maybe it's the light, or maybe I'm just wrong, lol. Either way, just curious. 🙂

      John BoelteJohn BoelteOy oldin
    • Pink room?

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • That “mood setting” music when you were removing the heads. Spot on!

    krettykrettyOy oldin
  • On LS do they make it so the fuel pump can be ran on the front of the cam instead of by belt or is it only a belt drive pump only?

    79tazman79tazmanOy oldin
    • There is that option, but it complicates some other things

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Yeah I take down all the sharp edges off my pistons off the heads my father taught me that a long time ago on the first engine I built so I go over the heads and pistons Flat top pistons are no worries it's the dome pistons that you want to soften all the edges on

    79tazman79tazmanOy oldin
  • Im working on swapping a Coyote into my jeep right now.

    Gage HuhmanGage HuhmanOy oldin
  • bro what going with the back of your neck you good?

    Aaron LongAaron LongOy oldin
  • U do a very good job of showing us what and why things need to be done

    Darwin McReynoldsDarwin McReynoldsOy oldin
  • That jeep sounds like a rod knock in the first part of the video

    Peter GarciaPeter GarciaOy oldin
    • My wife has a 2020 rubicon and you can't trust those damn brand of vehicles! Plus of all people I know you would hear it first!

      Peter GarciaPeter GarciaOy oldin
    • Its got some really goofy worn tires on it

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Love me some XS Energy! 👍🏻

    rickrack78rickrack78Oy oldin
  • seems like u know ur shit homie. awesome!

    Jesse ConsopolusJesse ConsopolusOy oldin
  • here for some engine building content *sips coffee* time to learn :)

    GBracingGBracingOy oldin
  • I would have lost it if that can would have just popped and smashed him in the face. It was a "wait for it....wait for it...." kinda moment

    TheevilporkchopTheevilporkchopOy oldin
  • Kevin I'll put it in a box aka out of sight out of mind 😆

    Max MessengerMax MessengerOy oldin
  • I haven't seen many aftermarket cathedral port heads that wasn't already on an engine I haven't ever seen any cathedral ports opened up like that head you showed curious what they flow

    Dewayne BootheDewayne BootheOy oldin
  • Jeep life! Come on down and stay a while 😀

    Blake JensenBlake JensenOy oldin
  • Kevin Love what you're doing

    steve Combs combssteve Combs combsOy oldin
  • Kevin I’m a bit worried about the lump in your neck. Get the doctor to have a look at it. Keep up the great work.

    George Van Der TogtGeorge Van Der TogtOy oldin
  • Good job Kevin , very clean work . Little far from Cali , but I would love to have some KSR fab work on my car !! Be safe brother 🇺🇸

    wilson 7800wilson 7800Oy oldin
  • good content! this is the direction I really wanted to go with my career, not spend 20 yrs diagnosing cars. oh well lol.

  • cant wait for more

    Stephen RobinsonStephen RobinsonOy oldin
  • Those TSP billet valve covers look bad@ss!!

    David w. That MSD GuyDavid w. That MSD GuyOy oldin
  • Is it just me, or does it sound like some serious rod knock in the into clip. Made me lol

    SoullessMeatVehicleSoullessMeatVehicleOy oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication Just glad its a tire and not an engine for your sake.. or your wallets lol keep up the good work Kev!

      SoullessMeatVehicleSoullessMeatVehicleOy oldin
    • @SoullessMeatVehicle Shoulda heard it before I trimmed the sound volumes, hahaha.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication Man I thought it was just me at first lol 😆. Thanks for the clarification! I was like man that sure sounds like a knocking rod bearing.

      SoullessMeatVehicleSoullessMeatVehicleOy oldin
    • Funny thing is, I played with the sound balance to try and cut it out, lol. Its a real goofy worn tire.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Very informative!

    William CareyWilliam CareyOy oldin
  • Cleet caters to my inner hoon, you cater to my inner nerd. Awesome content Kevin

    Dante OrtizDante OrtizOy oldin
  • Super cool to see the behind the scenes of this build. Plus you’re a pretty rad dude yourself

    Justin PlettJustin PlettOy oldin
  • Great build video. I’m building a motor and at the point of installing the heads. Love the tip you gave about removing the sharp edges and why.

    Adam JenkinsAdam JenkinsOy oldin
  • I’m surprised that even on all these ultra high performance, crazy horsepower LS motors they are still running stock non adjustable rockers and hydraulic lifters.

    Jonathan BlakeJonathan BlakeOy oldin
    • It just flat works! SoccerMom has turned 8600 rpm on occasion.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Cleetus' videos really don't show just how knowledgeable Kevin actually is. I mean it's always been clear the Kevin knows what he's talking about, but shit, after watching this I have 150% confidence in Kevin at this point.

    03CanadianF503CanadianF5Oy oldin
    • Thanks! Been doing this stuff a long time but I try to learn something new every day!

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Im so impressed with how much stuff I learned on this video keep up the good work! 👍 also 802nd comment

    wincel tomlinsonwincel tomlinsonOy oldin
  • Any estimation for when Mullet is going to finished? Would love to see you start posting more often!

    Matthew WhaleyMatthew WhaleyOy oldin
    • Hoping to have it on track by late January

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • I hope you have other people helping out in your shop...I can't wait to see the final conclusion to your latest projects.

    tom nolantom nolanOy oldin
    • I do. I have a killer team.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • uhm the music at 8:00 reminds me of some certain adult games. just saying

    prophetDKprophetDKOy oldin
  • Sharp edges, high spots, buildups, everything in that are hotspots, and cause -auto-ignite- pushing the piston into the opposite direction of its way of travel, damage follows as expected. Soms are lucky some aren't. Thanks for the tip on the sharp edges. No one ever told me that.

    Rea PerRea PerOy oldin
  • Do you debur the entire combustion chamber edge or just the intake side?

    Brad PBrad POy oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication awesome. Thank you for a response. This really helps me out. Good luck to you sir. I see good things coming your way.

      Brad PBrad POy oldin
    • Anywhere there is a sharp edge

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • When you're driving to the shop in the start of the video, there's a weird chugging noise that almost reminds me of rod knock. Scared me for a moment

    EffYeaEffYeaOy oldin
    • Its an oddly worn tire.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Good content! Looking forward to watching this build.

    Jimmy AbercrombieJimmy AbercrombieOy oldin
  • Bro go to the doc about that bump on your neck please! Looks painful! We need you 100%

    STMgc8STMgc8Oy oldin
  • If you're gonna put 'El Camino' in the title, maybe you should show the El Camino or at least explain at the beginning what it is you're working on.

    FryphaxFryphaxOy oldin
  • Now imagine if you built that engine with an 8v92 blower sitting on top, and for added fun and confusion get a pair of turbochargers feeding the blower ...

    DaveFromColoradoDaveFromColoradoOy oldin
  • "Had some fun on Thanksgiving night" ohh... with the jeep not the girlfriend

    David BrintonDavid BrintonOy oldin
    • Lol

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
    • Lol

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Love the time lapse music, so chill

    Branden DietrichBranden DietrichOy oldin
  • Everyone is running all this complicated computer stuff. I'm looking for a gearhead to help on a old school build with very little electronics evolved. 🤔

    Michael McClureMichael McClureOy oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication I've got a 18 foot tunnel jetboat, it's had a list of engines. I have some good old school parts . Brodix angle plug heads off a roundy round. A 040 block cast of course. And other stuff.

      Michael McClureMichael McClureOy oldin
    • The computers uncomplicate alot of things.....

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin
  • Good job on subs

    Lee KnudsonLee KnudsonOy oldin
  • Dude get that lump on the back of your neck taken out.

    Ryan MillionsRyan MillionsOy oldin
  • Love the mullet video keep em comin

    Kenneth KashubaKenneth KashubaOy oldin
  • Did he have to change the killer Frankenstein intake when he changed the heads?

    Allan ThompsonAllan ThompsonOy oldin
    • No, the intake is for cathedral port heads

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationOy oldin