Mullet El Camino Build Episode 3! Installing the Engine, but Issues Arise!!

10-Yan, 2021
217 179 Ko‘rishlar soni

We drop the Texas Speed 427 down into Cleetus McFarland's El Camino nicknamed "Mullet", but are we done with the engine mounting? As usual, we talk about a few tricks of the trade and our thought process on building a high performance drag racing car.
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  • Let’s just ditch the hood :)

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland15 kun oldin
    • let the man work Cleet.

      Bob MarleyBob Marley3 kun oldin
    • bahahahahahaha im so glad i subscribed to you and KSR.

      xollstxollst6 kun oldin
    • Bet Garrett is glad that you didn't spit on it at 3.45 😅😂 also no it needs a hood

      Timmy ReevesTimmy Reeves6 kun oldin
    • I think cleeter here is a little tired of the timeline. Let's get this car going!

      Ryan DonovanRyan Donovan8 kun oldin
    • Hell yeah brother haha

      Larson BrownLarson Brown9 kun oldin
  • Damn good work!

    KyleKyleKun oldin
  • If it ain't right, it's.....

    Ben HBen HKun oldin
  • Man you tore there ass up in that race

    Daimon SmithDaimon SmithKun oldin
  • I know it fixed some driveline issues, but if they weren't so bad, couldn't you have just ordered another hood with a taller scoop? Naaaa this is why they pay you the big bucks! Nice job!

    Sean AnonSean Anon2 kun oldin
  • I like a hood that is just clearanced enough to let the obstruction peak out

    Ott MotorsportsOtt Motorsports2 kun oldin
  • whats right isn't easy, and whats easy isn't right or better. Its just easy. But you're better than that KSR.

    Bob MarleyBob Marley3 kun oldin
  • I watch Cleetus for the shenanigans and Kevin for the detailed work and to learn a bit about working on cars. Keep up the great work Kevin!

    Alex DodgeAlex Dodge3 kun oldin
  • Do you guys plan on ceramic coating the hot side of the turbo manifolds?

    Slick Six RacingSlick Six Racing3 kun oldin
    • Not currently, it will all be stainless

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication3 kun oldin
  • Great work!

    KyleKyle4 kun oldin
  • The reason why I love this channel is because you always want to do it the right way no half a**ing it

    Alray BacaAlray Baca5 kun oldin
  • Do it the right way it will be better and drive better

    Berto CastroBerto Castro6 kun oldin
  • I love seeing the thought process when things go left. A lot of builds gloss over the fact that there are potential snags to hit all along the way.

    0509kj0509kj7 kun oldin
  • Kevin my brother you are absolutely killing it with this build. You sir are a definite asset to cleetus I really believe that he has the potential to go sixes now that you are on the team. I do know this if I ever needed a car built I would drive the whopping 50 miles from my house to your shop lol love what you doing brother keep the videos rolling.

    Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson7 kun oldin
  • I know Kevin is just going to move the engine because that is just the type of guy he is; BUT, is there any reason why that hood couldn’t be modified to accommodate the engine where it is? Like cut out the area that is touching and fiberglass in a new cowl? OR have StreetBanditos make a carbon fiber hood real quick? Would be a good colab.

    Matthew VanEppsMatthew VanEpps7 kun oldin
    • We could have easily cut the hood, but there were other issues that I wanted to fix and this pushed me over the edge.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication4 kun oldin
  • we love it

    miko foinmiko foin7 kun oldin
  • Seriously may be my favorite ever.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose8 kun oldin
  • Just ditch the hood, it's obvious that it is cleetus's destiny at this point.

    Josh MurphyJosh Murphy8 kun oldin
    • Nooooooooo

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • You can keep the notifications, but I am subscribed and will surely watch the videos as they show up on my subscriptions. Thumbs up also. The detailed video on what makes machines what they are is what I love and it is something easily left out by other youtubers and especially tv shows (I hate TV now because it is all about advertising and drama, without the details). Cletus has some detailed build videos but not as much as he used to, and Alex Taylor just had one of her dad sand casting an aluminum part. People like your channel because you are down to Earth with no drama and you do a great job presenting what you do. It isn't for everyone, but there are more of us who appreciate that, than you may have expected.

    CGT80CGT808 kun oldin
    • oh my GOD it keeps getting better

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose8 kun oldin
  • Man your quality and need to be a perfectionist is a lost art! Keep up the Great work

    Robert GeierRobert Geier8 kun oldin
    • It's nice to see the attention to detail you put into your builds.

      miko foinmiko foin7 kun oldin
  • More content please!

    mk9252mk92529 kun oldin
  • He’s kinda got a tony hawk thing going on

    Alec McjarisonAlec Mcjarison9 kun oldin
  • Really appreciate how the video reveals the thought process that goes into a build from scratch car like this, the only blue prints are the ones in your head, the ones that have cost you many hours of brain storming, trial and error, and the ones that have made you a professional, you cant just order that stuff off e-bay and i doubt that an AI robot will ever take your place regardless of how much data they feed it, lol Thanks for your time and please keep on rolling.....

    Junkyarddawg FixitJunkyarddawg Fixit9 kun oldin
  • You are the best

    sokin jonsokin jon9 kun oldin
  • Great. Choice. Will all that moving around help the weight and performance of the car

    Mike BongeMike Bonge9 kun oldin
  • Kevin I know Im a few days late, but does the company that makes the heat exchanger for the intake make a lower profile one?

    Duke SaundersDuke Saunders9 kun oldin
    • Really enjoy your content Kevin. Your precision and attention to detail is something to be proud of for sure. Great stuff!!

      sokin jonsokin jon9 kun oldin
  • Awesome work Kevin, love seeing your projects coming together. You gotta do what you know is best or it's gunna annoy the hell out of you

    Craig WellacottCraig Wellacott9 kun oldin
  • jus do one of those supercahrged s15 with half the engine out the hood, with the turbos out the top

    CivMichealsCivMicheals9 kun oldin
  • Cut horizontal slats in the cowl and bend the slats up and outward. Added benefit is cooling..

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Your easy rider timelapse music's making me sleepy :P

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson10 kun oldin
  • @15:30 the process of arguing with one’s self.... and not wanting to redo progress, but it sucks when you know it’s the right thing to do. The struggle is real. 😖😖😖 and we know that we don’t want to send it out the way it was/is....

    Bayer-Z28Bayer-Z2810 kun oldin
  • Amazing content keep it up!!!

    VIIJuniorIIVVIIJuniorIIV10 kun oldin
  • It's nice to see the attention to detail you put into your builds.

    Alan CoteAlan Cote10 kun oldin
  • oh my GOD it keeps getting better

    gioyu comigioyu comi10 kun oldin
  • Sooo, it’s been 4 days. How’s she coming along their Kevin?🤔

    Jakob KrinerJakob Kriner10 kun oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication alrighty, can’t wait to see the vids!!

      Jakob KrinerJakob Kriner7 kun oldin
    • It’s been a busy busy week. Should have a video up of racing the Viper by Monday morning, and another Mullet video by Wednesday.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • You know you wouldn't be happy with the build if you left it the way it is. Moving the engine is exactly what we all expect you to do. After all..... it's the right thing to do.... right !?

    Matt SchwabMatt Schwab10 kun oldin
    • This is the content I was looking for

      gioyu comigioyu comi10 kun oldin
  • Kevin I've heard you say your a Holley Distributor my question is does Holley make a system for rotary's im looking for a system that will control 2 13b's at the same time or if I can like 2 units together if they do sell such a unit could you point me in the right direction thank you for your time The Old Guy

    Ike BuchananIke Buchanan10 kun oldin
  • @ KSR Performance & Fabrication Kevin just fab hood with higher dome. It'd take you a coupla hours. To cut the top off. Weld insert. Replace top weld and send to paint.

  • It's looking really good. Gonna be one hell of a car! You gotta get those boys to abandon the cathedral ports lol. Once you go to a certain point....

    Kurt SumthinorotherKurt Sumthinorother10 kun oldin
  • That viper in the background earlier in the video looked pretty slick

    Random StuffRandom Stuff10 kun oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication awesome

      Random StuffRandom Stuff8 kun oldin
    • I am at Sebring with it right now, video coming by tomorrow hopefully.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • Really enjoy your content Kevin. Your precision and attention to detail is something to be proud of for sure. Great stuff!!

    Colin FlynnColin Flynn10 kun oldin
  • This music makes me want to grab a glass of wine and chill with the lady.

    Ryan KirkRyan Kirk10 kun oldin
    • You’re

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • I love watchin the doctor work, making sure this does NOT become a pig to work on, or needing rework/extra work. Do it right, do it once. Be proud when you're done. Lookin sharp. I could feel tension of the words trying to escape your lips, but like I taught all my kids from young- don't say FARK, its a Currant of a word...

    AllXDupAllXDup10 kun oldin
  • What a G

    The Guy From WIThe Guy From WI10 kun oldin
  • lower the front & move it back 3-4 "

    Craig MatthewsCraig Matthews11 kun oldin
  • Have you ever used a .001 feeler gauge? Used to work on disintegrators for SEM and that was the clearance on the cutting blades! Bolts also torqued to 495lb-ft. Love the detail Kev as always

    Brian KendallBrian Kendall11 kun oldin
  • easy isn't worth anything 👍

    colin hamercolin hamer11 kun oldin
  • If you go down and back , that will make the front to rear weight balance better and make the center of gravity better . Win win and the hood will fit for a 3rd win .

    jerry hendersonjerry henderson11 kun oldin
  • Thanks for doing it right.

    rhadiemrhadiem11 kun oldin
  • Moving the engine back ain't that bad in your situation. It's early in the build and there ain't much to move lol

    Derek StanleyDerek Stanley11 kun oldin
  • What do you charge for shop time on something like that? Or do you just eat it?

    Jesse VallantineJesse Vallantine11 kun oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication cheers for the reply Kevin. Keep up the hard work 👍

      Jesse VallantineJesse Vallantine8 kun oldin
    • The engine was mounted by another shop, so this would be billed to a customer.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • There’s nothing that you really could have done until you put the engine in anyway

    Justin SherrillJustin Sherrill11 kun oldin
  • the struggle of "fixing 5 to 10 small things" or "fix one bigger thing and all the small things dissapear" in the end its better to just fix the big one.

    Unknown LC4Unknown LC411 kun oldin
  • Kevin just completely ignore the 50 down thumbs that pulled em out of their rear ends. This is pure shop talk, some can’t follow where you go.

    Dave Allyn, Sr.Dave Allyn, Sr.11 kun oldin
  • I love when hes sitting thinking. itd the worst when you get so much done then have to go back so many steps

    David CarrikerDavid Carriker11 kun oldin
  • Do you tune Holley Sniper efi?

    Baseball44Baseball4411 kun oldin
    • Yes

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • As fast as he is saying he will go with this car. I'm very surprised he doesn't have a 2 peice billet converter

    Jeremy EubanksJeremy Eubanks11 kun oldin
  • Why not just get another hood/modify the scoop until the intake clears? That way you keep the weight at the front, preventing wheelies and save a lot of time. A fiber-hood cant be as expensive as the work hours to move the engine back either, or am I wrong?

    SargeSarge12 kun oldin
    • @KSR Performance & Fabrication Oh right, forgot that little detail :D Anyway, thanks for answering :) Really looking forward to see the Camino finished, ready to rocket down the strip :)

      SargeSarge7 kun oldin
    • That would not fix the driveline issues.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • Love seeing the thought process behind the hood clearance/engine move

    Chris ClinardChris Clinard12 kun oldin
  • Kevin great content learning alot. Thank you for your time.

    Ken HooperKen Hooper12 kun oldin

    tyler matthewstyler matthews12 kun oldin
  • Like it how he shows also the set backs and explanes what he is going to do as he brainstorms how to fix it.

    Ronald de BruinRonald de Bruin12 kun oldin
  • I’d like to see you do it right leave the hood on so that Cletus can beat some of his personal records in the car!!!👍🏻

    Matt HoodMatt Hood12 kun oldin
  • Since when has Cleetus ever needed a Hood??

    Mark SMark S12 kun oldin
  • Would the charge pipe be able to clear or it would it still need to be notched?

    Luke SimpsonLuke Simpson12 kun oldin
    • It

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • whats the film used protecting the paint? i need some of that

    EbearclawEbearclaw12 kun oldin
    • Search “crash wrap” on Amazon

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication8 kun oldin
  • Just cut the hood enough to make it fit it'll look cool peeking through.

    Daniel FryeDaniel Frye12 kun oldin
  • Put another prostock style hood scoop on top of the cowl scoop that’s molded into the hood.

    Richard PriceRichard Price12 kun oldin
  • change the hood he will take the hood of anyway

    Alec McAlisterAlec McAlister12 kun oldin
  • So the rule that "anything worth doing will have to be done more than once" doesn't just apply to things I do.

    Jon RauJon Rau12 kun oldin
  • "Always lube your input shaft". Funny when my wife laughs before I do. We love your channel Kevin!! I've officially started saving specifically for your services. 2022 !!!

    Micah BuchheitMicah Buchheit12 kun oldin
  • If anyone can do this, it's you Kevin, loving the content, bloody awesome and informative 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

    steve_kemp70steve_kemp7012 kun oldin
  • Give ole Cleet a clean Mullet.. Kev you got it man 💪🇹🇨

    Cameron CoalbrookeCameron Coalbrooke12 kun oldin
  • Make an aerodynamic nose cap and make it a Daytona Camino

    BensonBenson12 kun oldin
    • Or cooling lmao I didn’t think this through

      BensonBenson12 kun oldin
    • Who needs turbos

      BensonBenson12 kun oldin
  • Really get a hood! Or fab the hood

    Gary SellsGary Sells12 kun oldin
  • Your videos are great... please, don’t look at the lens; look past it. It helps you not go cross eyed.

    Brian F.Brian F.12 kun oldin
  • I worked in the high performance world for a long time - I understand small change can affect absolutely everything.

    DaveFromColoradoDaveFromColorado12 kun oldin
  • 2 steps back one step forward

    Chaim Z KranzChaim Z Kranz12 kun oldin
  • Making things right even though it sucks = respect. That's awesome yo. 🤘

    Antiyou12Antiyou1212 kun oldin
  • Kevin, you've got my Viper I see. 😁😁😁 Love the videos, the wealth of knowledge you possess is amazing

    EWolfkielEWolfkiel12 kun oldin
  • Just get a different hood!!!

    bullhead360bullhead36012 kun oldin
  • Those slotted holes are line up holes on factory appliances. As of after market I ain’t sure.

    David CyrusDavid Cyrus12 kun oldin
  • Just flip the top and pipe it through the cowl!

    MyimoMyimo12 kun oldin
  • Haha, 30 hours of fab work to fit a 200 dollar hood, that looks like a mess to begin with. Perfection: a blessing and a curse.

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse12 kun oldin
  • Wow, that hood is on warped up piece of .... fiberglass ? Yikes...

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse12 kun oldin
  • @ 3:38 ... that's what she said. HAHaHahahaha.... Ohhh, I kill myself.....LOL

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse12 kun oldin
  • Heck yea can’t wait to see thing thing rippin!!

    darrel nutzdarrel nutz12 kun oldin
  • When you , Cleetus and James build a drag car, do you run a quarter mile or eighth mile ?

    Jim FisherJim Fisher12 kun oldin
    • Depends on where it will be raced.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication12 kun oldin
  • Very cool

    Kevin GreeneKevin Greene12 kun oldin
  • What is going on with that four eyed fox body in the background?

    Chris ThomasChris Thomas12 kun oldin
    • Custom set of headers

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication12 kun oldin
  • You cannn doooo itt 👍 Get er right ✅

    Ray BeaudryRay Beaudry12 kun oldin
  • I gotta be honest, the quality of fab work is why I've subscribed in the first place. That pain in the ass decision is exactly the stuff I'm taking about. Doing it right, even when that means more work.

    Jeremy GoldsmithJeremy Goldsmith13 kun oldin
  • Going with your gut feeling is the way to go. Your attention to detail is inspiring!! Thanks for the content man!!

    Ronny WilsonRonny Wilson13 kun oldin
  • first off the way you do things is awesome and more people need to be about the "right way". that being said... i gotta know about the two viper ACRs sitting there!!

    Tyler gonzalezTyler gonzalez13 kun oldin
  • Loving your videos, Kevin! No fluff or stupid gimmicks. Just a calm, well explained, walkthrough of what you're doing. Please keep it coming!

    Lochlan HickokLochlan Hickok13 kun oldin
    • That’s the plan!!

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication12 kun oldin
  • You made the right decision to move the engine! Everything will be better - lower CG, lower polar moment of inertia, better aero, no interference with steering rack. 💪🏻🤓

    Bill CutlipBill Cutlip13 kun oldin
  • It's nice to know there are still builders out there that would rather do it right, not easy! Too often guys run into an issue like this and go with what is easy instead!

    Wildturkey10121Wildturkey1012113 kun oldin
  • This is why I love Kevin. He just wants to do everything right.

    stigwastakenstigwastaken13 kun oldin
  • Great job and hard choice! But it’s the only way to success !

    Sébastien MartinotSébastien Martinot13 kun oldin
  • I say keep the hood but I do love cars who’s intake tube is poking through the hood, kind of like chucks car from street outlaws

    Josh509ci N/AJosh509ci N/A13 kun oldin