Moving Away From Homestead For The Winter

30-Sen, 2020
66 298 Ko‘rishlar soni

We are moving away from the homestead for the winter. But wait...
Fermenting course
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  • Holy crap beans I am one of the winners and bonus win Art you said my last name right! Lol! I am super excited to learn how to ferment! BTW I'm Christina, hi 👋!

    Mommybirdof2chickiesMommybirdof2chickies24 kun oldin
    • Congrats! 🤗

      Barbara SpanBarbara Span22 kun oldin
    • Good for you!

      Donna SmithDonna Smith22 kun oldin
    • Thanks for having me and thank you everyone

      Mommybirdof2chickiesMommybirdof2chickies23 kun oldin
    • Congratulations!

      BareFoot BackYardBareFoot BackYard24 kun oldin
    • Congratulations on wining,

      Lesley HarrisLesley Harris24 kun oldin
  • Wow almost 900+ videos!! Can't wait until it's over 2000+!!

    Cassie _Cassie _3 kun oldin
  • I wish I had anti-troll repellant that we could spray here, to alleviate the nasties.... You guys are doing your best and I for one, am proud of y'all. Hugs and encouragement from us to you!

    Redeemed For Living LoveRedeemed For Living Love6 kun oldin
  • You're an amazing family..... bravo. Prayers for you all🙏🙏

    Cathy WhelpleyCathy Whelpley12 kun oldin
  • Sweet family

    Sahn MoneymakerSahn Moneymaker15 kun oldin
  • Just and idea for your calf with the scors(probably spelled that wrong) or her runny butt. If you feed them a raw egg it will help. I know it sounds crazy but I got the idea from my grandmother when she lived on a cattle ranch, and i used it for my calf's. It works miracles. I have had some calf's who like it and some that I have to dump it into their throat, you just never know. ;):)

    Makayla LoweMakayla Lowe16 kun oldin
  • At 14:40 -- Our chimney occasionally drops out dehydrated frogs. Little, hard, completely dead frogs. We have no idea how that works, but there it is. Poor frogs.

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness18 kun oldin
  • Prayers for your family through the winter!

    cindy campbellcindy campbell18 kun oldin
  • I’m so glad you found a place so close to your animals & away from your ground zero to be distanced from the mold zone most of the time, especially when sleeping, cooking, eating & teaching the kids. Art will have a respite for many hours after the work is accomplished each day & with G-d’s guidance surely it will go quite quickly but best of all well done!!

    Vicki BurtVicki Burt18 kun oldin
  • I watch your channel on my ipad and it won't let me comment so hopefully you can get this phone. I'm watching we're digging in but it hasn't.downloaded to my phone yet. I never thought of commenting here but it's working. Just wanted to say with all the protection you are using and koodos to that is it crazy for me to think you should be wearing gloves? I just know from my allergy experience that it gets on your hands so when you take your mask off and possibly touch your face it may spread. Don't know just concerned

    Bonnie McCrayBonnie McCray18 kun oldin
  • So happy about the rental.. such a needed relief to heal your family on many levels. :)) Art please do not leave the kids out of the farm chores just because they are down the road.. This is their life too and farming is a family affair.. If their chores were to feed the chickens, allow them to still feed the chickens.. They love working with dad and having time with dad learning and growing..

    Colleen Scott CarmelloColleen Scott Carmello19 kun oldin
  • So glad for you. Living in an RV too. House condemned while in hospital. Buying neighbors house hope to be in soon. Good luck. God bless

    Tammy StraussTammy Strauss19 kun oldin
  • )(88)70

    Geraldine KubinGeraldine Kubin20 kun oldin
  • Sorry folks those Jersey milk cows are much too LOW of a Body Condition Score. This is a problem immediately and in the future! Please feed her a higher quality hay and some grain. Both of your cows are a BCS of ONE. GOOGLE BCS - read five good articles/Web pages. Please UNDERSTAND what BCS Means!

    Ed CurwickEd Curwick20 kun oldin
  • I'm so excited for you all. I know your house and animals are so important to be close to where you rented. Being together and taking care of your family is way more important than rushing the house project. Love that you are taking the time to figure out what you have to get done for the house to be awesome when its ready to invite your family back in.

    debbie kolodydebbie kolody20 kun oldin
  • God bless you both praying for you!

    Margaret LarrivaMargaret Larriva20 kun oldin
  • beautiful family

    Ramkumar SubramaniRamkumar Subramani21 kun oldin
  • Congrats on the lease! I'm so happy for you, and the fact that it's so close to your homestead is absolutely perfect! Exciting times! You'll be warmer there than in the camper...and you'll have much more space, of course!

    Karen MKaren M21 kun oldin
  • I think the renovation will happen much faster now.

    Linda MartinezLinda Martinez21 kun oldin
  • I see The Good and the Beautiful, what other curriculum do you use?

    G KuffnerG Kuffner21 kun oldin
  • I would give cow as break from pregnant. Build up calf is pulling her down. Ween as soon as you can.

    Carolyn ClaryCarolyn Clary21 kun oldin
  • Cow looks skinny .

    Carolyn ClaryCarolyn Clary21 kun oldin
  • I love this idea!! So happy for you! I think you've had the "home is work/ work is home" dilemma! You've not been able to work on your home with the kids being there, not safe for them and you would never brush them off just to get it done. A little separation of duties and work space will, I think, take you a long way; right back to the House That Love Built! Yay!!

    Kim WinklerKim Winkler21 kun oldin
  • You guys are such good people and are doing the you can do for your family and situation. You are so inspiring and such a blessing for so many. God Bless you richly!💕🙏💜💕

    Joshua & Doris ArtmanJoshua & Doris Artman21 kun oldin
  • Yaaaayyyyyy! Praise The Lord! Such an awesome blessing.

    Toyka WilliamsToyka Williams22 kun oldin
  • What about the animals???

    Betty FosterBetty Foster22 kun oldin
  • Oh living close by.Great.

    Dimitar StanevDimitar Stanev22 kun oldin
  • Who will take care of the animals.

    Dimitar StanevDimitar Stanev22 kun oldin
  • Good decision, best of luck

    Maureen AhadMaureen Ahad22 kun oldin
  • It seems the camper was a waste of money now that your getting a rental could have saved money an just got a rental from day one would have cost less then that camper

    Lucas OldakerLucas Oldaker22 kun oldin
  • You, the Rhodes, and a few other that I follow certainly did inspire me and my partner to look for and find land for our own homestead in South India (Kerala state). We will be building our house in the next 5 months and then we plan to start a small plantation for pepper and cardamom, have a food forest for fruits, have a little kitchen garden and keep some animals. So yes, you were really helpful in guiding and inspiring us even though we literally live on the other side of the world. Thank you and bless you and your family. Sharing a google map link to our farm that also has some pictures of the place. May be some day when we are more established there on the farm, and you (Bri and Art) are able to travel to India, we'd love to host you. It's on the spectacular Nilagiri mountains ranges and we have a lot of elephants and wild boars as neighbours. I think both of you would like it there too. 😊

    Aditya BondyopadhyayAditya Bondyopadhyay22 kun oldin
  • I am so sick and tired of renting. I am almost done with my late in life(53) college education and I can only dream of a homestead at this point. I love watching Art & Bri and the Hollars.

    Brian MartinBrian Martin22 kun oldin
  • Art & Bri.. Would you please post a link to your video on painting the trunks of your fruit trees?!?! I really need to see this again!!

    Linda GoodwinLinda Goodwin22 kun oldin
  • I hope everything works out for your family, for your property, everything. Moving forward! Incidentally, I enjoyed the piano music in this video. It was peaceful and light, very pleasant. Thanks! Stay healthy, y'all!

    Kathey HuntKathey Hunt22 kun oldin
  • I loved the chicken ringing the propane tank.

    Stephanie VerenStephanie Veren22 kun oldin
  • Cody Wyoming always checking you guys out, congrats on the rental.

    Lori CreechLori Creech22 kun oldin
  • I guess it took you being home all the time to realize what Bri was talking about.

    Mary ZegillaMary Zegilla23 kun oldin
  • Bless you on your move

    LINDA ScottLINDA Scott23 kun oldin
  • My grandparents gave lots of raw eggs for scours.

    Cherry DownsCherry Downs23 kun oldin
  • That's awesome about finding a rental so very close to the homestead. I have a question , would it have been simpler early on to buy a slightly used mobile home and have it set on your land and then when you are finished either sell it or use it for guests? Just a thought that ran through my mind.

    Vanessa HindsVanessa Hinds23 kun oldin
  • Why don't you just sell the farm it's just to much hardship on your family. All you are doing is digging a bigger and deeper hole for your selves

    Chavez MathisChavez Mathis23 kun oldin
  • So happy you found a home for the winter! Congratulations!

    Cindy DeMarcheCindy DeMarche23 kun oldin
  • Congrats!! A peace of mind goes a long way!!♡♡ praying and pulling for all of you!!

    Kristin EricksonKristin Erickson23 kun oldin
  • What a relief. So happy for you.

    Kola DoggyKola Doggy23 kun oldin
  • arthur i have been longtime viewer and this has got to stop,put them in a house and devote yer time to the animals and the house,your not working ,you have ample time i know its a big project but to be honest i would have allready had the whole house done,the driveway paved and the barns fixed,a true farmer puts his animals first,they are not a chore to be done they are your milk,your eggs,your garbage disposal pigs,then bacon later,you spent the whole summer talking about you needing to get this done,yet you got the basement period,and only cleaned out,dude im telling ya people are not happy with all the money you have been given to finish this house and 2yrs in its all about trips,a rental house,what happend to art the farmer,who had pride in his homestead and animals,did he pass away.. I know you got alot on yer plate but dude this is 2yrs and its not happening........ peace

    Richard ButlerRichard Butler23 kun oldin
  • I think you made a wise decision. Keep moving forward to making your dreams come true.

    Becca GeeBecca Gee23 kun oldin
  • Here is my two cents worth. With interest rates so low, it makes good sense to build a new house with professional subs and work on the old house as time allows to become a guest house. You can get a loan by partitioning one acre of land and use it for the down payment equity. You can make good UZworld money from filming the subs building your new house. Pure living for Life ended up with almost 500,000 subscribers by doing it. It would take away most of the pressure and your family would have a great home. You only live once so why not live in comfort. Hopefully, you will think about it. Regardless of how you move forward, I know I will enjoy your videos. Just stay off the roof of your barn, ok?

    KCAA TVKCAA TV23 kun oldin
  • 👍👍👍♥️👌

    Ohskelily WurarahOhskelily Wurarah23 kun oldin
  • That is amazing! I am so happy that you were able to find a place so close.

    Tanya CourterTanya Courter23 kun oldin
  • Great move for you all!

    Beverly StaffordBeverly Stafford23 kun oldin
  • So proud of you guys for doing what will work out for you! So excited to see what will be. Hugs!

    Laura CrossLaura Cross23 kun oldin
  • The chicken pecking the propane tank caught me off guard . I thought it was Wilder. I am so glad things are working out for you.

    Shawn McPeakShawn McPeak23 kun oldin
  • Congrats on the rental for the winter.

    Theresa DavisTheresa Davis23 kun oldin
  • Don’t forget to winterize the trailer if you don’t sell it! 😀

    Juanita WrightJuanita Wright23 kun oldin
  • Why does the cow you were milking look like skin & bones , especially from that top veiw?? If your leaving there, who takes care of ur animals while you'll be gone??🙂p

    Doris HanoumDoris Hanoum23 kun oldin
  • I have never seen anyone milk a Cow like you guys do, Normally you milk both front Tits and then you milk both back tits. I t is a one person job.

    Marianne WiebeMarianne Wiebe23 kun oldin
  • Probably should have named the video Moving "Off" the homestead instead of away if you didn't want the shock value. Glad you found something close by.

    Steve ArmstrongSteve Armstrong23 kun oldin
  • God is so good.

    David J. MacKinneyDavid J. MacKinney23 kun oldin
  • you do know that your family is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU HAVE. Lose the animals and the gardens and fix the dang house stop the ignorance.

    jamesroberts98jamesroberts9823 kun oldin
  • God Bless you Art and Bri and all the Children and all the Animals! Listening, you made the best decision for all of you. So wonderful that it all came together for you. God bless you all in everything. Amen.

    sherry1674wsherry1674w23 kun oldin
  • Very surprised there were no negative comments on Arts slow progress on house or are they all deleted

    Millie WilkieMillie Wilkie23 kun oldin
  • i don't have any family left so you guys are my family i hope that's ok with you

    robin allisonrobin allison23 kun oldin
  • Awesome and congratulations on finding one so close!!! God provides!!!

    Freda ChaseFreda Chase23 kun oldin
  • You're a good man, Art.

    NormNorm23 kun oldin
  • I think you made the right decision. Your family needs to be warm this winter and like Gracie said “maybe I can have a sleepover. “ Being a normal kid is important. I love you guys.

    Lynn SmithLynn Smith23 kun oldin
  • Great video as always. So happy for you guys. I was hoping you were extending thr family lol..I love your channel

    Rachel PotterRachel Potter23 kun oldin
  • Crazy as it sounds, I feel like you are my company on my journey. I too have to put my homestead plans on hold while still living on my land and rebuilding, like you. It hurts to watch some UZworldrs get all the things I want so badly. Yet you and I both will get our farms back and have those things too!

    Uphill HomesteadUphill Homestead23 kun oldin
  • That will help you out Renting a temp home so much and hope things start moving in the right direction God bless you all!

    Steffanie RopickySteffanie Ropicky24 kun oldin
  • I am in Northern TN. I have seen black wooly worms and brown ones. I have not yet seen a brown and black one. But I usually do. I will pay more attention to their colors. I would find it impossible to live in a camper for more than a week. LOL And they are cold in the winter. In fact, I would struggle with a very small house. I need room for storage and room to work.

    LindyTNLindyTN24 kun oldin
  • Good move, we were surprised you made it that long in the RV! How do you have time to do Patreon? My hats off to you.

    ludlow fallsludlow falls24 kun oldin
  • Thats really wonderful. Congrats to you all on moving to the next stage. Also congrats to all the winners.Happy fermenting.

    Drones Eye ViewDrones Eye View24 kun oldin
  • I have yet to see any wooly worms this year, but it always seems to be the winter to follow leap year is a harsh winter after a hot dry summer. Always seems to be true locally at least. And I'm up here in Southern Ontario.

    Janine BloomJanine Bloom24 kun oldin
  • You all are such a blessing from God!

    Gene McIverGene McIver24 kun oldin
  • I know this has been debated over and over but you were talking about this new step being a life saver. What would be even easier and much more of a burden lifted is to tear down your house and built a brand new one. You could be in in 6 months and know there were NO mold spoors left behind. There is NO way you can get ALL the mold out of all the nooks and crannies of the old house. It will start to grow all over again putting your health at risk again. Wouldn't that be horrible after all you and your beautiful family has already gone through ?

    Jeannie ArnoldJeannie Arnold24 kun oldin
  • nice!

    Game OverlordGame Overlord24 kun oldin
  • Happy for you guys to find a rental that is close.

    denise mulkeydenise mulkey24 kun oldin
  • You guys are always making my heart feel so happy❤️❤️

    Nilufar MoshrefNilufar Moshref24 kun oldin
  • Wunderfull news! We lived in a camper During 6 Months from june till januari. Meanwhile we were renovation our property 😅 it was madness with 5 children. I was so glad i was out of there and into our home. We woulnt do it Again... so i understand your decision. Hopefully you have an easy move and get your renovationproject on the go 😃✌🏻👍 goodluck

    Cindy CreveCindy Creve24 kun oldin
  • Good luck, hope it turns out well 👍💕

    Debbie LDebbie L24 kun oldin
  • I subscribed few months ago as recommendation from my sister. I have enjoyed and have to say your videos get better and better “artistically “

    Peggy GoshornPeggy Goshorn24 kun oldin
  • Thank you for showing yourself getting at least one little thing done in the house! I love seeing it coming along and can't wait for big things to start happening. I suggest lots of timelapses so we can really see it happen. So glad you won't be living in a camper over the winter and found some place close. Hopefully that means lots of house progress!

    Caroline CalcoteCaroline Calcote24 kun oldin
  • That chicken has a sense of humour :D

    Darren ADarren A24 kun oldin
  • So happy to hear that you found a rental near your homestead! The Father is so faithful! In today's market that is a miracle!

    Kay GarvinKay Garvin24 kun oldin
  • Loved the chicken playing music. How long had she been at it?

    Lara RabbLara Rabb24 kun oldin
  • I am so happy for y’all that you were able to find a rental so close. What a blessing. In my last comment, I gave my reasons why I thought moving to a rental was not a good idea. I thought there were no rentals close, so there would be a lot of time wasted in travel, which would cut into your time working on the house & spending time with the family. This sounds like it will work out great. I know Wilder will not be happy with not being able to spend so much time with his daddy, but he will adjust. He is so precious! I wish only the best for your family & homestead. Blessings, Love & Hugs from Vicki in Ft. Worth, Texas 🇨🇱🇺🇸👍❤️🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    vmorganbogartvmorganbogart24 kun oldin
  • I am happy for you. You all know what is best for you. Praying everything goes smoothly now.

    Deborah KaiserDeborah Kaiser24 kun oldin
  • so glad you guys are having a house for the winter months. I know what it is to live full time in an RV.

    Pam NottinghamPam Nottingham24 kun oldin
  • Great! Happy Family!!!

    Barbara GoodBarbara Good24 kun oldin
  • With all the money that was added to the go fund me couldn’t you have contracted the demolition of the house sooner .It probably would have cost but wouldn’t it have been better to get back in your house instead of renting and wasting that money.Just saying .How are you going to take care of the animals by traveling that going to take away from the house work

    barbara richmondbarbara richmond24 kun oldin
  • 1:17 I do not owe anyone anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Gerardo21 OrtizGerardo21 Ortiz24 kun oldin
  • I have had woolly worms in the yard this year solid black and solid brown so IDK how accurate that old wives tale is. I have read reports calling for a wet winter here...that is usually the ten year cycle we have a couple years until we hit the frigid temps again. But the weather is like mother natures mind and ever changing. Good luck with your plans.

    SugarCreek Homestead of TennesseeSugarCreek Homestead of Tennessee24 kun oldin
  • I can't see the link to the fermenting course!?! How do I access it?

    Ann PentlandAnn Pentland24 kun oldin
  • Art I told you before that myself and my guy's would give you a extremely cheap price on your home it's tiny very easy job when I told you this when it happened we would have been done with this by now your family would already be living back in the brand new home

    Mountain ViewsMountain Views24 kun oldin
    • This is what the money given should have been used for!!! A gentlemen desiring to do the best job possible!!!

      Ed CurwickEd Curwick20 kun oldin
  • I’m glad you’ve decided to move for the winter... that will work better all the way around... I’m also glad that Ferdinand has chilled back to his normally docile self... He is a good bull and I would hate to see him leave.. I am one of those who, for some reason, takes comfort from your videos; watching you live your lives and raising your children the way that I wish I had. Congrats to all of the winners!

    Leslie GrayLeslie Gray24 kun oldin
  • This is great that you all finally found a rental close to the homestead. Prayers all works out and you get a small break for at least the winter god bless your family.

    pineneedle princesspineneedle princess24 kun oldin
  • Yaaaa glad for you all being in a home nearby your Farm for the Winter.The best of everything moving in,and doing what needs to be done on your house.Getting rid of all the mold.Be well you all.Love,Honey kitty and I.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡.......

    Pia HessPia Hess24 kun oldin
  • Well done on finding a solution that fits. Sometimes it just takes a moment. Moving forward means taking that step. Good luck on the move.

    Bernadette HearnBernadette Hearn24 kun oldin
  • Happy to k ow that you have got a rental house near ur Homestead. Love from S. India🇮🇳

    Mercy KirubagaranMercy Kirubagaran24 kun oldin
  • Congrats to the winners... The decision if it's big but which is good for the family's welfare never mind take it comes first.

    bluelilly 2222bluelilly 222224 kun oldin
  • Congrats on finding a rental so close to home. I hope you guys have a smooth move & enjoy your new temporary home.

    fiona Rfiona R24 kun oldin