Mountain SUV Tailgate Camping

26-Noy, 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving all my U.S. friends!
I finally got out of the city and drove up a mountain to do some winter weather car camping. A tarp over the tailgate of the SUV was all I needed to form a really nice shelter for the night. It was one of the most comfortable camping situations I've done to date.

  • Looks like big cat prints to me. Close together and one after another like cats walk. Beautiful footage, Steve! Love the setup this time.

    eelnna laeelnna laSoat oldin
  • Haha first time watching and a new sub here from New Zealand. I like your set up and I'm gana try it here in nz. Makes the space bigger and I'd rather your set up apposed to a tent. And I like your step 2,Haha I'm taking that one

    Bubble GumBubble GumKun oldin
  • What's the deal with a pic of the Colonal on the fire log box? 😆😆

    Nick MayerNick MayerKun oldin
  • What has happened to Crazy Neighbour???

    Jason sitarJason sitar3 kun oldin
  • @23:29😮

    SalmonBoa420SalmonBoa4203 kun oldin
  • Great video Steve!

    BobBob3 kun oldin
  • Turn the SUV's interior lights off..🤔

    Douglas GreenDouglas Green3 kun oldin
    • That’s a flashlight under the tarp

      Steve WallisSteve Wallis3 kun oldin
  • Camp the ghetto.

    Babaloo FarbBabaloo Farb3 kun oldin
  • That's one way to over pack a piece of wood.

    James ThompsonJames Thompson3 kun oldin
  • Is it allowed to take dead standing trees or trees on the ground for firewood / having a campfire?

    BoerkieBoerkie5 kun oldin
  • Stevee rockss stepp 2oozzzz! 🍻🍺🍺🍺

    Professional BullShitProfessional BullShit6 kun oldin
  • Steve would be one bad ass dad!

    JesterAnonIsGame GameoverJesterAnonIsGame Gameover6 kun oldin
  • if their was no You Tube .. would you still be camping?

    Karen CharnyKaren Charny7 kun oldin
  • I would of put a cot up next to the car....

    Wayne the barberWayne the barber7 kun oldin
  • Just remember, he is alone! The camera can't save him.....

    Wayne the barberWayne the barber7 kun oldin

    Sandy LipscombSandy Lipscomb7 kun oldin

    Sandy LipscombSandy Lipscomb7 kun oldin

    Sandy LipscombSandy Lipscomb7 kun oldin
  • Don’t forget to turn off the car’s interior lights or you will kill the battery

    Fred FrederickFred Frederick8 kun oldin
  • I'm up smoking at 2a.m lmao at kfc scented log in bear country . I know they all dead asleep but thats hilarious . I like this guy because he is modest with his intelligence .

    D-dog dubdubD-dog dubdub9 kun oldin
  • Hey Steve, Love ya.

    Professor Taiga, Vanguard of the RealmProfessor Taiga, Vanguard of the Realm9 kun oldin
  • Why do you only use plastic cutlery. Your culinary creations deserve proper metal cutlery 😂

    Some Bloke Who Travels A LotSome Bloke Who Travels A Lot10 kun oldin
  • How big did you say you are..? 1:59 (👈🏽 you answer here)

    Fake FreedomFake Freedom10 kun oldin
  • Most cars battery dead in morning.better have a portable jump start

    ronald gordienronald gordien10 kun oldin
  • Hey Steve, have you ever seen strange lights in the sky?

    AngelAngel11 kun oldin
    • @Steve Wallis Good to know, I've read about more than a few weird stories in Canada. Stay safe out there.

      AngelAngel11 kun oldin
    • Not yet, but I always keep an eye out

      Steve WallisSteve Wallis11 kun oldin
  • That is how I live for the last five months minus the tarp in the back being open I put the passenger seat down and stretch my legs out

    Doug GavinDoug Gavin11 kun oldin
  • Never any pictures or shots of your "woman"

    F5bearingguysF5bearingguys11 kun oldin
  • KFC scented fire logs!?!? 🧠💥. Great looking location. ✌🏾🍻

    Devon KennyDevon Kenny11 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't advise driving up there without chains, and I doubt that rental car has chains in the trunk.

    John KarmannJohn Karmann12 kun oldin
  • Great idea. I have a Honda CRV. Seats fold down flat. Will have to try setting up with a tarp.

    Tom ConcitisTom Concitis12 kun oldin
  • F everyone's I: You can cut a duraflame log into 20 odd pieces and use it for fire starters. Doesn't need the paper to light. Enjoy!

    Mike MacDowellMike MacDowell12 kun oldin
  • Great stuff hi from Ireland 👍

    Billy1Billy115 kun oldin
  • With all those tire marks and foot prints I would consider it dog tracks because it look more like dogs to me

    Predator 670Predator 67015 kun oldin
  • bro what if one of the bears wakes up

    R. H.F.R. H.F.16 kun oldin
  • I fell asleep watching because it was so relaxing. Good film.

    Christina BurcellChristina Burcell16 kun oldin
  • "They probably can smell what I'm thinking!" hahahahahah

    EcheydeEcheyde17 kun oldin
  • Steve doesnt do right or wrong he just does it thats inspiring

    Joey cJoey c18 kun oldin
  • That "tent" looks like you put a shower curtain over the hatchback of your car. Super cold looking too.

    Chantel LabonneChantel Labonne18 kun oldin
  • Great video

    tom bobtom bob18 kun oldin
  • Love watching you Steve you the man

    william townsleywilliam townsley20 kun oldin
  • Favorite road in the world...? Oh, yeah! And wow......!

    keys22skeys22s21 kun oldin
  • One thing you could do is keep a few pieces of fire brick for the heater and propane tank

    Patrick EmryPatrick Emry22 kun oldin
  • Your videos are a refreshing alternative to so much crap that's everywhere. Appreciate it. I had to give up the step 2s but cheers to you no matter.

    Santoka WineSantoka Wine22 kun oldin
  • Always a good warning about not to breathe in car exhaust fumes!! Hahaha

    Fran GuyFran Guy22 kun oldin
  • Cooking on a buddy heater??

    Chaos FarmChaos Farm22 kun oldin
  • People that think they know camping: People with thousands of dollars of fancy backpacks and special stoves People that really understand camping: Steve

    Chaos FarmChaos Farm22 kun oldin
  • It's a good friend that will except beer for barter when he's hungover.

    brocktechnologybrocktechnology22 kun oldin
  • I love the vids,,,, Im from FL now living in PA and steath camp but have yet to record my adventures ,I have a go pro 7 but havent got around to using it yet,,,

  • That looked so good i went down stairs and mad the same thing , LOL I have a new Jeep Grand Cherokee and i want to do some of that camping. Great videos Bob Raliegh NC

    bob02911bob0291123 kun oldin
  • If you leave the hatch door open does it run the battery down on the car?

    Karri NorrisKarri Norris23 kun oldin
  • hey steve, a winter coat may be delightful.

    WikbriksWikbriks23 kun oldin
  • Didn’t even know there was such a thing as a log that smelled like fried chicken. I’m going to have to find one to go camping this spring.

    Walter GraceWalter Grace23 kun oldin
  • Feel like I would love that food

    Daimon ZooDaimon Zoo24 kun oldin
  • Hopefully this year Covid-19 doesn’t hold the US hostage like last year and I can fix up my Subaru Forester and do some camping like this both in the summer and winter.

    Adam PetersAdam Peters24 kun oldin
  • Sasquatch smell that come running out of the trees and poke you in the bootie hole

  • It's beautiful country your camping in that's for certain!

    Joe WrightJoe Wright24 kun oldin
  • Does Steve know that Step 2 is a regional beer and some of us have never heard of them?

    Oat lordOat lord25 kun oldin
  • I can't say for sure what that footprint in the snow was...but it REALLY looked like a bigger version of the footprints my cats leave in the snow. Just sayin'...

    Mad StatterMad Statter25 kun oldin
  • Steve need Adventure.u always inspire me 😄🤨 Going to text you as I visit Edmonton ☺

    yamnuska1yamnuska125 kun oldin
    • Ooooo .... bad typing

      yamnuska1yamnuska125 kun oldin
  • FYI many companies make purpose built tents specific to models of SUV for exactly what you did there. I have a Nissan Rogue and I am considering buying one...

    Kevin HKevin H25 kun oldin
  • Does his mom know he took her station wagon

    Buddy 471Buddy 47126 kun oldin
  • “Don’t run the engine “ lol

    Friedrich LudwigFriedrich Ludwig26 kun oldin
  • I guess as long as there’s no wind that works well.

    J BJ B26 kun oldin
  • Hibernaculum. Is that a real word?

    Rob TisonRob Tison27 kun oldin
  • You should do a winter camping on the ice and ice fish!

    Mark GooleyMark Gooley27 kun oldin
  • Just bring canned food and eat it

    77777727 kun oldin
  • You're not allowed to chop down any trees in that place, but if my life depended on it, some of those trees would be coming down for firewood.

    77777728 kun oldin
  • we love ya buddy!!!!

    Alec JahrAlec Jahr28 kun oldin
  • Steve takes "Drive it like you rented it" to a whole new level. :)

    Angelia Denise PainterAngelia Denise Painter29 kun oldin
  • They don't hold back on the herbs & spices...hysterical

    makattack55makattack5529 kun oldin
  • this is a great idea, might use this setup next time when we are allowed to travel again.

    Robin LeeRobin Lee29 kun oldin
  • We should plan to find a plot of land everyone could meet up and camp at, and we can do it in 2021 or 2022! How cool would tthat tbe ????

    1stklass1stklassOy oldin
  • hey bro could you not fit a tube tight to your exhaust and then directly out of your tent? would that work, or not? thanks

    1stklass1stklassOy oldin
  • Would love to do some random camping with ya. Gotta luv Alberta my favorite places to camp are along hwy40/forestry trunk road from waiparous all the way upto Jasper where there are tons of logging trails to go down with a new adventure everytime.

    yakk4:20yakk4:20Oy oldin
  • Great channel and video! Just stumbled across it today. Just curious, did Steve sleep with some heater on? I'm very sensitive to cold and there is no way I can pull it off without a heater.

    Vinay Shashank VVinay Shashank VOy oldin
  • What was the sense of the fire

    Orie CipollaroOrie CipollaroOy oldin
  • Nice sound effect with your time lapse!

    Musgrove And The PumiMusgrove And The PumiOy oldin
  • The fried chicken log, or How to attract bears in one easy step.

    alanhyt79alanhyt79Oy oldin
  • Not to ac is on 65 and I can't handle it.

    M DM DOy oldin
  • looks like a Sasquatch wood structure behind you..😬

    Jimmy CooperJimmy CooperOy oldin
  • The bears can probably smell what I’m thinking classic

    #WTF JOHN DO3#WTF JOHN DO3Oy oldin
  • this is what the homeless do. ..... this is not camping

    frank GFish21 ferrantefrank GFish21 ferranteOy oldin
  • Hey Steve watching from Austin TX would love a shout out from u beautiful wife and crazy you guys.

    Ciada HayesCiada HayesOy oldin
  • How do you like how the Hyundai does in the snow? I just bought the AWD Ultimate version of that car to go snowboarding!

    Rachel KellyRachel KellyOy oldin
  • I had to laugh when you mentioned about people who don't like their food touching on the plate 😆 my ex was arsey about that . . I would have loved to have taken her camping there but in the summer with the hope of a bear 🐻 attack on her, my god she's one nut job and I don't miss her at all 👍🇬🇧

    John DobbJohn DobbOy oldin
  • I’d be afraid of uninvited guests, like bear, cougar, bobcat, coons, skunk, fox, wolf, any type of rodents...Try explaining to the rental place how the upholstery got shredded!

    Marie KatherineMarie KatherineOy oldin
  • Ahh man the fried chicken aroma is why you buy the fake log....

    Claude HaydenClaude HaydenOy oldin
  • Mario on the move

    scott celloscott celloOy oldin
  • Best cooking show

    Jared RobbJared RobbOy oldin
  • Moongating

    4PM4PMOy oldin
  • Come with meeeeeeeeeee, To where the wildflowers grow and the treeeeeees.

    Dan GunnDan GunnOy oldin
  • Do you ever go camping without beer?

    Maureen R.Maureen R.Oy oldin
  • I’m thankful I discovered this channel 8 months ago.

    Agent OrangeAgent OrangeOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas brother !! And of course, Beautiful wife, "respectfully " and crazy neighbor.....M

    Michael MooreMichael MooreOy oldin
  • 23:15 Would you like some pumpkin pie with your whipped cream? :P

    Ziz ZozZiz ZozOy oldin
  • As a wildlife biologist in training, can confirm! Those were lynx tracks. It's actually easier to tell with snow, because you can see the imprint their big fuzzy paws make around the actual track indentations. It makes them seem bigger than they should be, but lynx do have some big feet.

    OpportunitysoapOpportunitysoapOy oldin
  • I don't need a thermometer, listen to the snow, listen to the tarp. watch what Steve is wearin, we'll be allright.

    Level HeadingLevel HeadingOy oldin
  • Hey, There's me at 22:27 . Glad I could help out with Step 2!!!!

    shawn h.shawn h.Oy oldin
  • Hi Luna. All the cell phones were out due due to very strong interference from the aurora borealis, or so the authorities later said. What can you believe anymore? I didn't want to starve, waiting in my car for rescue, so hiked to civilization. Or, at least civilization as we know it. Hot water, electricity, pre-packaged food. It was a cold, bitter hike, low marks on the fun scale, but then I ran into Steve! He's a good dude, a life saver. First bump emoji.

    40mes40mesOy oldin
  • Just wanted to say how much I love your videos Steve. I desperately wish I could experience winters like that still the way I remember them in my childhood. Also wanted to mention how much I love that there is no music in your videos. The silence really allows me to imagine myself in your shoes out enjoying the season and the scenes. Love your channel Steve!

    Erik KullerstrandErik KullerstrandOy oldin