MORNING ROUTINE on set for “MANI” ☀️💕| Piper Rockelle

5-Sen, 2018
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Shalom guys! Hope your day is good but better watching me and Sophie get ready in the morning to be on set for the hit Brat web series, “Mani”. Being on set is so much fun but it’s also hard work so I wanted to share what my morning routine is like for a typical day of filming on set. Luckily today on set was onesie day so you’ll see lots of super cool onesies as I introduce you to some of my friends behind the scenes of the show including Sophie Fergi and Hayley LeBlanc. I can’t show too much though as season 3 is full of surprises. Be sure to stay tuned for Season 3 of “Mani”! Comment down below your favorite brat series. a little different then my normal school morning routine.
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