Mooski - Track Star (Official Video)

7-Apr, 2021
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Video Credits:
Production Company: VisionBank
Director: BenMarc
EP: Lucas Prevost
EP: Jeff Vaughn, Amber Grimes, Byron “Clean Face” Trice, Justin “A1” Brown
Producer: Carlos Lopes
Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny, Loies Kim
1st AD: Remond Francois
2nd AD: Anissa Marie
2nd 2nd AD: TY
Director Of Photography : Brian Beckwith
1st AC: Majd Mazin
Creative Director: Kevin Von Puttkammer
Editor: Kenny Shimm
PD: Fabrice Emogene
Choreographer: Michele Soulchild
Color: Nick Spoljaric
Stylist: BT Marie
Track Star Lyrics:
Mane I ain't, I ain't ever had this happen before mane
Heart breaks so deep
Heart broke so deep it broke into a melody like this
Aye, aye
She's a runner, she's a track star
She gon' run away when it gets hard
She can't take the pain, she can't get scarred
She hurt' anyone that gets involved
Don't wanna commit, why take it this far
She gon' do the race, just not this one
Love is a game you used to cheer for
When i was down to talk you wеren't here for it
You ouu ouu ouu ouu (Yoo -ooo-oou)
Lеave a trail of heartbreak and heartache like its cool (Cool -ooo-ool)
I guess way too late is convenient for you (Yoo-ooo-oou)
The dirt you left don't turn into dust it don't move (Mooo-ooo-ooo-oove)
It's here waiting for you (Yooo-ooo-ooo-oou)
[Verse 1]
Girl you killing me, you tweaking hard
I ask you what you feel and you don't speak at all
But you go straight to twitter, you gon' tweet it all
You must want another nigga to be alarmed
We were 'posed to fight through the storm
You made a decision, chose the easy one
Say you following your heart, but girl you leaving one
Wanting me to take you back with open reaching arms
I yai yai yai I'm
Lost for words, let it hurt
I yai yai yai I
Put you first, showed you your worth
She's a runner, she's a track star
She gon' run away when it gets hard
She can't take the pain, she can't get scarred
She hurt' anyone that gets involved
Don't wanna commit, why take it this far
She gon' do the race, just not this one
Love is a game you used to cheer for
When i was down to talk you weren't here for it
You ouu ouu ouu ouu (Yoo -ooo-oou)
Leave a trail of heartbreak and heartache like its cool (Cool -ooo-ool)
I guess way too late is convenient for you (Yoo-ooo-oou)
The dirt you left don't turn into dust it don't move (Mooo-ooo-ooo-oove)
It's here waiting for you (Yooo-ooo-ooo-oou)
[Verse 2]
She run from all'f her problems like she in shape for it
Hard times, wait for it and then she break for it
Love don't cost a thing, ashamed how much I paid for it
Love don't cost a thing ashamed how much I gave for it
Heart broken into pieces put tape on it
Fragile made out of glass, close the drapes on it
Trust issues so deep playing safe on it
Will I ever love again or will I stay lonely

#Mooski​​ #Trackstar
Music video by Mooski performing Track Star. © 2020 Wealthy 4 Life Entertainment, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • This song the meaning of accepting she gone and it's over its Kiel after a few weeks or months and you alone and you just thinking like damn she really gone it's really over regardless of how it ended just when you alone and you realize damn you can't wonder what could of been or be sad about it you just gotta accept it

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  • Who else listened to this song over 300 times already

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  • I'm so happy for my beautiful daughter so much.. and my daughter is so beautiful with brains and beauty...😍 And she got it just like that from her mom.😍And my daughter CORI songs NO MORE PAIN with lil DurK number one on charts FROM all around the 🌎And my baby on tour now performing with LiL Durk all the tickets sold out ...and the 🌎 loves my beautiful daughter..And this my daughter boyfriend video with her in his video.Ans her fail my daughter in life. And he was so controlling to his daughter.. and that's why she said came up with this song. no more pain. And her father basted her on shade room for not giving his no more for a new carl and a house. And she gave her mom a lot of money

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  • I wish to God that some one heard me. My kids father was murdered by his brother. My kids father died in his own house helping his brother and his own brother killed him over a game that my kids father broke and was going to replace and he's doing no jail time. I wish to God my music can be heard I know I will be loved because its life that I went through that I know someone can relate too

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  • Very Nice Song, But Whoever Is Responsible For Publishing This Track With Distortion Needs To Be Thought Sound Engineering. Please Listen To Your Finish Product Before You Put It Out There Please Guys🙏🏾

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