Mississippi State vs #6 LSU Highlights | Week 4 College Football Highlights | 2020 College Football

26-Sen, 2020
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College football highlights of the week 4 2020 matchup of Mississippi State vs LSU on 9/26/2020
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  • LSU sucks this year

    The DoorhandlesThe Doorhandles2 kun oldin
  • LSU is the college version of the Dallas Cowboys because they are wearing white at home

    Jonathan FrimermanJonathan Frimerman2 kun oldin
  • Our (LSU) secondary needs serious help. There’s too many dline guys on our staff

    Ian OkamotoIan Okamoto7 kun oldin
  • LSU, you're lucky to have Jabril Cox from The NDSU Bison. Wish everyone played as hard as him; best of luck!

    Steve EdwardSteve Edward17 kun oldin
  • LSpou!

    King DukeKing Duke17 kun oldin
  • This was exciting.

    Nick KrugerNick Kruger19 kun oldin
  • I'm not an LSU or a MS fan but damn! that was a good football game.

    MYHEROESMYHEROES22 kun oldin
  • Gg

    JesseJesse23 kun oldin
  • Arkansas 21 Mike Leach 14. For the second week in a row MSU ended another team's streak.

    Robert PanurgeRobert Panurge23 kun oldin
    • And then another streak broken with mike leach for the first time ever not scoring a point on offense in his career

      Matthew SteinMatthew Stein15 kun oldin
  • Thanks V V 👍

    Donny RobinettDonny Robinett23 kun oldin
  • Lsu has no defense

    VShootGreensVShootGreens23 kun oldin
  • That was horrible... Myles Brennan didn’t live up to his hype, Terrace Marshall droppin passes, secondary in lala land.... wtf was that LSU..... this what happens when you get comfortable

    ezell smithezell smith23 kun oldin
  • Gotta give credit where credit is due, Costello dropped some dimes, it seemed like the deeper he threw the more accurate he got. But as an LSU fan I hate to break it to Miss State fans, LSU's offense last year was the best offense in the history of college football, this year Lsu's defense is the worst defense in the history of SEC football. I mean there is no excuse no matter how good a qb is, if you let a quarterback throw for over 600+ yards your defense is god awful. I get it we were missing a couple starters on defense, and cfp this year is screwed up due to the virus, and I'm sure that LSU's coaches didn't expect Costello to be as big of a threat as he is, throwing absolute dimes on deep passes... But there is still no excuse to let ANY quarterback throw for 650 yards on you EVER. I don't care if it was Peyton Manning, Joe Burrow, or Tom Brady in their prime, if you let a quarterback throw for that many yards you might as well replace your defense with middle schoolers. But... what I didn't expect is Myles Garrett to be as decent as he is, hopefully next year cfp won't be as screwed up, we get our defense back, and Myles Garrett stays another year for his Senior year. Just sucks that Jamar Chase will be in the NFL next year. As for Mississippi State and Costello, Go beat Bama this year, because we sure as hell aren't!

    Shadow LifeShadow Life23 kun oldin
  • Funny think the game was only 3-0 Enid if the 1st

    Colton FoxColton Fox23 kun oldin
  • Long time State fans are humble. We've had some very long years when nothing went right. We respect LSU but that made the win even sweeter.

    James SavikJames Savik24 kun oldin
  • why are the commentators so biased toward LSU?

    Patrick HPatrick H24 kun oldin
  • lsu needs to bench their whole defense bruh

    iTsBenoiTsBeno24 kun oldin
  • Been told LSU fans that y’alls offense was only good bcuz of Joe Brady. Any QB under him would’ve won a Heisman. Look at you know... Lmao LSU back to being shit at offense. AGAIN

    Bruno MarsBruno Mars24 kun oldin
  • Honestly that’s what LSU gets should’ve been playing their back ups to build up depth instead of going for stats and awards last season

    T MurphyT Murphy24 kun oldin
  • scream “hurry” @ 8:34

    Papa HarrisonPapa Harrison24 kun oldin
  • As a Colorado fan, I always hated playing Washington State when Leach was the HC there. He is the reason so many teams play Air Raid offense in the Pac12. Teams in the Pac12 know also how to defend against Air Raid offense because of Leach. The guy knows how to coach QB's and knows offense, and I'm not very surprised he's already doing well at Mississippi State. I'm definitely surprised by how his team completely carved up LSU though, and how many yards that MSU offense had by the end of the game. I didn't see that coming. Have fun learning how to play against the Air Raid, SEC. It'll take some getting used to.

    Cody GCody G25 kun oldin
  • Derek Stingley wasn’t there and it showed

    OFCLTrapStarOFCLTrapStar25 kun oldin
  • Corn dog fans get ready for the big plummet. You'll be bottom feeders for years.

    PistachioPistachio25 kun oldin
  • 11:12 State should have been called for holding. If they do the big gain is negated. poor officiating on that play. Pretty blatant hold. I hate LSU, but that was clear as day.

    Steven RobertsSteven Roberts25 kun oldin
    • But they didn’t call it so why does that matter

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis23 kun oldin
  • Air raid offense. Welcome to XII football.

    CypressTroutCypressTrout25 kun oldin
  • Feels weird going to state and HAVING the potential to have a good football team. Hail State!

    Fatalis EXEFatalis EXE25 kun oldin
  • Where tf is ja’marr chase

    EleganceElegance25 kun oldin
  • Mississippi State could have dropped 50 on LSU

    Hunter PorthHunter Porth25 kun oldin
  • I am still in shocked and in laughter by how poorly LSU Played

    Hunter PorthHunter Porth25 kun oldin
  • Lmao LSU won the natty and then their entire staff leaves

    D AD A25 kun oldin
  • Wow and at LSU. Good interesting game though.

    danodano26 kun oldin
  • I really hate ads in videos now why is it soo many I know the creator has to get paid but this world is starting to get too advertise

    charles jacksoncharles jackson26 kun oldin
  • LSU defense looks like total garbage

    Jake WeaverJake Weaver26 kun oldin
  • This Team Don't Have A No Chance To Get Back To The Playoffs For Third Time & Not Takecare Their Business Protect Own Backyard Against Unranked Team. The Defense Didn't Stop The Run & Offense Can't Get The Ball Dropping The Quarterback Number 15 Is Too Stupid Lazy Weak & Slow. Don't Have A No Exercises & No Skills He Screw Up Don't Know What The Hell He Doing ? This Team Is Pain In The Ass Waste Everybody's Time Of Their BS. This Team It's Goin Ending Up Not Gonna To Make It. I See Other Teams Takecare Their Business But Not That Team Never Trying To Do That.

    David KeyDavid Key26 kun oldin
  • 25 and 26 was getting cook all day

    David ProductionDavid Production26 kun oldin
  • LSU looked really bad. But the QB for Mississippi was on point.

    Christopher MalphusChristopher Malphus26 kun oldin
  • Wow Mississippi State got some weapons on their team. And KJ was dropping big dimes oh this is a team to watch yall

    CriscoCornPopCriscoCornPop26 kun oldin
  • Lsu will lose 3 games this year.....these would've had about 3 last year if they didn't have burrow....how do u give up 600 yards passing

    John ClementsJohn Clements26 kun oldin
  • This Costello is a BALLER. Reminds me so much of 2006 Tony Romo. He’ll make some mistakes but his arm talent will always have his team in the game. Because he can make every throw.

    FooCards88FooCards8826 kun oldin
  • One hit wonders fuck outta here LSU cocky bitches

    DyNexDyNex26 kun oldin
  • Glad I watched this game

    DressedToChillDressedToChill26 kun oldin
  • Arkansas should have got Leach there gonna regret it

    Patrick SimpsonPatrick Simpson27 kun oldin
    • Not really

      Jose BidenJose Biden5 kun oldin
  • Leach we miss you out here in Lubbock congrats coach!

    Eric GarciaEric Garcia27 kun oldin
  • 7:51 is what lsu will see all year from this guy

    Aaron NewmanAaron Newman27 kun oldin
  • Y’all must’ve forgot stingley, the best corner in college football was out and we had freshman CBs🤦🏽‍♂️... and not to mention our best receiver opted out. So please stop🤚🏽 LSU was going to be without a doubt in the natty again

    Life of DevLife of Dev27 kun oldin
    • Bruh

      Jose BidenJose Biden5 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Dread HeadTVDread HeadTV26 kun oldin

    MorganMorgan27 kun oldin
  • LSU winning days are over your a one hit wonder !!!

    Davey SummersDavey Summers27 kun oldin
  • Mike leach wasnt around NFL talent in the pac 12!!! We all gotta admit his postgame interview was absolutely legendary!!! 💀💀💀😂😂

    Roy RodriguezRoy Rodriguez27 kun oldin
  • AIR RAAAIIIDDD.......... better strap it on SEC................

    Jeffrey SternJeffrey Stern27 kun oldin
  • Not bad for a Pac-12 offense...

    Jackson FlowersJackson Flowers27 kun oldin
  • I would have to agree Mississippi state has a good QB tall as hell to

    Etm 7718Etm 771827 kun oldin
    • And we got the best RB in the sec

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • Looooooong season on he bayou.

    ray bondsray bonds27 kun oldin
  • You can see a difference when dereck stingley isn’t playing 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Dlee dud it AgainDlee dud it Again27 kun oldin
    • Yea without him LSU holds state to only 545

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • I didn't think players were allowed to wear zero.

    helmedonhelmedon27 kun oldin
  • Where’s stingley?

    Faysal AdenFaysal Aden27 kun oldin
  • If you take away even half of those errors on defense and a coupes on offense, LSU wins 45-20...that just goes to show how sloppy they were this game. They were by far the more talented team but the lack of experience and lack of adjustments showed.

    Jacob CuculluJacob Cucullu27 kun oldin
    • If you take away our errors we win 56-24 while throwing for 725+

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • wow this, and kansas st beating ok . what a weekend! love it.

    john hydejohn hyde27 kun oldin
  • Meh It was more so LSU looking like shit. That MSU qb is ok but it great lol

    Stunna IslandStunna Island28 kun oldin
  • I got a question was these the same players stark Vegas had last year I know kJ was at Stanford but did they have the same receivers sheesh there receivers looked great

    michael jaspermichael jasper28 kun oldin
    • LifeWit Adonis I have to agree with u but I knew with leach as far wide receivers he will get guys u don’t know unless that’s your team drafted

      michael jaspermichael jasper26 kun oldin
    • Yea last year we didn’t throw like this we had a Duel Threat QB who didn’t have a good arm our receivers were decent but Osiris (5) is playing his way to a top 5 WR in the nation

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • That kid Mitchell was torching that kid ricks 🤣🤣🤣

    michael jaspermichael jasper28 kun oldin
  • Lots of Karens in the crowd.

    Mylum O'ShinnMylum O'Shinn28 kun oldin
  • LSU fans before the game: “Yeah we lost a bunch but we’re still loaded with talent. Our defense will actually be better under Pelini. Joe Brady got too much credit; Ensminger is gonna keep the same offense. Brennan will be just fine at QB. We’re still way better than State; we’re gonna blow them out.” After Costello drags his nuts across their defense: “well what do you expect we lost all our players from last year”. Can’t have it both ways, corndogs 😂

    Andrew MillerAndrew Miller28 kun oldin
    • @LifeWit Adonis facts

      King DukeKing Duke17 kun oldin
    • I'm a big LSU fan, the offense did decent, the defense is literally unacceptable, the worst defense I've seen from an SEC team in ... probably ever lmao.

      Shadow LifeShadow Life23 kun oldin
    • And here come the haters that have been hiding under the sack of LSU for a whole year ; )

      Jesse HeniganJesse Henigan24 kun oldin
    • @CT Myers while I recognize Stingley’s greatness, he’d have only been taking away one guy on each play, especially with LSU playing press man almost exclusively. If you go back and watch, you’ll see KJ had options on where to throw most of the game. Most of those big third downs we converted, there were multiple guys open. Stingley only takes away one.

      Andrew MillerAndrew Miller24 kun oldin
    • honestly if we had stingley I think the outcome would've been different but it was still a good game

      CT MyersCT Myers24 kun oldin
  • And LSU fans think they finna beat Bama this year

    Jalen WilliamsJalen Williams28 kun oldin
  • Lol SEC defense, a transfer QB lit LSU up 😆

    Z A86Z A8628 kun oldin
  • The fighting leaches.

    Thomas GastonThomas Gaston28 kun oldin
  • DBU hasn't existed for a little while. Remember when Texas and LSU we both trying to claim it. They couldn't really slow anybody down. Last year, LSU offense was as good as 'grass on turf.' Man defense using works better against Leach's Air Raid. (Utah last year deflated them.) Players got to tackle in space. Players trying to jump and intercept the ball like they got a cheat code. It seems like half of Miss State receiving were YAC (yards). Loss is totally on the players and not the coaches. LSU offense needs to get the ground game going. No home field advantage in sports this season.

    u2nice3079u2nice307928 kun oldin
  • LSU is a shell of its 2019. Never saw a national champ fall so far so quick.

    TheKnowitallTheKnowitall28 kun oldin
  • People celebrating when LSU team was picked clean in the draft but didn’t come near as close last year. It’s alright, gloat while you can LSU will turn their team around.

    Dead Tide HeroDead Tide Hero28 kun oldin
  • This should bring LSU fans back to reality. After beating Alabama, their heads got too big. Theyre gonna get spanked this year. Bama out for blood.

    Tan TanTan Tan28 kun oldin
  • They don't play no defense in the SEC, Pawl....

    drwinstonOboogidrwinstonOboogi28 kun oldin
  • See what you think..... This leadership had months to prepare for this first game, this season and they didn't do their job. O is being paid millions and didn't do his job. SMH There is never an excuse for this. You never have and never will see a Saban team unprepared. They looked like the Marines Saturday while LSU looked like ROTC high schoolers. This 100% lack of leadership. It had little or nothing to do with the new players. It now becomes more than obvious that Joe Brady was the brain power, the wisdom behind last years offense. Period. The loss to MSST state uncovers the truth. This is not a loss due to the young players, it’s a loss due to the gross lack of elite or even good leadership. Just think if LSU would have score just 2 TDs off all those 3 and out punting sets. We would have won. This loss was completely avoidable and is very far reaching in the negative. The fall out will be lasting and great. Scott, why weren’t you doing your job by making sure coach O was assuring that there was a fitting game plan for a first time starting QB? HOW in the world was there no oversight to this? People that make $10 per hour are expected to perform or lose their job. SMH at this gross negligence, this gross lack of leadership. To have that long to prepare for the first game of the year, knowing you had a new QB, and still come out like that, is beyond telling. What does it tell us? Coach O used LSU money to buy that team of coaches and the national championship in 2019. Now that those leaders are gone and it’s back on O, we see the shallowness, the great lack of substance and wisdom. LSU is anything but a powerhouse program that recruits can come to with confidence that that they will be in contention for the national championship year in and year out. Recruiting will greatly suffer. Look for decommits and elite players LSU was courting to go elsewhere. Elite players know they can go to elite, consistent programs with no risk of flop, down years and will not choose LSU. 2019 was a fluke, an anomaly and until we get honest about this, we shall delay building a true foundation which is necessary for true, lasting success. Jamar Chase and the others who opted out saw the writing on the wall. Myles Brennan should have been afforded the first half as the starter with the contingency that he was going to have to be moving the ball, scoring, and having spark. The game plan was horrific and there was no correcting the mistakes which shows extreme lack of leadership. LSU’s coaching is now mediocre at best and that game pulled the cover off such a fact. These are facts and if they aren’t talked about, brought into the open, we delay real success, sustained success characteristic of an elite program. Elite programs are only produced by elite, mature leaders and LSU currently lacks such. Anyone living in reality who watched the first quarter of the MSST game knew LSU’s season was over and that the lack of leadership hurt the current players and will disqualify LSU from having elite recruiting classes. A team is nothing without a potent, scoring offense and even average leadership knows that.

    SafeGuardYourSoul.comSafeGuardYourSoul.com28 kun oldin
  • Time for Lsu fans to start watching burrow highlights

    AllGTGAllGTG28 kun oldin
  • Oh , I just thought about it LSU don’t have Joe burrow.

    J DJ D28 kun oldin
    • Christian Hernandez and more excuses

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
    • And 14 starters from last year

      Christian HernandezChristian Hernandez27 kun oldin
  • When It’s your first time coaching in the SEC and you beat the National Champions from last season

    Colton VanderZwaagColton VanderZwaag28 kun oldin
    • And set a new single game passin record

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • As a georgia fan I think Costello had a good arm

    Brandon BanksBrandon Banks28 kun oldin
  • LSU (6-5) possible for this year....(7-4) at best for 2020. No dynasty here.

    ParapsychologistsParapsychologists28 kun oldin
  • The amount of dimes Costello threw were unreal, kinda similar to a guy a year ago on LSU....

    A AA A28 kun oldin
    • @LifeWit Adonis oh.....ok...

      A AA A26 kun oldin
    • Except that guy at LSU last year didn’t throw for 623 ina a game

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • Dbu my ass

    SpicyFSpicyF28 kun oldin
    • dbwho?

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • “Good block” on the screen. Yeah, good hold/clothesline.

    James MayesJames Mayes28 kun oldin
  • He did it with 3 turnovers... imagine the numbers with no mistakes like... scary....

    Logan HatchLogan Hatch28 kun oldin
  • Mans threw 600+ yards and 5 touchdowns. His last season at Stanford, he threw 1000 yards and 6 TDs.... IN THE SEASON. Basically got that in 1 game wow

    Logan HatchLogan Hatch28 kun oldin
  • The qb from Mississippi #3 wow 49ers 1st Rd

    orion sandsorion sands28 kun oldin
    • Ayeee we need him no cap seeing a Mississippi State QB go to my favorite team would be fye

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • It's official "DBU" has died and gone to air raid hell!

    Kody LanghamKody Langham28 kun oldin
  • Don’t think Alabama and Ole Miss DC’s aren’t watching film on Costello.

    Jared TaylorJared Taylor28 kun oldin
    • Think you mean the entire college football nation

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen

    fullbarneystinsonessfullbarneystinsoness28 kun oldin

  • I’m going to keep watching Mississippi state, they’re exciting to watch, it’s like if Oklahoma State played in the SEC

    TexBoyTexBoy28 kun oldin
  • Top 4 should be BEST IN THIER CONFERENCE 1) Clemson 2)Alabama 3) Texas 4) UCF (I can't put in B1G with no wins) 5)Florida 6)Georgia 7) Notre Dame 8) Auburn 9) Miami 10) North Carolina

    Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]28 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kemarrian LoveKemarrian Love28 kun oldin
  • A well executed shovel pass is a thing of beauty

    Nicholas CaseNicholas Case28 kun oldin
  • LSU ain’t ready against a pac 12 offense

    kvng_louiekvng_louie28 kun oldin
  • Wow!!

    Noah NTGNoah NTG28 kun oldin
  • 10:43 that hit tho. Pretty nice.

    Samuel MathewsSamuel Mathews28 kun oldin

    Soane MakaSoane Maka28 kun oldin
    • No cause the refs didn’t call it

      LifeWit AdonisLifeWit Adonis26 kun oldin
  • As a UW fan this is interesting to see a Pac-12 coach and Pac-12 QB set a passing record in the SEC. Obviously the defense was not adjusted for a pass happy offense in a more run centric conference. The Air Raid is a unusual new system in a more traditional based conference.

    Holmes 206Holmes 20628 kun oldin
  • Costello was at Stanford before this. First year in the sec and he torches that championship defense for over 600 yards and 5 tds. The competition in the sec is a myth but since it is the ncaa's cash cow hell, why not? LoL

    Josiah PulemauJosiah Pulemau28 kun oldin
  • Damn Brennan sucks...holds the ball way to long and scared to just let it fly...Mississippi State D solid and O gone make more SEC teams D tired with that air raid

    Nete GNete G28 kun oldin
  • LSU this what happens when you run man to man all day and don't make any adjustments

    Coach DudeCoach Dude28 kun oldin
  • Number 25 on LSU got absolutely torched all game. Cmon bro

    RileyAmbrose19RileyAmbrose1928 kun oldin
  • Can’t imagine the adjustment Costello had to make coming from that conservative Stanford offense to this lol

    Mason TronsorMason Tronsor28 kun oldin