Minecraft, But Structures Are Extremely OP...

22-Apr, 2021
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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but structures are extremely OP! How OP can I become? And can I beat Minecraft? Watch to find out!
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  • POV: the woodland mansion was prob what your first creative world looked like

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  • 19:22 *Toycat wants to know your location*

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  • U could craft your nether it's becon with those many blocks hehe

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  • So it’s been a long while, maybe make a statue of your self and Fred in your awesome world

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  • Alternate title: minecraft, but it's created by mister beast

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  • 5:14, you missed a netherite shovel

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  • Sb: gets 3 stacks of netherite blocks under 15 minutes and makes a full netherite beacon. 𝙎𝙖𝙙 𝙒𝙖𝙙𝙯𝙚𝙚 𝙉𝙤𝙞𝙨𝙚𝙨

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  • Alternative Title: Minecraft but easy mode is literally too easy

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  • is this a mod

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    • seed, not sed

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  • I took out the pillars in the end with my enchated elytra and my infinite arrow bow

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  • I always die in minecraft and forget to keep inventory in settings

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  • I found the woodland mansion and monument

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  • Behind the stairs in the woodland mansion where you killed the creepers is a chest that you missed.

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  • Great Video Man

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  • wait what i didnt knew about the end cities can be there

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    • Put it in data pack not texture pack

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  • Elytra with unbreaking 10 and prot 10: INSANE

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