Minari | Official Trailer HD | A24

30-Sen, 2020
1 475 315 Ko‘rishlar soni

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From writer/director Lee Isaac Chung and starring Steven Yeun, Yeri Han, Alan Kim, Noel Kate Cho, and Yuh-Jung Youn. MINARI - Coming Soon.

DIRECTOR: Lee Isaac Chung
CAST: Steven Yeun, Yeri Han, Alan Kim, Noel Kate Cho, and Yuh-Jung Youn
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Coming Soon: Saint Maud, The Green Knight, Zola
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  • 이야......진짜 새롭다

    메롱메로나메롱메로나Soat oldin
  • I don't remember this episode of the walking dead

    Ghoul.Ghoul.6 soat oldin
  • Future Oscar nominee Steven Yeun

    Bri MalfoyBri Malfoy7 soat oldin
  • News about Steven Yeun being considered for an Oscar nomination brought me here... Now I see why? He really looks convincing in this.

    Hank ValenciaHank Valencia8 soat oldin
  • It has the same feel as The Farewell.

    DeathM10DeathM109 soat oldin
  • Sooner or later A24 will make a bad movie... doesn't look like it'll be this time.

    Ben RBen R11 soat oldin
  • Damn, as an immigrant myself living in a country with a totally different culture this hits hard

    Gonzalo A.Gonzalo A.12 soat oldin
  • This is good

    imikimi2009imikimi200913 soat oldin
  • Yo that's Youn from Youn's kitchen lol

    SinTVSinTV17 soat oldin
  • "I am not pretty I'm good looking" this made me LMAO

    Ugochukwu OkoyeUgochukwu OkoyeKun oldin
  • Next video recommended, for some incredibly bizarre reason, is “Wes Anderson Horror Trailer- SNL”

    Walt ZamalisWalt ZamalisKun oldin
  • Problem with this trailer is it feels like i saw the whole movie

  • Why glen is getting more fine by the min. Lol imma watch because I have a lil crush.

    TheVargasShowTheVargasShowKun oldin
  • music ???

    Lord s8anLord s8anKun oldin
  • I’m watching this cos I’m immigrant and I believe this will be relatable 😌

    Cleo 22Cleo 22Kun oldin
  • Steven has been through too many buildings burning down, give the man a break

    Junior StudiosJunior StudiosKun oldin
  • um, this kind of looks like the entire film is given away in the trailer. Can whoever makes trailers stop doing that please. Leave some mystery for the viewers.

    KT Was HereKT Was HereKun oldin
  • Same here I'm African American ima watch this too He's a great actor bro

    BabyBackCultureNews ,BabyBackCultureNews ,Kun oldin
  • can i see this movie in korea this year? pls...

    안주섭안주섭Kun oldin
  • Steve is not aging...

    gimmethebox -gimmethebox -2 kun oldin
  • OMFG! Ye-ri Han with Steven Yeun?! I love her in Age of Youth \(≧▽≦)/

    misschuylermisschuyler2 kun oldin
  • I have never gotten chills from a movie trailer before... Definitely looking forward to this!

    misvenusmisvenus2 kun oldin
  • Being Korean American I am so looking forward to watching this.

    Julia KangJulia Kang2 kun oldin
  • I saw Minari at Sundance. It’s so much better than this trailer suggests.

    Jake GabbertJake Gabbert2 kun oldin
  • I already know that scene when they’re sat by the wall is gonna go down in history loool

    Guy AlsfordGuy Alsford2 kun oldin
  • Ok beautiful.

    dani jdani j2 kun oldin
  • 무슨 탈북자가 미국 간거냐? 전부 기아상태네 아주.................좀 현실감 있게 그려라 언제까지 그런 이미지메이킹에, 그런 고정관념에 기대서 먹고 살래..............

    David KDavid K2 kun oldin
    • 80년대야 ㅄ아

      Sung YirumSung Yirum2 kun oldin
  • This is Beautiful🥺💖

    Miss MMiss M3 kun oldin
  • Where can I watch it!!?

    MariaMaria3 kun oldin
  • To me A24 has become something like Ghibli or Laika. Nothing compares to you.

    Arul ChandranaArul Chandrana3 kun oldin
  • This is beautiful.

    An Extreme ClownAn Extreme Clown3 kun oldin
  • WHAT IS THIS MUSIC??? It's so beautiful!

    AphroditeLadieAphroditeLadie3 kun oldin
  • Holy shit this looks incredible

    osriodoreosriodore3 kun oldin
  • I remember just being a little older than the kids here and always feeling like my family wasn’t a real family because my mom had an accent and always made korean food for me, and I looked different from the kids at school. Seeing these kind of issues being shown in films is making me sob, I’m just so grateful that this is here.

    _ Mel __ Mel _3 kun oldin
  • Leave it to youtube commenters to find something about an innocuous movie trailer to argue about.

    KrisKris3 kun oldin
  • 왜 먹먹하지? 음악 좋다 보고싶네

    새소년새소년3 kun oldin
  • Feel like I am gonna cry watching this

    Sentinal GamingSentinal Gaming3 kun oldin
  • 음 벌써 슬프다😭

    모도리모도리4 kun oldin
  • first gen kids w/immigrant families can relate to that grandma should bake cookies scene. My grandma, bless her soul, made meals and I wanted to be like the kids in school w/PB&J; I wish I appreciated it more, it was some damn good food.

    C AllenC Allen4 kun oldin
  • Aww I thought this would be a horror movie. Oh well, looks good though.

    Hannani FakharuzzamanHannani Fakharuzzaman4 kun oldin
  • I knew that Steven Yeun speaks Korean but didn’t know he actually “Speaks speaks”! Quite fascinating!

    Ji YunJi Yun5 kun oldin
  • Steven Yeun moving up. Congrats!

    BarakatBarakat5 kun oldin
  • glenn ?

    FatahillahFatahillah5 kun oldin
  • 스티븐연 한국어 발음이 더 자연스러워진거같네여

    AbbyAbby5 kun oldin
  • Cds

    jose Cruzjose Cruz5 kun oldin
  • That's my hero of "walking dead"

    sreeraj rsreeraj r5 kun oldin
  • Black People could never do this

    failtolawlfailtolawl5 kun oldin
  • Finally korean actor actually talks korean

    Useless TasteUseless Taste6 kun oldin
  • Oh, this is awesome. I have a thing for Steven Yeun and it's fun seeing him be dad. So interesting. Just my opinion and just for fun 📽️📽️📽️

    Rebecca TaylorRebecca Taylor6 kun oldin
  • Oh, You pretty boy... You pretty boy... I'm Not Pretty! I'm Good Look'n! Boi! You're not good looking! You're PRETTY FAT!!!

    d leod leo6 kun oldin
  • Steven yeun

    Fitri FitriFitri Fitri6 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: The writer-director of this movie, Lee Isaac Chung is going to write and direct the upcoming remake of Your Name

    Jason NoijaJason Noija6 kun oldin
    • i'm honestly so worried about how that one's gonna turn out bro

      md lanzanasmd lanzanas4 kun oldin
  • This is going to be amazing. Apple should just buy A24.

    Lenn SlimLenn Slim6 kun oldin
  • Why didnt Bobby Lee play the grandma in this? Shame

    karifookarifoo6 kun oldin
    • Whatever Big nose

      Quuuein TiiinQuuuein Tiiin6 kun oldin
  • Just the trailer and I am already crying

    Jess GJess G6 kun oldin
  • No, having an immigrant ancestor who died over a hundred years ago does not qualify you as immigrant.

    Lavender SkyeLavender Skye6 kun oldin
  • He'll do well in that farm. He learned from Hershel.

    Robe AlsolaRobe Alsola6 kun oldin
  • Must see!

    misterRDFmisterRDF6 kun oldin
  • I cant wait MINARI

    ChrishellChrishell6 kun oldin
  • Seems interesting, can't wait to see it

    sarah msarah m7 kun oldin
  • definitely

    chunu limboochunu limboo7 kun oldin
  • Okay. You can help me back up now.

    Arthur HofmanArthur Hofman7 kun oldin
  • Han Ye-ri!🔥

    Prashil PrakashPrashil Prakash7 kun oldin
  • 0:52 한방에서 자는 할머니의 코고는 소리에 애기가 눈 똥그래서 잠 못자고 있는 장면에... 빵터짐.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    ik Paik Pa7 kun oldin
  • My heart feels so heavy watchin this..

    Taras PalTaras Pal7 kun oldin
  • What’s the first song used?

    SpyglassSpyglass7 kun oldin
  • When this movie is available?

    Ni-hao C HNi-hao C H7 kun oldin
  • Yo Glenn you forgot about your honey and having a new family with another girl? Jesus

    クラシック先輩クラシック先輩8 kun oldin
  • Glennnn

    OsvvaldoOsvvaldo8 kun oldin
  • Guys, what kind of movie is this, it's KorEng Movie 😏😏

    Ocean FusionOcean Fusion8 kun oldin
  • lol that standard asian family that just wants to make it on their own. stop trying to make everything white an outsider thing

    Seban RichterSeban Richter8 kun oldin
  • I really felt this. As a daughter of a Colombian immigrant this is half of my family and rings SO true😭

    A CastroA Castro8 kun oldin
  • Asian guy here....I love that the southern people in the trailer aren't reflected as outright scary racists, and the story doesn't appear to be centered around racism.

    emjay11emjay118 kun oldin
  • What song is this?

    ErikaErika8 kun oldin
  • Shit I’m already crying lol

    0Ddawg220Ddawg228 kun oldin
  • Glenn 😭😭

    samantha moonsamantha moon8 kun oldin
  • I thought this is a horror movie and im quite disappointed that it is not👁️💧👄💧👁️

    Bob BozoBob Bozo8 kun oldin
  • HELP GUYS!!!!! ANY OTHER MOVIES LIKE THIS???!!! Me and my family are going thru a very similar experience like in the trailer. But more "downs" and the occasional short-lived "ups". Every night we watch movies to relieve stress. I think she will really enjoy movies like this. Thaaaaaaaaanks

    Jeithro WagwagJeithro Wagwag9 kun oldin
  • I love you Steven Yeun❤❤❤❤

    Diana MartínezDiana Martínez9 kun oldin
  • That's probably the cutest kid I've ever seen.

    Leo MountLeo Mount9 kun oldin
  • Glen lol

    H.S.P M.SH.S.P M.S9 kun oldin
  • freaking cant wait wtf

    gab Eegab Ee9 kun oldin
  • i can’t wait

    essess9 kun oldin
  • Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    Aparna RoyAparna Roy9 kun oldin
    • Bangladeshi here🙋🙋

      ARMY Forever.ARMY Forever.9 kun oldin
  • thought it would be a thriller but thanks god it is not. isn't the mom actress is from "my unfamiliar family" ? omg i like her! can't wait to watch this movie! 👍

    canopus 1995canopus 19959 kun oldin
  • What is that Chinese man ig

    Gumballs world Is amazingGumballs world Is amazing9 kun oldin
  • Is this the origin story of James Huling?

    BB9 kun oldin
  • que trailer emocionante

    damiris oliveiradamiris oliveira9 kun oldin
  • I’m black and honestly it’s about damn time they made a film about other races....tired of society making me the victim in everything when they could be using that time and money to shed light onto so many other peoples life, that sometimes need it even more. Where are the Arabic stories? The south Asian stories? The Scandinavian stories? Sorry I need to VENT

    MM10 kun oldin
  • A24 pulling through with more gems. Add that to the list of unique and original scripts. I fucking love y’all’s movies.

    VeevoVeevo10 kun oldin
  • a24 needs to chill

    that's methat's me10 kun oldin
  • wow very interesting. really wanna see this.

    김현수김현수10 kun oldin
  • Does ANYONE know the artist or composer of the song that is playing in the first and 2nd part of the trailer????!

    Kyzer SozeKyzer Soze10 kun oldin
    • @Owen Hurley do you know the name of the song?

      darklordbannerdarklordbanner6 kun oldin
    • That would be the profoundly talented Emile Mosseri

      Owen HurleyOwen Hurley7 kun oldin
  • Why am I laughing, crying, laughing, crying, then laughing again?

    Matthew KulischMatthew Kulisch10 kun oldin
  • damn this trailer has me crying, cant wait to see what the movie does

    Carson NCarson N10 kun oldin
  • The comments made my heart warm. God. What a blessing during this uncertain time. Thank you all for sweet funny comments. Makes me love being American and human again. Love and truth and good will prevail.

    ThisIsAllNotREAL U knoThisIsAllNotREAL U kno10 kun oldin
  • Guess the "burning" of the lead star is also portrayed here lol

    ErickaEricka10 kun oldin
  • Why am I already crying?

    Adm4rAdm4r10 kun oldin
  • If it is from A24, I'll watch it ✨

    Sofia NahuelhualSofia Nahuelhual10 kun oldin
  • Would love to know the soundtrack 😳

    Juan RodriguezJuan Rodriguez10 kun oldin