Metal Detecting On The River: PawPaws, Box Turtles And Relics!

30-Sen, 2020
51 037 Ko‘rishlar soni

Please join me as I journey by motorized kayak on the river in search of outdoor adventure and Civil War relics. I have a great time and found both!
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Metal detecting, treasure, history, coins, river treasure, adventure, nature, animals and MOAR! That is what my channel is about. I enjoy caving, SCUBA diving and flying my powered paraglider. I foster sick and injured pets. My channel is family friendly. My videos are meant to be fun, educational and informative.
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Metal Detecting On The River: PawPaws, Box Turtles And Relics!

  • 6:01 do yaaaaa see it?

    Bosse LorenzenBosse Lorenzen5 kun oldin
  • It’s not stupid to respect a life even if it is a bug it is still a life. I respect that

    Shelly ThomShelly Thom5 kun oldin
  • I'd do the same thing with the cicada!

    Nestta5252Nestta52528 kun oldin
  • Being decent to nature is never stupid!

    Pamela SteburgPamela Steburg9 kun oldin
  • Discovery Channel needs to ditch Alaskan Bush People and hire AquaChigger and The Crystal Collector to make shows. It’s cathartic and interesting to watch these kinds of channels. It’s stuff we could actually do, too.

    Joseph VandevanderJoseph Vandevander10 kun oldin
  • Me and my daughter are looking to start this as a hobby.were poor like most people.any chance anyone has a pin pointer for sale cheap .or detector getting one or the other would save a lot and hope find a lot of history 😉🙏🙏

    Kane ScottKane Scott12 kun oldin
  • chiggs. your a friend to animals.

    sun runnersun runner15 kun oldin
  • Happy to see you take care of that turtle. But you again looking in the tree nest a snake could get a bit stay blessed and see you again on the next episode 👍🙏

    Roger DempseyRoger Dempsey17 kun oldin
  • could I get you to mail me some paw paw seedlings to Georgia I'd pay for the shipping

    Denny StampsDenny Stamps17 kun oldin
  • glad your back missed our videos

    James DerynckJames Derynck18 kun oldin
  • Thank you for saving the Cicada. I was trekking along a river once and knocked a bumblebee into the water and ended up saving it as well, I agree, I'll have no part of that lol

    Geyote PilkingtonGeyote Pilkington18 kun oldin
  • Lol i betcha people are gonna say "omg u missed a ring in the middle of the screen at 6:04!!"

    Geyote PilkingtonGeyote Pilkington18 kun oldin
  • Great to see you back with us, its not been the same with out you. Hope you had a great trip and cant wait to see the outcome on TV.

    Kenneth BoomKenneth Boom18 kun oldin

    chargindave70chargindave7019 kun oldin
    • Isnt that the same plot as Christians and dinosaur bones?

      Geyote PilkingtonGeyote Pilkington18 kun oldin
  • so you found a pile of crap...nice hobbie

    Clementine BarnabetClementine Barnabet19 kun oldin
  • You have the best life Chigg being outside in Nature has to be so grounding. Love the river detecting every time your out. Take care and keep saving the critters.

    Hiker XHiker X19 kun oldin
  • Haha the cicada sounds like a metal detector going crazy

    EvaLastaEvaLasta19 kun oldin
  • So glad you're home where you belong. How are all the Chiggs furbabies. I l9ve seeing you and your l9vely wife with them.

    Gaye YountGaye Yount19 kun oldin
  • It's not stupid to be kind to even the simplest of creatures. You're a god man.

    Irene MierzwaIrene Mierzwa19 kun oldin
  • what's so special about finding an old ford ? I've got a few in my back yard ~

    John ParkerJohn Parker19 kun oldin
  • Hey man thank you for the video

    Scott TScott T19 kun oldin
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    the axel Acevedothe axel Acevedo19 kun oldin
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  • iin,t not peder,s

    the axel Acevedothe axel Acevedo19 kun oldin
  • cute little turtle, he was shell shocked after that bath you gave him!

    JohnJohn20 kun oldin
  • 8:45 karma. ;)

    ReclusiveMountainManReclusiveMountainMan20 kun oldin
  • Hello A.C., Thanks for the adventure, fun finds!! Have fun and be safe, take care, "God Bless", sincerely, Randy.👍👍🙏🏻😇👊

    Randy ClendeninRandy Clendenin20 kun oldin
  • what's up guys does anyone here know or understand californium material? check the following video link:

    Rayhan Val van hardRayhan Val van hard20 kun oldin
  • There is a place ,Triune Tennessee about 40 miles south of Nashville. I was doing research for my PhD. To make a long story short, I was interviewing a family that lived in a pre-.Civil war home. The family showed me relics they had found on the property. One of the relics they had found it was a candle holder that the. Soldiers wound take these holders there was a shank that came to a point. The soldiers would drive these holders into a tree, set a candle into the holder light them and had some light.

    Tommy Glasgow PhDTommy Glasgow PhD20 kun oldin
  • Sure is great to have some normalcy. Thanks for coming back.

    J DemoJ Demo20 kun oldin
  • I miss your scuba diving rivers for lost cameras and stuff chigg

    Troy AldridgeTroy Aldridge20 kun oldin
  • That first piece of metal had a key hole in it

    Troy AldridgeTroy Aldridge20 kun oldin
  • Anybody else not get a notification for this video?

    Danny BellDanny Bell20 kun oldin
  • Ah Chigger, it's been a long while since I watched your videos. I rarely comment in UZworld but I wanted to say - our lives are a million miles away, I live in a Victorian terrace house in northern England, have absolutely no personal desire to go out hunting for stuff myself - but I absolutely love your videos. Your personality is super engaging, the sights are so different to my day to day and you always explain things, providing local history I would never know about otherwise. Thanks for these videos, the reach a far wider audience than you'd ever imagine!

    Ethan HayesEthan Hayes21 kun oldin
  • Thought you were done with youtube didn't you make a video aboot this a few months ago?

    chris stierschris stiers21 kun oldin
  • Ya mad just chucking ya metal detector about like that off rocks the lot and dropping it must be loaded to be treating it like that not cheap them coils lol

    Wardy’s Metal DetectingWardy’s Metal Detecting21 kun oldin
  • How many frequencies are between iron and for example bronze or copper

    Sarcasmo AssholioSarcasmo Assholio21 kun oldin
  • Nothing wrong with compassion! Another good video

    Bill AdamsBill Adams21 kun oldin
  • Could you contact me please I have a mortar shell 48.5 lbs hollow excellent shape been in our family 70 years. Would like to know value

    Edison ThomasEdison Thomas21 kun oldin
  • ???

    Timetraveller 999Timetraveller 99921 kun oldin
  • I love the boat always keep an open heart

    Chris LostumoChris Lostumo21 kun oldin
  • That turtle may have been dropped by a large bird. Im glad to see he was still alive and ready to run a race.

    Josh TonryJosh Tonry21 kun oldin
  • just started following your videos.The more I watch the more interested I become especially in the civil war items you find.Also with the knowledge you have about history. Go get them.Later.

    Daniel WilgesDaniel Wilges21 kun oldin
  • always amazed me that cicadas stay underground for a prime-number of years, this way their breeding cycle coincides much less with their predators. They're better at maths than I am.

    N JonesN Jones22 kun oldin
  • I’m looking at the deer prints

    Cape Cod Mike MikeCape Cod Mike Mike22 kun oldin
  • The "little nipple thing" on the top of the bullet is called the sprue. Its the excess lead when molding something.

    captain steve cappycaptain steve cappy22 kun oldin
    • You must have spent some time in a foundry.

      Jessie Payne Metal DetectingJessie Payne Metal Detecting20 kun oldin
  • I do believe that half of horshoe you found is a whole oxen shoe. Watch metal detector vidios of old farms and they dig them up quite often.

    captain steve cappycaptain steve cappy22 kun oldin
  • Looks like My fav utuber has blocked me because on one of his videos he said his Patreon followers who pay , will get first dibs on some of his uploads. I commented that I didn’t think this was very nice , and now I’m blocked. He said on his recent interview video, that he just blocks anyone who says anything nasty., and that they can still see the videos , but nobody can see any of their comments. Fair dos , but I wasn’t nasty . I’m so upset by this , I really liked the Chigg, but I don’t think he’s as nice as he makes himself out to be. He’s more interested in the money he makes than he is about his viewers. Just so sad that he can’t take any criticism even when it’s constructive. I really did think he was the best 😥 I now know no one will answer me as no one can see it, but I just had to say for my own closure. Goodbye Mr Chigg ... I really thought you were a good un .. and not just in it for the money. I am so hurt and upset over this. 😟

    Timetraveller 999Timetraveller 99922 kun oldin
  • Really like that you rescued the Cicada. Good guy that Chig.

    Jim BJim B22 kun oldin
  • What state are you in?

    Ian NelsonIan Nelson22 kun oldin
  • Sometimes birds of prey will pick up turtles and try to drop them on rocks to break their shells so they can eat them. I bet that's what happened to this turtle, except the bird dropped him too near the water, only breaking a small part of his shell.

    acertainshapeacertainshape22 kun oldin
  • Yay! Chigg is back!

    Joey LandryJoey Landry22 kun oldin
  • How you treated that turtle and the cicada...just awesome. The world needs more of that.

    TeamLotus6365TeamLotus636522 kun oldin
  • Years ago I had rescued a box turtle that was hit by a car. It had a cracked shell similar to this and I used super glue to hold it in place until it healed.

    Craig HostetterCraig Hostetter22 kun oldin
  • I wondered when you would return😢. I canceled patreon because they mess up. But before I could set up auto pay for you, I got serious health, hospitalization, chemo interfering. Will get that going soon as I can.

    Lynn LopezLynn Lopez22 kun oldin
  • Could the shoe have been for an ox?

    Lynn LopezLynn Lopez22 kun oldin
  • You should bring a fishing pole with you for camouflage. Lol! the turtle was cute, wonder if he tumbled down the bank.

    ccgrinccgrin22 kun oldin
  • I’m always amused with the Americans relationship with the word ‘solder’.

    Joe RoganJoshJoe RoganJosh22 kun oldin
    • That's a result of UZworld. Prior to YT, we Americans had no idea the British pronounced it incorrectly. :-)

      BILL SBILL S20 kun oldin
  • its not soldar in the uk its solder er like , grrr

    Paul MillsPaul Mills22 kun oldin
  • Mr. Beau, you love all animals, you certainly don't have to apologize for that. You are a really good, reserved and friendly person that fits perfectly👍☘️💫

    G. S.G. S.22 kun oldin
  • Nice finds Chigg !!!

    Metal Detecting SCMetal Detecting SC22 kun oldin
  • I've probably watched hundreds of your always bring up great educational subjects. Thanks a bunch!!!

    Scott CornellScott Cornell22 kun oldin
  • Great to see you back on the river again Mr chiggs 😜👍

    Dennis WhittakerDennis Whittaker22 kun oldin
  • Not a bug fan, but, thanks for saving him!

    Moms EmailMoms Email22 kun oldin
  • I'm pleased that you didn't give up UZworld I love your programs when you come to uk again perhaps you should visit isle of wight much history. Carry on great programme

    paul wisepaul wise22 kun oldin
  • Sometimes those broken horseshoes might be ox shoes. Much wider at one end than the other.

    Margreet H.Margreet H.22 kun oldin
  • Can anyone see this comment ?

    Timetraveller 999Timetraveller 99922 kun oldin
  • I've moved to Germany and I'll admit to being a bit afraid to ship my detector over...

    Colours CapelloColours Capello22 kun oldin
  • Love your channel Chigg!, keep the vids coming.

    emma simmsemma simms22 kun oldin
  • Chigg, what coil are you using on the AT Max?

    Matthew PierceMatthew Pierce22 kun oldin
  • 👍👍

    MashadoMashado22 kun oldin
  • Awe👍🏼❤️

    1L Michele1L Michele22 kun oldin
  • There's nothing like watching Chigg in his natural habitat, lovin' the wildlife and talking story. Thanks for a wonderful episode in the life Chigg, we've missed you sorely since you went away to "Jolly old England." Welcome home.

    Lesa HannersLesa Hanners22 kun oldin
  • Happy to see you back!

    Julie Heilman. FamJulie Heilman. Fam22 kun oldin
  • You can use nail acrylic or nail acrylic jel uv light setting, to repair a turtle shell. A friend owned a desert tortoise that fell of a raised deck onto concrete path. The nail acrylic is what we had and used. Worked great, eventually the shell healed over or maybe under is a better term.

    G GG G22 kun oldin
  • just take a car lifting electro magnet crawler there and WHOOOSH pick up all the junk iron :D

    Tailored PerspeciveTailored Perspecive22 kun oldin
  • Boy if you here bango music 🤔😬

    Timothy FritterTimothy Fritter22 kun oldin
  • Great to have you back! I've been binging on the classics. 🎞 😁👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Johnny BottlesJohnny Bottles22 kun oldin
  • As always I enjoyed your video. Thanks

    Michael ElyMichael Ely22 kun oldin
  • Oh mergaw, paw paws.

    Frank StahlFrank Stahl22 kun oldin
  • I'm always rescuing june bugs etc from my horses' water tubs.... I have a poor man's metal detector; a magnet on a stick....

    Nancy KNancy K22 kun oldin
  • good for you on loving wildlife. Please dont move box turtles(i know you said you were going to bring it back, thats great) they have a home range and they always try to get back to their home.,it%20to%20a%20nicer%20park. keep it up Chigg. great content.

    Sapper LexSapper Lex22 kun oldin
  • how's the box turtle doing?

    Garrison HGarrison H22 kun oldin
  • I like your style. Your videos keep my interest. Well done.

    John LaforteJohn Laforte23 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know if civil war bullets with a star in the inside mean it’s from the north

    Kyler JanovecKyler Janovec23 kun oldin
  • miss seeing some kayak riding

    Filip ZanFilip Zan23 kun oldin
  • Beau’s voice, big smile and friendly demenour are infectious.

    YummyYummy23 kun oldin
  • Compassion is never stupid, Chigg. You saved a life. No matter how insignificant it may seem.

    SwingslothSwingsloth23 kun oldin
  • Nothing better than finding old HISTORY no matter where it is.. Love finding the old Bullets.

  • Hey from the UK being as I'm self isolating your videos have made my days I've been watching a lot of your back videos I'm a new sub to your Chanel so great videos

    Wendy MudkinsWendy Mudkins23 kun oldin
    • If you like horses, watch thinklikeahorse, Rick Gore.

      Carol VCarol V16 kun oldin
  • Chigg we need more murder weapons and dubloons! Lol. My whole family loves your work mate. Keep the good times coming!

    Captain BeefylogCaptain Beefylog23 kun oldin
  • Chigger maybe the box turtles flipped himself upside down and because of the mud he was having a hard time getting back upright and so he was just taking a breather from being tired trying to turn himself back up?

    Dorf GooglesteenDorf Googlesteen23 kun oldin
  • Where have you been apart from sunny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😃

    Jane GrieveJane Grieve23 kun oldin
  • Thank you

  • a most excellent adventure

    Shawn BShawn B23 kun oldin