MASSIVE Carne Asada Fries Challenge (10+lbs)

24-Okt, 2020
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One Giant Plate of Carne Asada Fries!!!
Always great late night food... but I've never eaten this much in one sitting. Can't wait!!
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    Matt StonieMatt Stonie6 oy oldin
    • Lol

      DaBaby YodaDaBaby Yoda2 oy oldin
    • F R I E S

      ToxicToxic2 oy oldin
    • Lol cool !

      Nic J GDNic J GD2 oy oldin
    • For those who use a phone instead of pc, it says 'fries', that's some formatting probs

      Crystal LauCrystal Lau3 oy oldin
    • Fries

      SEDEF ÖNERSEDEF ÖNER3 oy oldin
  • es carne asada no carni asara

    Jose Bolaños박지민Jose Bolaños박지민Soat oldin
  • his stomach is made of steel, pretty sure

    i am smilei am smile20 soat oldin
  • Do the chilli challenge

    Bunny SunnyBunny Sunny20 soat oldin
  • Whats that soda 3:43

    Skilzzer YTSkilzzer YTKun oldin
  • made me laugh the way he reacted to the sour cream coming out 😂😂

    Shawna LeighShawna LeighKun oldin
  • I mean where the f*ck is the salt, which is supposed to be on the fries

    Magnus NymannMagnus NymannKun oldin
  • Imagine watching this from venezuela 😂😂😂

    Mateo SemperteguiMateo Sempertegui2 kun oldin
  • Me: Yooo that looks awesome can i have some? Friend: Sure ill give you whats left. Him:

    Clarke VaugerClarke Vauger2 kun oldin
  • Bro I WISH I had your metabolism

    HyperShayHyperShay2 kun oldin
  • How do you stay so LIGHT, you look lke you dont gain weight

    Wiz-Bang ProductionsWiz-Bang Productions2 kun oldin
  • Pat and Jen music

    Nedal DamesNedal Dames2 kun oldin
  • Ben10 like this food 😂😂

    Ghaith gamingGhaith gaming2 kun oldin

    Talan DoveTalan Dove3 kun oldin
  • John 3:16-21

    Tony SalvatelliTony Salvatelli3 kun oldin
  • ummmmmmmmmmmmm

  • 30 bucks for that toy

    RISHON KVRISHON KV4 kun oldin
  • Thise fries dont have relaxants to help you digest the food quickly.

    ManiacSirManiacSir4 kun oldin
  • Why don't you get fat when you eat a lot of things? 😂^o^

    parihan salhparihan salh5 kun oldin
  • Mom: You can’t go in the pool until you finish your food Me:

    Tecc Of The Hidden RainTecc Of The Hidden Rain5 kun oldin
  • i'm like fasting this ramadan so this helps a lot

    Yafez AhmadYafez Ahmad5 kun oldin
  • that’s not how you pronounce carne asada...

    Hard Hit ChrisHard Hit Chris6 kun oldin
  • ✨belgium fries✨

    Flame FoxFlame Fox6 kun oldin
  • This song nostalgia too popularmmos

    Kenji BaeKenji Bae6 kun oldin
  • How the fuck has he not gotten diabetes

    Infinity PlaysInfinity Plays7 kun oldin
  • Great videos Matt Keep up the good work

    Wyatt PlylerWyatt Plyler7 kun oldin
  • I'm afraid this man will eat the whole galaxy

    GülnihalGülnihal7 kun oldin
  • Imagine eating food for a living

    uzair chaudharyuzair chaudhary7 kun oldin
    • He became a millionaire by eating stuff

      sirisha GVBsirisha GVB3 kun oldin
  • I really hope you just slowly enjoy these foods sometimes xD

    William ConwayWilliam Conway7 kun oldin
  • 2/5 is greater than 1/3 mr stoneie. Did you eat the math hw too?

    SM ARIFSM ARIF7 kun oldin
  • I am not lying

    Fire TimeFire Time7 kun oldin
  • Did you know that faze rug listed you in a video of him eating spicy noodles you should check his video of eating spicy noodles

    Fire TimeFire Time7 kun oldin
  • Matt: I completely forgot the fork His mind: I never did

    Blue BrawlerBlue Brawler7 kun oldin
  • Omg that looks so freaking giod

    NippleWaxer3000NippleWaxer30008 kun oldin
  • اكو عرب 🤓💔🌚

    الوردة الحمراءالوردة الحمراء8 kun oldin
  • Every time i wath your videos i'm gonna get big hungry ,😂👍

    tharindu nuwantharindu nuwan8 kun oldin
  • 😪💔 i'm so hungry now matt

    tharindu nuwantharindu nuwan8 kun oldin
  • Puts barley any cheese

    Abby GAbby G8 kun oldin
  • You should have a video where your dog helps you

    JacobJacob9 kun oldin
  • Why did u even add cheese....

    Fart Party PlusFart Party Plus9 kun oldin
  • Ur background music reminded me of PopularMMOs

    Its_ BlossIts_ Bloss9 kun oldin
  • 🐀🔫🤔

    Lucas SequeiraLucas Sequeira9 kun oldin
  • Every time I watch your videos I get so hungry keep my up the good work man

    Michael AlvaradoMichael Alvarado9 kun oldin
  • 2:17 when your in bed

    Christian PritchardChristian Pritchard10 kun oldin
  • How the HELL this Guy so thin...after eating all of this...yeah

    Ahsan NaqviAhsan Naqvi10 kun oldin

    ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ10 kun oldin
  • Who else is watching while fasting?

    FIFA-PLAYAFIFA-PLAYA10 kun oldin
  • 2:01 "Ooh Handycap" For people who don't know the reference. It's in the Massive Chili Bowl video. Morgan said "Ooh Handycap" when Matt added More cheese

    The PineApple ArtistThe PineApple Artist11 kun oldin
  • when spanish food?

    Titi TomTiti Tom11 kun oldin
  • It’s 12:55 and I’m so hungry...

    Philip McRevasPhilip McRevas11 kun oldin
  • His dumps are massive

    Karson EvansKarson Evans12 kun oldin
  • He can definitely beat this time if he did no talkin lol

  • Fries made like that don’t taste good 😂

    Brio MBrio M12 kun oldin
  • Fasting😐

    M.D_.12M.D_.1213 kun oldin
  • Waarom krijg ik deze man steeds bij me aanbevolen het is ramadann

    Aimane VlissAimane Vliss13 kun oldin
  • I thought he was going to eat it with a giant spoon but nope🤢

    Yonder NickelYonder Nickel14 kun oldin
  • who else is from ireland and is screaming wtf

    ConexoGamingConexoGaming14 kun oldin
  • You know it is tough when Matt Stonie has left overs around the plate.

    ho lungho lung14 kun oldin
  • 14000th comment

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy14 kun oldin
  • Zhupapimuyeiyo

  • Who needs forks when they gottem hands

    Justin NguyenJustin Nguyen16 kun oldin
  • Poor dog ! Most frustrated dog in the world ! 😢

    TheokolesTheokoles16 kun oldin
  • How do you not get fat as shit?! You can't be throwing up?🤔

    Sergio BustosSergio Bustos17 kun oldin
  • shoulda put queso fresco instead of feta cheese-

    Tristan ZamudioTristan Zamudio17 kun oldin
  • what's the music he uses guys ??

    Said OnalSaid Onal17 kun oldin
  • Soul knight music

    Kenneth NgKenneth Ng17 kun oldin
  • Before he started, I was dreading as to how he was going to eat this. I said I hope he uses a fork this time......I was wrong.

    SledgeWorldwideGamingSledgeWorldwideGaming17 kun oldin
  • The husky looking at Matt must be Hungry

    Leigh JansenLeigh Jansen17 kun oldin
  • 1:51 bro that dog is CUTE

    GumarksGumarks18 kun oldin
  • He need to see the youtube channel "la capital" to learn about carne asada

    Arnaldofx 172Arnaldofx 17218 kun oldin
  • The reason I respect him is because he doesn't waste food❤️

    Abhimanue T JAbhimanue T J18 kun oldin
  • Note to self: Don’t watch these videos when you are hungry

    Lucas The Gaming NerdLucas The Gaming Nerd19 kun oldin
  • Actually starts eating at 3:52. Peeeace

    Ma GuarnieriMa Guarnieri19 kun oldin
  • anyone else watching this while their fasting

    izmail_YTizmail_YT19 kun oldin
  • Who noticed when he was eating the food it was PopularMMOs Outro soundtrack

    WhatsGetWhatsGet19 kun oldin
  • Soooo hungryyyyyyyyyyyy. It’s 4:48am 🤦

    Daniel LimDaniel Lim19 kun oldin
  • Sour cream and brocomomoli beatrad him i druled

    Reynan SerranoReynan Serrano19 kun oldin
  • I want to see him at all you can eat 😂

    MoliMoli19 kun oldin
  • I missed out on the Stonie [statue]. Are you going to put some more for sale? I really want one

    kesha mayweatherkesha mayweather20 kun oldin
  • Videos like this should be restricted in ramadan😭😭

    VrageraGDVrageraGD20 kun oldin
  • I am fasting and watching his video's its making me soo hungry but I can't eat

    Azure CRiAzure CRi20 kun oldin
  • Please use little bit bigger plate😅😅😅

    UJ STHA11UJ STHA1121 kun oldin
  • This guy is crazy

    Geo SimulaçõesGeo Simulações21 kun oldin
  • Anyone else wonder what he does at an all you can eat buffet

    Blake RobinsonBlake Robinson21 kun oldin
  • benazm

    Ramin RoozbehRamin Roozbeh21 kun oldin
  • brazil

    Sargento PincelSargento Pincel22 kun oldin
  • Carne assada kk

    Sargento PincelSargento Pincel22 kun oldin
  • ------------------

    Daniel SartiniDaniel Sartini22 kun oldin
  • Now i m hungry

    Daniel SartiniDaniel Sartini22 kun oldin
  • 2:01 the way his dogs ears just went down XD

    NickPlays RBXNickPlays RBX22 kun oldin
  • omg that looks so delicious mmmm 😋😋

    SlezzysSlezzys22 kun oldin
  • You should do another burrito challenge. A 3-foot long 50 pound burrito challenge with lots of eggs, hash browns, cheese, bacon, sausage, or whatever you want inside as long as it's 50 pounds total. It doesn't have to be exactly 3 feet in length. It can be no less than 2.5 feet in length. Are you up for this challenge, Stonie?

    StaticBlasterStaticBlaster23 kun oldin
  • What a big ass plate of food!

    StaticBlasterStaticBlaster23 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Ryan PorterRyan Porter22 kun oldin
  • That’s just a appetizer

    jaxon Pjaxon P23 kun oldin
  • 6:29 hear it without looking 😂😂😂😂😂

    abyel999abyel99923 kun oldin
  • انت حقك اللي قلت لش فاطمه المل

    mubark vgtmubark vgt23 kun oldin
  • It's Bigger than His stomach.... DAMN BOI!!!

    ReaperReaper23 kun oldin
  • He could've finished it in 3mins if he wasnt talking

    black_ Roleiblack_ Rolei23 kun oldin
  • What even is the difference between beef and carne asada

    Ninjaneon902Ninjaneon90223 kun oldin
  • Eating delicious food just to throw it up. :( respect you to, but man that's my culture 😭

    TheLame GamerTheLame Gamer23 kun oldin