Marlon Humphrey: 'We Owed Them One' | Baltimore Ravens

10-Yan, 2021
78 314 Ko‘rishlar soni

Head Coach John Harbaugh, quarterback Lamar Jackson and key players meet with the media after the win.
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    Paul ProvanPaul Provan7 kun oldin
  • I’m actually glad the Ravens are back to being the underdog in the the playoffs with the chip on their shoulder. This is where we thrive 😎

    Timothy R. PowidzkiTimothy R. Powidzki10 kun oldin
  • Marlon plays such good football. Love watching him: Another Special Ravens as they all are. Such encouraging words! Peters adds a unique flavor to the Ravens. So glad he is a part of the team!! also! Awesome playoff Game. Loved the play off flight video!

    Lee PalmerLee Palmer11 kun oldin
  • I think harbaugh did the squirrel dance Go ravens y’all #BIGTRUSS

    abudabi1995abudabi199512 kun oldin
  • I'm digging the hat Marlon.

    Josey WalesJosey Wales12 kun oldin
  • Congrats to the Ravens....great team effort, but the defense was RELENTLESS.....Go Ravens....!!!!!!

    Rollo TomasiRollo Tomasi12 kun oldin
  • Titans Fan here great game great win!! I tip my cap to the Ravens.. but understand come next years playoffs (since they dont play in the regular season) i want a rematch with You guys!! Glad to see th3 rivalry is back

    Jerry AdamsJerry Adams12 kun oldin
  • I think they went onto the logo because the Titans did that this year and last year. Also all the trash talk and stuff they said to Coach Harbaugh.

    Brady SlaterBrady Slater12 kun oldin
  • Not sorry titans

    Servant of ChristServant of Christ12 kun oldin
  • Are they recording this through a damn Windows Vista webcam?

    Josh MailletJosh Maillet12 kun oldin
  • Mike Jones.....Mike Jones. Mike Jones. Back Then they didn't want me now I'm hot they all on me...

    J5J512 kun oldin
  • Great interview, "Tex"!!

    Porter LandrumPorter Landrum12 kun oldin
  • The hat looks good on you marlon go ravens

    Jake FordJake Ford12 kun oldin
  • Dance, nothing left for me to do but dance Off these bad times I'm going through just dance Got canned heat in my heals tonight, baby #TitanDown ahahahaha

    Gonna get a Super Bowl out of me Believe datGonna get a Super Bowl out of me Believe dat12 kun oldin

    b r u h b r u hb r u h b r u h12 kun oldin
  • Love da har

    E ballE ball12 kun oldin
  • Texas rangers right hand man.

    Boss AlbaBoss Alba12 kun oldin
  • The workable newsprint outstandingly press because earth whitely tip per a smelly hemp. giddy, unwritten verse

    PK WongPK Wong12 kun oldin
  • Ravens....Defense legend in the making.

    Dan DickersonDan Dickerson12 kun oldin
  • Damn what was the song lyrrriiiiccc

    Q4 FlaccoQ4 Flacco12 kun oldin
  • "We were on the lo..? I uh guess.. okay we were on the logo okay" Marlo is too funny XD

    AA12 kun oldin
  • All we have to do now is beat the bills they are a very hard team to beat but I can still believe that ravens can beat bills.

    Gem SquadGem Squad12 kun oldin
  • Balls I was going to wear same outfit today. Guess I’ll change.

    Brian SiskBrian Sisk12 kun oldin
  • Marlon was definitely trolling with the 🤠 and after the Titans disrespected the Ravens logo in their regular season match-up, rightfully so! What a fantastic performance by that defense!!

    PowerToTheTubersPowerToTheTubers12 kun oldin
  • Marlo looking fly as hell!

    Darren ThorpeDarren Thorpe12 kun oldin
  • Marloooo is such a good dude

    slimjimmyslimjimmy12 kun oldin
  • marlo funny i tell u what u better get in the lab mr diggs will be waiting GO RAVENS!!!!

    addison jamesaddison james12 kun oldin
  • AJ owns you man, he owns your car house everything!! You a fraud and Lamar is a fraud! A throwing RB

    T1TANS L3GENDT1TANS L3GEND13 kun oldin
    • Yeah your just salty, a throwing running back just beat your team and queen henry was neutralized!!

      D MerceD Merce12 kun oldin
  • The invincible tulip distally zoom because david expectably cry between a slow tail. spiky, capable box

    ldaa wyfldaa wyf13 kun oldin
  • Lamar's touch down run was for more yards than Derrick Henry's total 18 carries. That is our A-game defense. Good job guys, we did it

    Mark RidleyMark Ridley13 kun oldin
  • I love it when Marlon talks about his drip😂😂. He’s a great guy a great player! He’s a keeper for sure👍

    S&I ProductionsS&I Productions13 kun oldin
  • harbaugh did the corvette corvette😂

    Travon WatsonTravon Watson13 kun oldin
  • Marlon was trolling tennessee with that outfit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ronald NortonRonald Norton13 kun oldin
    • @T1TANS L3GEND lol hope Henry and Brown get too enjoy there time off. We enjoyed sending em home 😂

      Tyler CulbersonTyler Culberson10 kun oldin
    • He should be going home to check his house because AJ brown owns his car house and his whole family, also his outfit! AJ Brown probably told him what to wear!!

      T1TANS L3GENDT1TANS L3GEND13 kun oldin
  • As a raven fan, something told me....the ravens losing against titans at home...was gonna have a complete reversal in the playoffs just like in 08.....dream come true in 2020

    n vangoghn vangogh13 kun oldin
  • they held “king Henry” to 40 yards. 40.

    Leaveadislike ?Leaveadislike ?13 kun oldin
    • on 18 carries too, 2.2 yards per attempt

      DOnte broDOnte bro11 kun oldin
    • U mean queen henry

      HNiCDukeHNiCDuke12 kun oldin
    • 🤴 henry didn’t have a 1st down the entire game. The dline and defense needs a game ball too

      slimjimmyslimjimmy12 kun oldin
  • Some of y’all lame with the nobody believes in Lamar lines. He’s a former MVP

    Dennis ColemanDennis Coleman13 kun oldin
    • You're wrong... He is the current reigning MVP... Until the next MVP is chosen...

      J5J512 kun oldin
  • They it go rancher you s Awesome no matter what they say, hahaha,

    De jesus GutynoriegaDe jesus Gutynoriega13 kun oldin
  • Nice hat bro 🤠

    RavensScore08RavensScore0813 kun oldin
  • Roll Tide Marlon, Go Ravens

    Blazing rebelBlazing rebel13 kun oldin
  • I give it to Humphrey he came in clutch, so did Peters the whole fucken defense!!

    Jacky ReyesJacky Reyes13 kun oldin
  • God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all

    J RavensJ Ravens13 kun oldin
  • Yee haw 🤠

    Megan BennettMegan Bennett13 kun oldin
  • He Kno they planned to be on logo #go ravens

    henroc dondzhenroc dondz13 kun oldin
  • Love the outfit MH...great job today!

    33Lady RAM33Lady RAM13 kun oldin
  • Marcus Peters Is a G

    Donovan Sales Sr.Donovan Sales Sr.13 kun oldin
  • Lol #GoRavens!!!!

    Yoli GoodiYoli Goodi13 kun oldin
  • Love the logo stomp feels good ravens showed fight

    Zac JonesZac Jones13 kun oldin
  • Damn im hyped

    Bar WillBar Will13 kun oldin
  • Marlon gotta spend some of that bag he just got 😁😁😁

    Jonathan WilsonJonathan Wilson13 kun oldin
  • Now here comes the Bills trollers

    Rosho KnowRosho Know13 kun oldin
  • This fool think he slick ;)

    FirstsurugiFirstsurugi13 kun oldin
  • wow.. so happy for Lamar!

    WECRE8 SOUNDWECRE8 SOUND13 kun oldin
  • If the Dline plays like that from here on out u can guarantee a chip!

    410veno410veno13 kun oldin
  • Nice that's how to shine dude all day. I need one🤠

    Texan Football HoustonTexan Football Houston13 kun oldin
  • As soon as I saw the thumbnail this might be a legendary interview

    Jalen TaylorJalen Taylor13 kun oldin
  • Harbaugh was hittin that Kodak Bop😂😂😂

    D GD G13 kun oldin
    • Corvette corvette

      Bradley ChrisBradley Chris12 kun oldin
  • Got the Mel Blount look going Marlon.

    sammyvh11sammyvh1113 kun oldin
  • 40 yards for Henry. That’s crazy.

    stackz dollazstackz dollaz13 kun oldin
  • Henry had been dethroned and now there is a new king. Lamar King Jackson!!!👑👑👑

    J2H XfireJ2H Xfire13 kun oldin
  • U know marcus peters said way more and worse then what marlo Humphrey said. Lol was just like screw it peters said "Go Ravens". That's not anything close to what .arcus Peters said lol

    Cj DachilleCj Dachille13 kun oldin
  • Marlon dripping lol

    Noah LarsenNoah Larsen13 kun oldin
  • This is why you don't stomp on a team's logo, Titoons. Learn it well.

    GHZonerGHZoner13 kun oldin
  • Ball So Hard University !! GO RAVENS!!

    skilligansskilligans13 kun oldin

    PauloPaulo13 kun oldin
    • Corvette Corvette

      Nicole SearsNicole Sears12 kun oldin
  • Ravens put up the BEST defense Derrick Henry has seen all year, may his entire career.

    Pretty SunshinePretty Sunshine13 kun oldin
  • Humphrey is sharper than a terd on both ends !

    shonda lucasshonda lucas13 kun oldin
  • Marlon, you are so bad! You know it. hehe Great victory!

    Pretty SunshinePretty Sunshine13 kun oldin
  • I love the cowboy hat!!

    TheFujiwujiTheFujiwuji13 kun oldin
  • I love marlo😂💜💜

    Daniel ValenciaDaniel Valencia13 kun oldin
  • Marlon looks like he owns oil wells going hardcore 1983 tv show Dallas

    Daniel DeeringDaniel Deering13 kun oldin
  • Humphrey lol we were on the logo oh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the logo speech 😩😩 Cowboy Fruit Punch funny af if you feel like laughing - 33:12

    King KaneKing Kane13 kun oldin

  • Go Ravens, drink some Tennessee Toddy!

    Super SaturnSuper Saturn13 kun oldin
  • This game was pivotal. Imagine what the narrative would have been. 1) Bullied by the Titans 2) They have RB not a QB 3) Lamar has never won a playoff game, 0-3 4)The Ravens are not built to come back from behind 5)......... Let’s go Ravens🔥💪🏿😤

    First Name Last nameFirst Name Last name13 kun oldin
  • I knew when that Dline was all well we was going to win and Henry was not going have a great game. Great win guys glad to say im from Baltimore today.RAVENNATION 4EVER

    Shawn ProutShawn Prout13 kun oldin

    Oncsimus ShakurOncsimus Shakur13 kun oldin
  • I guess we can say the ravens put an "attack on titan" hehe 😜. Dad jokes are the best.

    mastamatthewmastamatthew13 kun oldin
  • Wow it just keeps getting better 1st i watch lamar there’s a Mike Jones, now with Marlon there’s a Gary Coleman

    Kendall SandersKendall Sanders13 kun oldin
    • Actually it's Jerry Coleman. LOL.

      Cruz the worldCruz the world13 kun oldin
  • Fact...Lamar is still not an NFL qb.

    Paul ProvanPaul Provan13 kun oldin
    • @Paul Provan He'll just have to get it together next year.

      Shaquan ReavesShaquan Reaves7 kun oldin
    • @Paul Provan I said nothing about his skills or lack thereof, I said he technically is a QB. But with him losing tonight I cannot defend him besides him being injured. Congratulations sir.

      Shaquan ReavesShaquan Reaves7 kun oldin

      Paul ProvanPaul Provan7 kun oldin
    • @Shaquan Reaves what happened????..o that's right....Lamar is a FRAUD...he sucks.

      Paul ProvanPaul Provan7 kun oldin
    • @Paul Provan And what if he goes off against them? Are you going to move the goal post?

      Shaquan ReavesShaquan Reaves12 kun oldin
  • you know harbaugh did corvette corvette

    Connor ShieldsConnor Shields13 kun oldin
  • Hottest cowboy ever!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

    Kimberly HallKimberly Hall13 kun oldin
  • The Ravens 32nd ranked passing offense continuing to prove you can win at the highest level with a terrible quarterback as long as he is a phenomenal athelete.

    Gabe HowardGabe Howard13 kun oldin
    • @v johnson When I read my original comment I can see how I would be construed as a critic. It was supposed to be a compliment to his freakish athletic ability. As I said, Tom Brady is not a great athlete, hes a great QB though. I see Lamar as the opposite. He is the GOAT NFL athlete just not a great QB. Tom Brady has never had rely on his athletics. But at some point Lamar will slow down, its biology. When that happens will he have grown into being a great QB? Time will tell.

      Gabe HowardGabe Howard10 kun oldin
    • Lamar continue to prove your DELUSIONAL CRITICS WRONG!

      v johnsonv johnson11 kun oldin
    • @Gabe Howard they have a chance he just has to keep mistakes down

      Elijah IvryElijah Ivry13 kun oldin
    • @Elijah Ivry One of these games hes going to throw himself a Touchdown pass lol.

      Gabe HowardGabe Howard13 kun oldin
    • @Gabe Howard yeah he’s a winner plain and simple regardless of those who set a bar higher than their own life goals.

      Elijah IvryElijah Ivry13 kun oldin
  • Derek Wolfe needs to be extended like yesterday

    John Azike JrJohn Azike Jr13 kun oldin
  • good looking young man and that hat sigh nice touch. WELL DONE RAVENS !

    Sherry RamirezSherry Ramirez13 kun oldin

    Roderick GardnerRoderick Gardner13 kun oldin
    • I mean we are... to get ready for the next game.

      iMrSpockiMrSpock12 kun oldin
  • W

    PaulwalPaulwal13 kun oldin
  • i love derek wolfe. Such an honest, true to heart guy. Keep it up big guy

    Connor ShieldsConnor Shields13 kun oldin
  • Derek wolf is my next jersey

    Taylor RobeugTaylor Robeug13 kun oldin
  • Ravens channel, please stop muting the mic during transitions. Thats where we get the good sound bites. Imagine if you did that when Mark Ingram was introducing Lamar last year. We missed Lamar’s drum roll for Marlon.

    rehazrehaz13 kun oldin

    Kamino KushKamino Kush13 kun oldin

    Travis AndesTravis Andes13 kun oldin
  • Love the positive attitude and humbleness in winning

    Random StuffRandom Stuff13 kun oldin
  • Ozzie newsome best GM ..Deion Sanders knows Talent....damn...Sanders going to be elite head coach at jackson state....Lamar Jackson Beast...

    Darren EdwardsDarren Edwards13 kun oldin
  • Great game!

    and13Cand13C13 kun oldin
  • Let’s beat them chiefs

    Lamar Jackson Is the best qb in the leagueLamar Jackson Is the best qb in the league13 kun oldin
    • Lets beat those bills... you can thank Pittsburgh for that one

      Ray huntRay hunt12 kun oldin
  • This felt so good

    Lamar Jackson Is the best qb in the leagueLamar Jackson Is the best qb in the league13 kun oldin
  • Marlon cowboy Humphrey aka Woody ball hawk 😂

    Supa StackmanSupa Stackman13 kun oldin
  • derek wolfe has shown his true colors, raven indeed

    Flyboy SinFlyboy Sin13 kun oldin
    • Hell yeah but Pernell McPhee tho 😈

      zmone833zmone83312 kun oldin
    • @Troy Richardson I was howling like a Wolf whenever he made a good play lol 🐺🐺🐺

      JumpOffBiggSeanJumpOffBiggSean13 kun oldin
    • @33Lady RAM Anything for a fellow Raven 🙌

      Troy RichardsonTroy Richardson13 kun oldin
    • @Troy Richardson - I like that name...I'll have to remember that if ya don't mind me using it as well ;~)

      33Lady RAM33Lady RAM13 kun oldin
    • BIG BAD WOLFE!!!!!

      Troy RichardsonTroy Richardson13 kun oldin
  • They asking marquis questions about Lamar like they won’t gon interview him too 😂

    NessNess13 kun oldin
  • Time stamp 31:25 Mike Jones lol go Ravens! LJ so cool.

    Supa StackmanSupa Stackman13 kun oldin