Markiplier Makes: PIE

14-Mar, 2019
7 319 477 Ko‘rishlar soni

Happy #PiDay! Let's MAKE SOME PIES (without recipes)
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  • E: I’m going to wash my hands like all good chefs HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING? He was warning us...

    anissa martinezanissa martinez53 daqiqa oldin
  • "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." --- Carl Sagan

    Singularity PointSingularity PointSoat oldin
  • 8:05

    I'mtrying okayI'mtrying okay2 soat oldin
  • i need more markiplier makes now

    avoidjessieavoidjessie4 soat oldin
  • ethans dough has jaundice

    Skylar ScottSkylar Scott5 soat oldin
  • The “Sex is great but you ever had a pie” should be a shirt

    _Aargamations __Aargamations _6 soat oldin
  • i seriously hate watching videos like this, dont get me wrong these are funny and mark is the best but if you have look closely at ethan when mark like pushes him out of the "thumbnail material" frame just because its funny, or like when they were dissing his pie after it came out of the oven you can see how sad he looks. i know its not that bad but ive been in that situation before where im the 'dumb friend that cant do anything right' and everyone is like picking on me it hurts man. now i know that mark isnt trying to hurt ethan by doing this but mark and tyler insulting, hating on, and just generally putting down ethan for trying his best is a running theme through all these kinds of videos, and it makes me sad to watch one of my favorite people visibly hurt. anyway i just wanted to say something about that.

    Sadie GraceSadie Grace10 soat oldin
  • Markiplier? Not like MarkiPIEr

    Pixlr DesignsPixlr Designs10 soat oldin
  • i am a baker. watching this video, i am also in pain 😂

    Vanilla BVanilla B17 soat oldin
  • I agree carrot cake is AMAZING

    Shadow bunShadow bun17 soat oldin
  • this video should be called ethan eats apples while mark struggles to cook apples

    Wobily 1Wobily 1Kun oldin
  • Has anyone else had their buffering circle line up perfectly with marks cloak hoodie.

    Emma JonesEmma JonesKun oldin
  • *P I E*

    SvelysSvelysKun oldin
  • I have found Hansel and/or Greta

    Ethan KinslerEthan KinslerKun oldin
  • Ethan grabs a knife. The disclaimer song starts playing all the way from the future

    John WolfJohn Wolf2 kun oldin
  • 9:40 to 10:05 XD

    Furry MationsFurry Mations2 kun oldin
  • Every single video is just ethan fucking himself over with eggs

    Emma BEmma B2 kun oldin
  • Mark: *eating off of Ethan's finger* I don't want a gif of this to exist. Also Mark: *basically all of Unus Annus*

    Hallie RamosHallie Ramos2 kun oldin
  • Mark got sooo bored when editing this video, he added so many pointless effects.

    VeteranShrimpVeteranShrimp3 kun oldin
  • Make sure it's pie flavor

    Nichole SalazarNichole Salazar3 kun oldin
  • *does editing forgets that he put this in so he has to get ready really quick says only one word or two

    I am a ChristianI am a Christian3 kun oldin
  • masks? virus? idk, its 2019, come make a pie with us.

    Julian KavanaughJulian Kavanaugh3 kun oldin
  • Always nice to see “good words” from Mark and not just Eef. 😂 True adhd comedy at its finest

    Molly PMolly P3 kun oldin
  • cringe

    David BRDavid BR3 kun oldin
    • I would rather watch this, than your non existent content.

      TLeeyah OTLeeyah O3 kun oldin
  • Waitress, a musical about pie: Sugar, Butter, Flour Mark: FLOUUR, WAATER.

    Grace WagnerGrace Wagner4 kun oldin
  • I love carrot cake

    Miss Keira E.Miss Keira E.4 kun oldin
  • ''And Now... Ethan use a knife, Markiplier and tyler is dead'' -Bob butthead

    East german proEast german pro4 kun oldin
  • Is the color grading purposely worse on Ethan’s pie close ups or is his pie just very grey? XD

    Damien2000Damien20004 kun oldin
  • So this is how Covid-19 came to life.

    Evelyn CYKEvelyn CYK4 kun oldin
  • They should make brownies!!! Like if you agreeee

    Tik Toks for youTik Toks for you5 kun oldin
  • ahh yes a time when physical contact was not plagued by threats of covid its so beautiful if only it where still possible

    Ray MonsterRay Monster5 kun oldin
  • Pie: P I E Me: P I E Also me: P I E W I L L D I E

    Charcoal StudiosCharcoal Studios5 kun oldin
  • Wait mark what’s wrong wit loving Jesus

    Jaggy Boi54Jaggy Boi545 kun oldin
  • this better have been made at 3:00, and no one will get this.

    Foxhead LFoxhead L5 kun oldin
  • The humdrum shoe unquestionably lie because cough strangely record midst a unbecoming freckle. adaptable, like competition

    Justin WongJustin Wong5 kun oldin
  • POV : you have ADHD and are bingeing Ethan content to feel relatable

    mothman enthusiastmothman enthusiast5 kun oldin
  • My take away from these videos is... Tyler: *No struggle and makes* Ethan: *Struggles to make it* Mark: *Makes it with struggle*

    Euphoria BloodEuphoria Blood5 kun oldin
  • Alternative title cooking comedy

    OmegaOmega5 kun oldin
  • Mark saying his Apple Cyanide fact Me: He-Hes right...

    Jake EddJake Edd5 kun oldin
  • Protect the pie!

    WebdingsWebdings6 kun oldin
  • I think markiplier Is the best cook of the 3

    Robert CrossRobert Cross6 kun oldin
  • Soooooooo Anyone have any apple seeds-

    Mr._. DinoMr._. Dino6 kun oldin
  • The friendly legal characteristically hum because spandex promisingly help underneath a receptive hallway. black, sparkling substance

    Alfredo AguirreAlfredo Aguirre6 kun oldin
  • pause the vid at 7:44 thank me later

    Purple turtlePurple turtle6 kun oldin
    • Why?

      Cyka BlyatCyka Blyat4 kun oldin
  • The Yummy Pie animation by explosm would be a great way to explain Ethan’s pie..

    Princess KennyPrincess Kenny6 kun oldin
  • 4:34 wE nEeD tO dEvElOp ThE gLuTeNs

    Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson6 kun oldin
  • actually can yall do more videos making pie? this was just so funny xdd i would like to see ethan trying a second time now that he haves learned from his mistakes

    Spamilton_uwuSpamilton_uwu6 kun oldin
  • Pi

    Alex S.Alex S.6 kun oldin
  • Carrot cake is delicious

    KIRBO knows allKIRBO knows all6 kun oldin
  • anyone else think eathin is fine?

    kai lupinokai lupino7 kun oldin
  • The miscreant turret indisputably nail because drug karunagappally clip anenst a classy millisecond. flowery, amuck heron

    Lucas LucasLucas Lucas7 kun oldin
  • I don't like carrot cake because it sounds healthy

    Gacha ArtistGacha Artist8 kun oldin
  • Arsenic darling it's arsenic

    Kristyne CurtzKristyne Curtz8 kun oldin
  • i cant believe it’s been two months.

    CitrusCitrus8 kun oldin
  • S3x is great, but have you ever had a pie? *disappointment*

    Godly GamerYTGodly GamerYT8 kun oldin
  • .

    Idk what my name should beIdk what my name should be8 kun oldin
  • 9:39 just to go into more detail, its actually amygdalin that Apple seeds contain, which releases cyanide into the blood stream. There isn't enough cyanide and any amount of apple seeds (short of like 50lbs) to kill a person, but it is better to spit them out to avoid any complications.

    Bia ijusthavemyphoneBia ijusthavemyphone8 kun oldin
  • when they said that Ethan's pie would do well for Halloween I imagined cherry pie with the filling oozing out to look like blood

    Haynazn 541Haynazn 5418 kun oldin
  • big unus annus energy

    bad matterbad matter8 kun oldin
  • U ever tried Pewdiepie?

    Mohsen4everMohsen4ever9 kun oldin
  • when mark was like “its me.” for the editing thing... ohg i love his voice. its so calming.

    sammy hammysammy hammy9 kun oldin
  • *”No.”* - Markiplier 2019

    Ryan The Chili HostRyan The Chili Host9 kun oldin
  • Jesus is good

    JayladonJayladon9 kun oldin
    • @Jayladon nah he isn’t

      Cyka BlyatCyka Blyat3 kun oldin
    • @Cyka Blyat yea he is

      JayladonJayladon3 kun oldin
    • Nah

      Cyka BlyatCyka Blyat4 kun oldin
  • first, i give it to Tyler then I give it to Ethan then if I tasted it I would give it to Tyler his looks more appealing to me

    Jocelyn Ross but not reallyJocelyn Ross but not really9 kun oldin

    Tishi chanTishi chan9 kun oldin
  • oH if you dont have a filling in ur pie u dont have a pie fu-c-k h-ol-e

    Wut_6Wut_69 kun oldin
  • "i put three!" "i put two?" "i put one." you're supposed to put *none*

    Jackson PurcellJackson Purcell9 kun oldin
  • Its like try guys without a recipe just more crack head

    Unknown ErrorUnknown Error9 kun oldin
  • Ethan's pie looks like something I would eat and genuinely enjoy. Idk why.

    Rainbow 101Rainbow 1019 kun oldin
  • paul hollywood

    friskgender !friskgender !9 kun oldin
  • Ban anyone who says carmel instead of caramel.

    Megiddo EubanksMegiddo Eubanks10 kun oldin
  • This is 30 Minutes I can’t get back

    KryptosKryptos10 kun oldin
  • I would like to be like mark But I am but an unhumourous female

    HoudiniHoudini10 kun oldin
  • none of you would stand a chance if pewdiepie was here

    DanɪeɭDanɪeɭ10 kun oldin
  • Markiplier becomes a professional food critic

    PhantomBoyPhantomBoy10 kun oldin
  • 17:00 I thought it was the super smash bros sign

    PhantomBoyPhantomBoy10 kun oldin
  • Mark as 5 ovens but Pewds has a HOUSE MADE OUT OF OVENS!!!!

    BubblesBubbles10 kun oldin
  • U guys should make donuts that would be a cool vid

    Liam FitzpatrickLiam Fitzpatrick10 kun oldin
  • why does ethan sound like david spade?

    Kid SamuraiKid Samurai10 kun oldin
  • carrot cake is amazing!!!! I asked my mom to make me a carrot cake on my twelfth birthday

    NillaWaafersNillaWaafers10 kun oldin
  • Ethans looks like a depressed mickeymouse

    Brooke JohnsonBrooke Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Carrot cake is ver gud you cant deny it

    Brooke JohnsonBrooke Johnson10 kun oldin
  • I'm just here trying to learn how to make dough instead of looking at someone who knows what they are doing xD

    Purple _ CatPurple _ Cat10 kun oldin
  • Mark: we're gonna chill and we'll be back in an hour *Ad starts * Me: THAT TIMING MAN SMOOTH AF

    SUPER SARA qxzSUPER SARA qxz10 kun oldin
  • As someone who makes pie, this triggered me XDD

    Teddy GladishTeddy Gladish10 kun oldin
    • OMG same 😭😭 When mark said "I need to develop the gluten" I was crying because he's thinking of bread dough not pie dough. And when he did the "window pain test" which is again for bread not pie, and the dough literally just didn't move I already knew that'd be a very tough crust. Oh, and when they put egg in it that hit hard.

      Joshua ClineJoshua Cline10 kun oldin
  • Wow, March of 2019 feels so long ago

    NoiseDayNoiseDay11 kun oldin
  • 3:37. The bowl is success and the table is failure. And that butter is me.

    Denied GamesDenied Games11 kun oldin
  • Mark’s knife holder is legendary

    - Karmelgaard- Karmelgaard11 kun oldin
  • Tyler: "I think we need more time." Me, post UA: "There is no more time. You can never get more time."

    ChizFriChizFri11 kun oldin
  • I wanted to hear more about Tyler's dream though...

    Tally BlueTally Blue11 kun oldin
  • ethan 25 seconds before the time runs out: come on slowpoke, im already done. ethan after the time runs out: if i had 5 more seconds, this would be perfect🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Joe MarneyJoe Marney11 kun oldin
  • 0:49 that “no” was 🤌🏻

    -Trash _bag_-Trash _bag_11 kun oldin
  • carrot cake is gross bro...

    Toni OliverToni Oliver11 kun oldin
  • 8:06 - 8:13

    DragonMamaDragonMama11 kun oldin
  • 2:34 😭😭

    DragonMamaDragonMama11 kun oldin
  • 0:49 "no."

    DragonMamaDragonMama11 kun oldin
  • Marks storys about his childhood every video is like Heinz Doofenshmirtz childhood

    FredGamer5126 M.AFredGamer5126 M.A12 kun oldin
  • It's like the one Shakespeare play where the mother made a pie out of her son.

    Flutteryay 585Flutteryay 58512 kun oldin
    • huuUUH?????

      J WJ W11 kun oldin
  • Please do unus annus again

    Jessica McNichollJessica McNicholl12 kun oldin
    • No if they do it again then it removes the entire point of it memento mori unus annus

      Cyka BlyatCyka Blyat4 kun oldin
  • "I dont tink dis is gud," Ethan says as he pull out a melted minion from is bowl

    Mr. MagnumMr. Magnum12 kun oldin
    • @J W 4:38

      Mr. MagnumMr. Magnum11 kun oldin
    • Timestamp?

      J WJ W11 kun oldin