Mark Normand Discusses New Day Cleveland Appearance - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

29-Mar, 2019
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  • I loved that interview! Worst ever. Dissecting it was even funnier. Love ur material. I find nothing really offensive at all in your act. Now’s a bad time for comics. Hope ur ok. I’m in WeHo and can’t wait until ur next show.

    Ken NielsenKen Nielsen9 kun oldin
  • Comedians over analyzing and not understanding basic social cues, go figure

    Uncle IrohUncle Iroh20 kun oldin
  • Jesus F Christ!!! Sam without beard looks straight up psychopath

    We are LegendsWe are LegendsOy oldin
  • Actually she was cool with shaking his hand, you jealous twat.

    F ZF ZOy oldin
  • When did Jada Stevens start hosting a morning show?

    Average NobodyAverage NobodyOy oldin
  • Can they shut the fuck up and watch the damn video?.. It's nails on a chalkboard.

    LaborRevolution209LaborRevolution2092 oy oldin
  • jesus sam is so aidsy. ruined this

    seb gibsonseb gibson2 oy oldin
  • holy shit sam is aidsy

    seb gibsonseb gibson2 oy oldin
  • "what's her name? "........"did she brought her husband? was he nice? a handsome guy?" hahahaha Jim really fell for this lady

    MovementWithShelMovementWithShel2 oy oldin
  • She was actually a good sport about it and not taking every joke so serious. Awesome that she actually went to the show later as well.

    john doejohn doe2 oy oldin
  • This is the definition of nerding out on comedy.

    limptastic genesislimptastic genesis3 oy oldin
  • These lame mfs are hating on Mark. They don't have a milligram of funny in them and they're jealous

    Tree CosmosTree Cosmos3 oy oldin
  • Dude why don’t these fucks shut up and watch

    San FrantanaSan Frantana3 oy oldin
  • Mark's face says it all.

    Milo IbradoMilo Ibrado3 oy oldin
  • Normand is a dork.

    SupremeChimpSupremeChimp3 oy oldin
  • If u have mark Normand in the tittle of the video... that's who we come for. Interviewers need to shut the fuck up. All your doing is blocking his flow. Shut up

    ala barala bar3 oy oldin
  • When you look at the Tom Segura morning show video he does appearance with the same woman. Segura follows her on Instagram and I used to follow her on Instagram until I got bored

    mac berrymac berry3 oy oldin
  • "It's like talking to your mom's friend!" is the most perfect description of being on morning television.

    Graig SimmonetteGraig Simmonette3 oy oldin
  • Jim is so gross in a serious way. I used to hope it was an act but his slimey body language seals the deal.

    Beaky BuzzardBeaky Buzzard4 oy oldin
  • Damn a reporter with a sense of humor?? You don't see those very often. Mark was hilarious during this interview.

    Biohacker 27Biohacker 274 oy oldin
  • Mark mentions she is a lesbian, which nixes his scissoring joke. Then he says she is married. Then there is no sign of a boyfriend or girlfriend or The Knot listing for would be great if she was cool, straight and single. Rare these days...

    Andrew CrockettAndrew Crockett4 oy oldin
  • Mark 4 president!

    G3M1N1J0K3RG3M1N1J0K3R4 oy oldin
  • "Little hungover, little gay...." is the greatest way I've ever heard and interview opened.

    Greg BrennanGreg Brennan4 oy oldin
  • Jim and Sam, this is your first video I saw and you both appeared as jealous idiots.

    InyourfaceInyourface4 oy oldin
  • Can anybody explain how Jim Norton has a career?

    StoneColdHankStoneColdHank4 oy oldin
  • These guys commentary on the thing make the whole thing kinda lame. They coulda made it better

    VvmopzVvmopz4 oy oldin
  • I like how Norton keeps commenting on how beautiful she is but Bobby Lee took her down a few notches with his "I have a girlfriend and it's going really well. Yeah, she's way better than you" lol

    XRP FCXRP FC4 oy oldin
  • what is que thing?

    Shoaib AhmedShoaib Ahmed4 oy oldin
  • Sam ruins this by stopping it so much.

    brewer921brewer9215 oy oldin
  • Just change/edit the wiki bio page in your favor the night before the morning show 😂

    WYATT hereWYATT here5 oy oldin
  • Bearded guy is jealous of Mark or something. He keeps trying to put him down.

    Kyle EricksonKyle Erickson5 oy oldin
  • Ah she's married, I was hoping we were looking at the future Ms. Normand.

    QuantumBracedQuantumBraced5 oy oldin
  • His interviewer is the only female that is decent with these morning comedian shot outs.

    Garret ZenankoGarret Zenanko5 oy oldin
  • Bobby Lee started this, he literally kissed this same woman. I think the morning shows have caught on and are all about segments going viral

    Pedro BlakePedro Blake6 oy oldin
  • Watching the commentary with Mark on top of the interview was even more hilarious. Thanks guys!

    The Unstoppable DriverThe Unstoppable Driver6 oy oldin
  • Marks great and the interview is incredible and that lady is the best but these guys sorta ruin it by picking it apart

    Kolby LongKolby Long6 oy oldin
  • If you think this one is bad, watch the new day Cleveland with Bobby Lee.

    Jack WilliamJack William6 oy oldin
  • she's sweet. mark is the best, absolutely adorable.

    phlarrdboiphlarrdboi6 oy oldin
  • She totally did not...even think about....or shake Mark's hand....

    Todd BarkerTodd Barker6 oy oldin
  • The last thing a comic wants to do is study their own cadence.

    Payton AlesnaPayton Alesna6 oy oldin
  • Sam looks like Mick Foley with a developmental disorder.....and on meth

    PAHartisPAHartis6 oy oldin
  • I like how this discussion video has 200,000 viewers more than the actual video

    Strictly CasualStrictly Casual6 oy oldin
  • Sam is so fuking annoying

    Philip corcoranPhilip corcoran6 oy oldin

    Ser DunkSer Dunk6 oy oldin
  • "Kevin Hart" is hilarious!

    MarVal 911MarVal 9116 oy oldin
  • Mark always cracks me up.

    Exploring With ASMRExploring With ASMR6 oy oldin
  • All Norton does is interrupt the video

    MellowshipRighteousMellowshipRighteous6 oy oldin
  • Holy shit these two are unfunny, now I have to block this channel so it doesn't show up on my algorithm

    BenchwarmersBenchwarmers7 oy oldin
  • Sam looks like opie now and Jimmy is Anthony

    Brian RBrian R7 oy oldin
  • Every time I'm bored drinking, I open this video and play a drinking game, take a shot whenever they pause the video.

    MajloMajlo7 oy oldin
    • How many times have you died?

      dirty brown sockdirty brown sock7 oy oldin
  • Alright! I am moving to cleveland now.

    Nishant RawatNishant Rawat7 oy oldin
  • I read a comment once that said sam looks like a half chucked coconut and damn is it true

    KantMarxuKantMarxu7 oy oldin
  • My takeaway - try the blue chew

    Paul BannerPaul Banner8 oy oldin
  • I'd let her sit on my face and let out some wind any time 😆 I thought I was the only freak that liked that 😳🔥

    Daniel BrownDaniel Brown8 oy oldin
  • He lost me when he said boston girls were hot. I’m from boston, I never thought of Jaba the hut in leggings as hot

    Miles TharpMiles Tharp8 oy oldin
  • 1:03 Wait sam doesn't say "cosh-tume" anymore?

    Khalid AlshehriKhalid Alshehri8 oy oldin
  • She's not married yet.

    Ayush KumarAyush Kumar9 oy oldin
  • Would be nice if Sam let the comedian talk about his appearance rather then rambling over the entire clip. I feel like that high chair is haunted.

    AM257AM2579 oy oldin
  • Normand is money in the bank brah !

    LooseCan88LooseCan8810 oy oldin
  • You should analyze the video clip more next time holy shit just play the fuckin thing. And Jim's attitude towards mark seems kinda bitch made at the start

    Donatello Aka Don PerrionDonatello Aka Don Perrion10 oy oldin
  • Man they aren’t exactly giving Natalie any credit. She handled this well and laughed the whole time.

    Dklpep DklpepDklpep Dklpep11 oy oldin
  • Iv never seen this podcast before. I’m a big fan of Norton but the other guy who I’m assuming is Sam Roberts is terrible.

    Adam KesselmayerAdam Kesselmayer11 oy oldin
  • The fart bit is the most wholesome thing Mark has ever said

    Stephen CStephen C11 oy oldin
  • What a fucking legend you have to respect Mark Normand for doing that.

    AllagíAllagí11 oy oldin
  • Why everyone laughed at black don't crack joke? Last time i check kevin heart was black

    Tarek ChaaboTarek Chaabo11 oy oldin
  • Bobby Lee literally Me Too'd her. Look it's absolutely insane. She could have had him arrested for sexual assault.

    MeinE39M5MeinE39M511 oy oldin
    • 100% Hes just not important enough for anyone to care, lol. I guarantee there’s a few ladies waiting for him to go mainstream so they can get revenge on the little guy😂

      Uncle IrohUncle Iroh20 kun oldin
    • Bobby Lee Metoos every single woman (and some men) that he meets.

      Stop. Just stop.Stop. Just stop.6 oy oldin
    • Give it 10 years

      Paul BannerPaul Banner8 oy oldin
  • Sam is way off on her vibe. She loved it

    jeremy8080jeremy808011 oy oldin
    • Yup. Also I feel like she wasn’t going in for the handshake necessarily but she didn’t dislike it

      Tyler HathawayTyler Hathaway6 oy oldin
  • Rogan introduced me to mark and I’m so glad he did. This guy is so talented I want to listen to what ever shit comes out haha

    Thedudeabides803Thedudeabides80311 oy oldin
  • It'd be awesome if Mark ended up with that girl

    Tinfoilhatnutcase OneTinfoilhatnutcase One11 oy oldin
  • Studies show that everyone secretly enjoy their own farts, although women are less likely to admit it.

    Brain WashingtonBrain Washington11 oy oldin
  • God who the fuck wants to watch a 24 minute video about a 4 minute video.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne11 oy oldin
  • You can tell she got every joke and thought they were funny but she had to try to maintain her composure for tv.

    6AM6AM11 oy oldin
  • Its amazing how Sam took a hilarious moment and made it boring.

  • He is hilarious and he is #YangGang

    Shelby BrownShelby Brown11 oy oldin
  • For some reason the tone of Mark's voice is so wholesome sounding that when he does material that could be offensive to some people, it doesn't sound that bad. Like, he can get away with it better than most. It's just funny. You enjoy the joke which is how it should be. Love his style.

    dcool2u2dcool2u211 oy oldin
    • totally agree. combine those qualities with great timing and he can basically say anything and come across as hilarious and adorable enough to let things slide, even on morning tv.

      The Bearded SeekerThe Bearded Seeker11 oy oldin
  • I like Sam . He does a good job

    Nocturnal MeNocturnal Me11 oy oldin
  • The way that "black don't crack" joke lands is anybodys dream. It has hangtime and lingers in her head long enough to laugh more than a few times. Those are one of the best type of jokes you could say.

    L VL V11 oy oldin
  • This was actually hilarious....and she handled it really well and actually enjoyed it imo...she laughed a lot and the fact that she actually went to the show confirms it imo.

    RedressenyRedresseny11 oy oldin
  • They rolled right over his "I'm just trying to hide my boner" joke. That joke, to me, made the interview.

    Alex DefatteAlex Defatte11 oy oldin
  • He was Kevin Hart

    John DegnanJohn Degnan11 oy oldin
  • what Cleveland chicks are they talking about lmao

    bubofohiobubofohio11 oy oldin
  • She didn't want to shake Mark's hand?? What a shitty thing to your guest. Someone's jealous.

    Dj TrykleDj Trykle11 oy oldin
  • Is this the first reaction video?..🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

    Dre NewmanDre Newman11 oy oldin
  • I feel like they secretly had some chemistry and these guys were jealous

    Riley WRiley W11 oy oldin
    • This

      A Reasonable ManA Reasonable Man4 oy oldin
    • me it seemed she actually enjoyed it and laughed a lot. The fact she went to his show after confirms it imo.

      RedressenyRedresseny11 oy oldin
  • “The Jim and Mark Show” “Norton & Normand” Hm, sounds good.

    Jacob AbbottJacob Abbott11 oy oldin
  • Make sure to check out Mark Normand and Joe List on their podcast Tuesday with stories Join the Tuesgay gash

    AK 4oAK 4oYil oldin
  • Wtf at 13:32. Lmao

    Stan MargeStan MargeYil oldin
    • I cant stop fucking laughing at this. What was he doing.

      Matthew BishopMatthew BishopOy oldin
  • I couldn't watch this. Too much pausing. Too frustrating.

    M HM HYil oldin
  • That appearance was the shit. Hysterical.

    Fear No EvilFear No EvilYil oldin
  • She went with the joke more than joe rogan does

    1 01 0Yil oldin
  • Sam needs to stfu for a second.... My god

    Gallagher ChristieGallagher ChristieYil oldin
  • Mark is the absolute best

    Autopilot MiscreantsAutopilot MiscreantsYil oldin
  • Shit up Sam!!!

    PAHartisPAHartisYil oldin
  • I love that he thinks Mark is leaning back on the table. Jim may have a depth perception problem. Blind as a mole.

    W. DearthW. DearthYil oldin
  • A camgirl from the Pacific Northwest (I assume Portland) banned me from her show about five seconds after I called Lou Reed a "dirty Jew." Genuinely had no idea I was joking. Does anyone in Portland understand the concept of an ethnic joke? Never been so I don't know, but I'd be afraid it's a bunch of pompous liberal scando types with no sense of humor.

    Fall DogFall DogYil oldin
    • I swear in her mind I was like this guy with iron cross tattoos and a knife collection, rather than some curly-haired Jewish kid attempting to razz her for her music taste. I get that this is not exactly related to the video, but Sam's bringing up the thing with the interviewers in Portland getting offended at Mark's (sort of) Jewish joke or whatever it was, made me think of that.

      Fall DogFall DogYil oldin
  • The lady's name in Natalie Herbick, you can't fault her ability to just roll with whatever is said because you can kill a good period of time watching her interviews with comedians.

    Michael FarrowMichael FarrowYil oldin
  • sam roberts has no business in show business

    Purvis Van DongenPurvis Van DongenYil oldin
  • Does anyone have the Bobby Lee New Day Cleveland interview?

  • 🙈🤣😭💀🙌🔥

    Ana LozadaAna LozadaYil oldin

    Shawn KiesShawn KiesYil oldin