Mark Cuban Commits To Paying For Delonte West's Rehab Treatment

29-Sen, 2020
118 489 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • If you have it put it to good use to help someone

    Jacqueline PerryJacqueline Perry15 kun oldin

    Moon GodMoon God16 kun oldin
  • U mean Sir 21 savage 😂

    George LangGeorge Lang17 kun oldin
  • Lebron's dad shaking it out here

    billy bishopbilly bishop17 kun oldin
  • Big #RESPECT to Mark Cuban!! Took a white man to help our brother!! Where the blacks ? And whites should care about us and we don’t care for one another!! Gtfoh!💯

    Sam I AmSam I Am18 kun oldin
  • The back and forth they just did about the gun and running from police....that is the PERFECT example of how stupid they are.

    Ian Westart on IGIan Westart on IG19 kun oldin
  • West has been in the news for a minutes. Glad he’s getting help.

    Phillip WalkerPhillip Walker19 kun oldin
  • Big ups to Mark Cuban how he handle that no social media no news break just one man helping another man...😎💪🏿💪🏿👍🏽👍🏽

    John FarrowJohn Farrow19 kun oldin
  • Eating

    Keith GreenKeith Green19 kun oldin
  • Juelz was high

    TY WP55TY WP5520 kun oldin
  • I respect mr Cuban doin what most ppl wouldn’t do.

    Cory MountainCory Mountain20 kun oldin
  • Julez sound like a fool... I got “joint” in the bag, I got a “silly” warrant I didn’t take care of.........he sounds like an idiot..... kids put the weed down and pick up a book.... being smart is cool...

    harleiux12harleiux1220 kun oldin
  • Charla stfu!

    Quantez ParrishQuantez Parrish20 kun oldin
  • It took a white man to help a black man. people are always talking black togetherness and many have the money...even if they have to get multiple millionaires to chip in it could be done. We need to stop with the veil of wanting to help our people.

    lipscovclipscovc20 kun oldin
  • I love Morgan Freeman, I have literally listened to his describe Savage 5 times...I'll be back!

    Princess BCPrincess BC21 kun oldin
  • Mark Cuban is the greatest and after hearing some recent Morgan Freeman interviews on the state of our country, that guy can kick rocks right now.

    Kinnis The MenaceKinnis The Menace21 kun oldin
  • Damn delonte went from eleanor roosevelt legend to nba and becoming homeless now...shit is sad to.... mentally ill is real and people should stop looking down on the homeless...put ur self in their shoes...i try my best to help the homeless, I work at 2 jobs for minimum wage and do my best to look out for the mentally ill..i just wish we can all help is too short...

    Roman ShockerRoman Shocker21 kun oldin
  • Yea and i read up on this. Only reason it even hit the press about it was cause some dude across street valeting cars saw the interaction and he put it on social media and then that turned to all the major outlets finding out he pulled on dude and offer help. So big ups to Cuban i know alot people say he is a Billionaire so he should. Are u kidding me ive seen that written acouple times just cause he has success in his life and has the bread dont mean he is obligated to do something like this. U know how many rich people would drive by or turn the other cheek to something like this. I mean saying he Billionaire and he should is literally the most ignorant and dumbest thing ive ever heard in my life! Cuban actually has a heart and knows dude from his playin days. Its just a very nice gesture stop with all the hating people give the man credit for real!

    Ricky JeepzRicky Jeepz21 kun oldin
  • Wow that’s good. Will he actually go in?

    I didn’t wipe my ass TodayI didn’t wipe my ass Today21 kun oldin
  • All these NBA players saying Black Lives Matter but non of them picked up DELONTE west

    nicktheswishnicktheswish21 kun oldin
  • Nah man ain't nobody running from no airport and leaving their luggage plus he said he had thousands of dollars in the bag ... Yea right

    Free White and 21Free White and 2121 kun oldin
  • Check out milk74tv

    miLk74 TvmiLk74 Tv21 kun oldin
  • Walk it like you talk it.....

    Highzenberg 210Highzenberg 21021 kun oldin
  • I love Charlemagne but sometimes he need to shut up and stop reaching 😂😂😂. He tried hard on that one

    Mathew GibsonMathew Gibson21 kun oldin
  • Santana is dumb, should have handle the tickets when he got it period. Like come on.

    Ronda R.Ronda R.21 kun oldin
  • This is news we need to hear more of.

    Garfield GrantGarfield Grant21 kun oldin
  • It is nice that Mr.West will get help. To the viewer who feels Mr.James should help,why don't you,send,a dollar. Mr.Lebron James,is not everybody savior,he,open a school where a majority of students are black. Mr.James, is building apartment building for his students who family are homeless. He is helping more than one person but building up the Black Race,so our children can have a decent education. There are a lot of sports and entertainment folks who have never help anyone in their lives I,see a lot of young black sports men doing great things in the community they came from 🙂. Love and ☮️ Peace ❤️

    Tracey GrayTracey Gray21 kun oldin
  • What even more sad, Why hasn't anyone black stepped up and helped out this brother...

    80" Reach80" Reach21 kun oldin
  • While I'm glad he's getting help, I'm still giving mark cuban the side eye. I will never forgot that comment he made during trayvon martin. He stated that if he saw a black person in a hoodie, he would cross the street. If anything, he would most likely get harmed by someone who looks like him tho

    Patricia AgboroPatricia Agboro22 kun oldin
  • My sister in law suffers from the same condition it's sad to see a person u know go up and down on these roller coasters

    Luis DelgadoLuis Delgado22 kun oldin
    • I wish you and your family all the best, stay safe.

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba21 kun oldin
  • That's exactly what I been saying about the millennial generation of rappers, they are scared to be proactive in society. He could get the youth motivated to be more constructive for their generation. If he felt obligated to write the song, then have the nuts to stand on it. Now they are going to try to put his ass in a dress, because he lost his balls.😒

    WiZeFu The SouljaWiZeFu The Soulja22 kun oldin
  • That 21 Savage trailer. Not the most original guy in the game with a direct DC rip for a trailer.

    m marcom marco22 kun oldin
  • Mark a real one but don’t just give him money or leave him after rehab. Get him a job at the Mavericks facility doing anything

    Justin -.-Justin -.-22 kun oldin
  • I wish mark Cuban can come pick me up and change my life

    Frank WilliamsFrank Williams22 kun oldin
  • Salute to mark cuban, a fucking billionaire who actually cares about ppl, not one camera crew was there, no press release, no announcement, just mark pulling up & helping him. I pray delonte & any person battling addiction gets the help & love they need 🙏🏿

    Ty WeezyTy Weezy22 kun oldin
  • 😂😂.....Videos of Delonte West being on the streets been out for years now....but Mark Cuban wanna help barely??? Why because of blm?? that dude fake as hell.

    Stevan R.Stevan R.22 kun oldin
  • he ain't just commit to payin the rehab costs. he picked him up in his own car at a gas station.

    skrr skrrskrr skrr22 kun oldin
  • Mark Cuban: 🥺 Lebron: “Leave Him...”

    Karl CainKarl Cain22 kun oldin
  • Stop treating mark cuban like a hero delonte west made mark cuban money he wouldn't do that for a ordinary homeless black man he just trying to get self validation from people the bible says when you help someone do it in secret don't boast about it the bunless says do it on secret you get your blessing in secret

    Lunden MaxwellLunden Maxwell22 kun oldin
  • Good news.

    Phyllis GlowingPhyllis Glowing22 kun oldin
  • -____

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik22 kun oldin
  • Hope he gets back on the right road. Routing for West.

    ZERO FCKZZERO FCKZ22 kun oldin
  • And Respect to the 3 young kids who picked him up and took him to the dollar tree. Respect👑👑👑👑

    Brooklyn YBrooklyn Y22 kun oldin
  • Do the right thing and you won't go to jail

    Shot by WayneShot by Wayne22 kun oldin
  • Travis GarnettTravis Garnett22 kun oldin
  • I want Morgan Freeman to narrate my voicemail. That was dope!

    Airica CainAirica Cain22 kun oldin
  • Guess who is Mark Cuban's newest biggest FAN. I Salute You my brother

    YermiYah Ben IsraelYermiYah Ben Israel22 kun oldin
  • Mark Cuban is a great person for that. I cannot think of an Owner of a team that would go out there themselves and not sent an assistant. I wish he owned the Giants, as an owner he would tirn the Giants to winners. Good luck to Delonte, I hope he accepts the help, if he does that and stays clean I believe Mark Cuban will give him a job within the Organazation.

    willie watkinswillie watkins22 kun oldin
  • The purest form of giving is anonymous...

    Darnell ThomasDarnell Thomas22 kun oldin
  • Man I'm praying that Delonte West gets the help he needs we as people can't play around when it comes to are mental health it's alot of people out here mentally sick with no healthcare this country is the most evilest it's real issues with American people out here that's crying for help but yet instill we got these to idiot always throwing have at each other instead of doing their jobs and helping people when are we going to get back to a place when it's not about being selfish and having compassion and love you others the last time I thought it was about being Blessed to help others in a time of need facts.❤🙏🙏❤🙏🙏🙌🙌❤🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌❤

    Brian LovelaceBrian Lovelace22 kun oldin
  • Nothing by respect to Cuban for doing that but where was West's teammates or former teams management? None of them thought to help the brother out?

    Eternal EmbraEternal Embra22 kun oldin
  • Yoo cuban much respect for that you a real one fo real

    guille iglesiasguille iglesias22 kun oldin
  • Mark cuban been a real one he takes care of all his players salute to a real 1️⃣

    A TA T22 kun oldin
  • love love the breakfast club

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead23 kun oldin

  • Yo that Morgan Freeman on 21 Savage makes me wanna listen to the album even more. Lol 💯

    ArrownMan 19ArrownMan 1923 kun oldin
  • Sir Savage why you bloking so hard? (Why you bloking?)

    astheskylarksingsastheskylarksings23 kun oldin
  • Pay for Delonte West's stem.

  • Cuban has been a real one for awhile. But you can walk out of rehab whenever you want to. D West has to want to get cleaned up. I really hope that he does

    The TruthThe Truth23 kun oldin
  • 🙏🏿Delontae West🙏🏿

    Lona LeeLona Lee23 kun oldin
  • If it was a Lebron Doing the Deed Would you Look at Him Differently?

    Code _V_83Code _V_8323 kun oldin
  • I have nothing but respect for Mark Cuban.

    Mark HarveyMark Harvey23 kun oldin
  • 3:48... Your welcome

    Aj LindseyAj Lindsey23 kun oldin
  • Mark Cuban is a real one, man.

    JosephJoseph23 kun oldin

    Ana MartínezAna Martínez23 kun oldin
  • Everybody mad at lebron james

    23LBJ SupremeKing23LBJ SupremeKing23 kun oldin
  • Hope Delonte West gets the best treatment, and therapy possible.

    MrCleanPapiMrCleanPapi23 kun oldin
  • Somebody need to go help messy Marv out like this Prayers to west and messy Thizz in peace Mac Dre

    CCC 303CCC 30323 kun oldin
  • Your voice been heard for 152yrs n we still asking for the same thang, fairness. We didn’t put the clown in office but people have hope they able to get him out. We have to do something different or we will continue to have the same results.

    Tasha HillTasha Hill23 kun oldin
  • Why doesn't he do this for homeless veterans? No publicity in it.

    frank hallfrank hall23 kun oldin
    • Why don't this country that uses them do it?

      L ML M21 kun oldin
  • All these players saying that they wanted to help west but never did!! Thanks Cuban!

    Sharrieff BradleySharrieff Bradley23 kun oldin
  • Wasn't this dude sleeping with lebron's mom?

    • No it was Stiflers mom.

      frank hallfrank hall23 kun oldin
  • I thought we was boys Mark -Lebron James

    CHI NationCHI Nation23 kun oldin
  • This is who lebrons mom chose to sleep with...?...

    Eddie silleEddie sille23 kun oldin
  • Delonte smoked a laced blunt, that shxxt kills brain cells he literally stuck like that.

    I-75 SouthI-75 South23 kun oldin
    • Ken Chun keep thinking that, my uncle been like him for 11 years

      I-75 SouthI-75 South23 kun oldin
    • Its possible

      Ken ChunKen Chun23 kun oldin
  • Mark you’re an awesome guy, and the three people that found him earlier. Blessings too all of you.

    William WarrenWilliam Warren23 kun oldin

    Arcus PuffiousArcus Puffious23 kun oldin
  • i pray that Mr West sees this for what it is and i pray he hold on to it

    ALL Created By One GOOD God.ALL Created By One GOOD God.23 kun oldin
  • “I was going to take care of that warrant next week”

    J RJ R23 kun oldin
  • salute to mark cuban for that!!! real shit

    bobby colebobby cole23 kun oldin
  • Yall hear that air going through Juelz' missing front teeth 😅🤣😂

    Finesse GodFinesse God23 kun oldin
  • yeah so if you have a traffic ticket just go ahead and run from the cops it's okay they won't think you're doing anything dangerous. you know what even if you're wrestling in the cops why don't you just go ahead and run to your car and go get a butcher knife and then if you get shot hey it's still not your fault

    stand upstand up23 kun oldin
  • RESPECT !!!!!! Could've easily turned his head LIKE PLENTY BLACK FOLKS did !!!! MAJOR RESPECT !!!

    hoopinhoopin23 kun oldin
  • Big kudos to Mark Cuban andAll those who love delonte West and want him to get better I sincerely hope he wants to get better and just gets some initial shelter some structure and hopefully some deep psychological counseling because that's really the root of the problem if he's on any kind of drugs or substances he needs love and therapy! I hope he has a family unit that will support him beyond the help and treatment. So he'll stay on the right path and can have a much better life from now on🙏 On another note I can't believe that Morgan Freeman did the intro for 21 Savage I think that was really great everyone knows he's the best narrator 👌

    AlwaysTalking hosted by Cece Ceestyle bloggerAlwaysTalking hosted by Cece Ceestyle blogger23 kun oldin
  • Much respect to Mark Cuban and im so glad that someone is trying to help the young man🙏🏾.

    Armani TheVoiceArmani TheVoice23 kun oldin
  • Man i pass west almost everyday on highway 75...... busiest spot in Dallas!! That man has been out there forever!! Cuban knew it, and i like cuban! I actually work for the man, but this is about looking good! Dallas has 4 free rehabs that he can walk in anytime for free! He seems Bipolar when i talked to him....he don't need no damn rehab....he needs mental

    Kerry SmithKerry Smith23 kun oldin
  • Who loses their bank card on their payday? Me

    swright4twentyswright4twenty23 kun oldin
  • Morgan Freeman is The voice FOREVER FOR SESAME ST.!!

    Monica Jones-MitchellMonica Jones-Mitchell23 kun oldin

      Monica Jones-MitchellMonica Jones-Mitchell23 kun oldin
  • Please Mr.L .... Don't feel like you can judge anyone considering that you lived that?? You know that we all have made the choice of a quick fix!! Pay the fine, bill tow fee, & take the "L" keep moving forward!!!

    Monica Jones-MitchellMonica Jones-Mitchell23 kun oldin
  • Can he pay for mine also ? I’ve never had a chance to be in a the nba , I have no insurance, can’t even get a state I’d cause I don’t meet the requirements aka points Can’t work cause I broke my neck on oct 26 2016 cause fake friends set me up to get me for my life savings ( was saving to get out the streets and do something legal) but they got me and was left with nothing but pain and anger . Now in 2020 I’m still in the streets trying to get out but I got a drug addiction and alcohol addiction and what’s even more sad is I got a 1 year old baby girl and I still can’t get it together. I just need help , I need to get out the street if if I plan to be there for my daughter

    George RGeorge R23 kun oldin
    • Zephyr I had a nice amount of money and I was planning of getting out and doing legal ventures but that was cut short when they jumped me and kicked my face in which resulted in my neck breaking

      George RGeorge R23 kun oldin
    • Wait, you had live saving from the streets, that your mates stole from you and broke your neck in a fight?

      ZephyrZephyr23 kun oldin

    Stardom Wave TvStardom Wave Tv23 kun oldin
  • Big up to mr Cuban for doing that 👊🏿

    John KhaosJohn Khaos23 kun oldin
  • Wtf Charlemagne talking about? Demo are groupies? Too whom?

    Tosha TheBeautifulTosha TheBeautiful23 kun oldin
  • I heard dis months ago n still nun happened. Dey cappin

    YunG TutYunG Tut23 kun oldin
  • If Lebron had done it it would have been filmed because he wants it that way

    Normajean EasonNormajean Eason23 kun oldin

    Gary EdwardsGary Edwards23 kun oldin
  • I love when people do shit out the kindness of their heart instead broadcasting it for the world to see. Bless those you want to help , More blessings will come to YOU 💕🙏🏾

    Queen LiLiQueen LiLi23 kun oldin
  • Guess Lebron won

    Shaar LahatShaar Lahat23 kun oldin
    • @leggosmodro okdo You know Lebron set that up.

      Shaar LahatShaar Lahat23 kun oldin
  • Mark Cuban is a rare good billionaire. Like he really cares about people which is rare for someone who is as wealthy as he is

    Dom MarcqDom Marcq23 kun oldin
  • You get further with strangers than your own family even tho mc is not a stranger to him but y'all get my drift

    mackenzie sandersmackenzie sanders23 kun oldin