Mariah Carey Talks Biracial Childhood & Dysfunctional Family

24-Sen, 2020
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  • Bobby morgan jr pass away today rip

    Robert BrownRobert Brown3 kun oldin
  • Her book is sooo good! She doesn't hold back!! Listen to the audiobook... her narration is FIRE!

    lighteyes214lighteyes21414 kun oldin
  • Something is wrong with Chrissy Teagan. She’s a narcissistic “child lover” if you know what I mean. 🍕. Miss me with then 2 weirdos. Love MC. Can’t wait to read that book. 💯

    Native SunNative Sun15 kun oldin
  • She is tellin nothin but the truth

    Emily BurtonEmily Burton18 kun oldin
  • One hig and kiss..xoxo

    Intellectualmrjohns SurfinGIntellectualmrjohns SurfinG19 kun oldin
  • When her and her mom was on the Oprah Show. Her mom was a little arrogant. When she talked about living in the white neighborhood vs living black neighborhood with her mixed family. When her mother always goes to visit her side of the family alone. Her mother explained her family and neighbors, nobody would asked about her life and what she doibg.

    Sharon WhiteSharon White21 kun oldin
  • You have Beyonce light-Brown type of Creole. You have Yellow-bone (think Mariah, Drake or Yellow Asian people); Orange-bone(think Trevor Noah & Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his daughters) & Red-bone(think Halle Berry) Creoles too. All bone types(Yellow, Orange, and Red) have dark Whitish skin. Light Brown(Beyonce) is a tad bit darker than Red-bone and is NOT White skin.

    Jay McBrideJay McBride21 kun oldin
  • It most suck to be bi-racial

    Icekilla3HunnaIcekilla3Hunna22 kun oldin
  • I love the breakfast club better then Hot 97 bitches

    Icekilla3HunnaIcekilla3Hunna22 kun oldin

    Dina SilvaDina Silva22 kun oldin
  • DJ ENVY was in couple counseling after the Desus and Mero got on his ass!!!

    Jonathan DupardJonathan Dupard22 kun oldin
  • That explains her narcissism

    youmeanthemost tomeyoumeanthemost tome23 kun oldin
  • This book is juicier than they’re explaining. Wendy, today on her show, mentioned how Mariah’s mom, who is an opera singer, was jealous of Mariah and told her horrible things. Wendy also mentioned how Mariahs sister pimped ‘Mariah out.

    KU4EVER100KU4EVER10023 kun oldin
  • I ❤ Mariah Carey!

    Terry WhitneyTerry Whitney23 kun oldin
  • I really enjoy Envy & Gia's podcast.

    Key StanleyKey Stanley24 kun oldin
  • We love Mariah Carey

    lambilyant Nyclambilyant Nyc24 kun oldin
  • What's unruly hair?

    Latoya WilliamsLatoya Williams25 kun oldin
  • @ debbie washington it said in the article that its the same skin lightening & bleaching lotion they use in hollywood . before they looked really black now they look like mixed race like light skinned.This is it here but they deny they are lightening their skin they arent being honest saying they have some medical skin condition hyperpigmentation or melasma but what skin condition going to make you look obviously african or black to looking light skinned mixed race? .They are obviously using this lotion to bleach and lighten their skin.Word probably got around that this lotion really lightens and bleaches the skin but they want people to think they are naturally light skinned and deny it.

    patricia obasanjopatricia obasanjo25 kun oldin
  • Mariah Carey is a Zebulon or judah princess her kids are Judah bc of the Father

    Job IsraelJob Israel25 kun oldin
  • aahh! If I could just get Phylicia Rashads voice in a glass!! 🤤🤤😍😍

    Queen Jam & King Jerry WrightQueen Jam & King Jerry Wright25 kun oldin
  • Sus one ain't no dj Booth... Nicki Minaj let Wendy rent him...for a small moment🦄😂😂😂

    Talib MooreTalib Moore25 kun oldin
  • 2020 enlightened year

    magda sanonmagda sanon25 kun oldin

    Sahiry GnobehiSahiry Gnobehi25 kun oldin
    • She’s mixed with black so in America she’s considered as a BLACK

      Alonzo ClarkstonAlonzo Clarkston23 kun oldin
  • Mariah is the greatest female artist of all time, and overall second only to Michael Jackson. Her catalogue is unmatched and she is a songwriting and creative genius. Cannot wait to read/listen to her memoir. And I hope she puts Eminem in his place 😂

    Mistr'ii'ii MusicMistr'ii'ii Music25 kun oldin
    • @HoodHippyChick you're right. In the trash where he belongs lol

      Mistr'ii'ii MusicMistr'ii'ii Music23 kun oldin
    • @Zulu Immortal I love Whitney but she was no songwriter

      Mistr'ii'ii MusicMistr'ii'ii Music23 kun oldin
    • 😂 Whitney Houston > Mariah

      Zulu ImmortalZulu Immortal23 kun oldin
    • He’s already in his place Dahling 💁🏽‍♀️ 😂😂

      HoodHippyChickHoodHippyChick24 kun oldin
  • Those diamonds shining on her takes me back to the Cosby

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed26 kun oldin
  • Well Nick Cannon Still got a W for being with Mariah then getting Married and having babys he literally leveled up with a Boss who made way more than him

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed26 kun oldin
  • "I been before. A long time ago" yeah, Envy. When you cheated.

    Haddingtonian GCPHaddingtonian GCP26 kun oldin
  • Bi racial you black girl

    king Hussienking Hussien26 kun oldin
    • @Dumfries Spearhead well dick led no , but notice Biracial is only used when one parent is black the term was only invented to divide blacks you can be biracial all day long as long as everything is peaceful and food but the second you make someone angry or committ a crime you will be BLACK just look at our friend Tyger Woods see society will call you biracial and mixed to your face but in the back of there minds your just another Black person who they have fooled into thinking that your a something diffrent 😂😂😂

      king Hussienking Hussien24 kun oldin
    • More white than anything else. What's this obsession with making ANYONE or rather any biracial or nearly white Woman black? Sounds dick led to me.

      Dumfries SpearheadDumfries Spearhead24 kun oldin
  • I'm still waiting for her to talk about her mom and how they were brought up that's what she's talking about right her mom was a devil worshiper. Mariah Carey and her sister they grew up to in satantic church worshiping satan. It was kind of disturbing to hear how her mom was. Dont believe me? look it up!

    Michelle HenneyMichelle Henney26 kun oldin
    • @Dream Dream Serene yup!😔

      Michelle HenneyMichelle Henney24 kun oldin
  • It was a great interview with Mariah. Beautiful journey.

    Hikmah KingHikmah King26 kun oldin
  • Followers and other forms of attention can be bought sooo having lots of followers means nothing

    Chocolate Thunder CherryChocolate Thunder Cherry26 kun oldin
  • Dude Mariah's book is almost here!

    Lord Night VillainLord Night Villain26 kun oldin
  • She is black. One drop of blk blood cause her to become black

    Minelli RadneyMinelli Radney26 kun oldin
    • Er no it doesn't. No more one drop rule. It's just nonsense which does black women a great disservice.

      Dumfries SpearheadDumfries Spearhead24 kun oldin
  • Good that the podcast is helping to restore, heal and strengthen the marriage, trust, truth and love to the relationship

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin
  • lol lol, envy been to counseling when he got caught cheating, infidelity. Hence is hesitancy when asked Envy, stop feeling a shamed by your past actions, no one can't judge, for their closet is full of cobwebs and lies Talk with confidence brother, have you and wife noty overcame such ordeal. So either you speak on it without calling names, but when situations like this is asked, gurt your self in courage and confidence to say during a dark period of my past,...... If any You are always bobbing and weaving

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin
  • The police, they, these crooks and liars shot their own officer and trying to blame the accuse Now with more than eight bullets riddle in the body of this young woman, Breonna Taylor, whose life was taken from her in her bed, in her private home The settlement should be triple the amount of bullets found in her body times what these racist punk agree to settle to give. If it was a caucasian person they would be getting more than what was settled on for the cruel death of this queen, her life was taken unjustly. Wicked God's wrath will be just and swift

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin

  • Love Mariah carey! Lady still a 10 for the win

    Florida King CaponeFlorida King Capone27 kun oldin
  • WELL SORRY TO bust your bubble but that's not always the need of interracial children maybe that is her experience everyone has their own experience in life don't pump them all up in one

    Faith D.SFaith D.S27 kun oldin
  • Seek God’s will daily. Proverbs 16:3 Proverbs 9:10

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries27 kun oldin
  • Mariah Never claimed black . She only tended to white people

    anaegian alianaegian ali27 kun oldin
    • Thats no really true she never left behind her r&b roots even tho she was told by jewish producers to do so to be more pop. She also collabarated with many black artists and even was one the first to have rappers in her pop songs.

      sash csash c26 kun oldin
    • anaegian ali yes she’s biracial. The record company tended her to white people she and nothing to do with it

      Kenley FreemanKenley Freeman27 kun oldin
  • Mariah Carey is in a league of her own. Her music is amazing helped me through alot. I just think that she is a rare talent.

    Lush TvLush Tv27 kun oldin
    • Love her music too, since the 90s.

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba27 kun oldin
  • Common issue. YT mothers not knowing what to do with biracial kids hair.

    UnApoLEGITically PandoraUnApoLEGITically Pandora27 kun oldin
    • @Dream Dream Serene You got triggered so fast for no reason. It shows how insecure you are.

      aundrea hodgesaundrea hodges22 kun oldin
    • @Dream Dream Serene So I was commenting on Mariah's hair issues. And sooo white mothers need to learrn how to manage and take care their biracial kid's hair

      UnApoLEGITically PandoraUnApoLEGITically Pandora24 kun oldin
  • Envy got a podcast? Geesh who dont got a podcast these days?

    Dwaine JadeDwaine Jade27 kun oldin
  • My brother's birthday too, YEE! Crazy.

    Shanyka ElseShanyka Else27 kun oldin
  • You, ....yes you! I know you skip on everything good in life but, just incase you don't this time, check out my last couple of videos and thank me later. I promise you.

    Sir KaySir Kay27 kun oldin
  • mariah carey is a symbol of female strength and resilience. she is a warrior, against racism, against sexism and abuse. her iconic career and legacy today is a testament to her undying determination, strength, and hard work.

    seerpouseerpou27 kun oldin
    • @aundrea hodges her damage goes beyond the average "my mom used to beat me with a switch". Her own sister said their mother allowed the sister and brother to be ritually abused in childhood. The brother backed the statement but didn't further comment. She believes something may have happened to Mariah as well. This is not heresay, but in main stream news. I actually consider her to be a little sad. Not condemning her at all.

      Giselle PierreGiselle Pierre22 kun oldin
    • @Giselle Pierre we're all damaged people. We just dont want to admit it. And being damaged by the people you thought were your family does not make you a bad person. I dont know why you thought that was an insult.

      aundrea hodgesaundrea hodges22 kun oldin
    • She is a damaged person.

      Giselle PierreGiselle Pierre26 kun oldin
    • Girl...

      AVA SinclairAVA Sinclair26 kun oldin
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    Cal AylmerCal Aylmer27 kun oldin
  • Chrissy annoying AFFFFFF!

    DreThomasMusicDreThomasMusic27 kun oldin

    M.T.S TVM.T.S TV27 kun oldin
  • -__-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik27 kun oldin
  • She's always the victim, says family used her as an ATM, but didn't mention at all her trying to use James Packer as her ATM. Modern Western Society women have no accountability it's always someone else's fault and their the victim. Smart man don't even take them seriously anymore. Mariah's story is 😂

    Les GrantLes Grant27 kun oldin
    • @Kenley Freeman Apparently they split because he found her demands and spending to be excessive.

      Dumfries SpearheadDumfries Spearhead24 kun oldin
    • Les Grant I mean she’s half a billionaire so why would she want James’s money when she has her own??

      Kenley FreemanKenley Freeman27 kun oldin
  • But y’all didn’t even post the video tho @ Envy

    SnoohBSnoohB27 kun oldin
  • Mariah, you can say what you want but you look white, not that it matters because you are very beautiful. I'm just saying

    Bernie CohensBernie Cohens27 kun oldin
  • It looks like she’s been storing the trauma in her cheeks. Like some sort of trauma storing hamster

    LONDON80LONDON8027 kun oldin
    • WTF 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      South African CaramelSouth African Caramel23 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂

      Midwest KandiMidwest Kandi24 kun oldin
    • 😂😂

      Kaleidoscopic DreamsKaleidoscopic Dreams26 kun oldin
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    • Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers• Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers27 kun oldin
  • Never knew mariah was mixed race wtf where have i been...😲🤯

    T TT T27 kun oldin
    • @Judith clearly 😭 i can't lie im not a big mariah fan so not surprised i didnt know that 🤷‍♀️

      T TT T21 kun oldin
    • Under a rock

      JudithJudith21 kun oldin
  • 😘

    Shakir LateefShakir Lateef27 kun oldin
  • love love the breakfast club

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead28 kun oldin
  • Exclusive 🔥 never heard b4 artist 👌

    Bre LittyBre Litty28 kun oldin
  • Yawn, good to see parts of the black culture still hasn’t evolved. ::flips on black metal and goes to sleep::

    Emperor BraphometEmperor Braphomet28 kun oldin
    • Dream Dream Serene a free thinking god. Bow now.

      Emperor BraphometEmperor Braphomet24 kun oldin
  • This is going to be a good book

    Allen ChambleeAllen Chamblee28 kun oldin
  • Mariah is so beautiful

    Jay JayJay Jay28 kun oldin
  • Mariah moved 13x before age 9 the family were terrorised, cars set on fire, house bombs, shot up and pets poisoned for having an interracial family. Mariah lived traumatised her whole life to this day has been nocturnal and struggles to sleep because of the amount of trauma she faced as a baby just for being biracial and having an abusive older sister. I’m so glad she’s speaking up on her truth.

    Mistiquely StealthMistiquely Stealth28 kun oldin
  • Remember back when she first came on the scene & lightweight looked like a skinny 'whitish' girl back in the Mottola days?

    01000010 0110010101000010 0110010128 kun oldin
  • even washed up celebrity is taking advantage of identity politics, huh? ;D

    ML KML K28 kun oldin
  • I'm tired of light skinned mixed people talking about they biracial problems

    breadstickzzzzzzzbreadstickzzzzzzz28 kun oldin
    • N.W.A. ... she .. didn’t say that lightskin women don’t look good? So why are you- nvm...

      allana capriallana capri26 kun oldin
    • light skin women look better. they just do.

      N.W.A.N.W.A.28 kun oldin
  • I absolutely unapologetically, unequivocally, LOVE Phylicia Rashad, queen black does not crack.

    Deandre GibbsDeandre Gibbs28 kun oldin
  • Yo ms Rashad can still get it

    Spider-mananaSpider-manana28 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that heard Phylicia say that Debbie said "yea bish but that ain't the real you?" Am I tripping or what? They call each other bish! lol

    Aphropic ChiefBlacFreqAphropic ChiefBlacFreq28 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Tanya GaryTanya Gary24 kun oldin
    • Me too, I had to go back

      LadyMsThing GreenLadyMsThing Green27 kun oldin
    • Lish. Not bish.

      Juanita EvansJuanita Evans28 kun oldin
  • Phlicia rashad is so fine

    Jihad anazizi menes shakurJihad anazizi menes shakur28 kun oldin
  • Lmaoooo yes right

    Jihad anazizi menes shakurJihad anazizi menes shakur28 kun oldin
  • Mariah has definitely grown

    Jay LeeJay Lee28 kun oldin
  • I bet everytime Yee says the word therapy, she rolls her eyes like 'Here we go'

    Noah AdeoyeNoah Adeoye28 kun oldin
  • I love MC ❤️❤️ She can’t do no wrong, many of her songs got me through a lot

    Peachez & PearzPeachez & Pearz28 kun oldin
  • Charlamaine.. B.S.. The reason your interested in reading Mariah's book is because its been rumor that theirs a chapter about her rocky relationship with Emenim.

    Tim ScottTim Scott28 kun oldin
  • Was it upside down? 😂😂😂

    MissdeejayMissdeejay28 kun oldin
  • Very interested in this Mariah book surprisingly

    MissdeejayMissdeejay28 kun oldin
  • I would be very upset i Mariah carey has small nipples and aerolas

    coriontatereedcoriontatereed28 kun oldin
  • I'm so glad she wrote this book💖

    Danielle ClarkDanielle Clark28 kun oldin
  • Eww did she sit down with Oprah? 🤮

    Wyntah HaadidWyntah Haadid28 kun oldin
  • I'm going to get the audible version of her book. I think l seen she's going to be reading it.

    Mykhal PerryMykhal Perry28 kun oldin
  • $seancash87

    the one and onlythe one and only28 kun oldin
  • 💜🧸

    Sandra Brister LogginsSandra Brister Loggins28 kun oldin
  • She needs to with her sister coming out talking wild about their mom.

    Clark TownsendClark Townsend28 kun oldin
  • One thing about Opera, she will do a interview

    hubba bubbahubba bubba28 kun oldin
  • Im soo glad Mariah finally talking about this.I cant wait to hear audio Mariah is narrate

    Amie HamptonAmie Hampton28 kun oldin
    • Does the audio come with pdf of the photos 📷 included in the book 📖? Nobody has been able to confirm this for me. Please let me know 🙏

      P RP R27 kun oldin
  • I wish Mariah would dress more age appropriate

    BabyKorey KopasetikBabyKorey Kopasetik28 kun oldin
  • Y'all picked a good pic of her

    mrduckman225mrduckman22528 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to read. Pre ordered it a few days ago

    Kyle ButherusKyle Butherus28 kun oldin
  • Wow!! She is speaking her truth and this sounds so refreshing!! I'll read this!

    natalie sheppnatalie shepp28 kun oldin
  • My momma is white... As a kid I had the most magnificent afro it didnt fit in the school pictures and my sisters hair stayed braided up. MC mom was just trash.

    Captain AnarchyCaptain Anarchy28 kun oldin
    • She's trash 🗑 for various reasons but her daughter having curly hair isn't a black thing 😕 😒 🙄

      P RP R27 kun oldin
  • 5:19 I'm glad Yee checked Charlamagne. "Felicia Rashard is a beautiful woman btw" and Yee made sure to point out she's talented. Women are more than their looks.

    Joseph HarrisJoseph Harris28 kun oldin
    • * *PHYLICIA*

      PHEnomenonPHEnomenon28 kun oldin
    • @Joseph Harris I just wanted your opinion on the question I asked...nothing more It's not that serious AT ALL...chill homie..its just a difference in opinions and I wanted yours for the question i I asked. Don't take it as a slight because it's not and never intended as such with the statements I wrote. Hope all is well

      Black Keith MorrisonBlack Keith Morrison28 kun oldin
    • @Black Keith Morrison Look I don't know what more you want. I think Yee was just making sure she got her propers as a sister, rather than just a compliment on appearance. Maybe Charla thinks she's both, I'm not losing sleep just because Yee nudged him towards the contents or her character. She wasn't overbearing, a healthy nudge is fine. I said what I said so Idk what more you want lol

      Joseph HarrisJoseph Harris28 kun oldin
    • @Joseph Harris Do you think Yee would've said something if Charla mentioned she is an intelligent woman first?...I believe if he mentioned that first she would've followed him saying beautiful afterwards

      Black Keith MorrisonBlack Keith Morrison28 kun oldin
    • @Black Keith Morrison I didn't say he was wrong. The bigger point is that, when the subject is a woman everyone rushes to appearance. I think Yee bucked because it's potentially toxic to repeated make it obvious that as a woman appearance is always scrutinized first.

      Joseph HarrisJoseph Harris28 kun oldin

    Valentíno QuiñonesValentíno Quiñones28 kun oldin
  • Nobody cares about her silver spoon childhood and career

    Tabs TTabs T28 kun oldin
    • Tf u watching for

      Kathleen NealKathleen Neal28 kun oldin
    • Tabs T yet u here with a bunch of others troll

      Kenley FreemanKenley Freeman28 kun oldin
  • Oh so i finally get why Uncle Charla hasn't really cared for Nick Canon much. Uncle Charla just mad Nick got to be Mariah and he didn't. Lol. Got it!

    Klorkai OkaiKlorkai Okai28 kun oldin
  • Nobody hated ur hair STHU, mix people n their foolish antics!!!

    Rocko2london Rocko2londonRocko2london Rocko2london28 kun oldin
    • She didn't say anybody hated her hair lmao. Her siblings (which I'm pretty sure she's talking about them when she mentions family) were jelous of her and her sister confirmed that herself

      Run Barry Run *Run Barry Run *28 kun oldin
    • 🙄 girl right! 💯💯💯

      Sunny BrightSunny Bright28 kun oldin
  • Thats so sweet, i like how the MEN were supporting Couples Therapy, and here come Yee. (>_>) ( --..--) (

    yanelli floresyanelli flores28 kun oldin
  • I 💜 U Mimi!!! I'm definitely going to order your book!!😀

    Nikki ParrisNikki Parris28 kun oldin
  • she fine asf

    Night wingNight wing28 kun oldin