Manhattan commercial real estate market FINALLY CRACKING

26-Sen, 2020
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  • The thumbnail really gives you the impression blackberry the cat went all in on REITs in her investment portfolio February 2020.

    Louis RossmannLouis Rossmann24 kun oldin
    • @Stick Diaz not wife as far as I know. @MonkeyJedi99 greed is universal, that being said Giuliani was at least for law and order.

      wooo weeewooo weee17 kun oldin
    • @Stick Diaz "Bro" - You lost points there.

      MonkeyJedi99MonkeyJedi9917 kun oldin
    • Bro ur wife has nothing to add to these vids just sits there like a 12 year old

      Stick DiazStick Diaz18 kun oldin
    • @sejsjejeusu ehejdhdj Your 'assurances' do not substitute for evidence. Those regulations and restrictions on build or repairing structures? They are everywhere. Building codes, local ordinances, the vagaries of different building inspectors, abutters and second abutters approvals, historic registers.... All started to protect property owners, tenants, neighbors and the tax base from the fallout of shoddy and/or dangerous building practices. Even out here in Podunk-land where I am, the red tape exists, and the hoops must be jumped to get through a process that is over a century old and has been layered onto by politicians local, state and federal of both parties, often as a result of either union pressures or the fallout of lawsuits from bad practices. - It is VERY popular to blame the current politicians and the current parties for every sin and speed bump. But it is HUMANS that are the cause of the greatest majority of human problems.

      MonkeyJedi99MonkeyJedi9923 kun oldin
    • MonkeyJedi99 Or perhaps supply and demand. Do you realize how over regulated and restrictive new york is about building ANYTHING? Repairing anything in a major city, let alone building something NEW, is a 10 mile hike through bureaucratic red tape HELL. I can safely assure you that the local governments who put all this red tape in place are NOT Republican, or Libertarian, or Independent; They are dyed in the wool, dark-blue democrats. Greed is greed, but supply and demand properly managed can redirect that greed to the betterment of a place, rather than its degradation and destruction. Luckily, even with no new constructions, eventually enough people get fed up and leave/don’t buy that supply and demand somewhat equalize, leading to bubbles popping. What suffering people must go through before the bubble pops.

      sejsjejeusu ehejdhdjsejsjejeusu ehejdhdj23 kun oldin
  • People are going to be fist fighting in walmart for milk bread and eggs soon

    SilvertarianSilvertarian11 soat oldin
  • And the rest of regular America is laughing at these rubes who thought supporting a violent anti-American movement calling it peaceful as they destroyed their neighborhoods--a wise move. How stupid can these people be??? Stupid enough. Sad but expected.

    thaboomer53thaboomer5312 soat oldin
  • Just wait a few years and you will be able to buy an entire high rise in NYC for a few hundred dollars, just like Detroit.

    Joseph VanJoseph VanKun oldin
  • The reset is called the ( GOLDEN RATIO ) its about dam time too ! hope it hits N.J as well , its to dam expensive to live in N.Y and N.J...

    LumanatiLumanatiKun oldin
  • Interesting stuff. I think there is more to come depending on political positions. There will be billions to be made from governors and mayors who force these markets down so their "preferred money partners" can come and buy at deep discounts.

    MrRonnmauiMrRonnmaui2 kun oldin
  • great content!

    Luxuryhomes888Luxuryhomes8882 kun oldin
  • When Trump changed residence, everyone in NYC should have said, "hmm, something not good is coming."

    DeeDee2 kun oldin
  • So WSJ just had an article about that commercial mortgage backed securities starting their decent into a crash... Government bailouts coming soon??

    malchiormalchior3 kun oldin
  • What some people do not realize is NYC commercial is going to crash -- I think even 10 dollar per foot is high - Those snobs who owned all these commercial real estate are going to be selling hot dogs they are done

    Max FlynnMax Flynn3 kun oldin
  • Commercial space is worth 33% or less of what you can make in it. A small shop selling things will probably make about 2k a month at the moment. So, you need to get the price down to $500 to $1000 a month. Specially in the digital age. It makes no difference to me where my business is located. At the moment I can rent for $500 in Spain and ship globally, so that is what I do.

    David georgeDavid george3 kun oldin
  • Dunbar and his number of individuals. Finally it is kicking in, and the system is trying to cover it up. Cities are dead.

    Furlock FurliFurlock Furli3 kun oldin
  • I wish the same happened in my town, but no, prices are still above my purchasing power.

    pedro lopespedro lopes4 kun oldin
  • who in there rite mind would want to live there? or detroit , or chicago ow anywhere in california?

    pappy1432pappy14324 kun oldin
  • It is all fairly funny to see it all crash... but I am going to let you in on something... unless you can somehow put the cash together to buy one of these properties, the new owners after bankruptcy will start to jack up your rents. Have your short chuckle now but unless you got the cash to buy the property while it takes a shit, the cycle will repeat... and eventually you will be making these videos all over again when you are complaining that your children want to attend such expensive liberal arts colleges.

    Steven KothenbeutelSteven Kothenbeutel5 kun oldin
  • The bankers are harvesting half this year and next year every business will be vacant

    Allan NowakAllan Nowak5 kun oldin
  • The cat is a stunning animal to look at...really nice. As for NYC....well, the rest may not go well, especially with the to be implemented codes landlords will need to follow regarding covid requirements and energy upgrades to be soon forced on them. Just have to see where it all goes.

    hardhitter0421hardhitter04215 kun oldin
  • The populous is being THINNED - by a virus. The response to that "thinning" is where the issues arise. Vague and unreliable virus responses have caused many of us to perish - not to die outright, rather, become part of this West Coast Homeless Camp that now runs nearly boarder to boarder - north to south. Those who have nothing right now, will never regain a meaningful foothold - by design (100,000 restaurants GONE in 2020 thus far). It has become another thinning (1930 - 1945 dux).

    R.A. MonigoldR.A. Monigold5 kun oldin
    • even with a universal basic income there will still be dipshits that are homeless and can't feed themselves. they're homeless for a reason

      greg hgreg h3 kun oldin
  • Prices are going to drop at the same time money loses it's value. interesting.

    David ManciniDavid Mancini6 kun oldin
  • It's true that once the dam springs a leak it will soon collapse. But the dam is not as weak as it may seem. There are other ways for them to sweeten the deal other than lowering the price. For example the seller will start giving the buyer kickbacks. That way on paper the price remains high, even though the buyer is paying less in the end. Sellers will start to pay for buyer requested improvements, all the closing costs, "travel expenses" and who knows what else they will invent.

    Don't AskmeDon't Askme7 kun oldin
  • Couple of the year

    Jello TalksJello Talks8 kun oldin
  • The minute that Trump loses, the Dems will unlock everything and COVID will be magically cured. Now if we could just get them to stop reducing the funding for our public safety departments.

    Futurist DreamerFuturist Dreamer8 kun oldin
  • Do you really want the 72 gyms lady to have 300 gyms tho?

    ThatGuy182545ThatGuy1825458 kun oldin
  • Your Eugene Herrington link does not work anymore.

    Jacob JonesJacob Jones9 kun oldin
  • I pay 850$ a month for a 1200 sq/ft house with an attached 2 car garage on 13 mile in the Detroit Metros. $0.708 a square foot and I'm miles from automation alley, Micro Center, & two interstates. I run a 3D printing business out of my home. The only way a T-shirt store is making 25,000$ a month in rent, then profiting is through buying 200 shirts for 10$ made in Xinjiang. Now that the *_buy it in China for 0.02$ & sell it for 24.99$_* scam is almost over the inflation is deflating.

    Andrew ChristiansenAndrew Christiansen9 kun oldin
  • $300 per square foot? What is that? the annual rent? LOL

    Surfer DudeSurfer Dude9 kun oldin
  • I'm here just for the cat

    Alejandro AyoraAlejandro Ayora10 kun oldin
  • The other factor that is working against you as the buyer is the "Market for Lemons" theory. In this case... if there are good retail space deals... they are already filled! and the remaining market is lemon properties. COVID obviously will change that though as some of the tenants with good deals on space will still go out of business.

    Art KArt K10 kun oldin
  • It's haunted

    Sam VegasSam Vegas11 kun oldin
  • Just live in Jersey. It's basically NYC but it's cheaper, less crime, has more trees, more space and less filth. Though of course it depends on where you live but overall quality of life is better. You can get a 1000 foot apartment for like $1300.

    HolidayTroutHolidayTrout13 kun oldin
  • Can you export your real estate crash to Sydney? Thanks.

    Snow LeopardSnow Leopard14 kun oldin
  • lmfao your wife is annoying no offense

    Daniel CohenDaniel Cohen14 kun oldin
  • The race to the bottom will be fun to watch

    Will KellyWill Kelly15 kun oldin
  • SF going in the same direction....although prices are not coming down as much as I would think's a start...some of the crap out here is outrageous....just hold tight people

    Kevin CoyleKevin Coyle15 kun oldin
  • 2 things I love contact with crush, 1 real estate,2 apple

    Hydra 2000Hydra 200016 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha. Slum Lords in denial still ?

    Tony MontanaTony Montana16 kun oldin
  • So happy this is starting to happen. Can't wait for it to spread nationwide :)

    Hello FreshHello Fresh16 kun oldin
  • 01:33 u pet that cat so hard lol

    GankManGankMan16 kun oldin
  • When are the property owners going to have to sell their money pits for pennies on the dollar? Looks like a land grab instigated by the rich and connected is in the offering.

    logic reasonlogic reason16 kun oldin
  • Hey there, glad I found you guys. Thanks for the low- down on what's happening with retail space in NYC. Usually huge spaces that are off the beaten path and nowhere near a subway are cheaper. I wonder if the West St. space can be divided? And is it a former restaurant with HVAC?

    Meta PicsMeta Pics16 kun oldin
  • Property owners: *Get fucked* Property buyers: Its free real estate

    Ghost NoodleGhost Noodle17 kun oldin
  • What reset are you talking about? Just want to confirm with what I think you're talking about.

    Mr MMr M18 kun oldin
  • NY is not NY without broadway, eateries, and fashions.

    Aviator168Aviator16818 kun oldin
    • @J Dizzle The rats are always there. it is just many many more of them now.

      Aviator168Aviator16812 kun oldin
    • now it’s just full of rats

      J DizzleJ Dizzle12 kun oldin
  • There's a real value for everything. Eventually and not to far from now, real estate prices (and DOW stock prices) will come crashing down and meet their true value - NOTHING LIKE THEY ARE NOW. We're all in for a HUGE ADJUSTMENT - just hang on and pray!

    Charles HCharles H18 kun oldin
  • Retail industry changed forever, it will go online. Restaurants are closing of the high rent because some of these greedy landlords intentionally want banks or pharmacies to come in. The pandemic increased the push to digital and go online, so all Landlords should listen up and give their current bars, small businesses and mom and pop shops a break. It will not be like the same. If small businesses goes, the neighborhood goes.

    S YS Y18 kun oldin
  • Louis, your partner is spot on, as well as you have been. Have fun riding that ride, and I hope you do fine, I suspect you'll be able to ride it out, however, since I'm not on the ground there, it's just my guess from sitting here in the Southwest where every day my house's price goes up.

    meancemeance18 kun oldin
  • I loved NYC but I'm happy to see it burn. That's what idiots voted for so enjoy your own suffering.

    Me MeMe Me19 kun oldin
  • His gf is cute as hell

    chuck whitechuck white19 kun oldin
  • Your cat stole the show

    maximus freemanmaximus freeman19 kun oldin
  • Burnt to the ground never to recover

    FWCaptainFWCaptain19 kun oldin
  • Louis always on top of things buddy. You're a superstar brother. Congratulations.

    Tab ValentinoTab Valentino19 kun oldin
  • more to the city then chase and starbucks ... right on

    ldeeryldeery20 kun oldin
  • Economic Reset🙂

    ParlerParler20 kun oldin
  • NYC needs a complete overhaul and not just from real estate. In Manhattan you need foot traffic. Foot traffic needs feet. Feet needs legs attached to bodies. Bodies equal tourist. If tourism is to come back tourist need to feel safe. I forget what level safety is on Maslow's hierarchy of needs but it's one of the top ones. Albany needs to bring back bail, real bail. Then, the next Mayor needs to unleash the cops and clean up DeBlasios mess. Foot traffic is back and so is NYC.

    Quest AdamQuest Adam20 kun oldin
  • About time it’s going too get a lot worse for nyc there is no silver lining. No asset will protect you banks never reopen they are going down. Everything you own is worthless everything you will need will be 400% more so enjoy it now!!

    John PowellJohn Powell20 kun oldin
  • Let the properties sink! Let it sink, Let it sink, Let it sink!! I actually think you should move out of NYC. Move into a republican state where things are more stable.

    trigolistrigolis20 kun oldin
  • new york will be a ghost town just like in the old American gold towns haha

    Anthony ChopraAnthony Chopra20 kun oldin
  • "I think "you should build a bigger kitchen for her

    Fook UtubeFook Utube20 kun oldin
  • Feels good to be surrounded by pussy

    alekst1923alekst192320 kun oldin
  • I have a different experience than what you shared. In 2018/2019 I started shopping for new office space. I constantly found $45 - $60 .sq/ft in Times Square and West area. After 6 months we re-negotiated ours and stayed in place. Today I received a cold call from a broker offering 'sub-lease' for $40's sq/ft in my same building. I believe the market is likely to offer "rent free" scenarios before any significant drop in commercial rent. It's the only loop hole owners can use to get around banks calling back loans. *Update - Just received a notification - some major real estate developers are filing for bankruptcy (down south). Gonna have to keep an eye on it.

    George SoulGeorge Soul20 kun oldin
  • if they lower theyll default, itll take another year or two

    SimplePaydaySimplePayday20 kun oldin
  • My prediction is, that most of those (now) cheaper spaces, will probably be bought consolidated once more by venture capital and speculators and less by genuine small businesses. Bc of this crisis and the laughable regulations/protections in the US, working class people will probably get the short stick again, while the financial elite gains even more control.

    Lennox BaumbachLennox Baumbach20 kun oldin
  • Escape from NYC because it’s doomed

    CustomtheatresCustomtheatres20 kun oldin
  • Ask yourself, what is New York known for? What brings people there, and why is it so prestigious of a place to be? OK , now that tourism is dead for the forseeable future, and people are going to have to budget carefully, necessities are going to be what the masses of people are concerned about. All of the bubble cities will have many people leaving, and will continue to since this pandemic is forcing alternative ways for people to make a living by mostly working from home. Technology is helping change the machine that has kept things mostly the same since the industrial revolution. People who can, will now simply cut costs by moving away from the metropolises and working remotely. There's going to be boots on the ground for essential services, but think of industries that have had huge changes over the past 5 decades due to technology alone. The pandemic is the perfect catalyst to force rapid change, and things can never go back to the way they were in 2019. Retail is dying a slow , painful death. As is tourism, and entertainment. Restaurant and hotel businesses are in a world of pain, and real estate will have a shock once those who are over-leveraged on their speculation investments let reality set in. The everything bubble is only being saved (for now) by government bailout programs and helicopter money for big business.

    Daniel ParentDaniel Parent20 kun oldin
  • Imagine if they go to $21 a sq ft lol

    Oscar GOscar G20 kun oldin
  • Good let them cave.. Let the system restart

    Oscar GOscar G20 kun oldin
  • why smart guys date asian girls?

    Adnane BendrissAdnane Bendriss20 kun oldin
  • I guess it's a matter of what the retail tenants for a space like that think they could do in retail sales PSF, right? If the market-accepted rents are down, it's because not as many tenants can handle the total occupancy costs at the old rents. Cheers from Chicago!

    Kevin ByrnesKevin Byrnes21 kun oldin
  • Any Indian restaurants for sale ? I'm from the UK

    Mohammed AhmedMohammed Ahmed21 kun oldin
  • Karen will be mad there's no pleasing her.

    TheWiz MannyTheWiz Manny21 kun oldin
  • What are the terms of the new leases? Maybe only a 6 month deal? They can lure you in then hike it up once the lockdown is over....

    AndysailsAndysails21 kun oldin
  • If the great reset is here then the new global payment system will be implemented They will still keep prices elevated - depending on region youre looking. NYC is a epic center. If you're leveraged OF COURSE you will compete with others to get your place rented. However, if your a commercial bank - you will hold off and wait for higher prices. There will be opportunity I just dont think "they" will allow NYC RE to crash. The market will likely be propped up. Or gentrification will happen on a granduer scale. The traditional banking system will not return as it was previously known. Digitial is coming. NYC is not going to look the same in 10 years. Like I have been saying. Destabilize, destruct, and rebuild. Its happening.

    Eric BanksEric Banks21 kun oldin
  • Is this guy wearing eye makeup?

    Ramapo RiverRamapo River21 kun oldin
  • So, now its 4 days later and you have a video discussing the proposed indusrty park development and your opinion is that the trend is getting worse and leading to a city for the ultra rich. Which one is it? Do you think about content continuity and consistency or just make content?.

    Xavarius QuestXavarius Quest21 kun oldin
  • I wanna have asian wife too

    Jo KoJo Ko21 kun oldin
  • Problem is they are moving to other states (pa) and bringing their politics with them. We dont want you.

    bogey19018bogey1901821 kun oldin
  • crazy. now i live in bumfuck nowhere but the cheapest retail i saw in my area was less than $1/sq. ft

    3D_tha_God3D_tha_God21 kun oldin
  • Hopefully the UK will do the same. Shithole towns cost way to much too.

    Tuff TravellerTuff Traveller21 kun oldin
  • Wonder how long it will take for prices to climb back up post covid.

    John LoyerJohn Loyer21 kun oldin
  • I would never live in a city with more as 100.000 people.

    Jack HolidayJack Holiday21 kun oldin
  • In real the prize not go down the coin value go up than the prize of the house go down so simple is it

    Patrick VandervlietPatrick Vandervliet21 kun oldin
  • think the word you are looking for is a "Domino effect" where with one fall they all do. Quite common in these circumstances

    Billy NooneBilly Noone21 kun oldin
  • Just hold out till it drops to $15/sq ft... NY is a dump anyway. Prices should reflect that...

    BC PBC P21 kun oldin
  • Yes it will be better if the crack is big enough for total amnesia and it's way too early for them zombie land Lords to be all of a sudden smart nah remember their best tenants are ghost or spirits so they need to live there longer

    Dondatta FordDondatta Ford21 kun oldin
  • Cuomo mass murdering elderly for political gain with COVID and pushing the wealthy out with stupid policies might have more to do with prices coming down then anything. Democrats are a nightmare, and destroy by going communist.

    Ping PongPing Pong21 kun oldin
  • I’m broke.

    Daniël Prosper A.Daniël Prosper A.21 kun oldin
  • 1:32 cat was fallin asleep and then he pets it so vigorously LOL the cat was like "ohh wtf is happening ohh i like this"

    TheFirstHiTheFirstHi21 kun oldin
  • I own a rental in Toronto and we're seeing rental rates drop too. I'm going to take a haircut on my next lease over what I was expecting but honestly long term I think this is good for the city and affordability.

    recoil669recoil66921 kun oldin
  • $166,000 a month that’s fucking insane no wonder retail business is dying

    PC Game AddictPC Game Addict21 kun oldin
  • Hello I know this has nothing too do with this video but you seem too know a lot about Apple products. I have an iPhone XS and the battery was replaced under warranty through Apple (I sent it too them I have no idea who did the repair). The bottom speaker puts out minimal volume while the top speaker seems too work fine although isn’t as loud as the bottom speaker was. I contacted Apple about the problem and they said because my phone went out of warranty the day before I got it back in the mail there was nothing they could do, but sell me another phone or fix it myself. Would this be a board repair or could I order the part and do it myself?

    Walker HolmesWalker Holmes21 kun oldin
  • If it gets cuomo out of office its ok by me, hope it shatters into shards under his bare feet

    Navy PhyrfitrNavy Phyrfitr21 kun oldin
  • Oh no. What about private real estate? My apartment has appreciated in value significantly in the last 6 years and I’m terrified the value will crash and the neighborhood will fall to shit.

    ScienceGuyScienceGuy21 kun oldin
  • Why are your cats so damn photogenic?

    tonnentonietonnentonie21 kun oldin
  • How about that building across from the apple store? Maybe take another look for business expansion?

    Brandon MyersBrandon Myers21 kun oldin
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to this so If someone could link me some basic information about this in order to understand, it would be much appreciated

    Rodrigo LabraRodrigo Labra21 kun oldin
  • Love how the cat is just chillen living it’s best life

    Robert IslasRobert Islas21 kun oldin
  • The bubble created by the public sphere is busting and the private market will set the real market value.

    NihilistSolitudeNihilistSolitude21 kun oldin
  • You're complaining about floors looking bad... Look at your video... And is that an official economic evaluation? It's gunna go like this, then like, then like this, and like, maybe some more.. Who do I contact for that 2:40 of my life back?

    12312321 kun oldin
  • That cats reaction at 1:34 though 🤣

    Charlie HarperCharlie Harper21 kun oldin
  • With the recent development in Brooklyn being shot down. I can see Debalsio killing off the rest of the businesses in NYC. Of course with a little help from AOC.

    covercalls88covercalls8821 kun oldin