Manchester City v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/27/2020 | NBC Sports

27-Sen, 2020
724 353 Ko‘rishlar soni

Jamie Vardy and the Foxes stunned Manchester City at the Etihad, handing Pep Guardiola his worst-ever home result in a 5-2 rout. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManchesterCity #LeicesterCity
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Manchester City v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/27/2020 | NBC Sports

  • Maddison with a beautiful goal and then tops it off with a beautiful celebration

    Alexis Tapia-PalaciosAlexis Tapia-Palacios6 kun oldin
  • Sorry just want man City to win

    abdirashiid maxamedabdirashiid maxamed8 kun oldin
  • How can u get three penalties in a one game 🤣 it's absolutely mad

    khadar Selebankhadar Seleban8 kun oldin
  • Man city is just a oil company 🛢

    Carlos JimenezCarlos Jimenez11 kun oldin
  • Top binzzz

    TheBigglockTheBigglock13 kun oldin
  • I’m honestly ashamed man city performance was horrible man they’re better than that smh

    Tejas RajanTejas Rajan14 kun oldin
  • So surprised after all this years how vardy hasn’t made a big move yet such a consistent player in the prem surely deserves a big move top 5 players in the prem forsure no doubt the man is a complete finisher within the box

  • Como de le quedo la cara a guardiola jajajjaa hay tienen a su ídolo cruiffystas payasos

    Carlos FrancoCarlos Franco17 kun oldin
  • They got battered by west ham 😂😂😂😭

    Brite BomberBrite Bomber21 kun oldin
  • Imagine if Manchester United Chelsea Manchester city Liverpool finished below 4th

    Brite BomberBrite Bomber21 kun oldin
  • United barely win against Brighton Man City: Lol midtable club Get smacked 5-2 Man United: 😁 welcome to midtable brother

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu22 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else see that massive hole in Delap's shirt? 😳🤣🤣🤣 11:43

    Cody BanksCody Banks22 kun oldin
  • Madison decided to just play Fifa for his goal.

    Aaron DAaron D22 kun oldin
  • Guardiola is undoubtedly a fake coach.

  • Are we not gonna talk about Delap's shirt at 11:44?

    Arnav ShanbhagArnav Shanbhag23 kun oldin
    • What's the record for most penalties in a single pro match

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu22 kun oldin
  • After mahrez score and celebrate Leicester City: and we took that personally here's 5

    Johnny AnfieldJohnny Anfield24 kun oldin
  • The second penalty was not a penalty man omg!

    Cheikh DiedhiouCheikh Diedhiou24 kun oldin
  • Man why is bigger clubs are starting to lose to smaller clubs now?

    Chicken Is not godChicken Is not god24 kun oldin
  • Castagne is giving TAA and Robertson a run for their money for best fullback in the Prem.

    Justin JenningsJustin Jennings24 kun oldin
  • Goalaso after goalaso 😭😭😭

    Cameron JohnsonCameron Johnson25 kun oldin
  • City will self destruct in 3...2....1

    Antonio MenjivarAntonio Menjivar25 kun oldin
  • Guardiola is so fucking overrated its unbelievable.

    rad086rad08625 kun oldin
  • "Perfect, Perfect, Perfection, Pure, Purity" I'm really starting to see through the veneer of these annointed Bards of English soccer.

    AchilleskneelAchilleskneel25 kun oldin
  • City needs to buy more defenders!! they need to spend another billion!!

    Alexander KhlapovAlexander Khlapov25 kun oldin
  • Those maroon jerseys are fantastic

    Influenza MuskInfluenza Musk25 kun oldin
  • Honestly I can see Leicester repeating 2016's campaign

    Edwin OcampoEdwin Ocampo25 kun oldin
  • No ine ever talks about how bad ederson is. And walker couldnt even cut it at spurs

    JJ25 kun oldin
  • Oops.. looks like I accidentally clicked to swimming match instead of footie. 10/10 dives mate

    ben Sirben Sir25 kun oldin
  • What's the record for most penalties in a single pro match

    DeBow InvestmentsDeBow Investments26 kun oldin
  • vardy just used his experience tbh garcia and ake just couldn't stop him

    Francisco To MuchFrancisco To Much26 kun oldin
    • Never seen this many penalties in one match

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu25 kun oldin
  • At least we got our asses kicked in style 😂 🤦🏾‍♂️

    rofj09rofj0926 kun oldin
    • Lmao Leicester always bends city ...

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu25 kun oldin
  • Thailand;s Team won jajajaja

    GuitarramisticaGuitarramistica26 kun oldin
  • That second was disrespectful..

    GuitarramisticaGuitarramistica26 kun oldin
  • Bro Manchester city’s denfence sucks 3 penalties really.

    Mobile BeastMobile Beast26 kun oldin
  • Clinic on how to get pens by LC

    Christopher BlockChristopher Block26 kun oldin
  • Manchaster City has been hit with stagnation. This is Classic Peps teams. He ran those guy into the ground, now they have nothing left. Next Pep decides to leave after another poor season finish. The players started to over complicate the game, just like Pep over thninks everything.

    Arnautovic9Arnautovic926 kun oldin
  • Vardy keeps showin' out. People need to start respecting this man's game.

    Drizz BDrizz B26 kun oldin
  • I think we need new defenders and a way better keeper

    Victor CruzVictor Cruz27 kun oldin
  • The WORST defense ever. Giving away three penalties in one match? Unprecedented!

    Chandler LiuChandler Liu27 kun oldin
  • Jamie vardy is a legend

    Owen HidoOwen Hido27 kun oldin
  • I miss the old days

  • the flopping is strong with this one

    Chase RogersChase Rogers27 kun oldin
  • I respect vardy for not leaving Leicester

    Joseph PeralesJoseph Perales27 kun oldin
  • masterclass in diving

    William NuckollsWilliam Nuckolls27 kun oldin
  • Lmao Leicester always bends city ...

    Jobs mineJobs mine27 kun oldin
  • Never seen this many penalties in one match

    Muna AlharaziMuna Alharazi27 kun oldin
  • If I ever scored the equal of that Mahrez shot with either foot, I could just roll up and die. There would be nothing left to live for. ;)

    Seth EllisSeth Ellis27 kun oldin
  • I just don’t know what to say

    Noah KinneyNoah Kinney27 kun oldin
  • Jajaj y segun es el mejor entrenador del mundo esta basuraaa ya no sirveeeee

    MusicaTvMusicaTv27 kun oldin
  • Sacked in the morning

    Lance GalvanLance Galvan27 kun oldin
  • Jesus died for our sins on the cross ,was buried ,and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved.

    Miguel DMiguel D27 kun oldin
  • Which goal was better? Mahrez or Vardy's 2nd?

    AbeAbe27 kun oldin
  • Uh oh

    Jaden ParksJaden Parks27 kun oldin
  • Walker is trash

    Anthony RamosAnthony Ramos27 kun oldin
  • As much as I despise everything Man City. I thought the countless penalties was a bit excessive 😬

    Jared TaylorJared Taylor27 kun oldin
  • Wasn’t mendy at Real Madrid?

    luisluis27 kun oldin
  • Vardy is so underrated it’s crazy

    Tanmay JhaTanmay Jha27 kun oldin
  • Aahhh Pep we all want to see what you're made of. 😂😂😂

    Willy PrinceWilly Prince27 kun oldin
  • 3 penalties against Manchester City which should not been given.

    CreatorOfGodsCreatorOfGods27 kun oldin
  • Man city need a good striker like adesanya Israel

    vicky saginyvicky saginy27 kun oldin
  • New Technique to get penalties run into the opposition and dive Vardy Style.

    CreatorOfGodsCreatorOfGods27 kun oldin
  • these are disgustingly soft pens

    hyperrat12hyperrat1227 kun oldin
  • When Mahrez scored "against old friends" I immediately heard "old football friends" in Vardy's voice and stopped paying attention to the rest of the highlights

    Rob YoungRob Young27 kun oldin

    mert cevikmert cevik27 kun oldin
  • That kid Eric Garcia should not be in first team yet. Loan him for a couple of seasons. I don't know why Pep doesn't understand this

    Surya ChandrasekaranSurya Chandrasekaran27 kun oldin
  • Man City literally bought our best player and still managed to get fornicated.

    Amir TheaterAmir Theater28 kun oldin
  • It's time for Guardiola to step out

    A AA A28 kun oldin
  • what'd the shirt say?

    Brandon RamcharanBrandon Ramcharan28 kun oldin
  • How tf do you have 72% possession and concede 5 goals???

    Chesscom SupportChesscom Support28 kun oldin
    • you foul thrice in the box and fail to defend for 28% of the match.

      KeithKeith27 kun oldin
  • Is sterling the

    Young ZuesYoung Zues28 kun oldin
  • With fans, would’ve been a different result.

    Uther PendragonUther Pendragon28 kun oldin
  • Guardiola ponte las pilas porque hueles a corrido el equipo no funciona.

    Jose SanchezJose Sanchez28 kun oldin
  • Their coach did guarantee a win against Jennifer Lawrence.

    Formula MemeFormula Meme28 kun oldin
  • Peter Drury’s commentary brings tears to my eyes

    GONGON28 kun oldin
  • Mahrez celebrating is why City lost. weird guy

    Sylvester BaniniSylvester Banini28 kun oldin
  • Bold prediction but I say Leicester could go for the title

    Camslam07Camslam0728 kun oldin
  • What a match it was

    Zr potato-_-シZr potato-_-シ28 kun oldin
  • Walker, Mendy, Sterling Out... Phil Foden overrated

    SalseremiSalseremi28 kun oldin
  • Plastic team = Plastic defense Now FFP let man city spend like you don't exist, and if they get caught, just pretend they haven't broken rules and do not punish them. If I was man city owner, i would keep the coach no matter what. He's (not) the fraud everyone talk about.

    xx yyxx yy28 kun oldin
  • 1st prem 2nd serie a 3rd laliga 4th bundesliga prem's top 4 liverpool 2nd man city 3rd Leicester city 4th man utd serie a 1st juve 2nd atalanta 3rd inter 4th milan laliga 1st real madrid 2nd barcelona 3rd atm 4th sevilla bundesliga 1st bayern 2nd dortmund 3rdtsg Hoffenheim 4th rb lezbig all this is my prediction pep neeeds to eb sacked

    ttyl ttyttyl tty28 kun oldin
  • I can never understand the praise for rodri he's a fucken terrible lazy cdm lazy lazy

    jose rodriguezjose rodriguez28 kun oldin
  • Pep about to ask arabs £500m for new players before transfer window closes

    Basilio from PanamaBasilio from Panama28 kun oldin
  • Rags to riches Jaime Vardy

    Jordan HankersonJordan Hankerson28 kun oldin
  • pep cant be citys coach he needs to be back at barca pep does tiki taka city dont do that

    ttyl ttyttyl tty28 kun oldin
  • 3 bangers

    ttyl ttyttyl tty28 kun oldin
  • Man' City's back line still has issues and Vardy's pace is just ridiculous!

    Duncan BleakDuncan Bleak28 kun oldin
  • it’s only a matter of time until there’s “SkySports USA” 🥴

    MJ ByrdMJ Byrd28 kun oldin
  • now this... does put a smile on my face

    Mr. AdidiMr. Adidi28 kun oldin
  • Imagine Man United got 3 penalties in a game, the Media would never let them hear the end of it

    JJ JonesJJ Jones28 kun oldin
  • Man city 😂 🗑 that’s why they need Messi

    TavAwesome TaoTavAwesome Tao28 kun oldin
  • Disgraceful but good for leicester.

    m0s O_Om0s O_O28 kun oldin
  • good

    Het Ho39Het Ho3928 kun oldin
  • 🤩that assist to Madison tho

    Daniel SolimanDaniel Soliman28 kun oldin
  • bad man city

    Luis Mendoza FernandezLuis Mendoza Fernandez28 kun oldin
  • Vardy and Leicester a perfect match, great to see him still with the club and still bagging goals. Club and England legend, JAMIE VARDY IS HAVING A PARTY BRING YOUR VODKA AND YOUR CHARLIE

    mara10na4evermara10na4ever28 kun oldin
  • Leicester will always be my second fav side in the poem. My first year actually watching the league and they won. People had Man U on the rise who they were growing up and I have witnessed Leicester becoming great. 😂 Go Arsenal tho

    Dev PatelDev Patel28 kun oldin
  • Pencester city

    EzenCC 416EzenCC 41628 kun oldin
  • literally every single leicester city goal, helmet buddy #50 was at fault

    Daniel EberDaniel Eber28 kun oldin
  • EPL = English Penalty League

    isoplus3513isoplus351328 kun oldin
  • nothing but respect for vardy, truly awesome

    Daniel EberDaniel Eber28 kun oldin