Man Spots Cat Full of Something Then His Heart Drops When He Looks Inside

2-Yan, 2021
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  • Couldn't catch the crocodile in Florida!..... because they have Alligators in Florida might be the reason

    Gregory KousourouGregory Kousourou7 soat oldin
  • What's going on first time here

    John SblendorioJohn Sblendorio23 soat oldin
  • I toured The Everglades many years ago. There are no crocodiles in the United States! They do have alligators in Florida.

    Suzyb27Suzyb273 kun oldin
  • The disease would not be a cyst. A cyst is a separate "container" that can grow anywhere within a body. It is fluid filled, usually with pus, that can increase in size. The fluid can either remain as fluid or it can harden up if left alone. The fluid always remains within the cyst unless it bursts which is usually out through a skin lesion. The fluid in this cat would be called ascites which is a retention of fluid within the abdomen. This fluid is not contained, rather it fills up the abdominal cavity. It must be drained by a veterinarian until it is healed.

    Brenda CHBrenda CH4 kun oldin
  • That story with the dog and the crocodile, i have never heard anyone talk sooo slow, good job he's not narrating an audiobook you have borrowed from the library because by the time you would of listened to a pages worth it would be time to give the book back 😂, i supposed he would be good at those ones what try to help you sleep, you would get bored to death 😂 EDIT : as i just finished commenting i was listening to the story about the cat : a cyst, is that all ( i don't mean oh it's only a cyst who cares about it, it's only a cat - before you all hate, i love cats i have had a few of them, and they all lived until they were in their old age and i love all animals, what i mean is, all that time 10 minutes for one sentence, i seen quite a few of these ( i was going to say clips, but there that long they might as well be a program) I've seen loads by trending stories and they are all the same looooong and i mean long, and now everytime i see it's one of their " programs " i always think oh not another one and i have unsubscribed from them now and if their not careful everyone's going to end up doing the same and they will end up with no subs.

    Hayley BurnsHayley Burns4 kun oldin
  • These stories are great, thanks for sharing 💕🥰😍❤️

    Tammy UniqueTammy Unique4 kun oldin
  • Why don't they take the cat to the vet and have the cat examined and remove it, so the cat can live a somewhat normal rest of its life? The cat is obviously sick and uncomfortable.Please...

    paula ppaula p5 kun oldin
  • What a crappy channel.

    Candy DanielsCandy Daniels5 kun oldin
  • God bless the person that came to this poor cats rescue! Gives hope for the human race in such a time as this.

    Gemini DreamGemini Dream5 kun oldin
  • Aww poor Kitty 😿

    Sunset SafariSunset Safari5 kun oldin
  • Lol no crocs in florida alligators

    silver slouthsilver slouth6 kun oldin
  • My baby is doing this

    Amanda HumphreyAmanda Humphrey6 kun oldin
    • I have no money ive tried everything

      Amanda HumphreyAmanda Humphrey6 kun oldin
    • She is swelling up and then leaks yellowish discharge and it goes back down

      Amanda HumphreyAmanda Humphrey6 kun oldin
  • Got enough ads on here, mate? 😕

    SteenyStuffSteenyStuff7 kun oldin

      Lori SchekmanLori Schekman8 soat oldin
  • He takes so long to get to the point of the story. I can't stand it. Then he shows pictures that aren't genuine to the story. I was subscribed but I had to let it go.

    Juliet WilsonJuliet Wilson7 kun oldin

      Lori SchekmanLori Schekman8 soat oldin
  • It's a cat not dog

    Ryan PlourdeRyan Plourde7 kun oldin
  • Poor little kitty 😔

    EmKayEmKay7 kun oldin
  • What idiot lives in Florida and doesn't know about alligators in the water?

    dawn clarydawn clary7 kun oldin
  • It is called Acites Not a cyst. Caused by liver problems

    Karen CusickKaren Cusick8 kun oldin
  • This sounds like it was written in a language other than English, then put through Google Translate. That would explain the awkward, sometimes nonsensical narration.

    Julie MarshallJulie Marshall10 kun oldin
  • Fla has alligators not crocodile

    S UnderwoodS Underwood10 kun oldin
  • Love that , reminding us there’s children that need love , yes foster, adopt ,, I had a mom for 8 years 4 to 12 , I’ve been on my own since , it’s the 8 years of her love that gives me purpose and strength to carry on , now I’m 60 ,lol

    jenny carlsonjenny carlson11 kun oldin
    • @Mami-Kate Sossaman r I struggling , this old woman is here , for u

      jenny carlsonjenny carlson4 kun oldin
    • @Mami-Kate Sossaman the secret , something has been watching over me , when I was brutalized , beaten , thrown across the room as an Infant , I feel at this age that something has kept me safe , what do u want to know sweet heart , talk to me , I love u over there reaching out . lol I’m in northern Canada , close to the trees

      jenny carlsonjenny carlson4 kun oldin
    • As you've been in your own since you were 12?, that's sad, you don't have to if you don't want to, but would you be interested in telling me your storeys, I'm 13 right now.

      Mami-Kate SossamanMami-Kate Sossaman5 kun oldin
  • It’s a alligator that grabbed the dog. I live in Florida we have gators all over.

    Joanne BrambleJoanne Bramble11 kun oldin
    • Me too. Came here to correct, but you beat me to it.

      Hippy DippyHippy Dippy8 kun oldin
    • It's a great day to be alive in middle Tennessee.

      cindydintncindydintn8 kun oldin
  • Beautiful videos but I hope the animals are okay 👍

    Maria MooreMaria Moore11 kun oldin
  • My daughter's cat had 6 babies

    Shuntell BradwellShuntell Bradwell11 kun oldin
  • I’m tired of bait and switch. This was about the cat and then it blabs on about a stupid alligator and all. Sheesh. 😡

    sarah bowlessarah bowles12 kun oldin
  • Wait, was that boy an 8 year old, or a baby? You have me very confused with what you said.

    Kamoonra The Wolf GodKamoonra The Wolf God12 kun oldin
    • 😂🤣👶🏻👦🏻

      AliceInWonderlandAliceInWonderland10 kun oldin
  • Florida=alligators, not crocodiles.

    Pamela WhitePamela White13 kun oldin
  • So what was wrong with the cat?!!!!!

    tantricia44tantricia4414 kun oldin
  • How did the thing that was in the cat get in the cat??

    Kathy BergeronKathy Bergeron14 kun oldin
    • It grew there,silly. MMB

      Mary Margaret BlumhorstMary Margaret Blumhorst5 kun oldin
  • The. Roc did what comes natural

    Claudia Von BueningClaudia Von Buening15 kun oldin
  • Such a stupid clickbait video and too much other unnecessary information and the announcer is extremely irritating I will not subscribe

    Susan ReederSusan Reeder15 kun oldin
  • Florida has Alligators, not crocodiles.

    Scarlett AngeScarlett Ange15 kun oldin
    • Oh we have crocodiles also.

      Sandie WeidnerSandie Weidner14 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much for saving those beautiful baby kitty cat

    Lisa StonehouseLisa Stonehouse15 kun oldin
  • God bliss the man who help the man

    Annette GonzalezAnnette Gonzalez15 kun oldin
  • What a waste of nearly 10 minutes!

    Gregory KousourouGregory Kousourou16 kun oldin

      Lori SchekmanLori Schekman8 soat oldin
  • What great people helping these animals! God Bless them!

    Jean SmithJean Smith16 kun oldin
  • If he was carrying a gun he could have shot it.

    Leeda RoachLeeda Roach16 kun oldin
  • *That cat's disease is pronounced "Uh - SIGH - tees," NOT "assist." LOOK THINGS UP!* *Croc? Or 'gator? You did say Florida...*

    Dixie Ten BroeckDixie Ten Broeck16 kun oldin
    • a cyst

      1CherryTree1CherryTree13 kun oldin
    • Definitely not a croc. Or definitely not in Florida

      No ThanksNo Thanks14 kun oldin
  • So glad that affliction of the cat was discovered. That cat must have been suffering.

    RJ MoesRJ Moes17 kun oldin
  • Do you have those silly jumping things on all your videos? I'll wait to subscribe until I determine if these things are permanent. IF you do, I shall not be subscribing.

    Miss-andry BegoneMiss-andry Begone17 kun oldin
  • What a waste if my time.

    terry reevesterry reeves17 kun oldin
  • THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH. For looking after these Animals. Hope everyone Animals and people are doing well.👍👍👍🤗🤗 P.S PLEASE DON'T KILL Alligator. HE was doing what nature tells him.💖

    Susan DoyleSusan Doyle17 kun oldin
  • The United States, Florida, does not have crocodiles except in the zoo, they do have alligators. So the dog unless he was at the zoo was attacked by an alligator.

    Kim DoyleKim Doyle17 kun oldin
    • I believe some are pets released in local lakes and ponds.

      Hemi powerHemi power15 kun oldin
  • So did he mean 8 MONTHS old instead of 8 years?I do believe so. Maybe one last proofread? LOL

    Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus17 kun oldin
    • lol . It was the last part of the video , hat got me , the child . Also , I had a woman be my mom for 8 years , from4 yo 12 . I’ve nee,on my own here i our civilized world . Save a child today , ok , love u bye

      jenny carlsonjenny carlson4 kun oldin
    • My thoughts, too. At first I was confused when they said that because they didn't say anything about the child having mental issues. Then I realized the boo boo.

      njphamnjpham12 kun oldin
  • So, He says that The Couple were going to get A BABY, But then He says: Rand is 8 YEARS OLD... WTF, THAT'S NOT A BABY! OH, AND, THERE ARE NO CROCODILES IN FLORIDA~ I LIVE THERE... THEY ARE ALLIGATORS 🐊~ 🙄 DUH!

    Kat RogersKat Rogers18 kun oldin
    • There are American crocodiles in South Florida. Google it.

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus18 kun oldin
    • There are crocks in the Everglades, in the Home Stead canal.

      susan martinsusan martin18 kun oldin
  • BLA BLA BLA BLA, WHY don’t you get on to the main point And stop dragging this thing out !!! BLA BLA BLA ???😠

    Dave From OZDave From OZ18 kun oldin
  • This video was all over the place man rescue dog, man rescues cat, than adopshon ....pick a topic and stick with it not unrelated clips... :-/

    Alisha NAlisha N18 kun oldin
  • Cat and bull story!

    K N SubramanianK N Subramanian19 kun oldin
  • How do you look inside a cat?🙀 Edit: Does Florida have crocodiles? Alligators I'd believe but crocs? You wouldn't be bullshiting me, would you?

    Perry DowdPerry Dowd19 kun oldin
    • @Deedee Majerus Oh wow! Amazing, but then again Florida got its name for its diverse plant life, and diverse animal life goes hand in hand with that.

      Perry DowdPerry Dowd17 kun oldin
    • Nope,not BS there is a croc species living in South Florida but much more rare than alligators,just found this out myself and didnt believe it either til I searched it.

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus18 kun oldin
  • Hahaha . Dog named LOKI . Nordic God of Mischief . Well done Trent , but leave the Alligator alone . It's in its HOME . You and Loki are the Interlopers . Poor Cat . Talk about " Fluid Retention " . Glad she got collected up and treated . " Daddy " . That's good enough for Me . Cracks Gavel . Case PROVEN .

    John CunninghamJohn Cunningham19 kun oldin
  • “half of Italy...” What are you reading?

    bfinfinitybfinfinity19 kun oldin
    • I heard that too and thought it was just me 😆

      Cindy WodinskyCindy Wodinsky10 kun oldin
  • I knew a woman with Crohn's Disease (she was in a class, that I was taking), and she was able to have children. She had 5 children. I can confirm that, because I babysat them one time, when their mother had a lot of things to do (to prepare for their move back to Texas).

    Faye BrownFaye Brown19 kun oldin
  • I) a dog (and gater, not croc,) story, 2) a foster couple (didn't he say an eight YEAR OLD?) that cud say Daddy, and 3) a cat w ascites (not a cyst)! This was click bait like 'wonder bot' & 'amazing!! '. Whatever. Another waste of 9.17min of my life. Again.....

    Miss ShirleyMiss Shirley19 kun oldin
  • With the cat's belling so huge with a cyst, it's possible her kidney's aren't working properly.

    Judi LynnJudi Lynn19 kun oldin
    • WOW, poor KITTY trying to walk, much less run!

      Debra KingDebra King7 kun oldin
  • So.... the Cat had eaten an alligator and a dog And a baby ??? Hate it when the video has nothing to do with the thumbnail.

    SnitSnit19 kun oldin
  • UNSUBBING Waaaaay too many ad interruptions & you don't support animals in any way.

    Ms PatMs Pat20 kun oldin
  • Florida doesn't have crocodile.... that was an alligator.... big difference!

    Terry ThompsonTerry Thompson20 kun oldin
    • @Deedee Majerus Did my non response bother you? Google is part of the tech giant problems that is sold out to china.... I might use duck duck go if I decide to search something.... but I'm not interested in your crocodile theory.... next you will tell me carmen are in another area... I DON'T CARE !

      Terry ThompsonTerry Thompson17 kun oldin
    • American it

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus18 kun oldin
    • There are crocks in Homestead Canal in the Everglades.

      susan martinsusan martin18 kun oldin
    • That is inaccurate. There are an estimated 1500+ crocodiles in the very south part of Florida.

      cyclistcyclist19 kun oldin
  • My mom had chrons disease ....she had 3 kids ... apparently it went into intermission when she got pregnant with me .. It came back latter throw... please stay away from xanthan gum as it dose cuse swelling of the intestines ..

    Katherine WindsorKatherine Windsor20 kun oldin
  • This is NOT a fat cat!! Your stuff is really stupid

    Lynn AdamsLynn Adams20 kun oldin
  • Confused. Why are alligator and people doing in video

    Aeisha JonesAeisha Jones20 kun oldin
  • I am quite disappointed with this Tale Talking, full of lies and not showing pictures or video of the narrative. Not even a child in Prep School would make such an uncoordinated, unrelated, and stupid presentation. You Tube should screen THIS videos instead of trying political blocking and biased News. Sorry I missed seen the title "Trending Story" that identifies this stupid Blogger as useless, false and wasted presentations. By the way... did this male cat had Twins or trippplets ???.... LOL...

    Osvaldo ArenasOsvaldo Arenas20 kun oldin
  • What does this have to do with the cat. You need to get your stories stories straight.

    Carolyn JimenezCarolyn Jimenez21 kun oldin
  • I had a colleague who had Chrons and she had a baby.

    Ann DownSouthAnn DownSouth21 kun oldin
    • I know, right. Totally dif body system

      Miss ShirleyMiss Shirley19 kun oldin
  • For the kitty with the ballooned belly, I will pray for her health and keep her in my thoughts. For the couple who were unable to have children, I'm glad that they had adopted a son. I hope that the couple and their child have a nice life together. I’m also glad that the man who had come upon a croc while walking his dog, you are so brave as to save your fur baby like that. I have the utmost respect for you.

    Kelley PendergraftKelley Pendergraft21 kun oldin

      Lori SchekmanLori Schekman8 soat oldin
    • I'm a little confused about the couple with the little boy. He says He is 8 but calls him a baby . And when they go to court he says the little boys points at Taylor and calls him daddy and claps his hands . Makes him sound much younger. Don't get me wrong . I'm so glad any child got adopted and is in a great home . Just confused on what his age is

      Susan AmendSusan Amend15 kun oldin
  • that was above stupid!! florida, alligators, egypt crocs.

    Nancy RossNancy Ross21 kun oldin
    • This reply was stupid.Look up American crocodile....they live in South Florida.

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus17 kun oldin
  • Yup, special human’s will do just about anything for our pets. Ya know, it’s never foolish until after the adrenaline rush is over, and we wouldn’t think twice about doing something like that for them again❣️Guilty🐱🐢😻

    Perfektly Imperfekt NJPerfektly Imperfekt NJ21 kun oldin
  • It had to be a gator, if it was fresh water, unless you were at the nuke plant in SW FLORIDA , that's where the American croc can be found in any significant numbers. American crocs are critically endangered also, which means illegal to harass, capture or remove!!!

    Dennis LlewellynDennis Llewellyn21 kun oldin
  • ASCITES ! Pronounced uh - sight - ees . NOT a cyst, which is a totally different condition. Check Wikipedia. Ascites is the abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen.[1] Technically, it is more than 25 ml of fluid in the peritoneal cavity, although volumes greater than 1 liter may occur.[4] Symptoms may include increased abdominal size, increased weight, abdominal discomfort, and shortness of breath.[3] Complications can include spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.[3] Wtf is wrong with UZworld videos these days ? Narrators cannot narrate.

    Leonie CentLeonie Cent21 kun oldin
    • Oh for Heavenly sakes...stop being can be GREATFUL. Now how about you being HAPPY ABOUT someone else's blessings instead Marilyn

      Marilyn FinegoldMarilyn Finegold21 kun oldin
  • unn im sure you ment to say gator we dont have croc in fl

    vexi vexvexi vex21 kun oldin
    • @Deedee Majerus yes but it had wide snout like a gator not skinny like a groc

      vexi vexvexi vex17 kun oldin
    • They do in South Florida. Google

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus18 kun oldin
  • Hope that this cat got some help

    johnathon Partlowjohnathon Partlow21 kun oldin
  • Cyst is not a disease.

    Joe MortonJoe Morton21 kun oldin
  • You lost me with this one

    Sharon SellersSharon Sellers21 kun oldin
  • First Rand was an 8 years old boy...then a toddler saying "Daddy", while clapping, and finally he was a little baby that was adopted.............get the story straight!

    CARI DumontCARI Dumont21 kun oldin
    • @Marilyn Finegold Grateful for what? A mashup video with badly narrated stories that border on nonsense? I guese you could say we should be grateful that we can have the time to waste watching this thing.

      Cindy WodinskyCindy Wodinsky10 kun oldin
    • So how old was Rand? First he's eight, then a toddler, and finally a baby????? Let's get the facts right Before we put this on the internet.

      Inge Marie Rosen MengaInge Marie Rosen Menga18 kun oldin
    • Be grateful not pick, picky .Mar

      Marilyn FinegoldMarilyn Finegold21 kun oldin
  • The kitten has ascites. It is caused by GI problems or kidney failure. It is pronounced “as site ez”.

    Joanna DavisJoanna Davis21 kun oldin
    • Clarification between the cause of a cyst and of ascites is a must to ensure that the folks submitting these stories get their facts straight.

      Brenda CHBrenda CH4 kun oldin
    • I know, confused me too when he said 'a cyst'.

      Miss ShirleyMiss Shirley19 kun oldin
    • Ascities is collection of fluid in the abdominal cavity due to liver failure.

      Jill BeckerJill Becker20 kun oldin
  • What crap. What was in the cat?

    Linda CLinda C21 kun oldin
  • This is an alligator, not a crocodile. We don't have crocodile in the US.

    Carolyn McPhersonCarolyn McPherson21 kun oldin
    • I stand corrected.

      Carolyn McPhersonCarolyn McPherson17 kun oldin
    • Carolyn McPherson,you better go tell the American crocodiles that live in South Florida that cause I dont think they know yet.

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus17 kun oldin
    • @Linda Hollinger Love comments like this..Do YOUR research,American crocodiles live in South Florida,it is the Northernmost part of their range.

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus17 kun oldin
    • @J. M Yeah, but I don't think that stock image was of that species.

      maarakailet1maarakailet119 kun oldin
    • One species south Florida.

      J. MJ. M20 kun oldin
  • I’ve sent the story about the kitten- they did drain a lot of fluid from her abdomen and remove the excess skin-she was recovering well but she did pass due to her little heart giving out. I cried so hard- but god does work in mysterious ways

    Shellie DuncanShellie Duncan21 kun oldin
    • God did not take that kitten. It is because of statements like this, no wonder some people turn against Him. The kitten was ill, it died. That happens. Please stop saying God kills or takes people and animals.

      Clairetta AndersonClairetta Anderson10 kun oldin
    • The poor little cat was very ill and it was a blessing that she had a vet that realizes how sick she was and did not want her to suffer any more. Bless her and she is in a better place now. As for the rest of these stories... I think they are completely made up! A load of crap...

      Loretta PresslerLoretta Pressler20 kun oldin
    • God Bless You Sweetheart 💞 and Thank YOU 💕 for your tender HEART.

      Marilyn FinegoldMarilyn Finegold21 kun oldin
    • Sad

      CARI DumontCARI Dumont21 kun oldin
  • Some times I DON'T follow. What's ll about.. Croc'.. CAT.. PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO HAVE. A CHILD.... IT'S SO FRUSTRATING.. TO WATCH..

    Meiti JobseMeiti Jobse21 kun oldin
    • What the hell is this video actually about??? And we don't have crocs in the usa we alligators! Checks your facts. And stick to the subject. This vid sucked.

      T JST JS14 kun oldin
  • earn in america it's alligator appreciation

    gary petersongary peterson21 kun oldin
    • crocs too,American crocodile

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus17 kun oldin
  • I thought this was about a cat!

    Lee KimberlinLee Kimberlin21 kun oldin
    • I changed it up ,lol

      jenny carlsonjenny carlson4 kun oldin
    • I agree, man WHY do these sites change the topic, after posting the picture and that title? Aggravating as hell!

      Debra KingDebra King7 kun oldin
    • Me too

      Susan WilliamsonSusan Williamson10 kun oldin
    • Same

      Janice BriggsJanice Briggs11 kun oldin
    • I is the 2nd story

      Thomas CarlierThomas Carlier21 kun oldin
  • Hi I have a UZworld video whach it

    Uniwolf ProUniwolf Pro22 kun oldin
  • People with Chron's Disease can have children. An auto immune disorder that affects the the gastrointestinal tract does not affect reproduction.

    Jeff CollinsJeff Collins22 kun oldin
    • You are very right. My niece has had Chron's since she was 2. At 21 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and my niece is still very much alive and her little girl will be 13 this year.

      sheila deansheila dean19 kun oldin
    • Also I hope that an 8 yr old child has more words than just daddy at that age. Not a little baby as described.

      Linda HollingerLinda Hollinger20 kun oldin
    • Correct. It might make things difficult due to her nutritional status and how it can take the 'starch' out of her, but no medical reason that she couldn't get pregnant.

      Gail RodgersGail Rodgers21 kun oldin
  • you cant explain all that about the fat cat and then not tell us or show us how it is today?

    Rebecca HowarthRebecca Howarth22 kun oldin
    • He said, "she's doing better!" 🤗🤗🤗

      Linda SinclairLinda Sinclair13 kun oldin
  • I bet that little boy is going to call them mom and dad and it's going to make their day

    Rosie VasquezRosie Vasquez22 kun oldin
  • I bet that that little baby has other brothers and sisters

    Rosie VasquezRosie Vasquez22 kun oldin
  • They can adopt a child that needs a home and be loving parents

    Rosie VasquezRosie Vasquez22 kun oldin
  • If the cat is not pregnant it could have a a tumor that is growing

    Rosie VasquezRosie Vasquez22 kun oldin
  • Should of hit on his nose to release Loki

    Rosie VasquezRosie Vasquez22 kun oldin
  • Video top! I invite you to my channel, on it you will see a lot of mysticism and the paranormal. ALL GOOD))))

  • It's not true that you can't have children if you have Crohn's disease!

    Snoopy DogSnoopy Dog22 kun oldin
    • I 2nd that! Close friends of mine - guy has Crohn's D - and they have 2 children 👍👍

      DefCon DylanDefCon Dylan22 kun oldin
  • Did the kitten find a home did he take the kitten home and will the kitten ever get better and can the kitten heal all the way to where the problem will b gone permanently I want you to know what happened to the kitten think you God bless you just love you thank you for taking care of the kitten and good job on saving your dog

    Nsnci LoveNsnci Love22 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know if the husband (my husband) has chrohns, would it affect the development of the fetus? I became pregnant, my husband has chrohns and around the fourteenth week I lost the baby. Could this disease pass to a fetus and cause it to not develop properly? Does anyone or can anyone answer this question. This happened in 1996 if that helps.

    Phyllis PaxtonPhyllis Paxton22 kun oldin
    • My brother has Crohns disease and has fathered 4 children and all are healthy.

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus17 kun oldin
    • I seriously doubt that your loss of your baby had anything to do with your husband's Chron's disease. It is usually first diagnosed in young adults in their 20-30's. I am sorry about the loss of your baby, however many woman miscarry due to problems the fetus has that can make it incompatible with life even within the womb. According to the March of Dimes website "For women who know they’re pregnant, about 10 to 15 in 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 percent) end in miscarriage." also "We don’t know all the causes of miscarriage, but problems with chromosomes in genes cause most." I hope this helps you to understand a bit more but it doesn't take the pain of the loss away. I think I had a miscarriage about 35 years ago. I had no idea if I was pregnant at the time, but did have some weird things happen including passing a large clot of blood. I have always wondered if it would have been my third child. But there are reasons for a miscarriage. Doctors and medicine can do so much, but sometimes it is for the best to lose a baby if it will have very profound problems.

      Gail RodgersGail Rodgers21 kun oldin
    • I am not a doctor, but my friend has chrons disease and she has 2 beautiful daughters. The disease can be passed down because one of her daughters has it too. Wether or not it can affect a fetus to cause it not to develop I don't know. I'm sure your doctor would be able to give you a better answer.

      janlo53janlo5322 kun oldin
  • The man with his dog is amazing to go straight in to help his best friend exactly what I would have done because I am just like that man and millions of people around the world who are Dog lovers. As for that poor cat I pray for her to be well again very very soon,

    Philip HallamPhilip Hallam22 kun oldin
  • I would help her

    Catherine MatulidCatherine Matulid22 kun oldin
  • what was in the cat I have no sound

    Diane BalkwillDiane Balkwill22 kun oldin
    • And sadly, it died 😿

      The Truth WILL set you FREE !The Truth WILL set you FREE !20 kun oldin
    • It had a condition called ascites where body fluids collect in the gut. This also happens to humans (more I am sure than with cats) and is caused by " Ascites is caused by a variety of diseases and conditions, for example, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer within the abdomen, congestive heart failure, and tuberculosis." doubt if that cat had any of those problems except for possibly cancer or heart failure. I'm not that much into animals and their diseases.

      Gail RodgersGail Rodgers21 kun oldin
    • Good ole h20, water accumulated in the abdomen.

      Lee RoyLee Roy22 kun oldin
  • Bad night for videos. Hughesnet does a good job at choking my bandwidth.

    Lance GrinaLance Grina22 kun oldin
  • It was an alligator not a crock. Please get your stories right. Thank you.

    Dean OrmesherDean Ormesher22 kun oldin
    • @Deedee Majerus Sorry but he did get his fact wrong. I saw the original news story with a more detailed video. It was an alligator. The American Crocodile lives in the southern tip of Florida. Lived in Florida 8 years. We had to deal with alligators every spring on the farm. Males get very aggressive.

      Dean OrmesherDean Ormesher17 kun oldin
    • There are crocodiles in Florida,why couldnt he be right?

      Deedee MajerusDeedee Majerus17 kun oldin
    • @Lori Wagner I liked the story, but I'm just one of those people who likes the facts to be correct. I don't think I will ever change in that regard.

      Dean OrmesherDean Ormesher20 kun oldin
    • Seriously some people can't just listen to a story for what it is. This man did an awesome thing. But you nitpick the fact it's an alligator not a crock. Get real

      Lori WagnerLori Wagner21 kun oldin

    confession inboxconfession inbox22 kun oldin
  • It was an alligator! There are no crocodiles in Florida

    Joyce ChivisJoyce Chivis22 kun oldin
    • I guess I stand corrected!

      Joyce ChivisJoyce Chivis21 kun oldin
    • South Florida has some crocodiles.

      Laura HardgroveLaura Hardgrove21 kun oldin
    • Joyce Chivis There are crocs in FL in the Everglades where the water is brackish.

      Michelle MulreadyMichelle Mulready22 kun oldin
  • Ascites; not a cyst! What was this video about anyway?

    Ruby MarengoRuby Marengo22 kun oldin
    • Thank you Ruby, for setting the facts straight. Definitely ascites!!! The uploader claims that watching videos like this will "make you smarter and more well informed" but each one of these stories are just full of bad information. What happened to the cat, the main subject of this video... did it survive? The adoption story is totally nonsensical. Is the boy a baby or is he 8 years old? Did the parents foster him first? I'm confused. Fun fact, women can get pregnant and have healthy children even if they have Crohn's. What's with the bad actors and random stock footage of scenery and people that have nothing to do with the story? This is just another clickbait video created to generate views. Waste of time. Ho hum.

      Cindy WodinskyCindy Wodinsky10 kun oldin