Man Sees Fawn Sleeping On Road, Looks Closer And Realizes Mistake

2-Yan, 2021
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Man Sees Fawn Sleeping On Road, Looks Closer And Realizes Mistake
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  • "THIS" IS, "TRUELY"!! BEAUTIFUL!!!💯👍👏🤣

  • That. Is a good hearted people thank you

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez19 soat oldin
  • He did what I would have done At least getting the little deer off the road But waiting like he did was he blessing Like he had a sixth sence thumbs up dude you're a hero

    Clarrnce ClarkClarrnce ClarkKun oldin
  • Great story telling 👏

    Obadiah PhoenixObadiah Phoenix2 kun oldin
  • Awesome move!

    Claudia LegardeClaudia Legarde2 kun oldin
  • Great job guys

    Helen MallazzoHelen Mallazzo3 kun oldin
  • And there was a happy ending and everybody (and everything), rode out into the sunset 🌅.

    Tom SimmonsTom Simmons3 kun oldin
  • Good job.. not a good idea to leave a baby animal in the street. He made a decision to help it and kept it from being run over or killed by the mountain lion. Sometimes you gotta' break the rules and Stevee and his friends saved a helpless animal by doing so.

    Sharon KincaidSharon Kincaid3 kun oldin
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Johanna ContentJohanna Content5 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Bertrand MannetteBertrand Mannette5 kun oldin
  • What great guys.

    Valerie BayesValerie Bayes5 kun oldin
  • Steve keeps up the good JOB. HELLS TO THOSE CRITICS

    Mukhtar OgleMukhtar Ogle5 kun oldin
  • I would have gotten in the car and let the lion get her because "The circle of life" guys the lion needs food too and think about it for predators it is harder for them to get food, then pray they have to stalk, search, and chase their food. But also both of the animals could have gotten killed. So good job to Paul.

    Abbigail MurphyAbbigail Murphy6 kun oldin
  • I LOVE HUMANS Who help the helpless.

    L. NelsonL. Nelson6 kun oldin
  • Thank you for helping the baby fawn it would have got hit or the mountain lion would have got it. This brought tears to my eyes. I like people who help animals. Thanks again

    Jenny ÀldrichJenny Àldrich7 kun oldin
  • Good job Steve. Who gives a damn what those fools say. If you have a heart and are human, I am sure you would do the same thing

    J5 NephewsJ5 Nephews7 kun oldin
  • This is longer than it needs to be you explain all of this unnecessary information

    emma albertemma albert7 kun oldin
  • I actually new how this story would turn out as soon as they said the deer was alive. It’s a defensive mechanism, it they see something approaching them they will lay down to try and hide and the mom with ether lead the predator away or also hide.

    SpaceCat 6SpaceCat 67 kun oldin
  • As amazing as the people are, you can't forget the mountain lion needs food. I wouldve done the same thing, if it was that little though, to sad to see a newborn die painfully :(

    Animal NerdAnimal Nerd8 kun oldin
  • He most definitely did the right thing in this situation!

    Diana KingDiana King8 kun oldin
  • Paul you will be blessed for your compassion. GOD BLESS

    Codysdad1195Codysdad11958 kun oldin
  • Yes I am so happy.. I am so happy their are people in this world that stops to help animals in need.. God bless them..

    Mia HeartMia Heart8 kun oldin
  • "Experts" always tell you to never interfere with nature, or the natural order of things. So, the next time you see someone drowning, especially an "expert", do not interfere and let nature take its course.......

    Rare BreedRare Breed8 kun oldin
  • Great job.

    BJ SquireBJ Squire8 kun oldin
  • you did right thing i would've done the same thing!

    jim brewerjim brewer8 kun oldin
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Noel CorulloNoel Corullo8 kun oldin
  • I'm so proud of all of you. 🙏🙏🙏 God bless you. The bobcat was definitely waiting for them to go.

    Carolyn SandersCarolyn Sanders8 kun oldin
  • I would have done the same thing, great job! I love all animals,god bless you all. .From North Carolina 👍

    Beverly TylerBeverly Tyler8 kun oldin
  • The men had to move the fawn. There is no debate needed to decide that. But Wonderbot you need to learn to make videos that are not so cheesy. Do you people at Wonderbot look at the completed video? So much wrong. It was three guys out there worried about what to do and then you cut to a woman standing at the window looking like she is worried. Then she moves the curtain and looks out. What was she looking for? When Steve stopped very fast that one man really let him have it. He needs a Valium. Where did the magnifying glass woman come from and she might have had better luck with binoculars. There is another woman. I get it now. The boys stopped somewhere and got some girls to take with them. And when that man in a trench coat was looking down that path for the mother and then he started looking up in the trees. I could be wrong but when we use to go deer hunting when I lived in Iowa I never saw one deer in a tree. Maybe they were up in the tree and I walk past them. LOL That one guy found a park and a park bench to sit on and praise Steve for what he did. Well it was a good day for Steve and his buddies and the girls. I think that one girl that was looking out the window was just looking for the boys cause they were late picking her up. The End I would be glad to help you, Wonderbot, spice your videos up a bit!!

    John JohnstonJohn Johnston8 kun oldin
  • So proud to see humans caring for creatures of the wild. Amazing!

    M TowerM Tower8 kun oldin
  • Turtleman agrees. He says never touch a baby deer. The mother will never want it if human scent is on the baby.

    Tammy HuennerkopfTammy Huennerkopf9 kun oldin
  • Wonderful story.

    Tammy HuennerkopfTammy Huennerkopf9 kun oldin
  • Could have shown this video in a third of the time.

    Rus HarleyRus Harley9 kun oldin
  • He did the right thing. The idea that human scent on an animal will cause a mother to abandon it has actually been disproved. At least that is what a number of biologists believe. Maybe some animals do react that way, but it would be quite rare. Had they not intervened, the baby deer would have become a meal for the mountain lion, or gotten hit by a car. Of course, is it unfair to the mountain lion that it lost its meal? I suppose so. It's not really fair to say that one animals life is worth more than another. Don't get me wrong, I would have saved the deer also. But, this is how predators survive. Though the more helpless the prey is, the harder it is for me to accept.

    janedoejanedoe9 kun oldin
  • This is the worst production I’ve ever seen. Was this a grade school assignment?

    Steve NelsonSteve Nelson9 kun oldin
  • Beautiful story is all I can say.

    Amanda FoxAmanda Fox9 kun oldin
  • What is with these thumbnails?

    Kate EastinKate Eastin9 kun oldin
  • I can’t imagine the stupidity of some people. Those people who said he did the wrong thing and the fawn would have made it back to its mother have no idea of wildlife. The mother was staying distant because of the predator. As soon as that fawn got up to run to mama, the lion would have pounced. It was just waiting for the fawn to move. Both dogs and cats prefer to attack their prey while running away. That makes it safer for the predator, attacking from behind while fleeing. The cat didn’t care if a car did the killing first. If they did anything wrong, it was denying the cat of a meal, but it is difficult for us to let that happen as compassionate beings. It’s funny how we have less compassion for predators than prey, especially when that prey is a baby animal. Wild cats die all the time from starvation and easy meals like that can be rare, but I would have done the same thing. It really feels good to save an animal from certain death as is obvious by the reaction of the man in the video. I do hope the cat finds another meal soon though. He did the right thing stopping, because the cat could have also been hit by a car if it ran in the road to get the fawn. We have a lot more deer than we have big cats in America, so he may have also saved the cat’s life.

    Wolverine SmithWolverine Smith9 kun oldin
  • This is a nice enough story. Clickbait wasn't necessary.

    Sean's MythSean's Myth9 kun oldin
  • Why hit the like button BEFORE viewing video. Stupid. How can you form an opinion BEFORE viewing something.

    Justin McGintyJustin McGinty9 kun oldin

    Esperanza GuadalupeEsperanza Guadalupe9 kun oldin
  • He did the right thing ,the little one wouldn't have survived

    Bob SidesBob Sides9 kun oldin
  • Steve did the correct thing and it was not just born as these bleeding heart groups might think. A fawns only defense the first month of life is that it has no scent at all. When in danger and mother is away, the fawn will lay down and not move a hair until the threat is gone. Did you notice how the mountain lion seemed a little mixed up on what to do? That animal did not see that fawn and would have left eventually, but the fawn was laying on the road and that was the true threat. How anybody can fault Steve is actually ridiculous, as I have kicked snakes of the road if they are sunning themselves, as they are an important part of the circle of life in nature. Steve's humanity kicked in, and of course removed the fawn. Humans are not animals and we have been given the gift of morality and free will, although it's hard to notice with these continuous wars we seem to be continuously fighting. We saw a kind and caring man do the correct thing under the conditions. If you are out in a field and run into a fawn, 99 percent of the time the mother is within 50 yards. Just leave. Nice job and nice eye in even noticing the tiny Virginia White Tailed Deer.

    Just BillJust Bill10 kun oldin
  • That's how it's done! Everyone worries for babies.

    Laurie MarieLaurie Marie10 kun oldin
  • This is so annoying w commercials and talking

    Dahra BroffordDahra Brofford10 kun oldin
  • Good job!

    Laurie RoarkLaurie Roark10 kun oldin
  • So now the cat and her family goes hungry.. while it may seem to be a good idea it was not. Leaving nature to herself is the best. By saving the fawn you may have killed the cat.

    Mark JonesMark Jones10 kun oldin
  • good job

    walter osmicwalter osmic10 kun oldin
  • I want to know why, you have the hall to want people first hit the like, BEFORE VIEWING THE FLIPPING VIDEO. ARE YOU A LITTLE BACKWARDS, WELL I FOR ONE AM NOT GOING SAY I LIKE THIS UNTILL I WATCH IT!! STUPID

    Pam BrunnerPam Brunner10 kun oldin
  • Oh ya sure saved a fawn,deer are over populated moitians lions are very very scarce..cheated it out of it's natural food , didn't you know you don't interfere with a natural prodded..hope you good to bed hungry too,shame on you...W.B.

    Walt BrownWalt Brown10 kun oldin
  • 2 years later the fawn turned in to a buck and now its head is on plaque over the fireplace of the same man who saved it . how ironic lol

    Randy RobertsRandy Roberts10 kun oldin
  • Fawn story: It was a little much showing all the people at the beginning whose reactions were inappropriate and overly dramatized. Making a HUGE deal out of a medium deal at most!

    Phoebe FelinePhoebe Feline10 kun oldin
  • Great job! Humankind has hope yet. 💝

    Carolyn DullCarolyn Dull10 kun oldin
  • I'm happy for the happy ending.

    Laurie RLaurie R10 kun oldin
  • Paul 😍

    Human also Writter StephanieHuman also Writter Stephanie10 kun oldin
  • Proud of you Steve!

    Jeanne IveyJeanne Ivey10 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but this Virginia Beach whatever is full of crap when they say the mother will abandon the baby if touched by human hand. This has been proven a myth several times. I'm a Professional Hunter and guide on 3 continents, and there have been many times we have had to move deer, gens buck, black tail deer, antelope, and even 3 wolf pups, and never once has the mother abandon the baby. They did the right thing by saving the little deer from the cougar, and the one that said the baby could out run the cat is full of shit and knows nothing about wildlife. That cay is 4-5 times faster than the deer and even a full grown deer has little chance of getting away. You Negative people that are quick to comment on that you no nothing, need to do research before opening your mouth, Fish and Game was correct in saying if at all possible use a towel to pick up baby then wipe it on the ground then again on baby to create an earth like smell. But remember, a deer smells humans all the time and is use to it. Thank you guys for saving the baby and giving it a chance to grow and enjoy it's life.(:>

    Darkwolf RebDarkwolf Reb10 kun oldin
  • So glad they had a happy ending!

    Elizabeth AldermanElizabeth Alderman10 kun oldin
  • Then the mountain lion realized that eating baby deer was very wrong, and decided to starve itself to death- the only right thing to do.

    Dave BDave B10 kun oldin
  • Now the poor mountain lion had to go hungry

    Tommy WrightTommy Wright11 kun oldin
  • Its of Gods grace you were there to help the fawn from immenient doom, thank you

    grace dickersongrace dickerson11 kun oldin
  • If man didn't put a road there that fawn would have been hiden, did the right thing.

    David BrennyDavid Brenny11 kun oldin
  • I would have done the same never leave them on road

    Elaine BlanchardElaine Blanchard11 kun oldin
    • Oh good job

      Elaine BlanchardElaine Blanchard11 kun oldin
  • Endangered cat goes hungry

    Terry's Speed shopTerry's Speed shop11 kun oldin
  • This is the best news I've heard since 2019!

    Joshua DallesandroJoshua Dallesandro11 kun oldin
  • You did an Awesome job. If you hadn't done what you had, that mountain Lion would've killed it. Your scent would not have deterred the mother from the fawn. My family used to raise orphan deers, bucks and doe's. The mother, I'm sure, was in fear for her baby as well as her own life. Everything happens for a reason. God Bless you for protecting his creation.

    Sandi KaySandi Kay11 kun oldin
  • Good man!

    Eszra 01Eszra 0111 kun oldin
  • Get on with it! How long can somebody talk about nothing. 30 seconds to move the fawn, job done. Why all the other crap, which had nothing to do with the clip.

    derek haydonderek haydon11 kun oldin
  • EXCELLENT Gesture, You Did The Correct Thing!

    Empress PizarroEmpress Pizarro11 kun oldin
  • No the mother people that saying they shouldn't have done anything they're the a****** people in life okay you see something out there that needs help you help it no matter what type of animal it is God put these creatures on us he gave us that responsibility then you people tell him to walk away cuz it's nature how about somebody left you in the woods and walked away and say it's nature animals race people too so what you said was very rude and ignorant and immature people I hate people like you I love people like that man and his wife and his friends they did a job and they did it very well God blessed them not crucified them you did a great job dude God bless you and keep up the

    Tony RileyTony Riley11 kun oldin
  • I found a fawn in a road late at night. it was off to the side but still a risk, another driver pulled up and we discussed the situation and decided to act. I came up on the fawn as the other guy distracted the fawn wwith his cell phone light. I gently picked the fawn up keeping it in its sleeping position and backed up to just off the sboulder and placed it on the brown grass, gavem it a gentle pat as if to say good luck in this world little baby and leff it for mom to find. I am sure mom fond her baby as wife drove by the spot and reported it was gone. It never moved at all. Hope the fawn is doing well today. Pretty sure i used some gloves.

    Youtube SlayerYoutube Slayer11 kun oldin
  • Is everyone forgetting about the mountain lion or cougar!🐅🐅🐆🐆🐆🐈🦌🐎

    Betty SchneiderBetty Schneider11 kun oldin
  • good story

    Fox Outdoor SuppliesFox Outdoor Supplies11 kun oldin
  • I want to say a big "THANK YOU FOR HELPING THE BABY DEER OUT". May the Lord bless you all that helped. 🙏💖

    deanna elsendeanna elsen11 kun oldin
  • What up bullshit story

    Gabriel RuvalcabaGabriel Ruvalcaba11 kun oldin
  • Heroes. Thank God the mountain lion was spooked.

    Letty StevensLetty Stevens11 kun oldin
  • If there really was a mountain lion, it would've made short work of a new fawn. A doe that just gave birth probably wouldn't take on a cat like that. Or do naive people think the cat was just going to kiss it and walk away?

    Vicki BoyerVicki Boyer11 kun oldin
  • All these unnecessary details. You are fake news.

    hoodoohoodoo11 kun oldin
  • Yay!! Woo-hoo!!! Paul, you're a hero!! You married?😝

    Suzette BavierSuzette Bavier11 kun oldin
  • Thanks for helping the fawn.

    Toni SquiersToni Squiers11 kun oldin
  • I agree. Many wildlife are killed by vehicles every year

    Annmarie BachandAnnmarie Bachand12 kun oldin
  • Thank You guys for helping that deer from the mountain lion to get back to it mom. You guys are hero's because that baby with would have gotten hit by a vehicle or that mountain lion would have gotten it. I'm sure the mama was very Thankful too.

    Jones LisaJones Lisa12 kun oldin
  • Steve is awesomeness a Hero and a friend to our animal friends🕊...

    Patricia VycePatricia Vyce12 kun oldin
  • Too many of these stories end in disappointment.. so glad this didnt..

    Pat HooverPat Hoover12 kun oldin
  • Always glad there are people like these men among us.

    Bo PeepBo Peep12 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't mind watching your videos, but they're so damn corny

    Kelly PileKelly Pile12 kun oldin
  • What a wonderful story. The men saved the baby and the momma was relieved that the mountain lion didn't get it.

    Lacey RyanLacey Ryan12 kun oldin
  • You made this far to lengthy

    H KH K12 kun oldin
  • The phone was going to be a meal for the line

    Larry MiltonLarry Milton12 kun oldin
  • It doesn’t matter how wonderful the deed is, there’s gonna be a prick who says you did it wrong. God help us all from the psychopaths and pricks.

    Pam O'OconnorPam O'Oconnor12 kun oldin
  • Has anybody ever watched any show's out of Africa? I love watching CABLE animal shows SORRY ANIMAL LOVERS in the wilds of Africa those same sceniaro's play out however the outcome isn't a story book ending its more VIOLENT LIONS n TIGERS EAT FAWNS BRUTAL so these guys scaring away the mountain lion saved the FAWN'S LIFE

    Charlie FrankCharlie Frank12 kun oldin
  • He should've used the cross walk!

    constipated in sin cityconstipated in sin city12 kun oldin
  • Poor mountain lion going with out food.

    Compo CommonsCompo Commons12 kun oldin
  • I’m afraid that human smell would probably make a mother deer reject her young.

    Kwodd BangkokKwodd Bangkok12 kun oldin
  • The mountain lion alone was enough to warrant that praise should be given to the men. If they hadn't acted, that mountain lion would have had supper. Way to go, guys. You're heroes!

    Zeke FoonmanZeke Foonman12 kun oldin
  • I'm glad they took the time to investigate and wait to see what was happening 👍🙏

    LindaLinda12 kun oldin
  • The young men did the right thing! All of you others, quit being a Scrooge!!!

    June AustinJune Austin12 kun oldin
  • You guys did a good job 😂

    Audrey ParksAudrey Parks12 kun oldin
  • Let me think. Death or help little fawn?

    American GratefulAmerican Grateful12 kun oldin
  • Waste of time. Silly overdramatic, unrealistic clickbait for melodramatic millennials.

    Jimmy WilhelmssohnJimmy Wilhelmssohn12 kun oldin