Man Arrested For Smearing Semen On Coworker's Keyboard After She Rejected Him

28-Sen, 2020
166 512 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • I feel bad I live in Palmdale

    Jus 10Jus 1014 soat oldin
  • He needs to be crusificed

    CHON JAECHON JAE18 soat oldin
  • I once got rejected and played HIP-HOP HOORAY on loop for 30 minutes. Man that song cheers me up when I feel like shit

    RichieRichieKun oldin
  • That random Jeezy shout out was hilarious

    Quincy TaylorQuincy Taylor3 kun oldin
  • Looks like she made the right decison

    Young ReapYoung Reap3 kun oldin
  • Eewwwwwwwwww 🤢🤢🤢🤮

    Noir FitNoir Fit5 kun oldin
  • Hes a scumbag but don't file HR complaints just for a guy being interested in you.

    HankBlockOGHankBlockOG5 kun oldin
  • I've been followed before, grabbed , had earphones snatched out of my ear because apparently the guy wanted to make sure I heard him because he was so sure that I would accept his advances. I accidentally hit him in the face because I didn't know what was happening when I was grabbed. But im not sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️ Some fool on Facebook took my profile picture and made a whole fake profile and posted a whole bunch of nonsense in a fb group we were both in because I wouldn't give him my number because I'm married. No means no...... learn to get over your ego.... rejection is a part of life

    IvyIvy5 kun oldin
  • Over the past few years there have been videos of women recording themselves being followed by men and people were dragging the women saying they can at least tell them why they don't want to talk to them and calling the women stuck up. We don't owe anyone anything. .... If we want to keep walking and ignore the men we don't even owe them a no thank you or nothing. Women have been attacked and killed for not wanting to date someone. The same would go for a man, he doesn't have to talk to any woman he doesn't want to. That mentality that someone owes you a hi, a yes or no or whatever needs to stop.

    IvyIvy5 kun oldin

    Dawn Woody-PoitraDawn Woody-Poitra6 kun oldin
  • Loser’s last resort!

    Sendawula KajubiSendawula Kajubi7 kun oldin
  • Be careful out there people. Folks have lost their minds!

    Flawed2Perfection - YAH'sChildFlawed2Perfection - YAH'sChild7 kun oldin
  • Um, this should have certainly been titled: "Man Arrested For Smearing Semen on Coworker's Keyboard, HONEY, WATER BOTTLE, Everything She Puts In Her Mouth"

    McBitchificationMcBitchification8 kun oldin
  • no wonder she rejected him. she say him for who he was. a creep!

    Stef with an FStef with an F9 kun oldin
  • Pot calling the kettle black

    A. E. SilvaA. E. Silva9 kun oldin
  • He did what now

    Shaquille GhansShaquille Ghans9 kun oldin
  • Organic Greek yogurt 🤣🤣🤣

    jamey irbyjamey irby11 kun oldin
  • Also this Thing needs to know that W.N America does not like Brown People too, because if this Thing was a W.N, he could have gotten a way with this very very very easily, my Brothers and Sisters.

    Roy TRoy T13 kun oldin
  • Ns are doing their truth Nature, which is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Roy TRoy T13 kun oldin
  • This guy spent like 30 seconds straight SIMPING.

    randy woodrandy wood13 kun oldin
  • A smart man follows the rule: "NEVER date anyone at work"!

    Robert MendickRobert Mendick13 kun oldin
  • Did Charlamagne register as a sex offender? No he did not.

    EveEve15 kun oldin
  • Damn what's wrong with him??? Move on to the next woman simp ass

    Shawn VireShawn Vire15 kun oldin
  • least no one was killed or seriously injured.

    B. A.B. A.15 kun oldin
  • That they I say to leave these high and mighty women alone. He hollered and she went to Human Resources. Act like they don’t even exist. They think they’re the center of the universe. We man have to show them they ARE NOT. IGNORE THEM.

    wooferjay Wwooferjay W16 kun oldin
  • Wait, did they know that was HIS semen? 2. I thought you had to register as a sex offender if you try to get with girls or boys under 18 ????

    SRBproducsSRBproducs17 kun oldin
  • Skeet...skeet...skeet!!! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Atomic DawgAtomic Dawg17 kun oldin
  • If the pic in the thumbnail is actually him.... Then..... THIS SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT!!!😂

    Howard WayneHoward Wayne17 kun oldin
  • CtG so Corny

    westboundNinja1westboundNinja118 kun oldin
  • He might need a psych evalve?

    Na MoNa Mo18 kun oldin
  • 🤨🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮wat if he had a disease throw him away nd how long does he take revenge ?

    Na MoNa Mo18 kun oldin
  • But I just don't get the LOGISTICS of this. By spreading semen on someone's personal belongings, what MESSAGE are you trying to send to a woman? Is it "I'm angry that you won't date me, so I'm going to PROVE TO YOU why you made the right decision!"? If she were to unknowingly eat that honey or touch that keyboard, what would that have said??? I don't understand what HE thought he was accomplishing by doing this?

    u2good2b4gotnu2good2b4gotn18 kun oldin
  • Oh well she shouldn't have rejected him

    Angry ManAngry Man18 kun oldin
  • This is where that famous telephone call comes in handy! Nasty Bastard! 🤢🤮🙄🤷🏾‍♀️😤😎

    Diane CrowderDiane Crowder19 kun oldin
  • He's clearly a weak beta male simp who didn't have any strong alpha male men around him.

    ThatGuyFromTexasThatGuyFromTexas19 kun oldin
  • Sick demon he is not a real man!!!!!

    Solomon B. AskanawSolomon B. Askanaw19 kun oldin
  • damn maybe he should try slippin something in her drink some time right uncle charla?

    PVTA NEGRAPVTA NEGRA20 kun oldin
  • Sick.

    Chris LeonardChris Leonard20 kun oldin
  • If Obama had a son just doing the jobs Americans don't want to do

    699sports699sports20 kun oldin
    • You're not funny.

      B. A.B. A.15 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne was in rare form today.

    salaciousBastardsalaciousBastard20 kun oldin
  • As soon as I seen this story it reminded me of the time my classmate did something like this. He was being teased about something and he left the class and filled up a condom with semen. When class was out he started slinging the fluid on people in the hallways. Im like yoo thats fckin nasty bruh. Straight nasty wtf. 🤢

    Ray JetsRay Jets20 kun oldin
  • NASTY 🤬🤬

    Ch'e LoveCh'e Love20 kun oldin
  • The news said he did that after she filed the HR complaint NOT after he was rejected. He could’ve been overly aggressive he could’ve been respectful. One thing for sure. We don’t know.

    watchthishempwatchthishemp20 kun oldin
    • Either way he shouldn’t have done that. But let’s get the story straight.

      watchthishempwatchthishemp20 kun oldin
  • what's wrong being rejected by women or man? Just move on

    earrth911earrth91120 kun oldin
  • I've thought I was shooting like steph but had my shot blocked like mutumbo by a coworker once, I said "thank you for your time", grabbed my L, tucked it firmly under my armpit and walked away. Rejection sucks but I'd imagine prison sucks way more so I'll just take a "no thanks" to an invite out to tacos. I thought all guys thought the same

    Chico Dust-EChico Dust-E20 kun oldin
  • I missed how they said they knew he actually did it?

    Carl LewisCarl Lewis20 kun oldin
  • He should be on the Klingon Prison Planet Rura Penthe

    Captain of the Royal GuardCaptain of the Royal Guard21 kun oldin
  • “HBD to Young Jeezy btw” 😂😂😂

    Egie DiomiEgie Diomi21 kun oldin
  • He just gave Jodeci's "come and talk to me " a whole new meaning LOL

    poison dartpoison dart21 kun oldin
  • He's completely wrong and I not in any way saying I'm supporting him but registering as a sex offender is a big deal and not sure I agree.

    fwd105fwd10521 kun oldin
  • I just want to know how they found out it was his gizz. Did he say it was or tell anybody at work?

    Yulita LeeYulita Lee21 kun oldin
  • Sounds like a SVU case. They find semen everywhere, under the sink, in the luandry, behind the couch, grandpa's wheelchair.

    CasonCason21 kun oldin
  • Just WOW!

    Charlotte DroletCharlotte Drolet22 kun oldin
  • Fucked up he mentioned Jeezy during this.

    Christopher JacksonChristopher Jackson22 kun oldin
  • I once refused to f*ck a guy n for the next week he was sending 187 codes to my pager (this was the mid 90s). 187 is the police code fo murder, for those who don't know.

    Solace ShabazzSolace Shabazz22 kun oldin
  • watch out for that weird dude in the office. this seems like incel energy

    wolfshield xwolfshield x22 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't have a job if he did that to me! He'd leave or I'd leave one.

    Joyce 31202Joyce 3120222 kun oldin
  • Jesus lord wtf 😳

    Steven PeoplesSteven Peoples22 kun oldin
  • It is not a man thing. It is a individual human being situation. His behavior is his behavior. Some women are toxic and do not know how to handle rejection from men and some men do not know how to handle rejection from women. Chaleigmaine the Not God is playing into a dangerous agenda that divides genders. The war on Gender is real and we need to stop feeding into it.

    jerome warejerome ware22 kun oldin
  • If you cant take rejection stay out the game its part of it.

    EaST CoAsT MaCHeteEaST CoAsT MaCHete22 kun oldin
  • Well at least no one was killed or injured but that is disgusting and childish.

    Leshell ThomasLeshell Thomas22 kun oldin
  • He looks like he lives in his mothers basement

    melvin johnsmelvin johns22 kun oldin
  • I'm curious how the woman look. For a dude to do all that B.S.

    Malcolminthemiddle 87Malcolminthemiddle 8722 kun oldin
  • Sticky situation..

    Bran StarkBran Stark22 kun oldin
  • Disgusting😨some men just can't take rejection. No one is obligated to talk to you or go out with you.

    Jewel DazzleJewel Dazzle22 kun oldin
  • Lol young jizzle from the bottom of the map aye!!!

    chris2tipsychris2tipsy22 kun oldin
  • Only two years!?

    Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams22 kun oldin
  • I would have did the same thing

    Miami SoliderMiami Solider22 kun oldin
  • what the fu-

    TubeKimiTubeKimi22 kun oldin
  • What kind a sick person does that!! Semen on her desk items, water, and honey. Gtfoh!!!

    Alexis ByrdAlexis Byrd22 kun oldin
  • Wtf!!

    Janique GarnettJanique Garnett22 kun oldin
  • Charla a weirdo. He get off on these stories bc he can relate to the sickos

    SpacedOutSoundz PharaohSpacedOutSoundz Pharaoh22 kun oldin
  • This clown decided he wanted to do 2 years in prison over a rejection okay mate u clearly live in a different world to us

    Ron DonTvRon DonTv22 kun oldin
  • UZworld Jay Skreetz it’s Nothing

    YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s NothingYouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing22 kun oldin
  • so he gave her a cumpurter virus 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

    Paul MullinsPaul Mullins22 kun oldin
  • Hell hath no fury like a man rejected.

    Michael LongfordMichael Longford22 kun oldin
  • How did they find out? Was it on camera?

    Brandon LusterBrandon Luster22 kun oldin
  • Looks like a hispanic version of my ex,

    LiterallyLiterally22 kun oldin
  • You can't convince me that this VIKING hasn't raped someone.

    Swiss MissSwiss Miss22 kun oldin
  • Probably would have never happened if she did not went to HR

    kool-Aid Mankool-Aid Man22 kun oldin
  • This is old news..

    Ryan MeursingRyan Meursing22 kun oldin
  • Nasty. That’s not for sexual purposes that was for spite.

    MrJosCHEWaMrJosCHEWa22 kun oldin
  • Co-worker Revenge Rule #1: Think first if it's truly worth it. If bitter revenge is your only option without worrying of the potential consequence then research a plan. #2: Don't use anything that would be directly connected to yourself in an investigation. #3: Pay cash for whatever items will be used and make sure before purchasing that your identity cannot be retraced on public or private cameras. #4: Do not reveal your intentions to anyone. #5: Create at least 3 alibis with something that gives proof as a back up plan. #6: Create an Agenda (Is this short term or long term revenge) who else does it effect? #7: How do you personally benefit mentally, financially, spiritually, or physically from the repercussions of the plan? #8: Question yourself if you still truly invested if caught and possibly punished by authorities. #9: Execute your plan, have fun, and make sure not to leave trace of evidence and practice on your breathing and staying calm.

    doublahhdoublahh22 kun oldin
  • That's just like some months ago, this guy in New York hit a female with his skateboard just because she rejected him. It just seems like to me, as each generation comes up, the men get more mentally unstable.

    Nadia RaymondNadia Raymond22 kun oldin
  • It depends on how she reject me if she disrespect me I’m pulling a pistol

    AA22 kun oldin
  • I usually don’t get a no, I get the wrong number usually lmao idk what’s up with it but hey I couldn’t take it personal they never got a chance to get to kno me, and I don’t gotta disrespect em if that’s what they felt they needed to do I can’t trip about it

    BlankBlank22 kun oldin
  • Sick!

    lettice corlesslettice corless22 kun oldin
  • I told this girl who liked me that I wasn't interested and she stabbed me its not only men.

    justin hudsonjustin hudson22 kun oldin
  • Wow coocoo guy he should be whooped

    Johnny BankmanJohnny Bankman22 kun oldin
  • Pycho alert.

    Scrambled EggsScrambled Eggs22 kun oldin
  • Many men seem like they can’t handle that you’re not interested and react in horrible ways even worst then this Ladies be careful turn these guys down easily to avoid them harming you

    M RobinM Robin22 kun oldin
  • omfg.yekes.hes well deserves.

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead23 kun oldin

  • Please tell me that HR fired him.

    Emerald GainesEmerald Gaines23 kun oldin
  • Overreaction; but what I really want to know is why she filed a complaint for getting hollered at?

    UNCLEscr0_ogeUNCLEscr0_oge23 kun oldin
  • Good thing I always do a deep clean on my keys before I get to work. Don’t know who can be rubbing one out.

    Bryant SmithBryant Smith23 kun oldin
  • Damn lol

    ws2k1ws2k123 kun oldin

    Acillionaire TVAcillionaire TV23 kun oldin
  • He marking his territory 😁

    Acillionaire TVAcillionaire TV23 kun oldin
  • "Let's go to CBS . . . " 2:07

    William PersonWilliam Person23 kun oldin