MAMA AND SOCKIE GOT IMPOSTOR - Among Us Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

10-Yan, 2021
2 234 850 Ko‘rishlar soni

Mama and Sockie team up in Among Us - look out!
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    Norris Nuts GamingNorris Nuts Gaming17 kun oldin

      HarleenHarleen3 kun oldin
    • I was playing with someone named Sabre and sockie on among they claimed they were you guys and Naz and biggy and mama were at shops but was that u I was playing with?

      Dogs GamingDogs Gaming7 kun oldin
    • What does Sus mean I’m only 9

      Sophia DoeSophia Doe15 kun oldin
    • Hi I love you guys

      Jennifer GuestJennifer Guest15 kun oldin
    • HAI GUYS! My dream is to meet you guys, and ik it will never happen ;c love u guys! ❤️💗🥰🥺💞

      CharlotteCharlotte16 kun oldin

    Sienna ChamberlainSienna Chamberlain38 daqiqa oldin
    • WoW lOl ?!?!

      Fluval evo ReeferFluval evo Reefer36 daqiqa oldin
  • Day 2 of trying to get Norris nuts to notice meeeeeeeee! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you Norris nuts!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Sophia VilelaSophia VilelaSoat oldin
  • Can you pleasw do a video where mama plays roblox?シ♥︎

    Emily CurtissEmily Curtiss4 soat oldin
  • (⌐■_■)

    Connie xoxoConnie xoxo4 soat oldin
  • why u made your siser cry biggy let her have fun biggy

    Aswad AlexanderAswad Alexander6 soat oldin
  • i am so mad when biggy thinks naz is the imposter with no proof and no reason

    tasya XDtasya XD8 soat oldin
  • who ever finds my phone gets a lolly biggy runs like theres a dog behind him and naz runs like papa is downstairs with a guiniea pig

    Nathan GreenhamNathan Greenham8 soat oldin
  • Which server do you play??

    Abja Digwas HegdeAbja Digwas Hegde11 soat oldin
  • Hi I am Eliza I love your videos

    Ramzan AliRamzan Ali21 soat oldin
  • Mamy is so funy

    Esmi OwenEsmi Owen23 soat oldin
  • I like when mama plays among us its become so funny😂😂

    shamsul kabirshamsul kabirKun oldin
  • Mmm wa mmm WAA LOL BIGS!!

    《Simple_ Banana》Banana squad《Simple_ Banana》Banana squadKun oldin
  • just watching one of your videos makes me happy ❤️

    Toby LaiToby LaiKun oldin
  • Nazz is a cry baby in game s

    Lilian SolisLilian SolisKun oldin
  • 😃

    Ameerah RaedAmeerah RaedKun oldin
  • aw poor u naz will u get a new one i wonder

    Roslyn PrendergastRoslyn PrendergastKun oldin
  • Mama: Wheres my phone has anyone seen my phone? Biggy: Mum you don't need your phone when we play video games Mama: First one to find my phone gets a lolly! Norris Nuts mind: *FIND THE LOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Grace KennedyGrace KennedyKun oldin
  • Naz did kill sockie in weapons so she killed somebody

    Rayana WolfRayana WolfKun oldin
  • Sockie you where awesome i love you so much

    Aysha AAysha AKun oldin
  • 8:38 jazzy getting payback after getting voting out with no proof

    Ur SusUr SusKun oldin
  • mama norris seemed liking games! luv norris nuts + legends!

  • Turn on comments on main channel Ima big fan

    Richard SeftonRichard SeftonKun oldin
  • Is it just me or is this family pretending they never ate unhealthy food their whole life

    Zaid Gaming Channel ZGZaid Gaming Channel ZGKun oldin
  • 👇🏼

    Aurelia SimsAurelia SimsKun oldin
  • L O L T E H E H E

    Aurelia SimsAurelia SimsKun oldin
  • It is 9:00

    Aesthetic ButterfliesAesthetic ButterfliesKun oldin
  • :someone walks pass them : them:ThEy WaLKeD bY rEaLlY sUs

    Aliyah CampbellAliyah CampbellKun oldin
  • i love the norris nuts but biggy would be so annoying playing among us with...

    Poppy BurnsPoppy BurnsKun oldin
  • Naz cry’s first game and cry’s then she does the same thing to slender mum

    Tyler SouterTyler SouterKun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure I played with SOCKIE 3 days ago

    Abbagail MartinAbbagail MartinKun oldin
  • Soc should not yell at mama

    Khloe MartinezKhloe MartinezKun oldin
  • I feel like Buggy voted Naz because they fought no hate

    Foloke MapapalangiFoloke MapapalangiKun oldin
  • Guys Try this: *When you kill somebody. Try to hide their Body. So that no one reports and Have a SUS on you. They will think it's a Glitch!*

    Jeon's Time!Jeon's Time!Kun oldin
  • BuggyRuin I am never going to watch this agen

    Mia DeLeonMia DeLeonKun oldin
  • Omg I am snow I was in your vid I am so happy omg I am crying literally

    ?_Snow Playz_??_Snow Playz_?2 kun oldin
  • When sockie dies slender moms mad but when my mom and me are playing among us she kills me and runs and then bores me out when she doesn’t kill me

    Laney MurphyLaney Murphy2 kun oldin
  • 4:44 why was naz crying she was imposter

    Salwa ShafiqSalwa Shafiq2 kun oldin
  • Jeez yall are very emotional, it’s a game

    Poppy HughesPoppy Hughes2 kun oldin
  • hi

    Cougar CallaghanCougar Callaghan2 kun oldin
  • biggy you are so mean to naz

    bonnie wongbonnie wong2 kun oldin
  • Hey Norris nuts I have been watching u on all of ur channels for ages and I love u and u inspire me to follow me dreams and not worry what people think of me. Sockie u are so funny and u make me so happy every day, biggy u r an amazing singer and I love in nn do stuff for each round u rap, Nazzy u r a amazing drawer and I love ur Billie Elish drawing and Sabre u r so brave and u make me think to never give up on yourself Sorry if this is too long but I just want u to know how much I love u guys❤️ Never give up on ur dreams bc anything is possible💛💛 And mama u r so funny I love u so much💕 If mama doesn’t see this tell her that she has a fan❤️

    Summer PettittSummer Pettitt2 kun oldin
  • Ur videos are so cool love them

    Kayla SlothKayla Sloth2 kun oldin
  • 5:29 why is Sockies screen black? I am guessing it was because the screen record stuffed up. Please tell me what you think

    Kayleigh’s Harry Potter WorldKayleigh’s Harry Potter World2 kun oldin
    • I dont know probably what u said

      NotKittyYTNotKittyYT2 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Meghan JenksMeghan Jenks2 kun oldin
  • Sockie said a neck twist but it was a stab in the bad Lol

    ItzHaileyItzHailey2 kun oldin
  • What time do you play among us

    Fatima Ali KhanFatima Ali Khan2 kun oldin
  • Hi Norris nuts I am our biggest fan I always dreamed of the day I will play among us with you

    Fatima Ali KhanFatima Ali Khan2 kun oldin
  • no hate but i think what biggy did that was unfair he must have proof can u prank him it should voteing biggy off to see how he recats to tech him a lesson

    Ketsia LongoKetsia Longo3 kun oldin
  • On Biggy’s screen it said that he was invited to a party?

    Karina ZelfaKarina Zelfa3 kun oldin
    • Minecraft party their friend invited him to play minecraft

      Josephine HarwoodJosephine Harwood2 kun oldin
  • Sorry I mean sockie

    Friends BestFriends Best3 kun oldin
  • Is sickie wearing makeup

    Friends BestFriends Best3 kun oldin
  • Just commenting to see the comments 🙂

    {SaturnSunshine}{SaturnSunshine}3 kun oldin
  • Biggys ‘strange dance’ during the first round literally made me die 😭😂

    sʜᴏɴᴇᴇシsʜᴏɴᴇᴇシ3 kun oldin
  • Biggy: Its naz its so naz Naz: ITS NOT MEE The game:Naz was the inposter 0 inposter left Victory!!!!

    Malun MohamedMalun Mohamed3 kun oldin
  • I know that naz got voted out but no need to cry like a baby

    Natalie WebsNatalie Webs3 kun oldin
  • Biggy: you don’t need to ur phone to play video games Mama: first one to find my phone gets a Lolly! Biggy: *jumps out chair to go find mamas phone*

    Roxxii2Roxxii23 kun oldin
  • I never seen Brooke so happy and funny about among us

    Maria KirschnerMaria Kirschner3 kun oldin
  • Watching the Norris nuts made me so much better and makes my day I love them

    Jill RickardJill Rickard3 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Nitrally nobody: Mama: IMMA KILL YO MAMA Mama: Sockie is it alright if I kill YO MAMMA? Mama: I gotta kill yo mama Mama: IMMA FIND YO MAMA

    DoRiToDoRiTo3 kun oldin
  • nazy is such a cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baby

    Odessa WaquiuOdessa Waquiu3 kun oldin
  • I was Actually losing interest in among us but when i was watching you guys play among us made me fond it more fun especially when u play with Mum 😂😂

    Nay NayNay Nay3 kun oldin
  • so is it fake??????????????????????????????

    Tej SahotaTej Sahota3 kun oldin
    • yes it is probably fake they wouldnt show off that its them

      NotKittyYTNotKittyYT2 kun oldin
  • because there were people saying they were real but i dont know if they were

    Tej SahotaTej Sahota3 kun oldin
  • were you playing among us at 8 pm on the 23rd of jan 2021?

    Tej SahotaTej Sahota3 kun oldin
  • hi

    Tej SahotaTej Sahota3 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that feels like Sabre just disappears during these among us videos like where is she?

    Rachel ThigpenRachel Thigpen3 kun oldin
  • Sockies actually so pretty

    Campbell WoodsCampbell Woods3 kun oldin
  • Snow is SnOwY

    Andrea YoungAndrea Young3 kun oldin
  • Biggy was so mean so i hate him :)

    Nandin NandushkaNandin Nandushka4 kun oldin

    Hansie HawksHansie Hawks4 kun oldin
  • Naz you don't need to apologize becuase what biggy did was so unfair but to be honest if i were you i will vote biggy out without ny proof

    vina Wornuvina Wornu4 kun oldin
  • Hi I love your video so much I love biggy he make me laugh

    Lilly-mae HarrisonLilly-mae Harrison4 kun oldin
  • Why did Naz cry BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH😂😂🤣🤣🤚

    Sema AbiadSema Abiad4 kun oldin
  • Guys remember to subscribe to norris nuts gaming and there other channels To become a legend!!!!!!

    Ella CrossElla Cross4 kun oldin
  • Im existe

    come kaissycome kaissy4 kun oldin
  • Sockie your mum is cringing the whole game

    Dimond SquadDimond Squad4 kun oldin
  • It’s doesn’t matter if someone have no proof if you are sus and the imposter o well

    Ayani WilliamsAyani Williams4 kun oldin
  • You guys will prolly won’t see this but I love your videos and I hope to meet you after this situation but anyways. You know how you say Sabre bad she isn’t but climb time actually is Mor FUn also helpful once your on the 6 s level and you fall the would the start at the 6th level bey I’m a LEGEND I wish sabre sockie biggy naz charm and disco and my dog even with biggy dosent like my DogGy lol it’s true

    Kitty love MillieKitty love Millie4 kun oldin
  • My sister cut my finger really badly yesterday, and today I'm going on holidays. I'm a super legend I watch your videos all the time and you are seriously awesome! thank you for making these videos you cheer me up so much! I have been a legend for seriously so long and I love your channel!

    Zoe HockingsZoe Hockings4 kun oldin
  • U guys cry to much it is a game and u saying sorry but u do it every video u get caught suck it up all u guys are cry baby's 😂

    Marigiselle BermudezMarigiselle Bermudez4 kun oldin
    • No hate though

      Marigiselle BermudezMarigiselle Bermudez4 kun oldin
  • Naz is becoming bigger:/

    Vanessa MarczakVanessa Marczak4 kun oldin
    • Biggy

      Vanessa MarczakVanessa Marczak4 kun oldin
  • I love mama and sockies relationship

    The baddie BarbieezThe baddie Barbieez4 kun oldin
  • I was playing among us with Sockie and bigGy ia it really you they said it was

    Paige DenningPaige Denning5 kun oldin
  • yes

    Orde LedgersOrde Ledgers5 kun oldin
  • Hi Norris Nuts I am such a Legend and a watch all your videos ❤️

    Siomha RichmanSiomha Richman5 kun oldin
  • Biggy: its naz mum mum its naz Naz: why? Mamma: we both think its naz but I have no proof so I will skip

    jameswebb1977jameswebb19775 kun oldin
  • I love how you guys go crazy for lollies XD

    : DeathUWU :: DeathUWU :5 kun oldin
  • Hi Norris nut IAM A SOPER LEGEND

    Mariella Lo PrestiMariella Lo Presti5 kun oldin
  • I’m so happy for mamma and sockie

    Mira PatelMira Patel5 kun oldin
  • Mama is very stupid

    Zhaohui XuZhaohui Xu5 kun oldin
  • Hi norris nuts I looked on your shop and the clothes there are to expensive and my mom won't let me by that expensive thing so I was just telling you guys

    Patricia MontaquePatricia Montaque5 kun oldin
  • Who else noticed that in the first round Mum got imposter but Nazzy and snow got it??????? Am I right???

    Taya ApodacaTaya Apodaca5 kun oldin
  • you should do another parents cant say no!

    Taylor YeagerTaylor Yeager5 kun oldin
  • i love how when nazzy get mad and she says sry...and when she cried it breaks my heart...😭💗💗💗💗

    clxudyyskittleXclxudyyskittleX6 kun oldin
  • NAZ and biggy be singing weird songs i SWEAR💗😭🤣

    clxudyyskittleXclxudyyskittleX6 kun oldin
  • Does anybody else get weird vibes from the Norris nuts? I mean they all have to share a room when they’re millionaires.

    Cecilia CordeiroCecilia Cordeiro6 kun oldin
  • Sockei lol mama said dat

    Emma DenchEmma Dench6 kun oldin
  • Omg I just realised u typed it’s mom

    Mathilda KerinMathilda Kerin6 kun oldin
  • LOVE your videos!

    Harby HussainHarby Hussain6 kun oldin