Making Couples Switch Phones Loyalty Test Pt. 2 💔 Public Interview

14-Okt, 2020
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Please like, comment thoughts, & I’m hungry so leave a sub. Asking strangers in Atlanta to check each other’s phone.
I love you so much family.

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    • Why don't u do a collab with John bro........

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    • 👌

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    • Aye no cap u funny asf😂😂😂hit me up on ig I tryna do one of dese videos witcha@yung_vain

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    • @Trenton Rodriguez and this: She trying to delete stuff before it's his turn to see her phone. 13:22

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  • Okay but fr when you dropping them songs like 😫

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  • "Waaoooowwwww"😭😭😭😭😭

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  • 10:00 I watched a minute straight before I realized what happened

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  • 10:43 lol

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  • “Say no more puto”🤣

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  • 13:01 is it just me or does he look like sangwoo -

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  • Omg 🤣🤣🤣

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  • WE not rey skip pass dat like she aint say nigga

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  • Whoever is reading this, God has a plan trust the process🙏🏽💙

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  • AYEEEE Maya Prosser in this video!!!

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  • 6:36 you can see tinder on his Home Screen lol come on detective 🕵️‍♂️

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  • 🚫🧢 Better Than Me sound like it’s finna hit🔥🔥🔥

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  • We don’t care😭

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  • 10:03 BRUH SHE WHITE

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  • Never trust a female 💯♀️ Me : A true bro has been found.... After all these years

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  • I only dislike the video for 4:33 how dare try 2 disrespect android. Android is the best

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  • Please stop repeating their names after they say it .. that's annoying bruh 😒

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  • 10:06 she def said nigga

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  • “ we too grown fa that “ or do yall got some to hide 👀

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  • More of this please! Shit is hilarious 😆

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  • Damn I just found out this king imprint brother

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  • Look at the guys face at 10:55 he mad sus, he prolly deleted sum real quick

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  • When little miss white girl said the n-word i fawking lost it lmao sis comfy comfy.

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  • No masks?? Okay

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  • brroooo the guy with the blue hat had tinder lmaooo and it got misseddd

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  • 8:19 omfg I’m subbed to her😭

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  • You go baby love your energy

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  • 6:37 you can see tinder on his phone😭

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  • 10:07 she said the n- word :o

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  • LMFAOOO Replying “Thanks” Is Considered Cheating 😂 I Love My Generation

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  • After watching these videos I’m good off of relationships 😂✌🏽 yall be cheaters

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  • He got maya in his videooooo💕💕💕💕💕

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  • how y’all making ppl like this goofy famous

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  • Did she say nigga😂🤔

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  • 12:05 they 8 years strong💪🏽 that’s dope asf

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  • 10:17 Nah she’s playing around 😂

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  • Never trust a female dude. But been together for 10 years😂

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  • Dang he broken up the relationship

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  • I stay loyal to my boyfriend

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  • When u gonna drop them 2 🔥

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  • 10:19 dangg big tuff

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  • His music 🔥need that

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  • Drop dat song

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  • I swear dude in the flannel had tinder on his phone and swiped right pass it 🥴🤣

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  • Billy blanc mixtape out now

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  • Ya energy make the videos king

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  • First guy was smart 😂😂😂

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  • Mane stop playing and drop the songs man😉

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  • mathieu be wanting for find sht 😭🤚🏻

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  • I highly recommend * besthack07 * on instagram, it is real and legitimate, he recovered back my disabled instagram account without delay💪💪💪 All thanks to him his the best ....

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  • I highly recommend * besthack07 * on instagram, it is real and legitimate, he recovered back my disabled instagram account without delay💪💪💪 All thanks to him his the best ....

    zaro gideonzaro gideonKun oldin
  • I highly recommend * besthack07 * on instagram, it is real and legitimate, he recovered back my disabled instagram account without delay💪💪💪 All thanks to him his the best ....

    zaro gideonzaro gideonKun oldin
  • Used our football meme 😂

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  • They gonna beat him one day 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Not gonna lie your music is poes kak

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  • Don just like :😐

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  • Wear a mask

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  • bruh so fukin funny

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  • we not gonna talk ab how the white girl said the n word-

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    • She's black go search her youtube channel up

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  • 10:12 Sooo..we not gon act like Becky out here ain’t say the n word? 😗

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  • 2:24 he took her phone-

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  • Heyyyyyyy

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  • We need more of these !

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  • 😂😂😂😂

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  • He savage asf🤣🤣

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  • Holling he said never trust a female 😂😂😂😭 why her mask over her nose

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  • u fuckin up relationships wit these videos 😂😂

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  • Was the boy gay with the curly hair

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  • if they both have iphones why was the “my beautiful queen” messages green ? 🤨

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  • He wanted to take his head off at 6:55 you can see it in his face😆😭🤣👏🏽

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  • yooooo my boi about to hit 1 mil i'm so happy for you and yes im subscribed i promise but im happy for you and keep up the good work good job

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  • Give me dylan she insecure 🤣🤣

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  • “Don’t give an android”😭I can’t

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  • 1mil on the way

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  • His hair hard🚫🧢

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  • Ik she ain’t just say the n word and is getting mad over a follow😭

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  • Y’all ain’t see tinder on his phone at 6:35 😹

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  • Cat deleted some shit she messing with em chocolate dudes on the low😭

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  • You’re not the best rapper but I go to sleep I still love you music

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  • what is that belt

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  • Now from the top make it drop that’s so wet that’s so wet unghetto Matthieu in a box

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  • Please do another one of these you hella funny bro no one like you when you repeat their names 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Is it just me or did the white chick say nigga??

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    • she is hispanic

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  • What camera you use?

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  • MAYA PROSSER!!! Shes my fav UZworldr. Wtf dylan🤦🏽‍♀️

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  • the first one , i think he tried to draw attention so he wouldn't get a chance to go thru his phone 😂

  • So we just gon ignore the white girl saying nigga 😂

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    • she is hispanic

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  • 10:16 she overreacted no cap

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  • How the heck your in a relationship for 10 years and the man don't trust his girl like wth bruh

  • i love how he’s going through the phone , instead of like the bf/gf😭😂

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  • Hell nah i would never let a girl go through my phone

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  • Y’all think this is real? Or cap

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  • So no one else watches Maya Prosser 😭

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  • Shawty a whole trip when she got mad over tht nigga insta feed

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  • Lol the “perfect “ meme 😂😂😂 the relationship is fresh 😂😂

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  • Drip my ass but I sub doe good shid ... @7:19 I thought those 2 were bros 🤣

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