Made a HUGE MISTAKE buying this....

29-Sen, 2020
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I Hate this thing...
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  • your clutch stay engage

    7up Garage7up Garage12 kun oldin
  • tommy is like a grandbrother you want to kick loll

    7up Garage7up Garage12 kun oldin
  • He'll call his cousin lawyer to sue them.

    Chad StevensChad Stevens13 kun oldin
  • Imagine wasting 9k on that junk

    TylerTyler15 kun oldin
  • Always go honda or yamaha

    dirty grizzlydirty grizzly16 kun oldin
  • They lied!!!!

    Joey RiesJoey Ries16 kun oldin
  • What a piece of shit!!! But this video is Fire!!! 🤣🤣

    Joey RiesJoey Ries16 kun oldin
  • Why a mask in a sxs🤣

    Small engine repair 101Small engine repair 10117 kun oldin
  • Fuckin golden

    stevenbasshead17stevenbasshead1717 kun oldin
  • Dude you bought an arctic cat what do you expect.

    Wes HaynesWes Haynes17 kun oldin
  • Dude Face tats come on man that is a baller setup take care of your stuff guy or make it nice and sell it for something more manageable!!! Geeeze stone bags 💼

    Thats_Ery_Day LifeThats_Ery_Day Life18 kun oldin
  • Wow not trying to be a dick but u gained some lbs

    The Shrubs 2017-2018The Shrubs 2017-201818 kun oldin
  • This video funny asf omg I missed theseee this made my night

    DiamondKnightsDiamondKnights18 kun oldin
  • It’s always a mistake buying a Arctic cat

    Joe McgrathJoe Mcgrath18 kun oldin
  • Jeff is a fukn MVP

    D McKD McK19 kun oldin
  • Quotes og Bobby Johnson and says it Bobby shumurda

    Bryant CrewsBryant Crews19 kun oldin
  • Lol. That stash is awful and dirty. Love your vids man

    D McKD McK19 kun oldin
  • 🐓🐵

    BiG CheeseBiG Cheese19 kun oldin
  • Tommy is the big brother Chris never wanted

    thegoodbadmusicthegoodbadmusic19 kun oldin
  • i bet if you would have shut it off it would shift because the idle is too high

    BackyardGoonsBackyardGoons19 kun oldin
  • "Dont rip up the lawn dude".... "Grants dad would be pissed"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Lowkey_ jayLowkey_ jay20 kun oldin
  • If you lose the race, you have to get Tommy's signature tattooed on you! Lol

    Peyton HopkeyPeyton Hopkey20 kun oldin
  • shit my 400$ atv is better then that shit box

    Eagle YacoEagle Yaco20 kun oldin
  • When Chubnik is in CT, the vids are so much better--Tommy and he have a great relationship

    kb94596kb9459620 kun oldin
  • Think it’s what should be a recall seems like few people have the issues should’ve bought a HoNdA Can-am or a Polaris lmao that’s sum expensive learning right there If it’s gonna break might as well get to drive the shit out of it first every experience I’ve seen with cats don’t make it very far n rip shifter and belt everything else is gonna come shortly after🤷🏽‍♂️

    Darius BoykinDarius Boykin20 kun oldin
  • If you didn’t jam the shifter into gear like like it wouldn’t of broke

    Staffordracing758Staffordracing75820 kun oldin
  • 26:42 "that's why I shouldn't go with you" some old school bam margera vibes lol.

    David HernandezDavid Hernandez20 kun oldin
  • Burn the fucking thing bro

    R31POWERR31POWER20 kun oldin
  • You need to think before you do shit. Will save you so much time and headache. And pay attention.

    402CarKid402CarKid20 kun oldin
  • Dude, get rid of this junk. Literally no one cares about it. Get back to the cars

    Mike ____Mike ____20 kun oldin
  • Good call with the safety glasses. I have pink eye RIGHT NOW because of some schmoo that came off the bottom of my 2001 Focus wagon. I usually prefer a good pair of safety squints, but I was losing light and the flashlight wasn't cutting it.

    RyanRyan20 kun oldin
  • tried to tell you when you bought this thing that textron is junk

    Hagan CrumptonHagan Crumpton20 kun oldin
  • I swear your life is equal to mine as far as bs problems

    CodyDoesItCodyDoesIt20 kun oldin
  • Thats a common issue with those chris. Don't buy arctic cat. They're junk.

    JasonHondaAtcJasonHondaAtc20 kun oldin
  • Had to rewatch this shit😂😂

    James McDonaldJames McDonald20 kun oldin
  • dude its an arctic cat what did you think lol

    Eric EidenbergerEric Eidenberger20 kun oldin
  • why does that steering look so stiff

    Sam ur BoiSam ur Boi20 kun oldin
  • See him struggle with a broken machine makes me smile cause that is littlerly my life.🤣 i always have that bad luck to.😅

    RichardRichard20 kun oldin
  • Arctic shitbox lmao

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith20 kun oldin
  • Reverse lambo doors lmao

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith20 kun oldin
  • bro u bought something called the wildcat what you expect lol

    AdamAdam20 kun oldin
  • More Ty and Jeff home content please 🙂

    S KS K20 kun oldin
  • Nice grill lamp face tatts🤙

    Lars DalenLars Dalen20 kun oldin
  • I lost it at the “rat” in the pool 😂

    Jordan ZerbyJordan Zerby20 kun oldin
  • "Word on the street im a suspect" is not Bobby shmurda my dude😂😂

    BIKE LYFE808BIKE LYFE80820 kun oldin
    • Que

      BiG CheeseBiG Cheese19 kun oldin
  • no money get back sir

    Spanish JohnSpanish John20 kun oldin
  • Has anything you bought ever not turn into a lemon?

    SielClericSielCleric20 kun oldin
  • funny as hell man!

    J. D.J. D.20 kun oldin
  • Man.... that dirt thing was just cruel. Not even in a funny way. Whatever.

    SatyrxSatyrx20 kun oldin
  • dont buy artic shit

    skidookid7568skidookid756820 kun oldin
  • Time to put a 1000cc sport motor in it

    Trevor SnyderTrevor Snyder20 kun oldin
  • Omg straight crying

    Nathan WilliamNathan William20 kun oldin
  • Funniest strapnick video in awhile.

    Rob KillaRob Killa20 kun oldin
  • Def was entertaining 😂

    RicomattRicomatt20 kun oldin
  • what's that on the bbq at 15:35 ?

    TheKrasManTheKrasMan20 kun oldin
  • I told you man, they are junk 😪 that’s why they never sold at the dealer I was at and when they did they would come back same day for problems

    Joe S357Joe S35720 kun oldin
  • WOULDNT happen to a rzr

    eddie diazeddie diaz20 kun oldin
  • Rudnick and Tommy content is priceless

    bbsheppobbsheppo20 kun oldin
  • 23:03 when the leave hit the camera i had a weird satisfaction cause i knew face tats just got soaked

    RPF GarageRPF Garage20 kun oldin
  • Artic cat. All that needs to be said.

    Mac McphetersMac Mcpheters20 kun oldin
  • Face Tats is my favorite NPC. I miss having him in the videos. He was always cool and had funny shit to say! Bring back Face Tats!

    TiltyWheelsTiltyWheels20 kun oldin
  • One of your funniest videos. Content with the CT crew is always hilarious.

    Zachary TrentZachary Trent20 kun oldin
  • Apparently this is a clutch problem? Seriously, look it up, a lot of people are breaking shift cables on this thing. There should have been a recall on this thing and the company should pay to fix all of them. Anyway, here's a guy who seems to have had the same problem.

    Lost BeetleLost Beetle20 kun oldin
  • I love it Tommy makes him do stupid shit

    connor bconnor b20 kun oldin
  • "Word on the street I'm a suspect" is OG Bobby Johnson by Que, not Bobby Shmurda

    Hunter JessupHunter Jessup20 kun oldin
  • 5:30 Ruddy to Courtney later that night..

    VAGABOND111VAGABOND11121 kun oldin
  • Bro I had a feeling it was gonna happen again.. what a lemon you need a rzr instead

    Giovanni SalazarGiovanni Salazar21 kun oldin
  • Buy a Suzuki ltz400 from 2003 they are the best and stronger and alot off fun you can drift the shit out off ir

    suzukiltz400 #88suzukiltz400 #8821 kun oldin
  • That shed of a side by side is not fit for purpose bro... you live and you learn

    The ElusiveThe Elusive21 kun oldin
  • Don't buy an Arctic Cat next time. Buy a real brand like Can-Am, Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha.... literally anything other than an Arctic Cat. The only good thing they make is snowmobiles.

    Anthony579Anthony57921 kun oldin
  • Rudnik should return it

    MikeyMikey21 kun oldin
  • This is definitely your funniest video!! LOL

    KingofBSKingofBS21 kun oldin
  • Don’t forget to eat a Richard , kitty

    timothy drouintimothy drouin21 kun oldin
  • Rudnicks life is a wreck because he lets it be. Lol

    No Budget RacingNo Budget Racing21 kun oldin
  • Dude it’s not a lemon those things are just all junk lol. Should of never bought an arctic cat of any form.

    jeffrey fletcherjeffrey fletcher21 kun oldin
  • After they see your videos your not getting any money back lol 😆

    Mando TellezMando Tellez21 kun oldin
  • I wish you floored it and flew right into the piss. lol

  • It may be a ground issue, Yes a ground issue. I have had problem similar to this. There was a bad ground Not connected) and it grounded through the shifter cable instead and welded it tight.

    Eric NelsonEric Nelson21 kun oldin
  • If its any color there is no chlorine left.

    American MechanicAmerican Mechanic21 kun oldin
  • That thing sounds like a leaf blower at full throttle

    Streetcar FugitiveStreetcar Fugitive21 kun oldin
  • Reverse lambo doors 😂😂

    Ed FitzpatrickEd Fitzpatrick21 kun oldin
  • Bro if its hard to shift you gotta just give it some gas or let it roll a bit. then it will free up but you just hammer ram jam it your fault fool.

    Matt WoodMatt Wood21 kun oldin
  • 15:54 LOL u stonebags

    Drift KingDrift King21 kun oldin
  • Its almost like nobody wants these arctic cats for a reason 🤦‍♂️

    Zacyz125Zacyz12521 kun oldin
  • I have the same wildcat trail. Its a clutch issue they had for 5 years. When the clutch gets hot it will stick and not allow it to shift.. The pillers in the clutch need sanded. Look up a video on it @ricermiata

    Tyler ThomasTyler Thomas21 kun oldin
    • @ricermiata

      Buffum Auto racing teamBuffum Auto racing team7 kun oldin
    • Everyone needs to thumb this up so he sees it

      Casey SmithCasey Smith19 kun oldin
  • the problem is the name on it, arctic-crap, just like your truck, the problem is even circled for you

    Caprice Classic88Caprice Classic8821 kun oldin
  • Sell it and get a sick maverick instead

    SidewayZ GarageSidewayZ Garage21 kun oldin
  • Anyone can tell you that most artic cats are junk lol best to stick with a Polaris, Yamaha, or can am

    Brian HarrisBrian Harris21 kun oldin
  • Shiftcablenick!!!!!!

    Richard KnappRichard Knapp21 kun oldin
  • That thing sounds like an RC car

    The New NormalThe New Normal21 kun oldin
  • Fuckin Tony!

    joe nelsonjoe nelson21 kun oldin
  • Can a can am or a Polaris rzr

    Dre KittsDre Kitts21 kun oldin
  • Went down to the comments to see if anyone else seen the Glass smoking device sitting on the grill under the porch?

    Ryan 252 MillsRyan 252 Mills21 kun oldin
  • That’s what happens when you buy an artic cat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    SocalYzF710SocalYzF71021 kun oldin
  • Greatest shit show on earth🤣

    joe nelsonjoe nelson21 kun oldin
  • They said get a side by side not a fucking go kart wannabe side by side

    Arath HuertaArath Huerta21 kun oldin
  • Should have got a manual

    Tyler ChewyTyler Chewy21 kun oldin
  • called it

    KusqenKusqen21 kun oldin
  • You gettin kinda bold with 9 ads

    BrannonBrannon21 kun oldin
  • Artic crap, any other of the big 4 would’ve been way better.

    AaronAaron21 kun oldin