Luring My Friends To Their Death in Proximity Chat Among Us | CORPSE 666IQ IMPOSTER PLAYS

12-Dek, 2020
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Proximity chat allows you to talk in game, but only when other players are nearby
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  • Playing proximity chat allows you to hear other players, but only when they're nearby. It also causes my mic gain to max out so sorry if the audio is weird on this one :) Stream my newest song, "agoraphobic":

    Corpse HusbandCorpse Husband4 oy oldin
    • Corpse you are the best hope you get better

      All Green Gardens LandscapingAll Green Gardens LandscapingKun oldin
    • :)👍

      farid 52farid 522 oy oldin
    • Corpse I'm new but can I ask if there is a video of ur face

      Saira NoorSaira Noor3 oy oldin
    • If you need break just tell us and enjoy your break ' '

      Truskawka PoziomkaTruskawka Poziomka3 oy oldin
    • Corpse i heard that you had issues with your throat and you are not making much videos I hope you feel better soon 🥺💛

      Mikayla KigerMikayla Kiger3 oy oldin
  • corpse be like hahahahahahhahaha ludwig was like i noow it was toast

    Itoshii KiraiItoshii Kirai3 soat oldin
  • I watched this vid a lot of times but did just corpse say "Mahal kita bruh"?????!!!!

    noob Gamingnoob Gaming4 soat oldin
  • why does some ppl want corpse face i just want his voice

    GhxstGhxst8 soat oldin
  • Corpse the boys are here for u

    Edward EllerbeeEdward Ellerbee11 soat oldin
  • 26:42 Everybody's fighting while James really be jamming to working on the rail road

    Goldfish DragonGoldfish Dragon15 soat oldin
  • this is for me ignore it 45:49

    nawalnawal18 soat oldin
  • 28:22 hahahha lily

    amor macayanamor macayan23 soat oldin
  • Why is his voice so calmin pls-💀

    EEKun oldin
  • Bretman is annoying.

    Not A technicianNot A technicianKun oldin
  • I think among us owner love corpse so he's getting imposter like every time lol

    Itz_RianaItz_RianaKun oldin
  • The whole time you were asking if it was you i was feeling greif

    Night wolfNight wolfKun oldin
  • Why is Corpse's voice so deep?😂

    David LückeDavid LückeKun oldin
  • Toast and Corpse is the scariest imposter pair. Like can we note that at the end of the first round toast said "corpse are you ready?" and they didn't even notice he meant ready to kill someone.

    Grace MillingtonGrace Millington2 kun oldin
  • Stop the cap I was in a meeting with friends and got imposter 10 times so I left and join and still got imposter so we played hide and seek in poster vision was the lowest it could be and crewman vision is all the way up

    TsunamiTsunami2 kun oldin
  • Corpse laugh just cure me

    RosRos2 kun oldin
  • hey corpse i love ur voice

    Asta ŽukevičienėAsta Žukevičienė2 kun oldin
  • Ooooh I’m Filipino 😌

    Baka_ Gamer9Baka_ Gamer92 kun oldin

    Baka_ Gamer9Baka_ Gamer92 kun oldin
  • oh shit courage

    Dre FontDre Font2 kun oldin
  • Filipino here saying "Mahal din kita". No homo.

    Zander RamosZander Ramos2 kun oldin
  • kill bookAB all right

    Dre FontDre Font3 kun oldin
  • corpse say bookAB is bitch

    Dre FontDre Font3 kun oldin
  • corpes bookAB is a bad bitch

    Dre FontDre Font3 kun oldin
  • corpse kill bookAB

    Dre FontDre Font3 kun oldin
  • i need a group of friends like this so bad lol

    XxSlaughterBarbiexXXxSlaughterBarbiexX3 kun oldin
  • Why is it that corpse has only been imposter once?

    John SmithJohn Smith3 kun oldin

    EPIC SANSEPIC SANS3 kun oldin
  • I love how Rae is always trying to calm Corpse down. From Brooke stop running to Babushka. 😂

    Jari CasiJari Casi3 kun oldin
  • What if... It's me.... What if.... That speech😶

    EilaEila3 kun oldin
  • Corpse: I've been waiting for this moment my whole life Toast Toast: *shakes*

    Dream TeamYTDream TeamYT3 kun oldin
  • I love corpses deep voice he should be a monster in a a horror movie 😂

    Crystal GouldCrystal Gould3 kun oldin
  • you should totally make a book about how to get away with murder

    Hailey WongHailey Wong3 kun oldin
  • this is my first time watching this guy and his voice is weird no offense like literally dont hate im just saying

    KVNG MONKKVNG MONK3 kun oldin
  • at the start of the vid i was like =[ then corps spoke now im like o////o

    Angelshark ZimAngelshark Zim4 kun oldin
  • Hi Corpse I'm biggest fan

    Keith[FNF]Keith[FNF]4 kun oldin
  • @everyone among us?

    Weenie JrWeenie Jr5 kun oldin
  • Mahal kita corpse

    Tokimi sanTokimi san5 kun oldin
  • I want to play among us with you! Teach me your ways oh awesome one!

    Jessica HuttJessica Hutt5 kun oldin
  • Bretmen: it’s impossible to be imposter 2 twice in a row Me: um no it’s not I’ve been the imposter 3 times in a row with all the same people so

    Alison ShrefflerAlison Shreffler5 kun oldin
  • I would be scared to accuse corpse sorry

    LilykeksLilykeks5 kun oldin
  • I- I can go low in voice just like you...oh my gawd...

    Renne MumfordRenne Mumford5 kun oldin
  • Fun fact Bret is wrong I had imposta 4 times in a row

    CaptainBLADEZz GamingCaptainBLADEZz Gaming5 kun oldin
  • Corpse: "Wait, you guys actually kill him?" 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ Sykkuno and Toast: 😳Wait! What?

    Nono LpZNono LpZ6 kun oldin
  • I miss when among us was good. Like this

    •Anonymous Wanderer••Anonymous Wanderer•6 kun oldin
  • They keep saying Lily and James and I think of Harry Potter...

    Jeffrey ZauggJeffrey Zaugg6 kun oldin
  • This may sound strange, but corpse as Severus Snape? Like that deepness- I can see it

    Anondita KaziAnondita Kazi6 kun oldin
  • Corpse contemplating his existence is me when I have homework

    Anondita KaziAnondita Kazi6 kun oldin
  • Corpses voice is like a m o i s t chocolate cake dripping in honey

    Anondita KaziAnondita Kazi6 kun oldin
  • Sorry if this is offensive to anyone but brett is tone deaf

    Davian QuezadaDavian Quezada6 kun oldin
  • 28:21 cute

    Megan Therese FuntanillaMegan Therese Funtanilla7 kun oldin
  • Corpse's laugh is so adorable at 7:30 min so evil and cute

    black bassblack bass7 kun oldin
  • why isnt james charles in jail

    MungeonDasterMungeonDaster7 kun oldin
  • Pls read me a bed time story

    ThxShxdowThxShxdow7 kun oldin
  • Corpse you had an 𝑬𝒎𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒍 break down, are you ok honey???

    Christiana RichardsChristiana Richards8 kun oldin
  • "I've been waiting for this moment my entire life, toast"

    Carl OlsenCarl Olsen8 kun oldin

    White RoseWhite Rose8 kun oldin
  • Corpse with his deep voice at 19:00 Corpse : I've been waiting for this moment my whole Toast (Serial killer moment)

    Mythreya BsMythreya Bs9 kun oldin
  • Corpse is has a big barain

    Mark FlorenMark Floren9 kun oldin
  • Ilove corpessssss

    Mark FlorenMark Floren9 kun oldin
  • Corpse’s laugh is so Satisfying to listen to istg 😔💘💘💘

    Stan BTS and BLACKPINK for a better life -3-Stan BTS and BLACKPINK for a better life -3-9 kun oldin
  • Did he just give an emotional speech about how he misses bingos 😭

    Stan BTS and BLACKPINK for a better life -3-Stan BTS and BLACKPINK for a better life -3-9 kun oldin
  • Mahal kita corpse from me from phillipines

    Megan Therese FuntanillaMegan Therese Funtanilla9 kun oldin
  • Lily S voice is soooooooo cute

    Megan Therese FuntanillaMegan Therese Funtanilla9 kun oldin
  • Bruh Bretman blaming lily she vented even if they both are crewmates

    Megan Therese FuntanillaMegan Therese Funtanilla9 kun oldin
  • Love ur songs corpse

    nightmare foxynightmare foxy9 kun oldin
  • You're right. Corpse can never look bad

    Ezura ArtEzura Art9 kun oldin
  • 44:36 ASMR with Corpse

    Naruto FanNaruto Fan9 kun oldin
  • When Corpse is talking when im using my headset it feels like im watching/listening to asmr 👁️👄👁️

    Alexa_PerezAlexa_Perez10 kun oldin
  • 31:34 "Wassup Baby lets go" AHAHAHAHA

    Kevionna JohnsonKevionna Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Yoooo corpse is so funny and fun to me

    Nyrina HenryNyrina Henry10 kun oldin

    GachaPersonUwUGachaPersonUwU10 kun oldin
  • I love the times when corpse just stays alone and talks

    Benjamin Das DavidBenjamin Das David10 kun oldin
  • LMAO, Sykkuno getting lured into a corner

    xthunder LIGHTxxthunder LIGHTx11 kun oldin
  • his voice while having the existential crisis brings me back to when i'd listen to his horror stories religiously damn kinda miss that but im so happy how he's blown up rn bro he deserves all good things

    benben11 kun oldin
  • 46:03 isn't just a hobby, it is a cultural reset, the oxygen you breathe, it’s a lifestyle, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves, its an art, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted. It's the serotonin that your brain provides. Aftter hearing you three laugh, i felt so motivated. it changed my whole life, now i’m a successfull person. i got 10 olympic gold medals, 6 oscars, 7 padma shree awards. next year i’m planning to buy moon. it’s all happened because of you. thank you so much.

    painpain11 kun oldin
  • This is my first time watching you- I'm scared •,👄,•

    Cocoa Jelly atcCocoa Jelly atc11 kun oldin
  • Corpse! one of the games.. could be like three word sentences..

    Kiyomi GamingKiyomi Gaming12 kun oldin
  • 31:47 just a time stamp for a filipino fan like myself, this is so cute. I'm totally simping!!!

    Lorie LeeLorie Lee12 kun oldin
  • Praise bingus

    StormStorm12 kun oldin
  • 15:18 that screech sounded exactly like a car braking

    JonasJonas12 kun oldin
  • Show me the goods

    gnomegnome12 kun oldin
  • Whys everyone apparently forgot what James Charles did, he's not a nice person

    Kaomi TaylorKaomi Taylor12 kun oldin
    • All the videos calling him out with proof and stuff are from like a week ago Older allegations weren't really thought to be true because there wasn't much proof Also, maybe I just haven't looked hard enough, but I haven't seen James in any newer videos with this group, so it does seem like they're distancing themselves

      ZuluZulu11 kun oldin
    • It's newer than the alligations and the confessions

      Kaomi TaylorKaomi Taylor12 kun oldin
    • I mean.. this is an old video..

      ZuluZulu12 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Corpse, Toast, Rae, and them are gonna hang with James Charles after all that stuff he did.

    Onika With A MustacheOnika With A Mustache12 kun oldin
  • I’m saying you can’t get imposters two times in a row you getting it four times in a row

    Brian OlivasBrian Olivas12 kun oldin
  • 19:01 when you finaly kill the person, the most artistic way, who caused you many troubles: "I live for the applause, you will die for it" -Jhin

    Zsolt LángZsolt Láng12 kun oldin
  • 19:00 Did u enjoy tag?

    -soba--soba-12 kun oldin
  • The lame font arguably cover because rooster expectantly separate abaft a level company. stereotyped, nutty destruction

    Brendan PassarellBrendan Passarell12 kun oldin
  • 0:17 Rae is so relatable 😂

    Fatima LargeFatima Large12 kun oldin
  • Toast was fuckin hilARIOUS with the lights thing, he's such a funny dude

    Judes MJudes M12 kun oldin
  • I loveee when corpse starts to laugh its so cute ^^

    emilyy ._.emilyy ._.12 kun oldin
  • Hey this video was on my recommend or how the fuck you say that (english aint my first language) and i just wanna ask who is lily???? Can someone tell me, is her voice really like that?

    jaehyunrubyjane kimjaehyunrubyjane kim12 kun oldin
    • I’m pretty sure it is like that, she’s known for her unique voice

      alicia perezalicia perez12 kun oldin
  • Ludwig wearing a dream hat 2nd game. And he killed dream first. I hate that. 😂😂

  • 18:20 did buddy just start crying

    Amari JordanAmari Jordan13 kun oldin
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    Ciaonte YoungCiaonte Young13 kun oldin
  • Wow, I actually knew that "mahal kita" because of my filipina gf, so it was just cool to hear in many voices

    Nate DawgNate Dawg13 kun oldin
  • E

    ThatOneSpacePandaThatOneSpacePanda13 kun oldin
  • That was great in the caffateria, hey I think u dropped a dollar in the top corner, lol!

    Devin McquinnDevin Mcquinn13 kun oldin
  • Corpse could be the batman....

    Devin McquinnDevin Mcquinn13 kun oldin
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    Kavionte BlemsKavionte Blems13 kun oldin