Loyalty is Worth More Than Diamonds | House of Dang Final Episode

17-May, 2020
3 464 722 Ko‘rishlar soni

Johnny Dang, AKA: “the King of Bling,” is hip-hop’s go-to guy for grillz, chains, and other custom jewelry pieces.
In this season one finale, we’ll join Johnny once more he returns to business as usual after a jam-packed week leading up to Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” music festival. Since then, Johnny has made the shocking discovery that his right-hand man violated his trust and must now deal with the fallout. With so much money & fame on the line, he’ll grapple with finding time for himself and his family while keeping his empire prosperous & secure for years to come.
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  • Ngưỡng mộ chú. Từ một thợ kim hoàng mà giờ trở thành vua Kim cương

    Tiến VlogTiến Vlog4 soat oldin
  • What kindergarten kid translated this. I have to send to friends,i laughed my head off!!

    Trevor WilsonTrevor Wilson7 soat oldin
  • I love this story. The only worrying aspect is how invested he is in his own legacy which could be detrimental to the happiness of his kids if they don't want to go that route of running the business

    Just a Random DudeJust a Random DudeKun oldin
  • YES

    Kimmy QueenKimmy QueenKun oldin
  • Man carrying that R9-0, but does he have dragons breath rounds?

    FanaticalplelFanaticalplelKun oldin
  • I call cap on everything them employees saying😂

    Island Boy CharielIsland Boy Chariel2 kun oldin
  • Johnny dang 2024

    Dustin LinderDustin Linder2 kun oldin
  • He may have earned everything he has. But he is now blind by money. He only caters to his Rapper clients. I sent a very compationate message looking to do business and it was ignored. This video is fake. Sorry Johnny Dang. Speak the truth brother. It will reward you in the afterlife.

    hihi2 kun oldin
  • Idk what is wrong with people you don't know this guy other than what he shows you and you don't know if what he shows is really honest

    prominentturkeyprominentturkey3 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dang come get your boy out in Boston loyalty no question said somebody would sell their soul for a couple dollars

    Boston quadBoston quad3 kun oldin
  • Tự hào khi a là một người con của đaklak

    Thân TrọngThân Trọng3 kun oldin
  • I remember when johny was starting off he came a long way

    288 South Shots288 South Shots4 kun oldin
  • How someone can steal from this man is beyond me. The greed will consume us all. TV Johnny ftw

    01001101 0101011101001101 010101114 kun oldin
  • That one guy screws his whole career. When so many people would love to have a boss like him, and knowing you would always live comfortable. If I had a job like that I would be loyal af knowing how respected and real my boss is in the community. And making good cash like that, what a idiot.

    Dd KinDd Kin5 kun oldin
  • Tôi rất thích xem video của bạn nhưng tôi lại không hiểu được nhiều những gì bạn nói. Bạn nên phụ đề thêm tiếng việt bên giới để nhiều người có thể hiểu được nội dung câu chuyện của bạn.

    Minh Võ QuangMinh Võ Quang5 kun oldin

    Cedonia RadeckeCedonia Radecke5 kun oldin
  • Hey sir any job openings for a retired combat vet

    VDUB & CoVDUB & Co6 kun oldin
  • You can be so loyal too someone and one day they'll still break it

    Tchoutchou O'BTchoutchou O'B6 kun oldin
  • Respect

    lihao zenglihao zeng6 kun oldin
  • give power to people who will use it to help others.

    bad indianbad indian6 kun oldin
  • Tự hào Vietnamese

    Dieuhe 96Dieuhe 966 kun oldin
  • He mr hire me wont ever steal and loyal to the end

    Duke ThatDuke That7 kun oldin
  • karma do good an luck get in

    t khemt khem7 kun oldin
  • Who does the sun title u should be fire bro on gawd

    Pac-Man GrowsPac-Man Grows7 kun oldin
  • The ubiquitous dibble holoprosencephaly attack because school reilly jam concerning a squealing brian. childlike, same broker

    Ker LozKer Loz7 kun oldin
  • Bro why would u burn a bridge that most people don’t have. He could’ve been making more if he never stole from him🤦‍♂️ people are stupid

    Alejandro Solis BecerraAlejandro Solis Becerra8 kun oldin
  • Giang không thích đeo nữ trang mà thích dòm jewelry. Có nhận viên kh? Chắc Giang phải đi làm thợ bạc đễ biết sao người ta mê jewelries.

    Gianny Kiều Giang - Cuộc Sống MỹGianny Kiều Giang - Cuộc Sống Mỹ8 kun oldin
  • My favorite part...”what’s your favorite food? Don’t say chicken man” to his son lol

    Harris HellerHarris Heller8 kun oldin
  • 👍🏻

    Lam Quoc CuongLam Quoc Cuong8 kun oldin
  • Jonny I’d do this punk for free homie

    Ani TAni T9 kun oldin
  • I love vietnam❤

    FiiLiip NguyễnFiiLiip Nguyễn9 kun oldin
  • That dude Johnny is the truth yo. He refused to make a statement to have that herb locked-up.

    Jose SantiagoJose Santiago9 kun oldin
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    Ryan FishermanRyan Fisherman9 kun oldin
  • xxxtentecionxxx

    dAniEL DiCkdAniEL DiCk9 kun oldin
  • i respect john he has so much money but he still humble and how i know hes not faken because he doesn't Bragg like xx did and a bunch others im sorry for the x thing no diss but i saw right through him when he bought stuff for those kids its still good hes still giving to the poor but im pretty sure he onley did that because a lot of other rappers were doing it so it made him look bad so x decide to go and give out abunch a stuff so he could keep up with other rappers but johny he isnt bragging and hes probably been doing it for ever god bless like i said i listen to x so i dont want a bunch of peapole hitting up this comment its a comment

    dAniEL DiCkdAniEL DiCk9 kun oldin
  • He sounds exactly like my mom when he says "Stupid"

    Phuong PhamPhuong Pham10 kun oldin
  • Love Johnny Dang

    PooHBaBy MoneYMonSTaPooHBaBy MoneYMonSTa10 kun oldin
  • Hey Johnny if you ever are scrolling through these comments.... I’m here to take the Greatest Opportunity you give the Houston family❗️

    Efrain RenteriaEfrain Renteria10 kun oldin
  • What happened to Jonnys Mic? MIND***

    D TaylorD Taylor11 kun oldin
  • God bless u brother be humble

    Daren LeDaren Le11 kun oldin
  • Who ever does y’all’s subtitles really gotta tighten up. I know it’s kinda hard to understand him some times but this was terrible lol

    ThatCajunThatCajun11 kun oldin
  • Reading the subtitles helps none.

    Anthony SilvaAnthony Silva12 kun oldin
  • Can you show us the coffee’s Shows us crawfishes

  • Lmao this closed captioning is funny Lowkey

    bean beanbean bean13 kun oldin
  • Johnny Boy stole two diamond watches and Mr. Dang didn't even press charges.

    Lasna34Lasna3413 kun oldin
  • He does really good jewelry 👍

    vvs Kevvvs Kev13 kun oldin
  • Thi is a commercial?

    WatchYoutubeAllDayWatchYoutubeAllDay13 kun oldin
  • Get tht money johnny boy it's good u fire him he shouldn't steal from the hand that fed and helped him

    Sonny AlmightyvoiceSonny Almightyvoice13 kun oldin
  • Dam Johnny can I work for u

    Marlene SanchezMarlene Sanchez13 kun oldin
  • Jhonny Dang was mad cause that guy ws his lover.

    Carlos arizCarlos ariz14 kun oldin
  • I would love to work for Johnny.. He looks like he is the best boss in the world

    Jerry SpringerJerry Springer14 kun oldin
  • Vietnamese people like temple

    Sâm Nguyễn ThịSâm Nguyễn Thị14 kun oldin
  • I’ll work for this man any day

    Frank CFrank C14 kun oldin
  • xin cánh tay VIET NAM

    Vàng Luxury TùngVàng Luxury Tùng14 kun oldin
  • As a Vietnamese. I was proud of him because he was so successful. But after watched this video, I give him even more respect for what he is doing there. There is passion, love and humanity at work place.

    khanh chungkhanh chung14 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dang is a fucking humble man

    Ariff FirdausAriff Firdaus14 kun oldin

    Alexandro ArellanoAlexandro Arellano14 kun oldin

    Alexandro ArellanoAlexandro Arellano14 kun oldin
  • Subtitles are wrong, it’s temple not tembour

    madawa rukshan wedisinghemadawa rukshan wedisinghe14 kun oldin
  • You need to send all that money to Congo and stop playing rolls this are Yankees you fooling but we know what’s going on in Congo

  • 6:36 yooo it's crazy cuz he looks like Muwop

    Smiley NationSmiley Nation15 kun oldin
  • Who the hell was on subtitles

    Tai KihiTai Kihi15 kun oldin
  • This guy didn’t just lose his job. Because of his greed for quick money. He’s not only lost an incredible opportunity. He lost a friend. He lost a network that could have brought him a lifestyle worth 1000x what he prob stole. 🤦🏼‍♂️ smh.

    J KJ K15 kun oldin
  • king of bling

    Taylor MasonTaylor Mason15 kun oldin
  • I’m true believer the more share and care the more you get blessed and I’m not talking about money. Johnny your the Man 🙏🏽

    nelson veganelson vega16 kun oldin
  • Buddha, Mohamed and other Religion can not satisfy. Jesus is the only way to save no other false God’s. For God so loved the world 🌍 🌎 that he gave us his only begotten son, whoever believes in him should not perish but have have internal life’s. A diamond 💎 or billion dollar without Jesus is nothing. It is all vanity, a vapor- meaning nothing.💨 GBU

    Alador Alpha ἄλφαAlador Alpha ἄλφα16 kun oldin

    KoKo FitFadedKoKo FitFaded16 kun oldin
  • The purpose of closed caption is that you believe you don't understand his accent but several times you had a word up that he didn't say. But I get it. I see the underlying tones.

    Xxxx Big RichXxxx Big Rich16 kun oldin
  • Hire me to replace Johny Boy! I have no need for millions just 70k a year and health benefits and ill be good living in a basement making jewls

    Erick RosalesErick Rosales16 kun oldin
  • Vietnamese people are the coolest to work for. I have Been working for my doctor and his wife going on 7 years. They have treated me like nothing less than family, I know after I finish my legal degree I will leave. But they will always have a place in my heart

  • The tame girdle karunagappally pretend because alarm greely steer sans a helpless lamp. telling, godly mirror

    Nicolas DetoreNicolas Detore16 kun oldin
  • It's sad that our black communities make other folks so wealthy. However, he did earn it. Im sure. But im sure we have plenty of great jewelry makers. We made him wealthy and not 1 black employee lol. As it tends to be because we naturally put our own on firsr

    Christian KalalaChristian Kalala16 kun oldin
  • One thing about me I HATE THIEVES.

    Ulises VasquezUlises Vasquez16 kun oldin
  • I wanna see Johnny go back to Vietnam to visit and do a vid

  • 10:15 is the truth💯💯💯

  • Was it just me or did it feel like Johnny was writing the captions as well lol... Johnny a good dude tho, much respect

    Hundo PHundo P17 kun oldin
  • Tự hào Việt Nam

    Nguyen DoanNguyen Doan17 kun oldin
  • so mr.dang is on the MV MACKLEMORE?

    sheiraph minavessheiraph minaves17 kun oldin
  • I'm boutta call up Michael and lester for this one👀

    ً ًً ً17 kun oldin
  • This is true ! For money any person ( from young teenager to old ) they can lost the honesty ; now everyone in the business want make fast money and they don’t care customers !

    An LyAn Ly18 kun oldin
  • name the song 12:03 plz

    Hùng Phạm ThanhHùng Phạm Thanh18 kun oldin
  • I would love to be a johnny boy

    Angel MartinezAngel Martinez18 kun oldin
  • The boss👍🏿

    Mamba AfricaMamba Africa18 kun oldin
  • Can I get a job

    Francisco AlmaguerFrancisco Almaguer18 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dang is a real hard working man for his family and some kid robbed from him Wtfffffffff super un-professional he lucky he didn’t get jail time because that’s chump change to johnny

    RosyRosy18 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dang is a legend

    Yoo B!Yoo B!18 kun oldin
  • God DANG!

    kyle phankyle phan18 kun oldin
  • Tv Johnny Legendary 💥 😬💥

    WHUT BMWHUT BM18 kun oldin
  • The closed caption on this video is hilarious because it can't understand Johnny lol...said he the king of thrills....not grills.

    Brandy BardgettBrandy Bardgett18 kun oldin
  • I feel like he wouldn't force his kids to follow in his steps if they didn't actually want to, unlike most celebrities

    CalebWithACCalebWithAC19 kun oldin
  • Johnny dang is so wholesome

    CalebWithACCalebWithAC19 kun oldin
  • I gotta say He is very respectful Johny Dang. I was there and was greeted by him literally i frozed in shock and excitement.

    Cgrice23Cgrice2319 kun oldin
  • Overpriced Krystals💎🌈 are d Root of all Illusions

    Roël SambornRoël Samborn19 kun oldin
  • First time I'm seeing the gentleman very humble may goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life sir

    Patrick SmithPatrick Smith19 kun oldin
  • Tự hào quá Việt Nam!

    Nguyễn Phi SơnNguyễn Phi Sơn19 kun oldin
  • Johnny had me at, "If we kept building and building temples we wouldn't have to keep building and building prisons." Well, hot Dang if you know what I'm sayin'! On the real though, you can't even imagine what a trip to Vietnam with Johnny Dang off the leash would be like.

    Freezy Does ItFreezy Does It19 kun oldin
  • He was stupid for Robing jonny dang Like he was it going yo find out freaking IDIOT FOR REAL🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Yedniel EmilYedniel Emil19 kun oldin
  • I swear he added me on facebook..?

    Kevin DaoKevin Dao19 kun oldin
  • Only true OGs wear blazers while eating crawfish frfr

    PMC05PMC0519 kun oldin
  • God darn now I wish I was working for him. He seems like such a fun person to just be friends with too!

    Sourav MahantySourav Mahanty20 kun oldin