Louisiana Officer Shot Himself, Lied About Being Ambush In An Alley

29-Sen, 2020
153 222 Ko‘rishlar soni

If you’ve been injured at a construction site or in any other kind of accident, dial #250 on your cell and say ‘THE BULL’ or visit www.msllegal.com

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  • This is what all the other "police shootings" are about. They're ramping the people so that their behaviors can be excused as working under pressure with the fear of being killed on the job. Notice how all the ahootings have grainy film and are shot from above at weird angles

    TJ SwannTJ Swann4 kun oldin
  • is a possible certain personality disorders, including: borderline personality disorder (BPD) narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) antisocial personality disorder

    barbie holmesbarbie holmes8 kun oldin
  • sick, liar, miseriable, disgusting , low self-esteem and would cause people to be hurt and targeting the wrong people

    barbie holmesbarbie holmes8 kun oldin
  • they like causing problems on their lies

    barbie holmesbarbie holmes8 kun oldin
  • liars liars cant tell the truth at all

    barbie holmesbarbie holmes8 kun oldin
  • He must've saw his shadow and thought a black man was trying to rob him..dumb ass

    leviallstarsleviallstars9 kun oldin
  • Old white dude voice lol they all sound the same . loser

    The Parliament GamingThe Parliament Gaming9 kun oldin
  • Cheddar Bob got a uniform?

    Harry JHarry J10 kun oldin
  • Uh, why is he on administrative leave? Shouldn't he be fired?

    Istvan CreguiIstvan Cregui10 kun oldin
  • There was a female officer that did this exact same thing.

    Flawed2Perfection - YAH'sChildFlawed2Perfection - YAH'sChild11 kun oldin
  • What A sick man!

  • The kkk been running these police departments. The FBI know this shit

    Bud StarrBud Starr15 kun oldin
  • Lord why must it be this way the hate in they heart gos deep so be it not much louder now

    larry neallarry neal16 kun oldin
  • Cops are just as flawed as the rest of the public

    legba eshu Danielslegba eshu Daniels17 kun oldin
  • Unless you shoot up a church

    Meliodas WraithMeliodas Wraith18 kun oldin
  • He stupid

    shida206shida20618 kun oldin
  • Lol I played football with him since Jr high 😂😂

    Taydoe JacksonTaydoe Jackson18 kun oldin
  • U know he said a black guy shot him

    rap sheetrap sheet18 kun oldin
  • This is what they are.

    TraceTrace19 kun oldin

    Alex StoneAlex Stone19 kun oldin
  • Administrative leave MEANS HE IS STILL GETTING PAID !!!!!!

  • Are we surprised that he shot himself in the leg and then lied about it? No 25 year old CHILD should ever be given a car, a gun, and power.

    Billie GriffinBillie Griffin20 kun oldin
  • He made a bad situation worse

    stephen youngstephen young20 kun oldin
  • No comment

    Keisha HendersonKeisha Henderson20 kun oldin
  • Telling the truth would have made punishment much liter maybe even wouldn't have lost his gig💯

    Arcell McgowanArcell Mcgowan21 kun oldin
  • Plaxico Burress went to prison for accidentally shooting himself this dude should be in prison too

    Nuff916SaidNuff916Said21 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/s4S4hcJukZmxrKI

  • He talk to much! ..

    richard davisrichard davis22 kun oldin
  • Yes , right up the street from my house !! And it was a little shopping center in Pineville, La smh

    Cecy BCecy B22 kun oldin
  • How old are you? 25 shit you at least 40 LOL

    The real J BThe real J B22 kun oldin
  • He seen his black shadow and shot it and it ricocheted and shot himself

    The real J BThe real J B22 kun oldin
  • If he can write a false report to cover up his retarded blunder ..what can competent officers do in these situations by writting false reports. You dont think they are capable of fabricating stories that fit their narrative .. ?

    Rico UnRulyRico UnRuly23 kun oldin
  • What goes around comes around. Ever heard of Jessie Smollet & Bubba Wallace?

    David JonesDavid Jones23 kun oldin
  • Police start race wars for fun all the time

    Keke BellaKeke Bella23 kun oldin
  • Lord. I just drove through Pineville.

    msparkamsparkamsparkamsparka23 kun oldin
  • Gulag Jr?

    Wu AlumniWu Alumni23 kun oldin
  • He dont even look honest, that should have been a red flag when he applied for the job.

    Willie PurdomWillie Purdom23 kun oldin
  • Officer Smollet Head ass

    Todd MaekTodd Maek23 kun oldin
  • .........why? 🧐

    Okello HopeOkello Hope23 kun oldin
  • the suspect was armed the officer was in fear for his life

    freedommmcfreedommmc23 kun oldin
  • Not only is he a donkey. He's a dumb ass donkey too 😭

    Melanted Queen Child of TMHMelanted Queen Child of TMH23 kun oldin
  • Lol.....Chedar Bob

    Alex AlvaradoAlex Alvarado23 kun oldin
  • None of this is surprising... he’s just on the spot because there’s a spot light on cops.

    MMB628 JrMMB628 Jr23 kun oldin
  • He should have complied.

    Not SureNot Sure23 kun oldin
  • Roland with the shits!! And I'm here for it😂😂!!

    Nia MartinezNia Martinez24 kun oldin
  • Awesome video

    Shomari MonroeShomari Monroe24 kun oldin
  • Facts

    Shomari MonroeShomari Monroe24 kun oldin
  • Well, if he’s not Ambush then who is and why lie about it in an alley? I’m sure there were plenty of other better places to go lie about it.

    SP-404 HypNodiQ SoundJunkieSP-404 HypNodiQ SoundJunkie24 kun oldin
  • I wonder what the suspect description was in his report 🤔

    Luff ZombeeLuff Zombee24 kun oldin
  • He feared for his life so he shot😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣💩

    jasper tooyoujasper tooyou24 kun oldin
  • Hes sick in the head

    Niema SaundersNiema Saunders24 kun oldin
  • A cop in my neighborhood poked himself in the semitery & blamed it on a black dude with dreds.🖕🏾🖕🏾🤬 Real story is him & his stripper gf got into a fight & she 🔪 him.. 🤣🤣🤣

    A WilkinsA Wilkins24 kun oldin
  • Bring it out!!

    Spc. T. MurdochSpc. T. Murdoch24 kun oldin
  • Lol if anyone believe this off that information. Then they need help..really Compton.

    Johnny HintonJohnny Hinton24 kun oldin
  • That town is definitely racist. Im from Louisiana i know

    Brandon BellBrandon Bell24 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    evangelina greyevangelina grey24 kun oldin
  • I can't believe a PINEVILLE cop made it to the breakfast club, everybody at work was talking about how he got shot, I cant wait to buss they bubble tmrw, feeling sorry for him an shit, smmfh

    Jasmyn SmithJasmyn Smith24 kun oldin
  • Mean while y’all still black balling Tory lanez for a shorting he didn’t do

    Malik PiersonMalik Pierson24 kun oldin
  • I’m Italian/ Irish from AC, New Jersey. I visited small town Louisiana from 2002-2004. Never went back. Those people are those “nosy neighbors” you hear of The cops are worse. They didn’t like my walk , my talk, or my body language. They used to give me breathalyzers when they saw me walking down the street. Knowing I had walked home from the bar after work. I was 23 at the time. That place suckssss.

    Ron CapodoloRon Capodolo24 kun oldin
  • Daniel Cameron is currently working to make sure he doesn't get indicted

    Ice Man XIce Man X24 kun oldin
  • The thing is it shows some serious will and commitment to falsehood for an individual to shoot themselves and blame it on others. There's a serious lack of integrity in that. This man is not only prepared to lie to get what he wants he is also prepared to SUFFER and SACRIFICE for that lie. Any sane judge would re investigate every single case such an unstable person has ever been involved in. This guy should never ever be a police officer again in any city or state.

    fns153fns15324 kun oldin
  • The Breonna Taylor cop also shot himself to make it look as if Breonna boyfriend bullet landed. But ballistics is telling a different story.

    fns153fns15324 kun oldin
  • PPD been over aggressive for years in the Black community with a Black mayor.

    Jay BaptisteJay Baptiste24 kun oldin
  • He’s still breathing so we know he need more target practice

    Wanda JonesWanda Jones25 kun oldin
  • If this man shot himself, you know he don't give a F'K about shooting you!

    Cory BrownCory Brown25 kun oldin
  • This not only shows police officers need sensitive training when it comes to non white citizens they need to learn how to handle their weapons too LOL

    poison dartpoison dart25 kun oldin
  • What was that for? Let me say this..did he shoot himself in the foot or in the leg that was no where close to the main arteries..smh..he's one cop that doesn't need to be on the police force..I believe he's trying to start a race war..SMDH..this generation is not their ancestors..they need to leave well enough alone..FrFr

    Sharon MontgomerySharon Montgomery25 kun oldin
  • Lemme find out there’s a bunch of cops willing to shoot themselves to get shit pop’n

    LaToya GrahamLaToya Graham25 kun oldin
  • Funny how the media not covering this like Smollett

    Clayton MillerClayton Miller25 kun oldin
  • Here they go with that administrative leave BS again

    Desmond QuickDesmond Quick25 kun oldin
  • Maybe he has a criminal history, maybe he failed to comply with himself lol

    Live YRLive YR25 kun oldin
  • They dont have power they have guns and numbers

    no love chuckno love chuck25 kun oldin
  • Foxnews report this

    Bella ReeseBella Reese25 kun oldin
  • Placed on administrative leave again. I served on a jury where a police officer filed a false report, amongst many other things, and filing a false report is violating your oath. Violating your oath is a felony charge. How is he only on administrative leave?

    Galen HartGalen Hart25 kun oldin
  • I live in Rapides but Alexandria Louisiana the police are already terribly aggressive in Pineville. We know better to even go through Pineville half stepping in any type of way or you are going to have problems.

    jarrad Greenjarrad Green25 kun oldin
  • I don’t know I think we should blindly believe that he got attacked just like we do the same with black people when they say “I didn’t do nothing.”

    Cesar ValleCesar Valle25 kun oldin
  • Lmao cheddar bob ass cop

    Lexi SnowLexi Snow25 kun oldin
  • John Gulag jr shot himself

    X AndrettiX Andretti25 kun oldin
  • There is so much in this world

    Joshua JeffersonJoshua Jefferson25 kun oldin
  • He trying to get that go fund me money

    kin fkin f25 kun oldin
  • Boi this shit is getting crazy

    nothing but the truthnothing but the truth25 kun oldin
  • LoL Admin leave!?!

    Paris HarperParis Harper25 kun oldin
  • A victim of premature male pattern baldness, an unsuccessful drop-out from slip and fall school, and the unwilling recipient of a mortifying criminal charge. This is the unholy trinity of supreme failure.

    ZodiacZodiac25 kun oldin
  • Administration leave .....really!

    Adrienne BessAdrienne Bess25 kun oldin
  • This show is turning into another "Empire". They're going to loose a lot of viewers.

    m018264808888m01826480888825 kun oldin
  • "Cheddar Bob ass cop!"

    Gary GarrettGary Garrett26 kun oldin
  • And this dude lied in an area known for Klan activity. I live in Louisiana so I know. Many ppl could have gotten innocently locked up or killed behind this lie.

    cocoa meluvcocoa meluv26 kun oldin
  • A negligent discharge has less consequences than lying about being ambushed. In case ppl thought cops couldn’t be lying sacks of shit here you go

    AlastorDarkAngelAlastorDarkAngel26 kun oldin
  • While the focus is what he did but the REAL question is WHY he did it?🤔

    Thaxton WatersThaxton Waters26 kun oldin
  • And we are out there expecting to be treated fairly by people like this.... smh !!! 🙄🙄🙄

    henry pirrethenry pirret26 kun oldin
  • -____=

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik26 kun oldin
  • what is done when he was bored on the side of the road jerking off with his gun

    Ron J WoodRon J Wood26 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Jasmin C.Jasmin C.26 kun oldin
  • How is he not fired though? How he just get put on leave?

    J WhiteJ White26 kun oldin
  • Blue live matter had nothing to say, no black person to blame.

    Gregory's Podcast.Gregory's Podcast.26 kun oldin
  • Now let's see lamestream media plaster this

    ray hanesray hanes26 kun oldin
  • This is nothing new. Think about the breonna Taylor case he was shot in the thigh. Cops always shoot themself in the thigh or arm/shoulder

    Marcus CopelandMarcus Copeland26 kun oldin
  • A female cop did this 2 years ago, blamed it on a black man top

    ray hanesray hanes26 kun oldin
  • How did he even pass the written portion of the police academy testing? He looks slow AF.

    ballsoutballisticballsoutballistic26 kun oldin