🐢 Lost Turtle Drifting 1000km Away From Home | FULL EPISODE | S08E10 | Bondi Vet

28-Sen, 2020
78 509 Ko‘rishlar soni

Chris treats a turtle that has been found in a critical state a very long way from home.
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A dachshund with back issues and an energetic Labrador with serious back-legs problems are treated.


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  • We have to be more proactive about keeping the beaches and waterways free from plastic garbage the marine animals lives depend on it. ❤

    Shirley LaboyShirley Laboy25 kun oldin
    • I agree they should keep things clean the animals can't. Do it themselves

      Debra WalkerDebra Walker12 kun oldin
    • Absolutely! Watch videos by Ocean Conservation Namibia for more evidence of this.

      Woman of SubstanceWoman of Substance20 kun oldin
    • See turtles eat squid and I have seen photos of plastic and its scary how much plastic looks like what they eat.

      Abby GillespieAbby Gillespie21 kun oldin
    • @B. Harry Yep, and I bought several of those bracelets. I gave one to every one of my friends. I also send the 50 dollars a month. I'm proud to support their efforts. They are making a difference. (Jan Griffiths).,

      Douglas GriffithsDouglas Griffiths23 kun oldin
    • @Shirley Laboy cell phones are the single biggest pollution in the WORLD

      zhinkazhinka24 kun oldin
  • harry and Charlie aare sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

    Linda NorrisLinda Norris2 kun oldin
  • great to see fluke the turtle recovered and released 👏👏 tough girl!

    j liriej lirie3 kun oldin
  • I love how Chris, Lisa and the other vet surgeons on this Bondi Vet series show the entire process of surgeries, the episodes that Scott does on Bondi's Vet on the Hill does not show the surgical process. That's the bummer.

    Sherry KuchinskySherry Kuchinsky6 kun oldin
  • Flukey was looking up at Chris like she was saying thank you to him!

    Jodi StantonJodi Stanton8 kun oldin
  • I love this show I live in Bondi but I have been to Chris for my dog

    Butterflies NurseryButterflies Nursery9 kun oldin
  • I love Flukie. I hope she's doing okay out in the ocean.

    Jackie FrankJackie Frank9 kun oldin
  • Never walk a dog on a collar. Always use a harness.

    VeracityVeracity9 kun oldin
  • I've never seen Tim with such a sad face. I'm so heartbroken by it. 💔💔💔

    Hotaru TailHotaru Tail10 kun oldin
  • Every action has a reaction. Please be aware of the consequences of littering and using non-biodegradable materials. Everyones actions matter, so let's leave a positive impact on the environment

    Misaki T.Misaki T.11 kun oldin
  • They are so good with children, it’s so sweet to see 💜

    Leah RichardsLeah Richards11 kun oldin
  • ⚫️🔺⚪️🟢🟣🔴🟦🟩◼️🟫⬜️🟧🟧🟥⚫️🔺

    Geneva McNaughtonGeneva McNaughton11 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who likes Bondi vet more than vet on the hill? But I honestly love them both sm

    Cazmeris landonCazmeris landon13 kun oldin
  • 🐢🐶💪💪🙏🙏

    小銀小金小銀小金15 kun oldin
  • Dr.Chimes having baby 2? Congrats!! Frankie and Charlie are such gorgeous dogs! Their coats are stunning! Love to Fluke!!!

    SimonaLyne EnderzSimonaLyne Enderz15 kun oldin
  • Harry is so pure, oh my goodness ❤

    SteviiLoveSteviiLove15 kun oldin
  • NGL the quality of the video seems like its filmed in 2010

    Pressure BreshPressure Bresh16 kun oldin
  • Love Charlie and its owner the little boy, the cutest ever. And soo many little barnacles on that poor turtle I hope she makes it 10 more minutes to watch. Really amazing people that care for these sick and injured animals. May they forever be blessed by excellent health. The oceans are yours turtle.

    una milanuna milan17 kun oldin
  • Watching Dr Steve's narration of the surgery, and I'm not seeing anything! Good thing he's the doctor!

    commonwealpanthercommonwealpanther18 kun oldin
  • i have a dachsuand

    Paula Maria RangelPaula Maria Rangel18 kun oldin
  • I love the vet video and I want to be a vet

    Monica WillsieMonica Willsie18 kun oldin
  • Would have loved to see the fisherman and Tim Faulkner also at the farewell of fluke. Because without that fisherman, fluke wouldn't have come to the care of so many good people like Tim, Dr. Chris and Marina + her team @ sea life sanctuary.

    Nadia BanerjeeNadia Banerjee19 kun oldin
  • The story of the turtle almost made me cry. Can you imagine that poor thing was starving and in pain floating at the top of the water for a month :,,,(

    Leigh DavisLeigh Davis19 kun oldin
  • Why can’t I watch the new video in the US? 🙁

    Sonya BryantSonya Bryant19 kun oldin
  • It is not clear if you returned Flukey to the area she came from. I hope you did.

    Woman of SubstanceWoman of Substance20 kun oldin
  • Harry is so cute!! Oh man!!

    Michele RogersMichele Rogers20 kun oldin
    • The way he is with Charlie. Saying he can’t run now because Charlie can’t. How sweet!

      Michele RogersMichele Rogers20 kun oldin
  • Wish you all the best. Bless your heart guys for taking care of all your animal patients.🙋‍♀️🐕❤🐕🌻🐕🌈🐕☺️🐕😘🐕😻🐕

    Marie AstwoodMarie Astwood20 kun oldin
  • 35:28 *BIRB* I have 4 budgies, one of them is a baby girl •w•

    The Imposter Behind The SlaughterThe Imposter Behind The Slaughter20 kun oldin
  • Looks like who ever told me that lisa was pregnant might be right. Hope lisa good luck and happy to see her again love from stockhlom sweden sorry if I'm bad English love u all hope lisa good luck hooe u ok n doing well and where are the masks here we still have to ware them sadly

    Sara FarellSara Farell20 kun oldin
  • I hope she don't die poor turtle 🐢

    Samone WorthamSamone Wortham21 kun oldin
  • Yay, surgery footage!

    Rupert MillerRupert Miller22 kun oldin
  • I absolutely appreciate seeing the surgery. I've wanted to become a vet from the age of 3 and stumbling on this channel has fed my dream to the next extreme. Love you guys keep up the good work

    Daesha MillsDaesha Mills22 kun oldin
  • Flukey’s story was incredible! Brought tears to my eyes. I am doing everything possible in my life to reduce plastics in my life. I wish everyone would do the same.

    Teresa MatsonTeresa Matson22 kun oldin
  • It is incredible the education we are getting on all animal's.but we need our wild life to be safe so sad for that sea 🐢 all sea animal's.

    Ana FelixAna Felix23 kun oldin
  • hey where is the turtle? this is a dog. reported for clickbait.

    Carrie HallahanCarrie Hallahan23 kun oldin
  • Love how people of all walks of life call on Tim/Chris to help out any animal even out of norm from his clinic/park & they’re always there and/or know plenty of caring people who can also help after they do all they can. Shows their compassion for all beings big & small. 💗☺️

    EikanaEikana23 kun oldin
  • That poor turtle and people think balloon releases are ok????

    Katherine RichardsonKatherine Richardson23 kun oldin
  • Frankie's little noises are adorable!

    amaccoyamaccoy23 kun oldin
  • Thank you to the professionals shown in this clip. Now, just to educate humans about throwing garbage, plastic in our oceans.

    J Anne SmithJ Anne Smith23 kun oldin
  • Great Show! Great Vet.

    Whatever WhateverWhatever Whatever23 kun oldin
  • I know not all outcomes are this good, but I totally love happy endings. Cool quilt in the budgie's exam room.

    Dannie NDannie N23 kun oldin
  • I wish it was better known that mutts make better pets, mainly due to them having less issues. I have only owned a few purebreds that my mom purchased. Well, I currently have a precious little male Russian Blue we found abandoned by the road at 5 weeks old. The purebreds I had were all kinda dumb. Maybe it was the breed? I don't know. They all died much younger than my mutts. I had a pitbull boxer mix who had to be put to sleep at age 16. Most of my mutts either died by accident or died before age 8. 3 pomeranians, a miniature schnauzer, probably some others. Mutts make better companions the more mixed they are. The more mixer they are, the better the health because they're farther away from the genetic issues purebreds have. So much healthier pup and longer lifespan. My pitbull boxer mix lived much longer than she should have. Boxers die pretty young, they're prone to tumors, which is what took her, but they often get these around age 8-10. I think pitbulls may be a bit tougher, but I can't remember right now.

    Hex MorganHex Morgan23 kun oldin
  • Yay, the surgeries are not cut out! That endoscopic surgery of the joints was so amazing. Just a little hole and such improvement :)

    Ada B.Ada B.23 kun oldin
  • This was a good episode. The editing was well put togetehr and while I know that the surgery part usually needs to be cut from youtube, I don't think I felt lost or confused even once during this episode!

    Jenetiko WildCatJenetiko WildCat24 kun oldin
  • aaww the littlr bugie remind me of my own when i was a little girl, i lost him to and never found him i hope his owner found him. his name was pikaatcu yea i know but remember i was a liitle kid that loved pokemon haha. (sorry for my bad eng).

    xxXHikariXxxxXHikariXx24 kun oldin
  • Frankies ears are so adorable when she’s on the CT table. So glad how they help all these animals.

    guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c324 kun oldin
  • The budgie at the end was adorable, but those bites hurt! I used to work with them and even a small bite felt like a needle slowly going in!

    phantasmicmasquephantasmicmasque24 kun oldin
  • Awe, I had a black lab named Charlie. 😊 He passed Dec last year😔

    ꧁Legendary Zelda꧂꧁Legendary Zelda꧂24 kun oldin
  • I like seeing the different designs Dr Steve has on his surgical caps 🙂

    Alissa GAlissa G24 kun oldin
  • The camera man chasing after Flukey swimming away free must of been like 🏃 🏃 🏃 XD

    Chill Oreo :3Chill Oreo :324 kun oldin
  • Poor Baby Turtle ;A;

    Elena The Artist and GamerElena The Artist and Gamer24 kun oldin
  • If these are filmed in chronological order Lisa's stomach dropped majorly from the last video. Did work until she went into labor?

    Hannnah CampbellHannnah Campbell24 kun oldin
  • It's going to be a sad day when we reach the end of the Chris Brown hosted episodes.

    PhyzinPhyzin24 kun oldin
  • Love how there was positive ending with all the animals. You all do such great work!!

    Linda NolfLinda Nolf24 kun oldin
  • Gimme that fresh bondi vet video i need it after today *snorts the bondivet video in one go* ohhh yes baby thats the stuff

    RobertRobert24 kun oldin
  • The surgery that Charlie went through reminds me a lot of mine when I had an accident taking a turn too sharp on my motorcycle. I tore my ACL, ripped my meniscus, and tore bone fragment off My knee that the doctor had to go fishing for lol. Thankfully it was still an outpatient surgery so I was home after half a day, but I was bed ridden for over 2 months afterwards.

    Jessica GrossJessica Gross24 kun oldin
  • The Chinese government dumps thousands of pounds of plastic in the ocean in spite of the harm it causes along with other nations I'm sure,but a young man has recently invented a plastics "rake" that gathers the plastic waste and it is recycled! HOPE!!! I know we all could clean it up if we weren't so damn worried about convenience and the bottom line! We don't need to ban plastics recycling works and should be rewarded!

    Mary SpaabeckMary Spaabeck24 kun oldin
  • HURRAY!!! Bondi Vet!!!!

    Kathryn TateKathryn Tate24 kun oldin
  • Everybody is forgetting Dr Steve ! love for Dr Steve

    Visagan GuganVisagan Gugan24 kun oldin
  • But did the budgie find his owners??

    Alison BryantAlison Bryant24 kun oldin
  • All of us should care and love our innocent animals

    daban yaseendaban yaseen24 kun oldin
  • Ya podrían traducirlo al idioma español

    Gilda 906090Gilda 90609024 kun oldin
  • Was anyone else thinking “Charlie bit my finger!” When Harry was talking?....just me? Ye....

    Funny BunnyFunny Bunny24 kun oldin
  • You guys did a brilliant job in rehabilitating that turtle,...it quadrupled in size and man is she a pearler!!

    Rachael RogersRachael Rogers24 kun oldin
  • It's so cute how Bondi vet's videos have emoji at the beginning of their titles.

    Felicia_1111Felicia_111124 kun oldin

    Rachael RogersRachael Rogers24 kun oldin
  • 17:19 - Getting rid of gas... Do turtles fart?

    old fanold fan24 kun oldin
  • Feed her Chris, FEED HER!

    Rachael RogersRachael Rogers24 kun oldin
  • Yessss! Its dr.brown and vet liza 🤩😍🥰

    Breach ArceBreach Arce24 kun oldin
  • Love this show

    chichichi998chichichi99824 kun oldin
  • Great footage. I love being able to see the actual surgery. Both cases were very well covered. I love to learn.

    Carol SydneyCarol Sydney24 kun oldin
  • I can depend on youuuu.......aaaaa aa aaaa ....I can depend on you.❤️

    M AM A24 kun oldin
  • Who pays for the care and medicine for animals like the turtle? Do Chris’s clinic pay for everything? 🤔

    MiyakiesMiyakies25 kun oldin
  • That turtle release made me tear up.. and I didn't even know her.. I totally get that this is emotional for the rescuers T^T 💕 Well done! ... So beautiful, such a strong little soldier. Love you people! 💕 from The Netherlands

    LadidaLadida25 kun oldin
  • Loved this episode, I also liked how they showed the surgeries since they probably had to censor it in some of the other episodes. Flukey's story is sad and I'm happy that she made a full recovery! Goes to show how we really need to collectively work towards clean oceans and beaches.

    Tanvi VaishampayanTanvi Vaishampayan25 kun oldin
  • These vets are such good roll models!!

    Delaney MansellDelaney Mansell25 kun oldin
  • I want more turtles!

    Merlely BirdMerlely Bird25 kun oldin
  • Wow, poor turtle baby

    Merlely BirdMerlely Bird25 kun oldin
  • is docter lisa having a baby

    Lillia InghamLillia Ingham25 kun oldin
  • Is there any disease that these vets don’t know about and how to cure? Chris is so unbelievably talented with his ‘homemade’ remedies that work to cure weird dog and cat personality traits. I really had to laugh at the time that a boxer was scaring Chinese people when he was in Beijing when walking along the beach I seem to recall. The people would would step away from the dog to avoid contact. What did Chris do? He left the owner with the dog, went into a store and purchased a large Panda suit. He dressed the dog in the panda costume and the people took pictures and walked up to the boxer and petted him and all the fear of him went away. it’s this type of ‘homemade’ remedies that Chris comes up with that makes him unique in veterinary medicine. Scott Miller does the same thing as Chris does. I cannot even imagine a vet in the US even thinking like these two vets do much less doing them seemingly at their cost. It appears that when they do something like this that they pay for it out of their own pockets. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Richard ButlerRichard Butler25 kun oldin
  • Is pet care cheaper in Australia than in the US? Doing CT scans and the back surgery on Frankie makes me wonder the cost. That surgery is a good $5-10k and just to see a specialist to do that surgery is $2k in the door. The people on this show don’t seem to bat an eye about that.

    Donna YancyDonna Yancy25 kun oldin
    • I am not sure but Bondi is a well off neighbourhood and I guess that the owners can afford it

      Lola LolaLola Lola25 kun oldin
  • Cut that doxie's nails !!

    Tatt GalTatt Gal25 kun oldin
  • Does Fluke have a latex allergy? Just a small bit can cause so many issues!!

    Rebecca MooreRebecca Moore25 kun oldin
  • Aren’t they in Australia why did frankies owner say 6 feet

    lilkitty333lilkitty33325 kun oldin
    • Idk

      Watermelon PlayzWatermelon Playz25 kun oldin
    • @Watermelon Playz what? I mean doesn't Australia use the metric system and not ft or inches

      lilkitty333lilkitty33325 kun oldin
  • Frankie was walking worse than ever before so I’ll wait three days to take her to the vet. Good job. Then he’s referred to as the ‘devoted owner’. But we need to take a ct scan right away or this dog may never walk again because she’s deteriorating so quickly. Sean is a jerk, oh, I guess he’s not the one in agony.

    Cyndi FooreCyndi Foore25 kun oldin
  • I love the longer length. Thank you!

    Cindi AllainCindi Allain25 kun oldin
  • Anyone that thinks releasing balloons into the sky is a good way to celebrate something.. needs to see this episode.. what goes up must come down.. stop creating this type of garbage..

    DarC LanDsDarC LanDs25 kun oldin
  • Why did they check a bird for a chip? How do you microchip a parrot? Especially one that small! Most birds should have ankle identification not chips.

    Abz KittyAbz Kitty25 kun oldin
  • Thanks for showing the procedures!

    Muhammed Yaseen EbrahimMuhammed Yaseen Ebrahim25 kun oldin
  • My fav show so far, i have watched every videos and i love all of them. I can depand on this show when i am down. God bless all the vets and all the animals.

    Nubz leonard Konchok TharchenNubz leonard Konchok Tharchen25 kun oldin
  • Yall always have such good boys and well behaved animals.

    SmithKittyKatSmithKittyKat25 kun oldin
  • When Chris said that he had to get creative to help Flukey, he *really* got creative. I'm impressed.

    Crystle PressonCrystle Presson25 kun oldin
  • Kudos to Frankies owner for keeping her trim. FYI there is almost no pain with arthroscopies, a little uncomfortable but not significant pain. Bone surgery is extremely painful for about 3 days but animals deal with pain differently than people. These vets do amazing work and do not get nearly enough credit. Love the hair cut story..

    Pamela PenickPamela Penick25 kun oldin
  • I see Chris I click faster then a lightning bolt!

    Paige HampsonPaige Hampson25 kun oldin
  • Linda PetersLinda Peters25 kun oldin
  • Thank you for making this channel you inspire me of being a vet.

    Layla GonzalezLayla Gonzalez25 kun oldin
  • SuperMom, baby stroller, Harry and Charlie all in tow.

    2010Hals2010Hals25 kun oldin
  • Vet Hunk and Reptile King get a face to face?!?! Awesome!

    pixylipspixylips25 kun oldin
  • Thanks Dr Chris and Tim for saving Little Fluky, 💙🐦. And to. All the rest who work so hard to heal the Animals 👍. JO JO IN VT 💕😄🇺🇸 p

    Joanne GanonJoanne Ganon25 kun oldin
  • It was so sweet seeing the little boy eagerly waiting for his puppy! I haven't had a true "aww" moment like that in a while.

    KatLady85KatLady8525 kun oldin