Lost World of the Maya (Full Episode) | National Geographic

30-Dek, 2020
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The Maya - their soaring pyramids, monumental cities and mythical mastery of astronomy and mathematics have captured our imaginations and spurred generations of explorers into the jungles of Central America on a quest to understand them. Lost World of the Maya surveys their dramatic rise to prominence in the 'pre-classic era' of the Maya as well as new evidence of the collapse of their civilization in the 800-900's AD. Want even more Maya? Try Lost Treasures of the Maya on Disney+ www.disneyplus.com/series/lost-treasures-of-the-maya/28zbOEnF6bQy
Want more on the World of the Maya? Watch Buried Truth of the Maya on the National Geographic Site & App: www.nationalgeographic.com/tv/movies-and-specials/buried-truth-of-the-maya
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Lost World of the Maya (Full Episode) | National Geographic
National Geographic

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    • The end of life held more value than the beginning of it, regardless of caste. The sacrifice of a few seemed to appeal to those of grandiose.

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  • Yes, call the wall in the cave a treasure so the graverobbers get incited. Good job!

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  • What did they use to build like stick all the rocks together

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  • It's neither Amazonia nor Guatemala. It's way up north Yucatán.

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  • They use lydar ( lie dar) a lot more than you know these days...

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  • Look at the tribes within the forest. They attack the smaller tribes so they wouldn't have people from other tribes going through the land.

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  • this is not from guatamala

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  • Very informative and interesting video

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  • Maya is the Month of May Pay homage 🙏

  • that is the where the Pirámide of KOBa or COBA , is out of this world nothing to do with the Amazon River that is far in SOUTH America down VENEZUELA and Brazil northest. Yucatan mayas were far enough down to Guatemala and Belize not even in Honduras or farther Besides , I ve hear Yucatan are Plains ,, no mountaisn check it out !!!

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  • What's amazing about this video is the supposition and invented drama.

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  • Well archaeologist, its not 2012 but 2021

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  • So we just gone keep up this lie as if they weren’t black people😂 And if race doesn’t matter why keep lying about it🤔

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  • Plse make sure Amazon jungle is locates in Guatemala

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  • Isn't there stories about people going there then being astounded, Then 200 years later people went back and found nothing as the jungle had over grown it and that the first people brought some thing like the 'flu. Which wiped them out. So they thought the first explorers made it up......?

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  • Great to see ancient mexican history mayan african left behind in for american civilization in mesoamerican which is now american civilization

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  • Could it be disease destroyed mass portions of populations? I'm interested in learning the possible causes

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  • She keeps saying "Amazon Jungle" but they're in the Yucatan Jungle in Southwestern Mexico, Guatemala...etc. in central America. The Amazon is in South America. Mainly Brazil. 😳🤦‍♂️😅✌🏼

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  • wait, what did they pierce ouch

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  • I wish and hope someone could help us trace our ancestors, we are small groups of indigenous people but we don't have any evidence accept our stories shared by our elders, I would really appreciate it if someone could help us out, we reside in a very small forest reserved area with no identity but according to our elders story we called ourselves as Chorei community in Northeast India and I think we are connected to the Mayan and we're still unrecognized by the Indian Government

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  • Maya in sanskrit means magic , who knows there is connection between two civilization

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  • I love how they keep calling it a cult even after their own expert tells them that's not the right term. 😄 Also most of their conjecture is logically incoherent unfortunately. They make some serious reaches. Lol

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  • I studied mayan art that drawing looks like it was made in the New world not BC the labor is real .. so many questions ... For the Maya's

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  • quetzalcoatl is also goddess of the Sun she lived along with gilgamesh kingu jaguar tiamat gorgon, in babilonia days jaguar is the king of the juggle he has also divine power he and quetzalcoatl are partner

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  • quetzalcoatl The Feathered Serpent was a prominent supernatural entity or deity, found in many Mesoamerican religions. It is still called Quetzalcoatl among the Aztecs, Kukulkan among the Yucatec Maya, and Q'uq'umatz and Tohil among the K'iche' Maya.

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  • They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise: therefore thou hast visited and destroyed them, and made all their memory to perish! KJV Isaiah 26:14. The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us. There is no remembrance of former things: neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after! KJV Ecclesiastes 1:9-11.

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  • Surprisingly low quality documentary from NG. I expect better research, better content, better presentation from them. This was like episode by some random people with very little study of subject.

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  • If this new technology thing is real to find these lost civilizations n all thats amazing. The Aztecs/Mayas and jus things of ancient history is something so awesome to find and hear about, always some curiosity about how it was back in that time. Only if we can time travel lol no new technology for that yet then?? 😅

    Jack FrostJack Frost2 kun oldin
  • It is amazing how our ancestors created these buildings in such a way they lasted decades. It is also amazing that how they believed in god when they had no clue what god actually looked like.

    Harnoor NagraHarnoor Nagra2 kun oldin
    • @Nicholas Michaels You know how different cultures have statues or photo frames of their "gods" that's what I'm talking about. like its amazing how they worshipped "jaguars". hey sorry if I offended you in any way.

      Harnoor NagraHarnoor Nagra23 soat oldin
    • What does "God" look like?

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  • And mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012 and we are in 2021 we still alive lol :)

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  • There is a similarities between pharoahs and romans the mayans

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  • It always seems obvious to me that these people encountered another people who seemed to have brought them knowledge they previously were not available to them. I believe that Egyptians and other Africans brought this knowledge esp. the building of pyramids for the dead.

    Be YourselfBe Yourself2 kun oldin
    • Mayans, advanced? Really? Advanced, right! If the Mayans were so great why did they barely survive the conquistadores? What other people who went out like the dodo can be considered advanced? Groups who managed to survive are advanced not those who died and left barely any survivors. They couldn't survive Europeans yet they taught Egyptians how to build pyramids which have more advanced building methods. That makes sense... Also the reason why Mayan music and culture are flourishing today, right? Smh... I wonder where the oldest humans are from?

      Be YourselfBe Yourself2 kun oldin
    • Nice try, attempting to belittle the Mayans but you are incorrect. Maybe the Egyptians got it from the Mayans. Take a look at the countries today and the advancements they have made, then we will see who has advanced their societies and who has not.

      Jenna La DefensoraJenna La Defensora2 kun oldin
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  • Makes you wonder exactly how many civilizations throughout history were ultimately destroyed by religion.

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  • Holy cow the amount of commercials made this unwatchable.

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  • Last week’s coup actually took place in . . . the Amazon! (It’s very large.)

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  • it is a pity that the narrator is not able to pronunce the name of places in their proper way; I thought this was an educational channel, maybe I had been mistaken.

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  • Cults don’t survive and the people under the influence of evil kings, like Quetozocatl (sp) led to the deterioration of this society. The feathered serpent was the symbol of the beliefs. Not so different than what we are experiencing in today’s society.

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  • "How could such a great society fail...?" Colonisation, The Spaniards invasion.

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  • 40 years ago my father took our family from Los Angeles to Cancun. The only and long drive on a single road to Cacun, we encountered people who lived in the jungle that we drove through. We went to the rest room in the jungle and as we rested for a bit, people came out from the jungle to cross the road. We tried to speak with them but only ended up giving them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some cans of sodas and glass bottled water. They were kind but also was scary because they looked ancient only wearing items covering their privates. But the women upper body was exposed. It was interesting.

    Marine 1775Marine 17753 kun oldin
    • wow! Interesting to read that piece from you.

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  • No one... Literally no one.... The Mayans: who gave us this name????? That's not an M it's an F.. and that's not muck its... Well... Nvm

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  • 1:11 You know its quality content when they say the Amazon is in Guatemala...

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    • I know, right? Everyone knows that Amazon is in Seattle.

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  • These Nat Geo documentations are bad. Within the first minutes there are so many different mistakes. Like, the mayas lived in the amazon? Or talking about the mayans and showing Teotihuacán.

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  • Maya bird name

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  • "It's location is being kept a closely guarded secret." National Geographic: *Proceeds to share basically it's exact location*

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    • Knight1927 posted the exact same comment 4 days before you, the comment is directly above yours! You completely stole his comment...shame on you!

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    • @Half_Finis Illusion 100

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    • theyre also calling it the amazon, meanwhile its in guatemala?

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  • Documentary starts by talking about the mayans Show aztec calendar Triggered lmao

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    • And they refer to the feathered serpent as Quetzalcoatl, when that would be the Aztec iteration of Kukulcan.

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