Lose and You get SMASHED by a falling house!! | That escalated quickly...

12-Yan, 2021
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Hey guys! In this video, Joey and Bryan fight against each other in a trivia battle! Bobby will give them trivia questions and if they answer incorrectly, a house gets lowered on them! If they answer enough questions incorrectly, the house will fall! We have trivia questions about Disney, Science, History, and even acting challenges! Can Joey and Bryan survive against Bobbys crazy questions? Comment down below! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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    Darian OdomDarian Odom8 soat oldin
  • Wocky shush aaa

    Heidi Brake-MaravillaHeidi Brake-Maravilla11 soat oldin
  • Me having the name Eva Bobby: Eva is that whites egg thing Me: All around me are familiar faces

    Fortnite For_LifeFortnite For_Life12 soat oldin
  • My name is Eva lol

    Jenny McElhaneyJenny McElhaney13 soat oldin
  • Which Disney movie should Bobby watch next? Answer: ALL OF THEM!! 2nd Answer: YES!!

    Devenix8527Devenix852715 soat oldin
  • I ordered the 7 million shirt an hour ago

    Ian HernandezIan Hernandez18 soat oldin
  • Who watched this channel when you were a kid because I did and I'm going to secondry school

    united slayerunited slayer19 soat oldin
  • Joey cheated twice and didn't get caught phahahaha he didn't say the answer first and he moved his feet when being waterballoned

    Jack SmithJack Smith19 soat oldin
  • Star wars

    Sarah A. WolterSarah A. Wolter19 soat oldin
  • 3:46 WALL 😂😂😂😂

    Ella ChristineElla Christine22 soat oldin
  • Joey’s impression of Matthias was spot on

    Mi Dios y mi todoMi Dios y mi todoKun oldin
  • DO ANIME!!!

    Cannibalistic CookieCannibalistic CookieKun oldin
  • Maybe a category that includes how many times Bobby fake fell

    dogegamer 2995dogegamer 2995Kun oldin
  • Love your channel TEAM EDGE

    Jack BiekJack BiekKun oldin
  • bobby you should watch the cartoon mulan

    Isaiah JonesIsaiah JonesKun oldin
  • Guess that you tuber

    Ivy VassIvy VassKun oldin
  • 14:50 🤣

    you tubeyou tubeKun oldin
  • watch the sword in the stone

    Max KeeleMax KeeleKun oldin
  • cars but classic cars

    sailing with knot studyingsailing with knot studyingKun oldin
  • 12:44 Bryan said mile first. Cam said Jfred was first cause Jfred said “a mile”. Bryan said “mile”. If you the slow the video down you technically hear Jfred first but Bryan said mile because Jfred said “a” before saying mile. BRYAN SAID IT FIRST!!!

    Ryan St. ClairRyan St. ClairKun oldin
  • yall should do a star wars one

    VaxFilder 13VaxFilder 132 kun oldin
  • How much for jon?

    Bentley HearronBentley Hearron2 kun oldin
  • Soul it's on Disney Plus

    Samuella DyerSamuella Dyer2 kun oldin
  • Honestly, Bobby I feel you. I am so bad at producing words I don't know. Good job with hosting. You provide a lot of laughs.

    Ivory The BashfulIvory The Bashful2 kun oldin
  • Joey moves his foot when Bob threw the first balloon at it but no one noticed and you should watch his face after😂

    Stephanie PackaStephanie Packa2 kun oldin
  • Joey being a metallarina is officially the weirdest thing I've seen all week 😂

    Akhila AchuthanAkhila Achuthan2 kun oldin
  • Bobby needs to watch 101 Dalmatians

    Piper LijewskiPiper Lijewski2 kun oldin
  • Joe

    Filip MalastFilip Malast2 kun oldin
  • I don't think were in Kansas anymore todo

    What If? AnimationWhat If? Animation2 kun oldin
  • A round theme I would like to see is Video Games

    [ZYE] Brendan[ZYE] Brendan2 kun oldin
  • you should do bob the builder trivia

    Jack BrowneJack Browne2 kun oldin
  • Thats so unfair joey kept cheating

    Coner McquilkinConer Mcquilkin2 kun oldin
  • A good topic would be Harry Potter

    Ivy the SherlockianIvy the Sherlockian2 kun oldin
  • 17:44 house censoring.

    SamTheNerdyFanSamTheNerdyFan2 kun oldin
  • The next topic should be ANIME or My hero academia

    LOU ForeverLOU Forever2 kun oldin
  • you could just hear the squeaking of his shoes in your head

    Gamerkid820Gamerkid8203 kun oldin
  • Facts about bobby

    DudesterDudester3 kun oldin
  • And the side of his hat says thicc

    Dino_king_25 JamesDino_king_25 James3 kun oldin
  • His hat has bob the builder on it

    Dino_king_25 JamesDino_king_25 James3 kun oldin
  • A topic that should be in the next trivia video should be spelling bee

    Daveson_ GG GamerDaveson_ GG Gamer3 kun oldin
  • it like brine meant to stay in the dust

    Triumph OTriumph O3 kun oldin
  • Team edge: laughing and joking around, havin fun goofing off Matthias: has a life changing crisis going on rn

    Ava VincentAva Vincent3 kun oldin
  • I played it in .75x speed Bryan said mile first

    IraeDei97IraeDei973 kun oldin
  • Dc or marvel

    Akhaili SaeedAkhaili Saeed3 kun oldin
  • Brain was killed on that fateful day.

    PalpatinePalpatine3 kun oldin
  • 12:48 that was so Brian

    Phoenix_King_06Phoenix_King_063 kun oldin
  • Make them guess things about the kpop industry. And obvious things about kpop that most people would know

    Mia MalinMia Malin3 kun oldin
  • Harry Potter trivia!!

    PinkWitch16PinkWitch163 kun oldin
  • Nintendo

    F BuckF Buck3 kun oldin
  • I feel like majority of this episode was just "make fun of Bobby's reading skill" :D

    ZeweriZeweri4 kun oldin
  • Where do you find the movie Mary Popin to watch for free

    Patrick ThaoPatrick Thao4 kun oldin

    Ethin ClarkEthin Clark4 kun oldin
  • He didnt fail joey though!!!!

    NotSoren GGNotSoren GG4 kun oldin
  • Bobby You should watch inside out

    Hayden AllanderHayden Allander4 kun oldin

    Raizell ortizRaizell ortiz4 kun oldin
  • Soccer

    Gilberto MENDOZAGilberto MENDOZA4 kun oldin
  • I have diabetes

    sbmurphy1996sbmurphy19964 kun oldin
  • Give the girls some shirts of they own they do work to

    Mr poeticMr poetic4 kun oldin
  • @Matthias

    JamesJames4 kun oldin
  • History

    Jeff BabeJeff Babe4 kun oldin
  • PC games

    Weird Danish GirlWeird Danish Girl4 kun oldin
  • oh my god bobby you cant say a name of a vilin

    emily smallemily small5 kun oldin
  • Bobby should watch (I don't care disney movie and shows is everywhere)

    Osy RealOsy Real5 kun oldin
  • Sports

    Sterling MillerSterling Miller5 kun oldin
  • When J-Fred gell🥸😂😂😂

    Elite waveyyElite waveyy5 kun oldin
  • Bob the builder lol

    yousefgamez 21yousefgamez 215 kun oldin
  • The wet surfboard alternately hover because swing consquentially remind anenst a maniacal corn. colorful, ultra daisy

    Velma JamesVelma James5 kun oldin
  • More of. This please

    Benjamin FleishourBenjamin Fleishour5 kun oldin
  • Star Wars revenge of the Sith

    Julia SpicherJulia Spicher5 kun oldin
  • 2:10 It's funny because Bavaria isn't even the German name lol

    Kristian LarsonKristian Larson5 kun oldin
  • you should watch all of them do a video on who can watch the most Disney movies

    Gabriel OntiverosGabriel Ontiveros5 kun oldin
  • Btw, I watched it in slow motion and Bryan said it first

    Who ya Callin’ pinheadWho ya Callin’ pinhead5 kun oldin
  • Joey cheated

    Paul SpencerPaul Spencer5 kun oldin
  • 16:35 thank me later

    SwankyPantsSwankyPants5 kun oldin
  • More Disney trivia!!!!! Make Bobby SUFFER😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    Sierra WalshSierra Walsh5 kun oldin
  • Bobby's helmet says Thicc on it 😂

    toytasticgamer girltoytasticgamer girl5 kun oldin
  • Joey: “I most definitely did not say that first.”

    dcoog anmldcoog anml5 kun oldin
  • Bobby ( cough cough ) big Babs or little Babs should DEFINITELY watch Lilo and Stich

    Elisa XuerebElisa Xuereb5 kun oldin
  • 8:00 Matt’s either gonna like it or hate it

    SCUBAYTSCUBAYT5 kun oldin
  • you should do gymnastics questions

    Cate MacklinCate Macklin5 kun oldin
  • Watch Treasure Planet

    Ashlyn GibbsAshlyn Gibbs5 kun oldin
    • they got that team edge drip

      dcoog anmldcoog anml5 kun oldin
  • Bryan without a doubt said a mile before Joey

    the no more guythe no more guy6 kun oldin
  • Modern videogames

    Brother Bear75Brother Bear756 kun oldin
  • Make Bobby be host from now on it's funny

    blackdragon1970blackdragon19706 kun oldin
  • i just realized that they skipped some of joeys turns.

    Kinsey GuinnKinsey Guinn6 kun oldin
  • Y’all put so much work in producing these videos and I appreciate it thanks for the entertainment

    Dan MillerDan Miller6 kun oldin
  • Pokemon facts

    Anthony RaymondAnthony Raymond6 kun oldin
  • team edge: We need a brand new challenge video that no one has ever done before. Also team edge: LETS DROP A FREAKING HOUSE ON OUR HEADS!

    MR4 GamingMR4 Gaming6 kun oldin
  • You should do more marvel trivia

    Vasudev PatelVasudev Patel6 kun oldin
  • Anyone else thinking they would open the doors to let Bryan out

    deidre leclairdeidre leclair6 kun oldin
  • Me. oh wow I am in heaven God. so how did you Me. a house was dropped on my head God. 🤨

    HCW Figure matchesHCW Figure matches6 kun oldin
  • Why is the chimney right in front of the door lol

    Shilo AmmonsShilo Ammons6 kun oldin
  • Lol How many energy drinks did our beloved Jon have before filming? Haha

    Niki McDNiki McD6 kun oldin
    • HAHA

      Team EdgeTeam Edge4 kun oldin
  • Bobby makes my head hurt so bad when it comes to reading..... I mean dude..... come on

    Flo-TFlo-T6 kun oldin
  • they got that team edge drip

    logan polancologan polanco6 kun oldin
  • Do you guys have a Tik tok account ????

    Monica LawesMonica Lawes6 kun oldin
  • J-fred said the Beginning of the second question in a battle universe dungeons and dragons episode Like if you remember.

    Kristine SnayKristine Snay6 kun oldin
  • You should make a video of just Disney trivia questions and have Bobby host cause just of him trying to say half the stuff and have j-Fred go vs Bryan to see who knows the most Disney

    Joselynn DombrowskiJoselynn Dombrowski6 kun oldin
  • Come on BOBY!! Get your but in gear and watch some disney dude!

    DunstrumDunstrum6 kun oldin
  • Brian actually won when he said a mile

    Daniel GarnerDaniel Garner6 kun oldin