Lexus LFA | A Proper Goodbye

27-Noy, 2020
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We review and celebrate the long gone Lexus LFA, a car briefly made from 2011-2012. With only 500 manufactured, this extremely rare and largely misunderstood car, has mystique. We attempt to break down and tell the story of what made it special. The LFA despite the badge speaks a universal language. Whether you are a Ferrari, Porsche, Chevy or Ford fan there is something in this video you will appreciate. If you are big fan of the Toyota Supra, 86, LC500, F Products you may wonder if this Lexus is the next $1,000,000 car?
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Soundtrack By: Yi Nantiro
00:00 - 1:24 Intro
1:24 - 5:47 The Story of the LFA Owner
5:47 - 8:40 Interior Impressions
8:40 - 11:08 The Lexus Dealer and Service Options
11:08 - 15:26 The Development Story and Toyota F1
15:26 - 18:47 Switching to Carbon Fiber and Parts Costs
18:47 - 23:52 Suspension, Brakes and Oil System
23:52 - 28:21 Rear Suspension, Cooling, Drivetrain, Transmission
28:21 - 38:33 Engine Design, Sound Design, Oiling System and Dry Sump
38:33 - 44:49 Driving Impressions at Autobahn Country Club
44:49 Final Thoughts and Saying Goodbye

  • Should do a 360 CS review. My personal favorite sounding V8 car.

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  • Thank you for this video

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  • This is the Supra.

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  • The perfect car review doesn't exi... Holy fuck.

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  • “In the rear, my favorite place to be” giggity

  • 個人的な感想ですが、これほどまでに世界に誇れる車を自分は他に知りません。 自分はこの気持ちを世界に発信する力もなければ、知識もありません。 そんな中このような動画を作ってくれる海外の方がいることに感謝の意を表したいと思います。

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  • Long or not. Great review!

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  • I literally cannot stop watching the driving segment of this.

    Saagar RaaviSaagar Raavi3 kun oldin
  • nobody: greenville rogangsters in their 200k mclaren in their midlife cirsis: stupid slow lfa me: do you even know what this car was made for you idiot? edit: I dont have 550k, i drive the lfa for fun

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  • Amazing video as always! This channel is the standard and above to any car video on UZworld. Please keep up the informative and entertaining content!🙏👏

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  • I am about to finish nursing school, I was not really sure what I wanted to do so I went into nursing for a save a meaningful job. I love cars since I have memory, there is just an intangible about them that makes me spend countless hours just learning about them, from the history, technology and anything remotely related. If you are anything like me, nothing really inspires you but those body lines, the passion that is clearly imprinted on the craftmanship that went into this vehicle and the goosebumps I get when listening to that engine, nothing before have made me feel like that. I know my calling is into cars. This is one of those revealing moments of your life and I have to thank savagegeese, you just changed someone's life! Cheers to not hating what you do for a living!

    Jose AntonioJose Antonio4 kun oldin
  • I had the lucky opportunity to have Scott Pruett take me around the Long Beach Grand Prix track in a LFA. One of the most memorable experiences of my life, the sounds, the acceleration, and brakes were amazing. As he hit 160mph, with a turn approaching I couldn’t believe the amount of negative Gs it produced.

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  • You are the David Attenborough of the Motor World.

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  • Awesome production quality on this video! great work

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  • I shed a fucking tear watching this video. Everything in this video is just beautiful. Respect and farewell.

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  • Totally awesome! This is and always will be my dream car. Thank you and your team for the video!

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  • I have tears in my eye 2010 till 2021 LFA to us Southeast asian side is a big pride

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  • What an amazing review of this incredible car. Thanks!

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  • Somehow Savagegeese managed to top Savagegeese with this video. What an engineering marvel this LF-A is. That motor alone has more engineering than many cars have altogether.

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  • Hope for the next JDM era toyota gazoo racing department will develop another exotic art for buyer

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  • Car was definitely ahead of its time. Don't know of no other

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  • LFA IS such a lovely car. But Lexus wanted too much for something that delivered a bit less.

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  • LFA is the best sounding car for me.

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  • Well done fellas, not long enough

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  • Proper documentation 🥲

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  • Ladies and gentlemen I present to you : THE BEST SUPERCAR IN THE WORLD

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  • Loved this video, thanks for all the info and details.

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  • Hi,savagegeese. This is the great job movie. Thank you so, so much! From japan. By the way,,, My partner is SUBARU Forester. ^_^:

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  • Even Japanese people don't make such wonderful videos ❗️ It's like a documentary movie 🎞❗️ It's been 10 years since it was released ... At that time, I was surprised at the carbon fiber body! ️ It may be a supercar that is too particular about everything, I want to own it once in my life. I will do my best to save money and definitely buy LFA ❗️ By the way, I am Japanese.🇯🇵💦

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  • i love this rich history of development, engineering (especially the 匠たちの哲学 (philosophy of craftsmanship) part), budgets, challenges, and 棚橋春彦様のストーリー (haruhiko tanahashi’s story) that all made the world’s best supercar a reality. Adds tons of reasons of why to add this to my dream garage. As I say to Lexus (レクサス), Yamaha (ヤマハ) and Toyota (トヨタ), お疲れ様でした (great work). Love this video!!

    Kent YangKent Yang11 kun oldin
  • An amazing car spoiled by a terrible gearbox! If only they had made it a manual!

    C BC B11 kun oldin
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  • my father was also a "dealer"

    rastawetrastawet11 kun oldin
  • A car that's going to be worth. Hyundai ? A car without technology. A matter of thought.

    さかももさかもも12 kun oldin
  • Engineering glory. Well done Lexus.

    Sulaiman AlKadiSulaiman AlKadi12 kun oldin
  • 未だに日本でLFAが走ってる所を見たことが無い。

    yaba iyoyaba iyo12 kun oldin
  • My generations Mclaren F1

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  • I started watching this fully dressed and now im naked smoking a cigar wondering where the cigar came from !!!!!

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  • This documentary... wow! One of the best things that came out of 2020!

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  • Lexus has to come up with a new supercar like this. They won't compete in raw 0-100, 1/4 mile, etc but man, why would you care about that when the speed limit is 100-130 kph ? The sound, the attention to details...

    Bastien ChongBastien Chong13 kun oldin
  • Hum Just a thought here but If you want the next Supra real SUPRA the LFA has the making of a Supra Super Car level Ferrari killing machine. Not like they are not already but from the factory. You hear me Toyota

    SBF HAWKSBF HAWK13 kun oldin
  • LFA was a joke top 1% people that can buy new or used, LFA cant beat 60% with the same amount of money it worth, LFA was half million dollar, almost every half million dollars car can beat it like WTF.

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  • I own a 2013 ISF, that's about as close as I will get to an LFA. I got to see a few of them in person in showrooms and once parked next to one at Cars N Coffee (Blackhawk, CA 2014). I hope you realize how fortunate you are to be able to build your LFA to spec, very few people in this lifetime will be able to do that, let alone own/drive one. Have fun and be safe.

    Merkava4IMIMerkava4IMI13 kun oldin
  • 500k views now

    Kelvin LeeKelvin Lee13 kun oldin
  • With this car, Lexus truly is the relentless pursuit of perfection! This documentary gave the LFA the proper send off it never got when production ceased. This will be a legendary car for many years to come!

    Hector SantiagoHector Santiago13 kun oldin
  • The greatest motor in existence. There will never be one greater than it.

    adam rajewskiadam rajewski14 kun oldin
  • it says which gear you are in just like my mazda 3....

    Raymond HachmishviliRaymond Hachmishvili14 kun oldin
  • Toyota was smart. The American elite had just stolen everything with the market crash and they had to sell "some" cars, so they decided to go a mix of Ferrari and Grey Poupon. Subsequently not one of their basic cars got any upgrades. In 2020 they f__ked up.

    Groovy GroverGroovy Grover14 kun oldin
  • Fascinating video; thank you. I had no idea about the level of engineering that went into the LFA; it's stunning. Need to watch this film a few more times to let it all soak in. Please do some 'focus on' videos certain elements in the future, as this car deserves it! Cheers, Rich

    Richard JonesRichard Jones14 kun oldin
  • LFA or not, Lexus is still a brand for 40-something successful ladies.

    Михаил МихайловичМихаил Михайлович14 kun oldin
  • Never ever shift while turng

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  • When ultimate motor reviewer meets ultimate car of craftsmanship.

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  • The only Lexus model that I know of is the LFA and LC500. And yet, if some offer me a ride on any car in the world. Including those from the manufacturer that I like. I'll take this two.

    Cheng Hoo SewCheng Hoo Sew15 kun oldin
  • Not a fan of the host. He sets his guest up with questions only to yammer on with his own facts. Why ask to flex?

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  • Thank you for documenting the best sounding car ever

    Aser AlmehgubAser Almehgub15 kun oldin
  • Sadly, I can't afford it. I love my 2007 GS350, but I can't keep up with how much these cars have increased in price. Any chance Lexus can donate one to me?

    koy pondkoy pond15 kun oldin
  • Wievilele idioten die geld haben duerfen an einem lfa rumschrauben. Leider das ist nur geldgemacht. last die kleinen aus eurem video raus ihr benner

    Günther MaurerGünther Maurer15 kun oldin
  • Nowadays, Lexus is becoming a Luxury FWD crossover brand as they get rid of more RWD sedans and their V8s.

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  • 7:36 I don't think that the column mount pedals should change. Wheel mounted pedal shifters are the absolute wrong thing to put on 'production car.' It would definitely work on racecars like F1s and other racecars BECAUSE the lock to lock distance of the wheel is short and rapid so you basically glue your hands on 3 and 9. This is a car that you pull the upshift pedal to go to drive. Imagine doing a 3 point turn if the pedals were mounted on the wheel and you at full lock. Is the down the up? or the up is down? Does wheel mounted pedals appear on Drift cars or Rally cars? Never! Wheel mounted pedals are for the tracks. I know if this car is out on the track the steering input won't be big. However, this is a car that will mostly be driven on the road rather than the track.

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  • Eco pile piece of sh**......that made my day !!!

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  • Why Lexus built the LFA? Because they can, just to tell the world Toyota had $ during the time and they did became the world richest automobile company. $o is $$$ an subject of argument here?

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  • Song in the opening please

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  • what's mind boggling is Toyota has shown they can build a world class sports car but turns to BMW for the supra crazy

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  • As an LFA owner you have done us all proud with an exemplary piece of UZworld mastery. For years I have watched anything I can find on the LFA and together with the Megafactories story on the LFA this is the BEST!.. New Subscriber here..

    Carsondriver1Carsondriver116 kun oldin
  • I honestly think that Toyota made so many mistakes with the Lexus LFA. 1. The Lexus LFA was too expensive. 2. The hoops that someone had to go through in order to own one honestly insulted practically all vehicle owners. 3. The Dodge/Chrysler Viper did practically all that the Lexus LFA did for one sixth of the price, thus proving that Toyota did not need as much money as they thought that they did in making a Lexus LFA. 4. Toyota and Chrysler honestly needed a rivalry with their V10 behemoths, as it honestly was the biggest missed rivalry opportunity of all time. 5. The amount of Lexus LFA vehicles that were sold was way too small. Had Toyota realized what they had on their hands, they would have made that rivalry happen and that they also would have had one of the best vehicle rivalries of all time.

    Pax HumanaPax Humana16 kun oldin
  • wow...

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  • The music for the beginning of the track segment is perfect!

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  • Scavenge pumps scavenge the oil at the point of lubrication and return it to the reservoir. They don't provide the oil they bring it back.

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  • God just the SOUND of the car is just freaking perfect.

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  • americans telling you how a supercar should be is like joe biden telling you how to be president

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  • This was a treat to listen to at work. I've seen an LFA in person at this dealership nearby me that is full of rare cars, and it really does look modern. I hope it can go to a great home.

    Mistah MiggyMistah Miggy19 kun oldin
  • Matte black hasn't aged well. Or really any matte. Ends up looking like plastidip or wrap.

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  • Definitely in top 10 cars ever made.

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  • Why didnt Lexus continue making the lfa as a flagcar for the company

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  • I sometimes have dreams about a yellow LFA.

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  • I would love to own one

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  • A criminally underrated car with one of the most glorious sounding engines of all time BUT I can't help feeling that those orange front indicators date the car and ruin it's looks?.. Is it possible to fit clear indicators on the car or is this illegal or anything??... This would make the car look perfect to me?..

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  • WOW Man, this is the highest quality video I’ve EVER seen and certainly the highest quality car EVER. Well done for making it. Toyota gave their engineers a blank check, well done Toyota.

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  • Brilliant!

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  • Best quote about modern F1 motor sound (Mark @ 30:50): ""...because they sound like ass compared to the way that they used to..." :-P This had me laughing and I so agree with that comment.

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  • Toyota should of made this again and called it the Supra instead of getting BMW to do it.

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    • @Tj Tucker Well they could of taken alot of inspirstion from it, make it less expensive version with a 3Jz

      Mitch JamesMitch James21 kun oldin
    • You want a 300,000 dollar Supra? Lol

      Tj TuckerTj Tucker21 kun oldin
  • Trying to make this thing sound like it's the next best thing to a nuclear-powered rocket on 4 wheels, is nothing more than an overpriced Japanese Camaro!

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  • The time to buy the LFA or for anything that you consider desirable is when nobody wants go get a RCF...cause the 2UR GSE will be a gem one day

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  • When Toyota​ serious to make the sport car. They made the other brands like a toy. Lol

  • This is the best LFA documenting video on YT

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  • Looks like a Mark4 Supra In the shape of the body.

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