Last night God answered me in a dream about ARRESTS going on RIGHT NOW

10-Yan, 2021
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People are going to jail, may the glory of God be known through what is going to happen this week and beyond.

  • Was the prophecy fulfill ? for I stand by the word of God and his holly son Jesus Amen to that.

    maggie fmaggie f11 daqiqa oldin
  • Who exactly getting arrested?

    Brother Peter Pio PiccioliniBrother Peter Pio Picciolini41 daqiqa oldin
  • Hmmmm its the 22nd. Maybe you want to update your prophesy

    Brother Peter Pio PiccioliniBrother Peter Pio Picciolini43 daqiqa oldin
  • Then why did God let this evil thief Biden steal the election from President Trump and his Voters. Do you see what he is doing to this Country and why is God allowing this.

    Elaine CannavoElaine Cannavo43 daqiqa oldin
  • Not one arrest even with all the criminal evidence not one arrest the corrupt elite dont get arrested or held accountable there is no law and order anymore citizens get arrested for walking across the street wow

    Jeremy WarrenJeremy Warren57 daqiqa oldin
  • thank you for your humilty and veracìty

    marelle qmarelle qSoat oldin
  • “Woe to me” I guess.

    Ivan ChicasIvan ChicasSoat oldin
  • Just watch for 10 seconds from that point, and you'll see Trump saying that he will hand the power over to the new administration in his farewell address. Chris Yoon has been saying that Donald Trump will remain in power and that there would be arrests of 70 to 80% of Congress Members. Donald Trump himself said that he's handing power over, and he said farewell to America... The ship has sailed.. stop supporting this man.

    kyue kimkyue kimSoat oldin
  • Oh brother I'm not saying your false or real but please if you're saying God is speaking to you get your opinions out of it you're speaking way too much of your own words

    Joshua GillJoshua GillSoat oldin
  • False prophet.

    Carol GehmanCarol GehmanSoat oldin
  • Perhaps the person you didn't see the face was Soros.

    Me Q.Me Q.2 soat oldin
  • I hope your dream is telling you all this because there is so much corruption going on and it has to stop..God bless you.

    janet asherjanet asher2 soat oldin
  • Yes! You are on point, brother! I don’t do dates unless the Lord is showing or specifically confirming & often, things are happening spiritually. But yes, Biden will be arrested it’s the Baker and Cupbearer moment in Genesis 40 (40 time of judgement for the wicked and also a time of deliverance for the people of God) & also a time of Koran’s Rebellion Numbers 16:1-40 it’s no joke! Our Heavenly Father is not playing! It’s an exciting time for the ppl of God and a sad time for those who refuse to repent!

    Tailor Made by Christ JesusTailor Made by Christ Jesus2 soat oldin

    damarion pricedamarion price2 soat oldin
  • What say you now???????

    matilda 2daymatilda 2day3 soat oldin
  • Are you sure it’s the Lord you’re hearing from? I pray for you, Maybe it’s you that’s being deceived or deceiving yourself

    Nate ChamorroNate Chamorro3 soat oldin
  • professional fraud and false prophet. DO THE MATH.

    Louis CalabreseLouis Calabrese4 soat oldin
  • Unfortunately no one we know got arrested... its the 21st...biden is putting people out of jobs in one day

    AlAl4 soat oldin
  • I think these videos will be helpful for everyone:

    Amber SmithAmber Smith4 soat oldin
  • Hun, sometimes a dream is just a dream. The LORD WORD is true but not everything confirmation.

    Mary SmithMary Smith4 soat oldin
  • Ill believe itvwhen I see it. No prophecy has come true from you or any other so called prophet

    Stephanie RominesStephanie Romines5 soat oldin
  • Brother, looking at scripture. I’ve yet to see a prophet miss the mark when they prophesied. Remember we will be judged by every word that comes forth from our mouths. Especially when it’s spoken as if it’s from the Lord God himself. I believe that 99% of so called prophets are not true prophets. But people who are so emotionally involved in what they are prophesying that they can’t distinguish from their soulish nature and their Spirit communing with God. It’s sad but true.

    Rafael GallosoRafael Galloso5 soat oldin
  • I'm sure God will prove you're not a false prophet,like some claim .

    mario irachetamario iracheta5 soat oldin
    • Psssst......tick, tock.......tick,tock..........(time has proven Loon to be a delusional false prophet and those who LISTEN to him to be LUNATICS).

      uriah peepuriah peep2 soat oldin
  • So I guess you were wrong??

    Tony PTony P5 soat oldin
  • Pray for the 3%ers and Oathkeepers to have the balls to attack the DC National Guard with AR-15s.

    TheMilpitasguyTheMilpitasguy6 soat oldin
    • And pray the National Guard doesn't have drones and armored vehicles to respond with.

      TheMilpitasguyTheMilpitasguy5 soat oldin
  • Stop apologizing for your stand....state your purpose boldly and be unafraid.

    MultiAnonymouscowardMultiAnonymouscoward6 soat oldin
  • you are a false teacher. You do not tell the truth. you will be judged for lying to your following. God doen not talk to you in dreams and no setting of dates.

    David WeaverDavid Weaver7 soat oldin
  • It’s the 21st and no arrests. God works his own way and time.

    Bulldog BugBulldog Bug7 soat oldin
    • I believe there have been arrests. Decode has a video saying that he can confirm Pelosi has been arrested. She was trying to flee the country because, they DID get her laptop. It had China info on it with money being wired to the US. So, what we are seeing on the news is not real, like Pelosi giving a speech, inauguration etc. Decode says, President Trump signed the Insurrection Act on the 11th or 12th, I can't remember the specific date but, he had not put it into play yet.

      Terita McCoyTerita McCoy3 soat oldin
  • Boy, this didn’t age well did it?

    Kieran LisneyKieran Lisney7 soat oldin
    • @Kieran Lisney 😆

      Джонатан дДжонатан д19 daqiqa oldin
    • @Джонатан д oh! Haha got it 😂

      Kieran LisneyKieran Lisney56 daqiqa oldin
    • @Kieran Lisney UZworld fanfare sad trombone.

      Джонатан дДжонатан дSoat oldin
    • @Джонатан д I don’t get it.

      Kieran LisneyKieran LisneySoat oldin
    • Wah-wahhhh!

      Джонатан дДжонатан д4 soat oldin
  • Where are the arrests?

    Herman WilliamsHerman Williams7 soat oldin
  • 2 Timothy 3:13 "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." You are a deceiver and false prophet, Chris Yoon. Confess and repent; turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness because you have been exposed as a liar and a false prophet! You are deceived, and you are also deceiving others. Repent.

    4UCarla4UCarla8 soat oldin
  • We are all servants of God...If you focus on God you should be focusing on God's will bringing love, truth and justice into this world..Do not hate the liars and murderers but expose them...Do all you can not to participate in this corrupt system...Be courageous and do succumb to this fear mongering..(IE: Don't get vaccinated!)Educate yourself and trust your intuition not religious, educational, corporate or government authorities

    ronald wagnerronald wagner8 soat oldin
    • You are telling us to "trust [our own] intuition not religious, educational, corporate or government authorities." How do you know that my intuition and your statement is more trustworthy than religious, educational, corporate or government authorities? I am serious with my question. How do you know? What if my intuition is different from my friend's? Who is right? How can I know?

      Dan NolandDan Noland7 soat oldin
  • its the 1-21-21,, Biden hasn't been arrested.

    Henry BuneauHenry Buneau8 soat oldin
  • What happened to Biden’s arrest?

    Joseangel AlvarezJoseangel Alvarez8 soat oldin
  • This is so true !!! All is well everyone wait until March 4 th when the truth comes out !!!! Peace and love to all of us . The media is all wrong Trump has our backs with the military remember the words we are the Republic Of America 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

    josephine battagliajosephine battaglia8 soat oldin
  • Look for God and dont get confuse.before you said something ask God for confirmation first.

    Angel GarciaAngel Garcia9 soat oldin
  • Took 11 1/2 minutes to get to comedy gold. Love ya buddy lol. Funniest stuff I've heard all day! Oh the date? 1/21/2021 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    LizardOfIdLizardOfId9 soat oldin
  • To everyone reading: this man is a false prophet. Please do not watch him anymore or give him views, which he wants. We just need to pray for Biden that God would use him to lead this country well and move on. I personally am not a Trump supporter, with full disclosure. But we can all agree that this man is a false prophet and God condemns such men in Deuteronomy.

    Michel Du PerronMichel Du Perron9 soat oldin
    • So he was wrong what makes him a false prophet? People like Bill Gates are false prophets with their plandemics.

      Vlaming GarrulusVlaming Garrulus8 soat oldin
  • Dude why are you lying to the people. I know who's side you are really on with your sighs.

    Stan SmithStan Smith9 soat oldin
  • That's the problem with the Christian religion. You're always questioning whether it's God speaking or is it your own feelings. Just like this guy thought for sure God was speaking to him and it is now the 21st and Biden has not been arrested. So many modern "prophets" were obviously wrong. The question is...will they admit it and own their error.

    2GrowDaily2GrowDaily9 soat oldin
    • Answer.....They will never admit it......instead, they will just make up another LIE to cover their deceit and their stupid followers will believe that lie as well. This is the playbook of all conmen.

      uriah peepuriah peep2 soat oldin
  • You were so right!!

    Tracy NealTracy Neal10 soat oldin
  • I’ve heard other prophets saying the same thing except fulfillment will be in God’s timing.

    Alana BortzAlana Bortz10 soat oldin
  • PSALMS 74:9 we do not see our signs; there is no longer any prophet, and there is none among us who knows how long ok let me tell you God is never wrong if he says something is going to happen it shall be done now with that said you sir are not listening to the true God trust by faith not by site evil demons always come to you in disguise dont be fool my brother remember God is never wrong or never lies so if that was God talking to you that means hes a liar and that will never happen he is NO liar u are not a prophet your being attacked by the fallen one pray in Jesus Christ Yeshua name cause Jesus Christ Yeshua never lies if he said trump would win again and it didnt happen then sorry buddy that wasn't God talking to you that was the God of this world which is satan

    Angel MaldonadoAngel Maldonado11 soat oldin
  • Biden was inaugurated on the 20th. I was hoping he'd be arrested to. I really felt like God had shown me Trump wins. God has a ace up his sleeve. At this point I'm not sure how.

    Kim WeemsKim Weems11 soat oldin
    • Jesus is bigger than Jan 20. Let's see what happens

      Andrea shvetzoffAndrea shvetzoff9 soat oldin
  • Biden has not been arrested almost February! Beware of whats being said from feelings not facts

    Mary RidnerMary Ridner11 soat oldin
  • Biden has not been arrested almost February! Beware of whats being said from feelings not facts

    Mary RidnerMary Ridner11 soat oldin
  • I like you. You speak well and you have the ability to communicate effectively. Work on getting to the point a lot more quickly. Don't drone on. You need to stop self justifying yourself so much. you spend too much time on that and you spend too much time on peripheral stuff. Learn to shorten it up and get to the point.

    Ezekiel FranklinEzekiel Franklin11 soat oldin
  • Repent, you couldn't be more wrong

    Scott MoultrieScott Moultrie11 soat oldin
  • I've had the same message. I am finding out more people are getting this too.

    Arlene Whiteswan's Mysterious DomainArlene Whiteswan's Mysterious Domain11 soat oldin
  • Praying for you Chris. When you said Woe to you Woe to you if this is not true. It concerned me. May God give you mercy, and the stones that so many throw, help you and not hurt you ~ HE knows you are a believer in HIM. He knows we wanted this and so did you, with all of our heart, soul and spirit! I too believed it would come to pass, as so many of us did!! We believed. We prayed. We had faith. We abided in Him. AND yes, waited in utter dismay as yesterday unfolded and came to an end --- No Shock. No Awe. No Wonder. No Incredible turn of events . :/ But We must Still Give Glory to God in ALL things! Now the evil has taken the senate and the White House. Mr Biden and Ms Harris who should NOT be there, who cheated their way to leadership; (despicable!!) are unfolding their wicked plans rapidly! It's horrifying to see! It's not encouraging whatsoever. There is tremendous discouragement in the Body of Christ today! We all wished, hoped the would have been "justice" "arrests" "Trump taking his rightful place" ! There was nothing obvious of a "Coup" of sorts. This evil has already taken things apart that Pres Trump worked so hard to do. May GOD have mercy on ALL of us for not hearing Him clearer than we should have. #STILLIWILLPRAY #STILLIWILLABIDE #GODISONTHETHRONE

    Thank-fullThank-full12 soat oldin
  • Thank you Chris, you are a beacon of light for us. We pray God's will be done.

    Juliana NeadJuliana Nead13 soat oldin
  • Man did you ever lie, You need to apologize to all the people on here that believes what you were saying was true..

    Howard ManleyHoward Manley13 soat oldin
  • Well, Biden was not arrested, as you stated he would be. Now what.

    Jayne RomeroJayne Romero13 soat oldin
    • Pssst.....Looks like the LOON has crapped out again!

      uriah peepuriah peep2 soat oldin
  • What you say now?

    Chris HatfieldChris Hatfield14 soat oldin
  • I will not say this brother is a false prophet, but maybe misguided. Your heart seems pure, but it seems you're giving impression of this all happening before election day. The " btw, Biden will be arrested... possibly on or before the 19th or 20th" is a more than a little concerning. Today is inauguration day. Biden was not arrested, and Biden is our new "president". Do I believe that God can still move...and will move? ABSOLUTELY!! The dream sounds like a real confirmation. However, never good to name specific dates unless you're absolutely certain that is from God. Because when those dates come and go it makes you look false. Remain humble and teachable, but if you make a mistake then humbly acknowledge your error, and God can still use you. God bless brother.

    Debi DeValoisDebi DeValois14 soat oldin
  • WTAF is wrong with you son???

    Tom McCormickTom McCormick14 soat oldin
  • We are on God's time. NOT ours. GOD is NOT man that he can lie. God IS in Control. GOD WILL BRING EVERYTHING TO PASS. God Bless You and GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN.

    Becky HuntsmanBecky Huntsman14 soat oldin
  • If you are hearing voices then get medical help

    David JarmanDavid Jarman14 soat oldin
  • Do you feel stupid yet?

    stevenawtbstevenawtb14 soat oldin
  • Another FALSE PROPHET!!! Trump did say let’s go and shut the government down which is treason and all those hoodlums who participated are traitors and now they are being exposed and arrested. Yoon said that Biden would be arrested on the 19th which did not happen which means he is a false prophet and not of God. Bible says that ALL PROPHETS COME FROM ISRAEL ( the true people not the land mass)God put yoon in place to lead people to believe lies..He is a false prophet.

    Michael BrownMichael Brown15 soat oldin
  • Haha the channel creater is no where to be found. Must be thinking about his life choices.

    Rob SandersRob Sanders15 soat oldin

    BlaiseBlaise15 soat oldin
  • You're throwing up the sizes though get out of here with your madness

    Shonica ThomasShonica Thomas15 soat oldin
  • Ignore the media. DC is no longer part of the States. The Corporation of America was dissolved by Trump in Nov. He’s made us a Republic. Biden is an illegal enemy president now. The Military are in DC for a reason. The fence is to keep them in. The time has to be right to strike.

    Be BetterBe Better17 soat oldin
  • False prophecy being exposed...

    Leslie MillerLeslie Miller18 soat oldin
  • My President Trump is born again Christian !

    Eleana PshockEleana Pshock18 soat oldin
  • Well its the 20th. Where are the arrests?? Where are 4 more yrs of trump?? Where is good over evil??? Lord didnt clean house??

    Leo LealLeo Leal18 soat oldin
  • Unfortunately not going to happen. The Luciferians are in control.

    101superstarfan101superstarfan19 soat oldin
    • God is bigger than Jan 20. Keep faith

      Andrea shvetzoffAndrea shvetzoff9 soat oldin
  • Looks like you need to Check your relationship with God!

    mrnoitsummrnoitsum19 soat oldin
  • You were dreaming you were a prophet, now its time to wake up

    mrnoitsummrnoitsum19 soat oldin
  • Take heart your not the first false prophet I’ve seen

    mrnoitsummrnoitsum19 soat oldin
  • You spend TOO much time repeating Yourself, defending what you say. That is counterproductive. If you want to be effective learn to be a public speaker, Stop justifying yourself, God will do that as long as you are speaking as He instructs. There are good public speaking classes, find one and take it. I speak from experience. I was too shy to be of use, so I took a public speaking/ interpersonal communication class, 6 weeks long. It made a major impact on my life Led me into places I would never have dared to imagine. I've spoken before large groups, had a public affairs radio talk show with guests ranging from Janet Napolitano, Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County, Oliver North, and many others. That led me into politics where I was elected and served in my home state. Served in the public sector acting many times as God's spokesman on difficult topics. I'm not bragging, I'm telling you that with training you can be the Best you in His service.

    Richard CRichard C19 soat oldin
  • Chris Yoon, you said that " Biden may get arrested on the 20th or maybe sooner maybe on the 19th" but now is the 20th and Biden is sitting a seat in the W.H , nothing had happened to him or his party's members, what's up with that ??? Are you giving people with false information???

    THANH HOA LETHANH HOA LE20 soat oldin
    • He is

      Matthew 7:21-23Matthew 7:21-237 soat oldin
  • Gotta not listen to not just the media. YOU better go re-examine where you are getting your info from. Whats your excuse for being wrong with everything you have said? Its now been 12 hours since Biden was sworn in, and guess what, not an arrest in sight. Time to stop misleading people wouldnt you say?

    DanDan20 soat oldin
  • Your god failed you, again. Accept it. Turning the cheek is a lie. You didn't fight for your country, now you are under rule of marxists.

    Modern WitcheryModern Witchery21 soat oldin

    GInger BuzzGInger Buzz21 soat oldin
  • Stay prayerful and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ! So many are mocking God’s prophets just because of what they see before natural eyes. Praying for your heart to be changed from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh in Jesus Christ’s mighty name! They don’t realize what is happening in the spiritual realm! God is moving! And He will vindicate His anointed! Don’t lose hope, don’t fall away because you are fearful and losing hope! It’s always darkest before the light comes! Abide in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in Him alone!

    C AC A21 soat oldin
  • LIAR!!

    James WarnerJames Warner21 soat oldin
  • Where are all the arrests?

    Tara DiezTara Diez22 soat oldin
  • Yes those arrest did come through it was the fbi arrest of some republicans in the south and alot of the protesters.

    Julio's DIYJulio's DIY22 soat oldin
  • Well Biden definitely wasn't arrested.

    John WilliamsJohn Williams22 soat oldin
  • Silhouette---- soros, b--l ga--s, z------berg, etc.

    Ellen ExtonEllen Exton22 soat oldin
  • Your revelations are not revelations That don’t mean much Trump is not in office anymore How can he use the EBS

    Faustino ContrerasFaustino Contreras22 soat oldin
  • Love you brother. Thanks for being avaible to our father.

    Craig SavageCraig Savage22 soat oldin
  • Very entitled to believe that God talks to you about all these events Why would God talk to you? Some of you guys who make money on UZworld will say just about anything for a click

    Faustino ContrerasFaustino Contreras22 soat oldin
  • God help us all,we need your help through this that is happening at this time.

    D MaschyD Maschy22 soat oldin
  • Guess not

    Sasha SunattaSasha Sunatta22 soat oldin
  • False prophet!!!! You shall know them by their fruits. 1 John 4:1 Matthew 24:11 Romans 16:18

    David MageeDavid Magee22 soat oldin
  • Don't worry false prophet the people that follow you are so stupid you can lie your way out of Biden being inaugurated today. They will still follow your false prophecies

    Harvey HesterHarvey Hester23 soat oldin
  • This guy should make a video and apologize all the stuff he said wrong he doesn't even wanna do that. It's done bro Biden is president whatever you said is blasphemy against God's name. I'm just wondering all this people that follow you how blind they are man.and still believe whatever this guy says.. All true believers in Jesus can hear from Lord people you don't have to listen this guy for that.hes not special then all of you people.just pray and ask Lord he'll open your eyes that this guy is a big lier only for views.

    AngelanosyaAngelanosya23 soat oldin

    Ocean BreezeOcean Breeze23 soat oldin
  • Jesus said there will be many false prophets in the last days... Chris is one of them. Here is proof. Chris is only making these videos to give you people false hope and he's greedy for the views and money

    Big SpoonBig Spoon23 soat oldin

    Pania AionoPania Aiono23 soat oldin
  • Nothing of what you have said has come to pass. Get off the media. Go ask for forgiveness. Refund the money to these desperate people!!

    AK PosseAK Posse23 soat oldin
  • BLESS YOU brother can you do a video and explain how you missed the accuracy of prophesy coming to past Biden the new president now so I think you should fo a video on how you've misinterpreted something it shows humility and others might learn

    John McClainJohn McClain23 soat oldin
  • Sorry you are a false prophet you need to stop

    Don FranciscoDon FranciscoKun oldin
  • Lol

    Marcia MorrisMarcia MorrisKun oldin

    Ernest JohnsonErnest JohnsonKun oldin
  • Amin

    Happy ЖизньHappy ЖизньKun oldin
  • what happened to your visions?

    patria cruzpatria cruzKun oldin