Lana Rhoades CHEATING on Mike Majlak? #DramaAlert Pokimane gets EDGY! RiceGum vs KSI!

30-Sen, 2020
1 459 842 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Done

    Hunter ChildsHunter Childs4 soat oldin
  • PS5 lets goo

    Mobin NawabiMobin Nawabi5 soat oldin
  • I did both of what you asked good luck

    ellisgaming 1ellisgaming 19 soat oldin
  • Let's get that ps5 baby!

    Neverdless 4uNeverdless 4u11 soat oldin
  • I hit the bell and notification

    C4 PhotonC4 Photon11 soat oldin
  • Then pornstars complain that they are lonely with no actual person who loves them but cheat😂😂

    JarFoosJarFoos13 soat oldin
  • “I hit the bell, selected all notifications”. Good luck to everyone.

    YeahYeah14 soat oldin
  • What a surprise

    IslandMahnIslandMahn18 soat oldin
  • Lana's eyes is up here Bryce 😑

    Conal McCaffertyConal McCafferty18 soat oldin
  • yo can i please get that xbox man i do have an original xbox one and it would be great

    Culainn CorcoranCulainn Corcoran22 soat oldin
  • Its all jus drama CUZ OF THE DRAMA ALERT 😉

    Sub to the channel Maybe?Sub to the channel Maybe?23 soat oldin
  • My man i did every thing but did you say ps4

    Nemanja TrišićNemanja TrišićKun oldin
  • I hate your channel and all u post are lies

    jj Challengejj ChallengeKun oldin
  • "I hit the bell, selected all notifications". Let's gooo

    SamuelEP1975SamuelEP1975Kun oldin
  • All the comments are saying "Lana rhodes aint cheating." all im bout to say is yall simps

  • If I get the ps5 I will be impressed because I never get anything

    Rami AbutuaimehRami AbutuaimehKun oldin
    • Lol! Who cares about impressing you 😂

      MakkaucbkiaMakkaucbkia10 soat oldin
  • I hit the bell and selected all notifications also it would mean a lot if I won any of them and good luck to you all

    Francisco RodriguezFrancisco RodriguezKun oldin
  • Bro iv been watching you on Snapchat since you started!!! My dude is on point the best “leeeeettttssssss Federer riiiiiight intoo the newwwwwwwwws” 😂💯🚀

    The Cr4zyG4merThe Cr4zyG4merKun oldin
  • My Xbox

    Jesse StolfiJesse StolfiKun oldin
  • Please I have all notifications and I currently have a ps3 and would love a ps5 😊

    Frankie ArceFrankie ArceKun oldin
  • Frank Hassle should be locked up,I still wonder how the fuck police wasn't after him with his threats

    X Mitril XX Mitril XKun oldin
  • ok but bryce knows she has a boyfriend but he keeps touching her and talking to her she’s not even showing expressions when their talking look at when they hug she had a straight face on so i don’t think she into it

    LUcXidd-_- SecretLUcXidd-_- SecretKun oldin
  • Leme 🤣 win I did everything 🤞🤞

    yoyboycooly !!yoyboycooly !!Kun oldin
  • Fine I did it

    Drake LaveyDrake LaveyKun oldin
  • I hit the bell and clicked all notifications, good luck

    Troll SportsTroll SportsKun oldin
  • Clearly not bradisson or whatever the 12 yr olds say

    Joshy04Joshy04Kun oldin
  • bruh guy next to the pyramid shirt guy in the blue? man dem is GAWKIN

    Tangi SoulTangi SoulKun oldin
  • I hit the bell and clicked all notifications, good luck

    Hauser HauserHauser HauserKun oldin
  • Oh look at that Poki didn’t wait 2 years to apologize

    QuinstonQuinston2 kun oldin
  • He can’t even say Lana probably smh

    TRITON_ThndrNxckTRITON_ThndrNxck2 kun oldin
  • “I’ve been offended how dare you offend the race of attack helicopter” but if she didn’t put it in she would’ve been yelled at anyway

    Shadow ZzShadow Zz2 kun oldin
  • Hook it up with a Xbox I've bought one every release so far but my dog has cancer and I'm buying his meds now!

    Mitchell TennantMitchell Tennant2 kun oldin
  • Really hoping I can cop that Ps4 from your giveaway! Love your contentment! Notis are on and subbed

    Justin KilbrideJustin Kilbride2 kun oldin
  • I am a simple man, I see Lana Rhodes in the title i click

    risc oopsrisc oops2 kun oldin
  • Hit the bell and got all notifications

    Wasteful PotentialWasteful Potential2 kun oldin
  • the 18 wasn’t supposed to be her age lol it was for hitting 18 mill followers

    Jaden WJaden W2 kun oldin
  • What does attack helicopter mean? Sorry english is not my first language

    angry carrotangry carrot2 kun oldin
  • Do a collab with agent beemstar

    MT- TVMT- TV2 kun oldin
  • J

  • woahhhh lhana rondes cheating I did not see that coming

    pro chickenpro chicken2 kun oldin
  • Ksi doesn’t respond because ricegum is irrelevant

    Manuel Baut104Manuel Baut1042 kun oldin
  • if i won one of the consoles i would just sell it and buy one of the new amazing RTX cards or AMD CPUs

    Luke PLuke P2 kun oldin
  • Hi keemstar

    Cool SquidwardCool Squidward2 kun oldin
  • He said a new PS4 so is an add on or sum wtf 😂

    Just JuicyJust Juicy2 kun oldin
  • I wish I had a Xbox

    SunflowerSunflower2 kun oldin
  • Bro how the hell you got 4 ps5s and 6 Xbox series x????? Your ruining kids Christmas this year bro. I hope your really giving them away, You must work at Microsoft and playstation to have these consoles for give away

    Drips AvillDrips Avill2 kun oldin
  • A porn star cheating ???? NO WAY

    I hate my life 2.0I hate my life 2.03 kun oldin
  • 😲😲😲😲😲😲Woooooooot

    Adam CallcenterAdam Callcenter3 kun oldin

    danzxdanzx3 kun oldin
  • Hit dat bell and selected all notifications BOW

    Jae MinJae Min3 kun oldin
  • Hit the bell selected all notifications

    Abdi 22Abdi 223 kun oldin
  • Disgusted keen used that picture of a 14 year old with cleavage showing

    BatsiiBatsii3 kun oldin
  • hi.

    MEME U :MEME U :3 kun oldin
  • I want that PS5. "I hit the bell, selected all the notifications" Good luck everyone.

    VroVro3 kun oldin
  • I'm attack helicopter and proud.

    The FirstThe First3 kun oldin
  • “I hit the bell, selected all notifications”. Good luck to everyone.

    DaddyDaddy3 kun oldin
    • @Angel Roblox ok lol.. yo how's ur day :D

      key3048key304811 soat oldin
    • Me too

      Angel RobloxAngel Roblox11 soat oldin
    • uhhhh.. yo

      key3048key3048Kun oldin
    • Good luck to you too I really hope you win one!! I really hope that I do too though....

      Ethan GTlegacyEthan GTlegacyKun oldin
  • “I hit the bell, selected all notifications”. Good luck to everyone.

    DaddyDaddy3 kun oldin
  • im not mad at pokimane about saying something "transphobic" its just such a old ass joke.

    kazman115kazman1153 kun oldin
  • Bruh

    Chase CookChase Cook3 kun oldin
  • I hit the like button, clicked the bell and turn on all notifications!

    Michael ComerMichael Comer3 kun oldin
  • The only entertaining thing about keemstar is that magnificent beard.

    Hayden NobleHayden Noble3 kun oldin
  • Poki: I won't stand for people being called simps for being nice to girls Gigachads: *are mean to poki instead* poki: _No, this isn't how you're supposed to play the game_

    daviddavid3 kun oldin
  • She’s not cheating, she’s doing her job.

    Crypto ManCrypto Man3 kun oldin
  • I WANT THAT PS5!!! lol

    the minecrafter7455 studiothe minecrafter7455 studio3 kun oldin
  • “I hit the bell, selected all notifications”. Good luck to everyone

    xalwo cabdallaxalwo cabdalla3 kun oldin
  • “I hit the bell, selected all notifications”. Good luck to everyone.

    xalwo cabdallaxalwo cabdalla3 kun oldin
  • the new ps4?????? im good man

    MobyMoby4 kun oldin
  • Hey man I need a x box plz

    Senor_Cake 27Senor_Cake 274 kun oldin
  • Shoot that Xbox

    Doeboy _211Doeboy _2114 kun oldin
  • @100loungin

    Doeboy _211Doeboy _2114 kun oldin
  • Then new PS4? Stop the capp

    NYC RodrickNYC Rodrick4 kun oldin
  • Keem fuels trolls around the world to go after people to ruin there lives without ever checking the facts. He's basically a troll influencer

    DariusDarius5 kun oldin
    • @Tomatus who is pokimane?

      DariusDarius6 soat oldin
    • Except all the trolls hate him

      waifu Hunterwaifu Hunter3 kun oldin
    • Oh my, would you please go crying to the soft comfort of your queen pokimane?

      TomatusTomatus3 kun oldin
    • Conor Young he’s not really wrong lmao

      Tyrone DinklebergTyrone Dinkleberg3 kun oldin
    • You type of people just have a negative view on everything and just want to argue for the sake of it

      Conor YoungConor Young3 kun oldin
  • What? The new ps4? My guy be on 6 years past he hasn't made it to the future

    Blitzwing primeBlitzwing prime5 kun oldin
  • Wait! A porn actress has loyalty issues?! Derp. Stop living on your knees with blinders on. Stop helping the Globalist. Stop watching porn. It’s free for a reason. The videos are titled particular ways for a reason.

    Trevor LeeTrevor Lee5 kun oldin
  • That's prolly just lana's stepbro!!

    mad jaschimad jaschi5 kun oldin
  • U a attack heli

    Mahdi Al khazalyMahdi Al khazaly5 kun oldin
  • Attack Helicopter isn’t transphobic wtf it’s just Microsoft

    NeoAxiomNeoAxiom5 kun oldin
  • I freaking hate your intro

    CartelSantanaCartelSantana6 kun oldin
  • Cheating on mike is literally her job

    ViolentXKbunge4ViolentXKbunge46 kun oldin
    • Yup

      FurgleFurgle3 kun oldin
  • Lana Rhodes cheating? Not suprised she’s a p o r n s t a r but obv mike does not see that Lol

    Garfield69 is the bestGarfield69 is the best6 kun oldin
  • Just entered the giveaway since PS5’s price here in Brazil is 5k Brazilian Reals.

    SimplyRhinoSimplyRhino6 kun oldin
    • PS5 Hasn't been released to my country yet

      C h r i s t o p h e rC h r i s t o p h e r2 kun oldin
  • يقلد علي المرجاني 😂😂😂 حبيبي والله

    عراقي وفتخرعراقي وفتخر6 kun oldin
  • عربي عراقي🔞🇮🇶

    عراقي وفتخرعراقي وفتخر6 kun oldin
  • How do you cheat on Lana Rhodes like how does that work, what are you not getting from her that your not getting from someone else

    Pew PewPew Pew6 kun oldin
  • Playstaion 5

    Nezar AlqudmaniNezar Alqudmani7 kun oldin
  • Why is he calling her layna

    mitchell sheppardmitchell sheppard7 kun oldin
  • 8:25 “the new PS4”

    Sence.Sence.7 kun oldin
  • "Comrades" & "Attack Helicopters" are trying to destroy our society.. Mental illness is a serious issue that's still not being addressed.

    Zote The Mighty's 57 PreceptsZote The Mighty's 57 Precepts7 kun oldin
    • Fr

      rhec710nation Eastern/Oregonrhec710nation Eastern/Oregon4 kun oldin
  • They confirmed they were not doing anything

    XD NoodXD Nood7 kun oldin
  • Oh god I hope I get a ps5 I wish everyone good luck if you win

    Kevin AparicioKevin Aparicio7 kun oldin
  • I want a ps5

    Op NoXOp NoX7 kun oldin
  • wat

    Humza AshiqHumza Ashiq7 kun oldin
  • leana rhodes LEANA

    Alex VelascoAlex Velasco7 kun oldin
  • Wow I thought Boogie lost weight. He still looks at least 4 hundo

    Uncle RemusUncle Remus7 kun oldin
  • Dude u need time stamp in the description...

    Brian RuffBrian Ruff7 kun oldin
  • I’m subbed and turned on notis imma huuuuuuge gamer

    Konik RepulseKonik Repulse8 kun oldin
  • I identify as an attack helicopter

    Knight MusicKnight Music8 kun oldin
  • 8:25 new ps4 u mean ps5?

    SodaSoda8 kun oldin
  • You didn't lose your girlfriend you just lost your turn.. My dad used to always say that lol

    Tony GTony G8 kun oldin
  • Come on Lana or whatever your name is.

    mercanerie98mercanerie988 kun oldin