Lamelo Ball POSTGAME REACTION 12 Pts in Charlotte Hornets def. New Orleans Pelicans

8-Yan, 2021
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Lamelo Ball POSTGAME REACTION 12 Pts in Charlotte Hornets def. New Orleans Pelicans

  • This kid is special jordan needs to hand him and rozier the keys to the team.

    Anti comment warriorAnti comment warrior14 kun oldin
  • This Young fella is going to be the Rookie of the year with some other Rookies His IQ for the game of basketball is Incredible he is the future of the NBA he's is going to get better and this Hornets team is loaded with Talented players They are a little bit different than other teams they love to study there opponents and ready plays there ball passing skills and ball movement is really confusing teams they are Ready to upset a lot of teams whatever play you throw at them they will be ready The Hornets are not afraid of anybody.

    Thomas DeanThomas Dean14 kun oldin
  • Funny how Julie Newman and many same. Thought they can play Lamelo Ball in basketball. Newman can’t even get a D2 or overseas team like so many.

    Axl YoungAxl Young14 kun oldin
  • 1:37 ?? What happened there😂

    XshadowshadexXshadowshadex14 kun oldin
  • imagine hating on a rookie stephen curry avergaed 9 points as a rookie look at him now

    O_o 888O_o 88814 kun oldin
  • What the hell happened to Biyambo?

    I E T 4EverI E T 4Ever14 kun oldin
  • LaMelo’s confidence compared to Lonzo is crazy. Huge differential gap.

    latrel allenlatrel allen14 kun oldin
  • Lámelo not starting even though he’s producing reminds me of a young Kobe. He didn’t start but dude was tearing it up whenever he was in the game

    ste Yaseste Yase14 kun oldin
  • 1:37 dang yo, biyombo wasn't playing around 💀

    Rolando RodriguezRolando Rodriguez14 kun oldin
  • Why he make that noise at the end 😂😂😂

    Gene BorregoGene Borrego14 kun oldin
  • I'm smoove - lamelo

    don't hate innovatedon't hate innovate14 kun oldin
  • Is that a spit shield in between the commentators??

    Sam SharmanSam Sharman14 kun oldin
  • Everyone is talking about how coach Borrego is holding him back... I agree to an extent but Lamelo has only played 9 games so I understand why we’re easing him in, Mark my words he’ll be starting before the month ends... unless the hornets go on a win streak or something

    Beef AlertBeef Alert14 kun oldin
  • We knew melo was gonna be good but this good off the bench. He gonna be nice nice once he matures and gets more comfortable

    gregory johnsongregory johnson14 kun oldin
  • He’s so cold 🥶

    Tmc AfcTmc Afc14 kun oldin
  • Is that curry dady

    ShoeGameVillian SirShoeGameVillian Sir14 kun oldin
  • Lol can someone explain to me why biyombo got mad at lamelo and pushed him 😂😂😂 wtf

    V LoneV Lone14 kun oldin
    • That’s why I’m trying to understand

      IvanzterIvanzter14 kun oldin
  • Dudes matured alot he'll be a started by mid season

    Ron hobbzRon hobbz14 kun oldin
  • Keep shining Lamelo .I really enjoy watching u play.

    Bobbie WinchesterBobbie Winchester14 kun oldin
  • Start melo its pissing me off 😡

    D. HanSr870D. HanSr87014 kun oldin
  • Why was biyombo so mad

    AniJoyAniJoy14 kun oldin
  • U can tell his dad raised him to win

    K JK J14 kun oldin
  • Ya'll need to relax with Lamelo starting. He will eventually start, he just being eased in!

    BufsolBufsol14 kun oldin
  • I really wish his response to the "What would you tell your brother" question was something like "Keep your head up kid". Just as a joke. I definitely wouldve said something like that just to mess with him

    ZanakuZanaku14 kun oldin
  • He’s making these grown men look silly.

    Jj GroJj Gro14 kun oldin
    • He make it look to easy

      trocky 42trocky 4214 kun oldin
  • New favorite player

    Cory GunnzCory Gunnz14 kun oldin
  • All business. Pro at 16. Get out of here with “who has help you the most”. Helped his own damn self. 😎

    jaynjanna1jaynjanna114 kun oldin
    • @Koga it was a joke. He didn’t need help from his fellow players...

      jaynjanna1jaynjanna114 kun oldin
    • thats not true at all, LaMelo's trainer/manager Jermaine Jackson is the reason his draft stock and attention increased again so much

      KogaKoga14 kun oldin
  • Biyombo a clown lol

    Jhoden JaymesJhoden Jaymes14 kun oldin
  • 1:37 is bismack disappointed?

    Lawrence TorresLawrence Torres14 kun oldin
  • Start LaMelo and they’d have a shot at playoffs

    Z RodZ Rod14 kun oldin
  • Fired BORREGO. And sign coaching Head Coach dell curry or scottie pippen asstant Coach Shaquille o'neal and reggie miller.

    lovelyann baadlovelyann baad14 kun oldin
  • Its cancer in the hornets locker room

    Darryl WilliamsDarryl Williams14 kun oldin
  • At 1:37 why does it look like melo is fighting his team mate. Look at his team mate face. Like if u see it.

    44Demi_ God44Demi_ God14 kun oldin
    • Lol

      44Demi_ God44Demi_ God14 kun oldin
    • Someone looks mad Lamelo didnt pass it looks like a hater

      Monster DunksMonster Dunks14 kun oldin
  • melo is the problem now haha

    Katoga PardsKatoga Pards14 kun oldin
  • What's scary about Lamelo si that he has been playing against people who have more expertise and better physical prowess his whole life. When the train finally stops and he catches up to his opponents in those two aspects its really going to be over. this is just the n=begining.

    Muhammadu LimanMuhammadu Liman14 kun oldin
  • Why's the dude tryna fight mello....

    Simply JAJASimply JAJA14 kun oldin
  • Why lamelo sound like blueface 😭

    R.J. -R.J. -14 kun oldin
  • Ppl talked about this kid and I like how he bounced back I believe he was tired of they hype he seems happy

    Antonio ScottAntonio Scott14 kun oldin
  • Anyone see 1:36 ? He pushed melo and they on the same team

    Vincent CamachioVincent Camachio14 kun oldin
  • This boy be CON.FI.DENT!!

    Mare HaimonaMare Haimona14 kun oldin
  • I feel like Melo wanted to say "Nah, it's not as big a deal as y'all made Steph vs Seth".

    AveryAvery14 kun oldin
  • If you could bottle melos confidence !!

    Jamel Jem or JacksJamel Jem or Jacks14 kun oldin
  • 1:34 wtf wrong with number 8?🤣🤣

    Jacob MendozaJacob Mendoza14 kun oldin
  • I like this kid cause he disrespectful! And I love nothing more than a disrespectful basketball player. Everytime he has the ball he's looking to disrespect the whole entire team. And I just cant get enough of that! My advice is for him to keep being rude to his opponents!

    Trevor CunninghamTrevor Cunningham14 kun oldin
    • Exactly no buddy buddy bullshit

      PrimeEvanTVPrimeEvanTV14 kun oldin
    • Yes more of that

      Monster DunksMonster Dunks14 kun oldin
  • Forget he got 10 assist which is his first double double😃😃😃

    awesome bruddaawesome brudda14 kun oldin
  • It's crazy how Dell Curry is covering the ball brothers in this video knowing that he has his own set of kids in the nba lol

    kelan cameronkelan cameron14 kun oldin
    • That’s what he’s paid to do

      Aaron StatlerAaron Statler14 kun oldin
    • He is a hornets legend. Broadcasting hornets games

      Nicholas BarnesNicholas Barnes14 kun oldin
    • He came to tell him that he is no curry lol jk

      V LoneV Lone14 kun oldin
    • He's the presenter bro

      Abdulmajid BashirAbdulmajid Bashir14 kun oldin
  • Congratulations to Michael Jordan for this pick

    Jt MoneyJt Money14 kun oldin
  • This coach has team playing to slow 🐌 if you wanna get the best out of this team you have let them run the floor fast. They need more speed to get the best out of Zion.

    Suku Da DonSuku Da Don14 kun oldin
  • Lamelo Ball is the real deal! I bet he gets rookie of the year

    Ian DohertyIan Doherty14 kun oldin
  • When he asked the question at 2:28 melo shoulda said nobody in practice can guard me 😂

    J HonchoJ Honcho14 kun oldin
  • HAHAHAH! bruh omg, he did not just start the interview sayin my mom and dad raised a killa! HAHAHA. This guy is funny. The reason he's so good is you can tell, he loves the game. id be so embarrassed and proud at the same time if i was lavar LOL

    Ash RussomAsh Russom14 kun oldin

      Ash RussomAsh Russom13 kun oldin
  • Bruh had 2k answers for them 😂😂

    sandazehatesmondayssandazehatesmondays14 kun oldin
    • Bro chose fans over team chemistry 😂

      Michael LDNMichael LDN14 kun oldin
  • nigga said “i’m smoov”🤣🤣

    MattMatt14 kun oldin
  • #8 should be waived or traded ASAP

    Yousef AYousef A14 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Dom BryantDom Bryant14 kun oldin
  • Lamelo "pretty much" Ball

    Liv CormanesLiv Cormanes15 kun oldin
  • Ball brothers

    Steve L.Steve L.15 kun oldin
  • 1:35 wtf 😂😂

    G00NiESG00NiES15 kun oldin
  • “thank you thank you thank you VURY MUCH”🤠🤠🤠🤠

    Miguel AguilarMiguel Aguilar15 kun oldin
  • It looks like biyombo pushes his hand intentionally

    rohdz TVrohdz TV15 kun oldin
  • Nice way to start the answer to the question melo, start with a voice crack lol

    CheeseOhCheeseOh15 kun oldin
  • Wtf is that 1:36 😂😂😂

    L’argonautaL’argonauta15 kun oldin
  • 1:35 why bismack trippin he was just trying to celebrate with him

    Anthony SamuelAnthony Samuel15 kun oldin
    • Yes what a hater

      Monster DunksMonster Dunks14 kun oldin
    • No BS 🤣 I'm like wtf wrong wit that nigga

      RomeLegendRomeLegend14 kun oldin
  • Lonzo another monster triple single game lol

    TOM DR NOTOM DR NO15 kun oldin
  • Dey coach a hater😭 coulda let my nigga play an extra 5 minutes

    Krys LuvsKushKrys LuvsKush15 kun oldin
  • Y was biyombo so mad

    Jahmier HarrisJahmier Harris15 kun oldin
  • I'm a # 1 La Melo fan, and a # 2 Lonzo fan. I don't know why the coach didn't play La Melo at least 30 minutes instead of just 26 minutes, I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HIS LOGIC?

    Garamante civilizationGaramante civilization15 kun oldin
  • Bro lamelo had to go crazy on zo

    Trouble_ VazTrouble_ Vaz15 kun oldin
  • Damn zo 🙃

    4eva Dre Studios4eva Dre Studios15 kun oldin
  • HE SOULD F@$&ing START!!!!!!!!

    monmon15 kun oldin
    • So true bench graham

      Zackary BogleZackary Bogle15 kun oldin
  • My mom & dad raised a killa....whoot....👏👏💪

    Gloria JohnsonGloria Johnson15 kun oldin
  • 🐐

    playboifartiplayboifarti15 kun oldin
  • Anybody know why dude pushed him like that??

    Watkins JaekwonWatkins Jaekwon15 kun oldin
  • Did anybody really think he will be doing this so efficient? Lol that’s crazy dude is killing it for a rookie with short minutes

    lkers245lkers24515 kun oldin
  • Biyombo and lamelo 😂😂 handshake 😂

    Junior MbaJunior Mba15 kun oldin
  • What happened at 1:35 with #8 though?! 😆

    gavin samgavin sam15 kun oldin
  • I wonder how Dell feels talking about the Ball brothers when their father, Lavar, disrespects his son, Steph, all the time

    Dot Alex MediaDot Alex Media15 kun oldin
    • Lavar is trolling bruhh. He's a wise man

      AS ALCATRAZAS ALCATRAZ15 kun oldin
  • 7-19 FG's & 2-12 from 3 ........ with 3 Ball's.....The NBA is watered down. This is clearly a show.

    • I feel Sorry for you. The UZworld force will only allow me to let you stay blind in the paradigm . So yes they are Social Media Star's. Is that better UZworld and Google ?

    • Bro they are social media stars. Have been for a while. Lonzo a solid player and Melo is a rookie with A LOT of potential to be a star.

      J MoneyJ Money15 kun oldin
  • 6’7 Stockton

    Angelo MedinaAngelo Medina15 kun oldin
    • Stockton ain't as shifty and he doesn't have Melo's handles.

      kelan cameronkelan cameron14 kun oldin
    • 6'8 stocton

      Efrem MarcusEfrem Marcus15 kun oldin
    • 6'8 stocton

      Efrem MarcusEfrem Marcus15 kun oldin
  • his team is doing him so dirty but he continues to shine. i hope his mentality is stronger than Zo so he can show how bad his team is while he's showcasing his skill in limited minutes.

    SquidSquid15 kun oldin
    • They are definitely doing him dirty. I like the family..and rooted for them..but did not think either brother would be that good. Melo is proving me wrong...and I am glad. It is easy to see the team does not like him, because he came in so famous...more famous than everyone on the team. His father did a wonderful marketing scheme. Brilliant. Too bad he did not stay with BBB. Right now, he would be selling 100’s of millions worth of shoes...instead of whatever he got from Puma...which is pennies compared to what he’d be making with his own brand.

      Marcel MarshallMarcel Marshall14 kun oldin
  • Lamelo Is a Killaa

    R PR P15 kun oldin
    • I knew it when he stole on dude in lithuania

      Dom BryantDom Bryant14 kun oldin
  • Melo making Zo his little brother. Hahaha

    Dustin JohnDustin John15 kun oldin
  • Kid needs to be on another team, he's being underutilized!

    jakskelington0745jakskelington074515 kun oldin
    • Facts

      AS ALCATRAZAS ALCATRAZ14 kun oldin
    • Facts

      Wilson GayeWilson Gaye14 kun oldin
    • Facts

      Wilson GayeWilson Gaye14 kun oldin
    • @OnePunchKachi 2k This guy is great he has the potential, he needs more minutes.

      Alexej CresciniAlexej Crescini15 kun oldin
    • Limited minutes man he should play 40 mins and be a starter.

      Alexej CresciniAlexej Crescini15 kun oldin
  • 1.36 why does Bismack look so mad at lamelo😂

    Dex The ManDex The Man15 kun oldin
    • @Leafy Peach Yeah I know Bismack, do you?

      Garamante civilizationGaramante civilization14 kun oldin
    • @Jayy Vonn Cause Lamelo's been hitting all his shots. And even if that's true, you're gonna fight a 19yo rookie for trying to get 1 assist? Like others said "petty".

      Marx UnderhillMarx Underhill14 kun oldin
    • @Garamante civilizationso you know Bismack?

      Leafy PeachLeafy Peach14 kun oldin
    • @Dom Bryant facts

      Jayy VonnJayy Vonn14 kun oldin
    • @Jayy Vonn that's petty

      Dom BryantDom Bryant14 kun oldin
  • Those questions were the most 2K generic questions ever

    Nehal NarahariNehal Narahari15 kun oldin
  • The best draft pick Michael Jordan has had!

    Bey11ktbBey11ktb15 kun oldin
    • Facts they need to keep him

      SOGFLY1SOGFLY111 kun oldin
    • @Hunter Hepler no melo will be better then kemba

      CarryinHoeCarryinHoe14 kun oldin
    • @kelan cameron Again. Russell Westbrick. He doesn’t make his teams better, but yet a better all around player. It depends on what one is referencing. All around player, Kemba. Team player, LaMelo.

      Jayce OllieJayce Ollie14 kun oldin
    • @DG 18 Russell Westbrick doesn’t make his teams better, but he’s still a solid player, so what’s your point?

      Jayce OllieJayce Ollie14 kun oldin
    • melo is a goat .

      sydneyyysydneyyy14 kun oldin
  • Zo trash

    unknown l909unknown l90915 kun oldin
  • 1:36 what was that about? Are they not in good terms?

    Pj LacistePj Laciste15 kun oldin
    • Biyombo thinks too highly of himself. He thinks picking a fight with a 19yo rookie because he was trying to get 1 assist is "cool". To be fair, it's neithers fault. The coach shouldn't have taken Lamelo out, let him get his triple double and then sub him. One thing is to be said.. even if he was stat chasing the triple double, was he supposed to shoot that shot? He hit 1 three and was bricking the other ones.. Passing the ball there to an open Miles Bridges that shoots better % than him was the correct choice.

      Marx UnderhillMarx Underhill14 kun oldin
    • Melo passed the ball to Miles Bridges around 1 sec in shot clock, to try get his triple double, that prob made Biz mad, plus Biz got subbed in and out of the game last min. so Melo could try get it so he was mad at that moment

      Hasan ErdemirHasan Erdemir14 kun oldin
  • The only reason why I’m watching the hornets!

    Bey11ktbBey11ktb15 kun oldin
    • At least you 👀

      Tyrone RogersTyrone Rogers14 kun oldin
    • me to lol🤣🤣🤣

      Bung KarnoBung Karno14 kun oldin
  • Whose here from hoodvid? 😭

    ItzTjstickz _ItzTjstickz _15 kun oldin
  • Why lamelo get pushed like that? 😭😭😭

    ItzTjstickz _ItzTjstickz _15 kun oldin
    • I’m confused why his teammate did that to him??

      IvanzterIvanzter14 kun oldin

      Joe_ Mama223Joe_ Mama22314 kun oldin
    • They better chill melo the only reason we watching Charlotte

    • That man straight up jealous of LaMelo's numbers

      Nick GrimesNick Grimes14 kun oldin
    • @TuMadreWay89 no bro isn’t annoyed, simply jealous shit cuz kid is at center off attention and worrying about his name

      L’argonautaL’argonauta15 kun oldin
  • 1:35 ,wtf was that about haha

    PrivatmafaggaPrivatmafagga15 kun oldin
    • They boys they play around in practice like that too

      Hall CarsonHall Carson14 kun oldin
    • @Yassin 5 yeah but who wouldn’t? He was bout to make history!😂

      WeSpiced MemesWeSpiced Memes14 kun oldin
    • Look like some rookie playing too much and dude wasn't having it

      BIG SMASHBIG SMASH14 kun oldin
    • Biyombo prolly mad that Melo passed to devonte graham when shot clock was on like 2 seconds. Melo was tryna get that triple dub but he was statchasing in a 6pt lead which is risky

      Yassin 5Yassin 515 kun oldin
    • Ya 100% confused

      DG 18DG 1815 kun oldin
  • This dude drips confidence

    Joseph ColemanJoseph Coleman15 kun oldin
    • Umit you so right bruh he would beeb playin like he was in ucla

      trocky 42trocky 4214 kun oldin
    • If only lonzo had tha type of confidence

      Umit UluUmit Ulu14 kun oldin
    • He has had everything from a young age and hes been hyped up forever no wonder

      jajajaja14 kun oldin
  • He kicked me in school once

    The MouseThe Mouse15 kun oldin
    • Cherish That Kick!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 if you got his boot prints that couple mills for sure!🤣🤣

      Dwayan WalksDwayan Walks15 kun oldin
  • I think it’s safe to say that lonzo is not what we thought...😬

    Breeze 1kBreeze 1k15 kun oldin
    • I think he could have been.. mentally he just doesn’t have it anymore idk what happened. He doesn’t play with a bounce in his step how he did in college.

      J MoneyJ Money15 kun oldin
  • I really feel like Melos team doesn’t like him he could of had triple d and I don’t think Terry was feeling that, and Melos coach needs to give him more time also why tf is his team mate shoving him like fr team chem is 🗑

    Rosey GrayRosey Gray15 kun oldin
    • It was the Coach fault because he pulled him out the last 3:46 left and he was 1 Ast away but his Teammates actually likes him because he passes them the ball all the time

      Red ScorpionRed Scorpion15 kun oldin
    • I saw on Facebook that’s how they play around with each other

      AaronAaron15 kun oldin
    • That’s exactly what I said. Biz needs to be checked for that.

      sendy gonzalezsendy gonzalez15 kun oldin
  • Lamelo sounding like he has a southern accent.

    Asif IslamAsif Islam15 kun oldin
    • Its AAVE or ebonics.

      Ade AyodeleAde Ayodele11 kun oldin
    • Definitely not a southern accent

      I'll let you know if Shes For The StreetsI'll let you know if Shes For The Streets14 kun oldin
    • @MulliBandz Lavar grew up in the ghetto. His boys grew up in chino hills

      dean curriedean currie14 kun oldin
    • @The A-List Travel Club LLC he from chino hills😂 that’s the surburbs

      MulliBandzMulliBandz14 kun oldin
    • South Central Los Angeles, where Lavar is from. Hood

      The A-List Travel Club LLCThe A-List Travel Club LLC14 kun oldin
  • A petition needs to be started to get this coach out

    A DeeA Dee15 kun oldin
    • Agree

      Monster DunksMonster Dunks14 kun oldin
    • Jordan will step in and make Borrego change some things, shortly. Melo is the box-office. Milk the Box Office.

      Marcel MarshallMarcel Marshall14 kun oldin
    • @Rafay Mughal and playing 40 minutes

      David LeonardDavid Leonard15 kun oldin
    • Fr yo Melo should be starting

      Rafay MughalRafay Mughal15 kun oldin
  • Talks and sounds like LaVar

  • Reminding the media that refused to talk about his game overseas that he plays basketball and basketball doesn’t change. Let that sinks in.

    • @kelan cameron he's tough man. He's doesn't fear ppl. That's what I love

      Dom BryantDom Bryant14 kun oldin
    • Exactly. Basketball is basketball (not to mention that he played better competition than most draftees. You can't just look at his game in Australia and say "oh he plays in a bad league" but mann it doesn't matter cuz the guy is 6'7 and could do anything offensively.

      kelan cameronkelan cameron14 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Dom BryantDom Bryant14 kun oldin
  • Double double vs triple single🤣🤣🤣

    QuicktwostepsQuicktwosteps15 kun oldin
    • This ain’t in n out bro wrong place 😂

      Miguel :/Miguel :/15 kun oldin