lael - im all alone

12-Yan, 2021
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hey, old friend

  • OMG YES!!! YOUR BACK..... but i hope :(

    Vlone-_- CRXYZOVlone-_- CRXYZOSoat oldin
  • Glad 2 see you again lael, we missed you, we're here for you always, love you

    official isaacofficial isaac3 soat oldin
  • theres something about this...its like its a warning...she said she needs help..we should help her..i cried to this song it reminds me of juice and x..

    Frida RignaceFrida Rignace4 soat oldin
  • Did she delete all of her old videos

    Demetrius BakerDemetrius Baker4 soat oldin
  • Welcome back !!!!

    ThatSi _FreemanThatSi _Freeman4 soat oldin
  • I didn’t expect this... wow🖤

    Young sk4rzYoung sk4rz5 soat oldin
  • The queen is back 🙏

    im Sokeim Soke5 soat oldin
  • Lael YOUR BACK YAYYY!!!!

    Xzain LamaneXzain Lamane5 soat oldin
  • Man I miss her vids

    Yûng PrínceYûng Prínce6 soat oldin
  • Love this !!!!

    Real NoteReal Note6 soat oldin
  • It Cool

    HoLYSixHoLYSix7 soat oldin
  • Lael - I’m all alone Ft. Trippie Redd, Billie Eilish, and ski mask the slump god 💜🔮

    Aryz MindAryz Mind8 soat oldin
  • Glad to see you’re okay.. ❤️

    OofThisKidBadoOofThisKidBado8 soat oldin
  • "Lael" remember the name!

    Safwan Ali AthradiSafwan Ali Athradi8 soat oldin
  • Been listening to this sooo many times last 2 weeks

    Tova SteelTova Steel10 soat oldin
  • I’m glad you’re back I still where your hoodies every other day

    Javonte WellsJavonte Wells13 soat oldin
  • thank god.

    WaltWalt13 soat oldin
  • she’s baaaackkkk

    PVRFECTPVRFECT13 soat oldin
  • Honestly it’s amazing to see you back welcome lael I hope you will be ok

    Official Clerex teamOfficial Clerex team14 soat oldin
  • 🖤 Simple. :)

    SmokeShopSmokeShop14 soat oldin
  • i’ve missed u

    shanelle lacombeshanelle lacombe16 soat oldin
  • Fire

    ShadowFNShadowFN17 soat oldin
  • She’s back!

    Aaron GonzalezAaron Gonzalez19 soat oldin
  • Dont kill your s5

    Kaymen AustinKaymen Austin19 soat oldin
  • Do you still love x

    Kaymen AustinKaymen Austin19 soat oldin
  • I thought you died

    Kaymen AustinKaymen Austin19 soat oldin
  • Your back 🥺

    LOONEY Æ SINLOONEY Æ SIN19 soat oldin
  • Ayeeee I’m excited to see what you bring

    MagazineTomb354MagazineTomb35420 soat oldin
  • Lael

  • Label I hope ur okay I'm here for you

  • long time no

    Anijah's LifeAnijah's Life20 soat oldin
    • yeah after like 1or 2 years?

      FootageFootage20 soat oldin
  • this is nice !:(

    Xzawdyk BeatzXzawdyk Beatz23 soat oldin
  • She not dead

    Bks BossBks Boss23 soat oldin
    • SHES BACK 😁

      FootageFootage20 soat oldin

    F.S Kelly ツF.S Kelly ツ23 soat oldin
    • yesssiiiiir

      FootageFootage20 soat oldin
  • Janine WegnerJanine Wegner23 soat oldin
  • This is a preety good song and I watched all her videos back in the good old days good to have you back Lael

    commanderwolfe 10commanderwolfe 10Kun oldin
  • Listen to the lyrics and stop saying she’s sick we need to talk to her

    BabyGoseNBabyGoseNKun oldin
  • I came here from Loopie and IzzyyTho, Happy your back too

    FootageFootageKun oldin
  • she still alive???? I was lowkey worried about her for a while i hope she is doing alright

    Love KiariLove KiariKun oldin
  • lil skies should hope on this

    Tn3Tn3Kun oldin
  • Hold on, where are all ur vids?

    Wassna FlascheWassna FlascheKun oldin
  • what happened to the music reaction

    NabrograalNabrograalKun oldin
    • Yeah i miss those vids

      FootageFootage20 soat oldin
  • I miss you and your back!

    William AmundsenWilliam AmundsenKun oldin

    yunggothsinneryunggothsinnerKun oldin
  • Happy to see Lael again🖤.

    Nard Tha GoonNard Tha GoonKun oldin
  • The goat is back

    Jayden FontaineJayden FontaineKun oldin
  • Straight fire.

    Media PeaceMedia PeaceKun oldin
  • she used to be my favorite youtuber, but then something happened to your channel I couldn't find it anymore its like you deleted it, but this is definitely a comeback, I have a feeling a lot of people are going to like this song.

    Oblivion JayyOblivion JayyKun oldin
    • yeah

      FootageFootage20 soat oldin
  • *The visuals, the lyrics, the melodies, the message. Lael really leveled up with this one* 🤟🏾💚

    Jay x NovaJay x NovaKun oldin
  • jah and juice are proud of you rn stay strong

    KaotikFuxerKaotikFuxerKun oldin
  • X

    xanxanKun oldin

    Crkin.Crkin.Kun oldin
  • At least we know she's ok

    Jeff PradoJeff PradoKun oldin
  • Finally your back damn

  • yea

  • You okay?

    EJM2EJM2Kun oldin
  • We missed you . Welcome back

    Pranav BhatiaPranav BhatiaKun oldin
  • yoooo that last line referencing X was so fire. I miss her as a youtuber but I look forward to seeing what she does in music

    DerekDerekKun oldin
  • I miss you

    Marcus PrenticeMarcus PrenticeKun oldin
  • I miss her videos

    Sleepy GhostSleepy GhostKun oldin
  • Plz comeback and do the auto tune and no auto tune they were my fav

    Luis EnriquezLuis EnriquezKun oldin
  • I pray she is okay, but we all know she still isn't

    UnkinderjamUnkinderjamKun oldin
  • missed Lael

    ZoomFtwZoomFtwKun oldin
  • so she just back now?

    smytesmyteKun oldin
  • Lael I still remember your videos that made me laugh till I cry it’s bad to see you so down we hope you get better

  • Fire. Happy for you sending love

    Brock FloydBrock FloydKun oldin
  • Her last video before this one was her crying about juice wrlds death and a bunch of other videos like reaction videos and thirst trapping rappers god I miss those series. Why'd she delete all her videos tho?

    vonnimcc -_-vonnimcc -_-Kun oldin
  • Oh see you in about a year or so lael

    BlasianPBlasianPKun oldin
  • your back I wondered where you went then just brushed it off then saw you delete your channel that was sad glad to see your back

    Phillies22bbPhillies22bbKun oldin
  • We miss u bruhhhhhhhhh ❤️

    FlicksMWFlicksMWKun oldin
  • I am happy that you made I video four ones

    Camila AlvaradoCamila AlvaradoKun oldin
  • This is a good song

    Tn3Tn3Kun oldin
  • Lael came back with heat

    jayden Fergusonjayden FergusonKun oldin

    DreVersion1DreVersion1Kun oldin
  • Who else came from Mackenzie Turner???

    Marz Essalah15Marz Essalah15Kun oldin
  • What the hell no one is saying nothing about how this is new

    Al3X0Al3X0Kun oldin
  • What happened to her content?

    EastWay BeatsEastWay BeatsKun oldin
  • What did happen to her she practically left when ended and changed to TikTok?

    Gabriel LopezGabriel Lopez2 kun oldin
    • She was still around when TikTok was a thing. She just left cuz of Juice WRLD’s death affected her the most

      Miles OmoruyiMiles Omoruyi2 soat oldin
  • i miss her smiling, her videos used to make my day

    Laura GomesLaura Gomes2 kun oldin

    Laura GomesLaura Gomes2 kun oldin
  • You deserve the wrld

    Chyna ZChyna Z2 kun oldin
  • you should make a song wit phem

    RIPRIP2 kun oldin
  • Welcome backk !

    Replay!Replay!2 kun oldin
  • drop it on tidal

    AndroExtremeAndroExtreme2 kun oldin
  • illuminati🙈

    FAT TRUTHFAT TRUTH2 kun oldin
  • The queen of reactions is back

    ValoneRico ?ValoneRico ?2 kun oldin
  • Nice

    MakvinijsMakvinijs2 kun oldin
  • thank god your alive everyone was saying you commited suicide

    Aedan ArmstrongAedan Armstrong2 kun oldin
  • Beautiful! X would be so proud :)

    BruszkoBruszko2 kun oldin
  • She has Returned

    Tra -Fui-Tra -Fui-2 kun oldin
  • From reactions to a musician

    HeVy StYlzHeVy StYlz2 kun oldin
  • wtf lael?????

    elixirelixir2 kun oldin
  • shit

    Tsunade's titsTsunade's tits2 kun oldin
  • ly

    TataruTataru2 kun oldin
  • we have our mother back

    AyokilluaAyokillua2 kun oldin
  • yo

    Jel1owJel1ow2 kun oldin
  • It’s been so long

    Anthony GarciaAnthony Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Why am I not surprised you are a Supreme star in the making this song was so beautiful and gave me some x vibes. I mess with the melody heavy and I like how you are visually transitioning everything you are saying. Your words are very strong and heartfelt it really tugs at my heart strings. I hope you have an album coming soon because the future looks extremely bright for you 🙏🏼✨ 🌟 Thank you for all your years of reactions and I am really excited to see this new side of you. I am definitely going to get some merch to support your music journey. Peace, love, and happiness be with you 💛

    Supreme CousinzSupreme Cousinz2 kun oldin
  • Plz do t leave us again 🥺

    Tashawne WashingtonTashawne Washington2 kun oldin
  • I'm so excited to see lael prevail in greatness once again.

    HATE ME 2017HATE ME 20172 kun oldin